Top 100 schools list banned

SCHOOL GIRLSAbigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has, with immediate effect, stopped publicising the top 100 schools ranked by their performance at Ordinary and A Level national examinations.

It had become tradition that each year the ministry announces the best 100 schools.

This helped parents in choosing the best schools for placement of their children.

Yesterday the ministry said announcement of the best 100 schools was serving no purpose under the new education curriculum framework.

In an interview, the ministry’s public relations officer Mr Patrick Zumbo said the ranking was for academic purposes only.

“Top 100 schools ranking has stopped. It does not serve any purpose for the new curriculum. The ranking was for academic purposes only.

“We feel it is unfair because it does not cover all the facets of learning which now happens in schools as part of the new curriculum,” he said.

“We now have schools which are teaching performing arts, sports, music and dance; and physical education. Are we saying those subjects are inferior to the academic ones which the ranking was based on?”

Mr Zumbo said the rankings also created unnecessary pressure for schools topping the list as parents scrambled for places.

He dismissed a list of the same circulating on social media.

“It is a creation by mischievous people. Zimsec (Zimbabwe School Examinations Council) has been advised to stop the rankings and I do not think the one circulating is coming from Zimsec,” said Mr Zumbo.

The social media is awash with lists of top 100 schools.

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  • Hacksaw

    Citizens are entitled to that information for the benefit of those who want to send their kids to the academic schools as u call them. Instead of banning the list u should provide the one of the non academic so that u and other parents if they exist who want to send children to xool for non academic purposes can be well informed

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Rather than banning this list outright, why not offer more detail, eg the 100 Top performing Arts Schools, the 100 Top Science Schools, 100 Tops Schools in Practical Subjects (Agriculture, Brickwork, Needlework, etc). This would allow pupils and parents to choose the schools which best serve their focus areas.

    • Cecil Roars

      Gary, I made a comment like that in the morning. Unfortunately it was not approved. You are asying things that people who think normally would have done.
      After I posted I visited the ZIMSEC website and saw their results analysis for both A and O levels. They have done analysis for gender, for subject, for school candidates, for provinces etc. That is more for academic purposes than the top 100 schools list which parents used for information. They give us the black box, for example Harare performs worse than Masvingo. But does it mean if I take my child to any school in Masvingo he is likely to perform better? That is not correct. We need the schools (we parents) because the rest of the analysis there isn’t usable information to a parent seeking the best school for academic.

  • Simbisai

    Nothing wrong with giving as much information as possible allowing parents to base decisions and choose best options for their children.
    If misguided Ministers support such a ban, private media and organisations will compile and publish their own lists based on research and figures provided using laws of freedom to access information.

  • aah bo

    Who says performing arts and phys education are not academic if students are doing exams for those subjects? Limited thinking by people who should be better informed.

  • XG

    I made comments in the past on how biased this list was. There are schools best known for taking only 4 units at grade seven and only enrolling 50 Students sitting for O levels, yet we have others that enrolls the “not so gifted students, have 200 of them. There are many A covariate, many of confounding/interacting form, more needs to get into the ranking calculation formula.

  • fundi

    the list circulating is for 2014 result not 2015

  • Cecil Roars

    Whatever your thinking we will continue to seek schools that perform well in academic subjects. You could as well publish another one based on criteria other than academic and let parents be informed accordingly.
    The driver of the ministry of education bus is a real drunk one.

  • Gurwe

    can’t we have a separate top 100 list for sports, music, dance. then us parents can choose the schools that we want depending on what we prioritize for our children

  • Mai Ku

    How does the ranking interfere with the new curriculum? How does its removal add value to the new system? As a parent this ranking made me make an informed school choice for my kids. I feel our ministers major on the minors and minor on the majors!!!!

  • yowe

    YOWE!!! What is wrong with letting the public know which schools have the best pass rates??? Zumbo uyo is a fool. It is depressing to know that people like him are running the education system his reasons for banning the list are shallow

  • Vinz

    how then are you evaluating the students who are doing the practicals, Anotaura kuti ndaimhanya nekuimba kuchikoro zvisina record here, There z nothing wrong in publishing that list nxaaa

  • ibelieveicanfly

    better done that way. some schools get the cream and others are forced to enroll even the dull ones and you want to rate them equally that was very unfair.

  • Imtoogoodtobetrue

    Oh my god.What’s wrong with competition????

  • MweniTafara

    Government is very correct in banning this ludicrous ranking when top secondary schools actually take 4 units only at Form One while the rest of the schools will actually do miracles to make the 35 units students pass Form 4.

    Actually students who enter top schools with 4 units majority of them struggle to pass Form 4 with flying colours and that is how very bottom these so called top schools are.

  • ian

    The list has been exposing a lot of things e.g. government run and other schools that used to shine in the past are now at the bottom of the scale! The authorities are trying to hide such facts from the public. What a shame!

    • kuda


  • chacha

    banning is the order of the day and solution to Zim problems all the time

    • ME


  • Wilson Magaya

    This is a move that shows the ministry wants to effect a paradigm shift, however a ban may not be the best solution for it is depriving people (Vanhu) information fo decision making. I agree that publication “O” and “A” Level results only is counter productive as it is not the best metric for showing the education quality of a given school, however it is important for parents and all involved to see how schools fare on this particular metric and so the ministry needs to start publishing a comprehensive set of metrics for schools. We should in the same breath start enforcing the zoning rules for public shcools and let competition be the norm in the charter and private schools. Competition is good and so let the games begin with a wider array of metrics. These metrics help with accountability, and transparency. This combined with zoning pushes parents to be more responsible for the schools in their neighborhoods and ultimately for how these schools fare of the bag of metrics the ministry will be producing. People deserve to be involved by the civil SERVICE. “Nyika Vanhu, Musha Matare.

  • Strategic

    All we can ever do is Ban!! Even banning a list?

  • bodo_kwete

    you think you can ban things willy nilly ? Munonyepa. I will soon publish it! Mirai muone.