Trial date for Gumbura’s new rape case set

 Robert Martin Gumbura

Robert Martin Gumbura

Senior Court Reporter
A Harare regional magistrate yesterday set March 31 as the trial date for polygamous Harare pastor Robert Martin Gumbura in the case in which he is accused of raping yet another woman. The woman, who is now back in the country from South Africa, alleges that the leader of RMG Independent End Time Message raped her with the assistance of his secretary Tendai Ganyani.

The regional magistrate, Ms Fadzai Mthombeni, remanded Gumbura and Ganyani to March 31 for their trial.
On Thursday, the High Court deferred to next week Tuesday a bail application by Gumbura in respect of that woman’s case.

Gumbura has seven other pending cases which are due for judgment and regional magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya is expected to deliver the judgment next Friday.

Ms Rekai Maposa is representing the pair.
The prosecutor, Mrs Kudzai Chigwedere, alleges that Gumbura took advantage of an underprivileged girl whom he had adopted and raped.
The girl started staying at Gumbura’s house in 2009 together with other female church members.

It is alleged that during the same year, Ganyani ordered the girl to enter into Gumbura’s office and she locked the door from outside.
Gumbura, the court heard, told the woman that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and she refused.

He allegedly grabbed her and forcibly removed all her clothes before raping her.
It is the State’s case that he threatened to curse her if she reported the matter to anyone. After raping the girl, it is alleged Gumbura phoned Ganyani and ordered her to unlock the door.

The complainant reported the matter on March 18 last year after realising that other victims had successfully reported similar cases against the man of cloth.

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  • Fire

    “The regional magistrate, Ms Fadzai Mthombeni, remanded Gumbura and Ganyani to March 31 for their trial.It is alleged that during the same year,2009, Ganyani ordered the ophan girl to enter into Gumbura’s office and she locked the door from outside.”

    KiKiKiKiKiKKiKiKi I always like women Magistrates in these rape cases.Martin Gumbura is reaping what he sowed.He sowed to the wind and now he is reaping a whirlwind!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonny

    Gumbura has embarrassed Christianity and crucified Christ again with his shocking sex crimes. A filthy and unrepentant rapist. Whoremonger! His followers say he is an Apostle; nhai imi makamboonawo mu apostle akadaro? he has lost his satanic church now he will lose the little money he had paying the lawyer and trying to bribe the system to go out.
    Shocking however is the truth that there are some who think this man is a church leader . A man who cant bridle his sex member how can he teach? And what does he teach anyway ? Sex? That all man should have sex orgies, threesomes and use church money to buy sex coffee, Viagra etc.
    Solomon was a type/shadow of Christ and so was David. They had many wives showing that Christ will have a many membered bride/church. Then Christ came, also came the bride,so no more shadows and types. The perfect is here. No one person can represent Christ now. Its all of us, the bride.

    • Sarah

      Amen to that Jonny!