Temba Mliswa in US$165m scandal- Demanded ‘facilitation’ fees -Mutasa, Savanhu, Nyabadza sucked in

t mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Takunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
ZANU-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman and Hurungwe West legislator Cde Temba Mliswa tried to force businessman Mr Muller Conrad “Billy” Rautenbach to pay him at least US$165 million as “consultancy” fees in shady demands that sucked in three senior ruling party officials. The demands; which pertained to Mr Rautenbach’s interests in Hwange Colliery, Unki Mine and Green Fuel ethanol project in Chisumbanje; sucked in Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, Deputy Lands Minister and Politburo member Cde Tendai Savanhu and former chair for Manicaland province Cde Basil Nyabadza either as mediators.

Documents in our possession show that Mr Mliswa demanded 10 percent shareholding or payment of equal value from Mr Rautenbach for linking him up with prominent politicians who enabled the businessman to establish an ethanol plant at Chisumbanje, and to clinch coal and platinum concessions at Hwange Colliery and Unki Mine, respectively.

From February 15, 2010 to March 16, 2011, Cde Mliswa’s lawyers wrote regular letters of demand to Mr Rautenbach’s attorneys demanding “facilitation fees” and commission” for the three deals.

The documents show that up to some point, Mr Rautenbach paid Cde Mliswa in cash and kind but stopped doing so for undisclosed reasons.
In all, Cde Mliswa demanded US$100 million for the Unki Mine deal, and US$65 million for Green Fuel. In regards to Hwange, Cde Mliswa was for a while paid US$10 for every tonne of coal mined, and US$5 per tonne of coke. A tonne of coal costs no less than US$100 and while it could not be established how much Mr Rautenbach’s concessions produced, Hwange Colliery Company’s output topped 140 000 tonnes  per month by December 2013.

The coal and coke payments stopped abruptly, triggering the letters of demand.
Indications are that after the back-and-forth haggling, Cde Mliswa asked for financial assistance and was given a once-off payment on condition he stopped his incessant demands.

In a letter dated October 14 2010, Rautenbach’s lawyers wrote to Cde Mliswa’s lawyers saying he (Mliswa) had approached Rautenbach through a third party for financial assistance which assistance could only be advanced if Mliswa unconditionally withdrew all demands.

Cde Mliswa duly did so in a letter dated February 10 2011 that he wrote directly to Mr Rauntenbach’s lawyers, Ahmed and Ziyambi Legal Practitioners.

The extent of the payment extended could not be ascertained.
Minister Mutasa and Cdes Nyabadza and Savanhu, according to the documents, acted as “arbitrators” in the dispute.
Cde Mliswa admitted making the demands.

“It is true. He looked for me and he got me involved.  I took him to every high-ranking officials he knows today in Government. I was part and parcel of it. He said my shares cannot be made public because I am a Zanu-PF politician and he will not get funding. He used to pay me. He has stopped and I took the legal route. He then confronted high-ranking officials in Government for me to withdraw my papers. I took him to Chisumbanje (in) a helicopter. What did he think I was doing in that helicopter risking my life? It was not a free ride,” he said.

When asked which high-ranking officials he linked Mr Rautenbach with, Mr Mliswa said: “The person who was then Minister of Mines and Mining Development (Dr Obert Mpofu) and my uncle Didymus Mutasa.”

He said he successfully applied for Arda Chisumbanje but had no capacity to invest there and ended up roping in Mr Rautenbach.
Mr Mliswa said he applied to run Arda Chisumbanje when Cde Rugare Gumbo was Minister of Agriculture and he won the deal because Cde Gumbo was reluctant to give it to Mr Rautenbach.

“He tried to send people for me to settle everything out of court but I refused. Government is dealing with a criminal, and as a legislator I cannot allow that. It is not about me wanting his money but Government understanding that it is dealing with a criminal. Right now he should account for a Government platinum claim that he sold to enemies of this country at Unki,” he said.

Mr Mliswa said Mr Rautenbach was given a platinum concession at Unki which he later sold and used the proceeds to invest at Chisumbanje.
“He got it under Toddal. He speculated and sold it and that is the money he used to set up the ethanol plant at Chisumbanje. I am not fighting him. I have to protect my country from dealing with criminals. He used the country’s resources to make money. It is a crime as he never remitted the money,” he said.

On Hwange, Mr Mliswa said: “As for Hwange, he was given a claim and a contract to produce coking coal for the power station to improve power generation. It never happened. He exported that coal.”

Minister Mutasa confirmed he was privy to the Chisumbanje disagreement but denied playing mediator.
“I was aware of that but I did not try to assist anyone. I do not know what you are trying to say and I do not have anything else different to tell you,” he said.

Mr Nyabadza said Mliswa had a penchant for torching controversy.
“I have never been involved in anything like that or in issues of the two (Rautenbach and Mliswa) coming together. Mr Mliswa starts a lot of bush fires and I do not know which bush fire he has started again. I was never involved,” he said.

Through his lawyers GN Mlotshwa & Co, Cde Mliswa bombarded the businessman with letters of demand almost every week for a whole year.
The letters show he roped in Cdes Mutasa, Savanhu and Nyabadza to force Mr Rautenbach to fork out at least US$165 million for Green Fuel and Unki, and more for Hwange.

