Town clerk pick raises eyebrows

Mrs Ncube

Mrs Ncube

Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter
HARARE City Council is on collision course with its parent ministry — Local Government, Public Works and National Housing — after it shortlisted a banker with no local government experience fo the post of Harare town clerk.

Former NMB chief executive Mr James Mushore leads the race to replace ousted town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi if his name is approved by the Local Government Board.

However, the ministry has made it clear it wants someone with local government experience to be at the helm of the capital, with the ministry’s permanent secretary, Eng George Mlilo, tipping Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube to replace Dr Mahachi.

The city carried out interviews a fortnight ago which included psychometric tests. It is reported that some of the city’s directors who applied for the job were not invited for interviews while Mrs Ncube was not among the top three candidates.

The Harare Residents’ Trust was part of the panel of interviewers who included council’s committee chairpersons, former mayor Muchadeyi Masunda and two representatives of Harare residents.

“The list of candidates was whittled down to 20 from 145 and finally eight candidates were shortlisted for interviews on Friday March 4, 2016, which the Harare Residents’ Trust witnessed, and participated in.

“The eight shortlisted candidates are herein identified: Mrs Josephine Ncube (nee Chigonda), Mr James Andrew Mushore, Mr Godfrey Pasipanodya, Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi, Dr Charles Makono, Mr Shangwa Mavesera, Mr Psychology Chiwanga and Dr Tapiwa Mashakada (absent),” Harare Residents Trust said in a statement.

Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni said the process started with 24 candidates and a shortlist of seven people.

“All this was done by a third party to ensure credibility that is why names were released at the last minute. Some outcomes do not favour individuals. It was not designed to give the mayor a town clerk.

“We needed to employ the correct person for the job. As mayor I am just playing my part,” he said.

The city said it was looking for a competent game changer to occupy one of the top chief executive positions in Zimbabwe, managing annual budgets in excess of $300 million.

“Council needs a fresh inspiring look for many of its operations. The ideal candidates will have at least a first degree in a relevant field of study and no less than 10 years senior management experience with relevant institutions. Previous experience in local government will be an asset, but is not a requirement,” read part of the advert inserted by Mr Manye- nyeni.

Mr Manyenyeni said the remuneration for the position would be a salary and benefits package amounting to $10 475 per month.

He said the successful candidate should be a very sound professional who can commit to successfully dealing with many stubborn and sometimes competing realities of the city with its diverse influences, constituencies and expectations.

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  • Miriam

    One year from now and this place will be fixed. Bye bye potholes.

  • zimbabwean

    I am just of the pinion that James Andrew Mushore is the right candidate for this top vital job in the Harare City Council,that of the Town Clerk.The gentleman is just level headed and sharp in thinking. He is the person whom as a Hararian or a Harare resident, i feel, can turn around the fortunes of this great city of ours called Harare. We definitely need fresh minds with fresh ideas, people who can clean the rot at Harare City Council and put internal control measures as well as checks and balances in and at the council.We need someone who thinks outside the box and strategically with a view to make Harare City great again and if feel that James Mushore can do the job perfectly.Lets discards political affiliation and go for persons who are qualified for this job and who we feel can make our beautiful city Harare, great again.Josephine Ncube has been there in another capacity and in acting capacity as a Town Clerk and nothing tangible has changed.New good brooms clean better. We need to move forward as a country and stop politicking even in choosing of candidates to run our vital institutions and board.merit is important. Its just my tought

    • mafi

      James is a very sober person but my worry is will he be able to sustain and survive the political pressures that come with the position. Do not forget he is coming from a bank, a sector known for tranquility and systems.

  • Harare

    righto that’s the man for the job