On February 15, 2010 GN Mlotshwa & Co said: “We are instructed to write to you by our above mentioned client (Temba Peter Mliswa) in connection with commissions due to him of various consultancy work undertaken in respect of your business interests in Zimbabwe.

“Our client demands that such commissions be paid, within the next seven days, in respect of the following matters: Hwange Colliery. Our client advises us that you engaged his assistance for the purposes of securing a contract to mine coal and coke on various coal fields belonging to the company. This was after previous attempts by yourself had failed. We are advised that the agreement between yourself and our client was that he would be paid US$5 per tonne of coal and or coke mined. Mr Mliswa confirms that he received intermittent payments pursuant to this agreement.”
Mr Mliswa’s lawyers demanded a breakdown of total tonnage mined to enable him reconcile the full amount due to him.

On Unki Mine, GN Mlotshwa & Co said: “Our client advises that he was instrumental in ensuring for the granting of a certain platinum concession to Central Africa Mining and Exploration Company Limited (CARMEC), an entity in which you are a significant shareholder. Mr Mliswa advises that the agreement with you was that he would be constituted a 10 percent shareholding in the venture via the issuance of an equivalent value in shares to him in CARMEC, an entity listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in the United Kingdom.

“We are advised by our client that no such consideration has been paid to date, and that further, the concession appears to have been sold recently at a huge profit by CARMEC.”

Mr Mliswa also demanded payment for his role at Chisumbanje.
“Mr Mliswa states that he played a pivotal role in facilitating the joint venture with ARDA in respect of its above states (Middle Sabi/Chisumbanje). We are advised by our client that he was meant to be a 10 percent shareholder in the joint venture entity with an option to purchase additional shareholding in the future in line with the country’s indigenisation laws.

“This shareholding was to be warehoused under Ratings Investments (Pvt) Ltd as advised to His Excellency, President Mugabe and then Minister of Agriculture, Hon Rugare Gumbo, in writing. To date, our client advises that no such shareholding has been allotted to him in respect of his assistance in this regard and agreement with yourself to this effect.”

Mr Mliswa said non-monetary payments had been made.
“Mr Mliswa acknowledges that from time to time, fuel and other material resources were made available to him through Cargo Carriers (Pvt) Ltd in Harare. He explains that the purpose of these resources was to better equip him logistically for the various expenses related to lobbying on your behalf, and securing the necessary support to deliver on his consultancy mandate.”

He complained that Mr Rautenbach was no longer delivering what was due to him notwithstanding “various and numerous verbal and mobile text requests”.

“This also includes a monthly retainer fee of US$10 000 split equally between Cargo Carriers and yourself. A number of such payments were made then abruptly terminated with no explanation from you…

“Our client advises that he has a number of reputable witnesses who are all prepared to swear in affidavit form as regards the foregoing arrangements as well as the work our client carried on your behalf. We trust that this will not be necessary and that this matter can be amicably resolved as between the parties,” wrote Cde Mliswa’s lawyers.

Other letters were written on February 23, 2010; April 15, 2010; April 20, 2010; June 4, 2010; up to March 16, 2011 (see all the correspondence on our website www.herald.co.zw and on page 3)

A letter dated April 14, 2010 letter to Mr Rautenbach’s lawyers, Ahmed and Ziyambi implicated Cde Savanhu who was then chairman of the Hwange Colliery Board in the scam where he is cited as mediator.

“… we advise that whereas your client has acknowledged his liability to our client through a mediator, Mr Tendai Savanhu, no precise figures have been forthcoming. Our client considers that your client is not being sincere with regard to early settlement.

“There appears to be no willingness on the part of your client to divulge precisely the total tonnage mined to date. Our client is thus not in a position to ascertain, precisely, the amounts due to him and whether or not these can be reconciled with actual tonnage mined”, wrote Mr Mliswa’s lawyers.

“As such our client demands payment of all commissions due to him in this regard calculated as follows: the average of the payments made to him thus far multiplied by the number of months still to run on the colliery contract. This amount should be paid in full on or before 12 noon on 21st April 2010.”

On Unki Mine, Cde Mliswa demanded US$100 million, being a tenth of the US$1 billion he says Mr Rautenbach grossed from his sale of the platinum concessions.

“Our client’s interest in this transaction was agreed as being 10 percent. According we are instructed to demand US$100 million from your client, being 10 percent of the gross proceeds of the disposal of the above concession,” said Cde Mliswa’s lawyers.

On Chisumbanje, he said the media quoted Mr Rautenbach and official sources valuing the ethanol plant and investment in it at US$650 million.
“Accordingly, we are instructed to demand US$65 million from your client, being 10 percent of the value of our client’s interest had your client honoured his undertaking to transfer to our client a shareholding in the venture. This amount should be paid in full on or before 12 noon, on the 21st April, 2010 at our offices.

“All other demands stated in our letter of the 15th February 2010 stand and still require satisfaction by your client. Your client is fully aware of all the other parties who were aware of and or witness to the agreements concluded with our clients relating to the above matters. There is affidavit evidence in this regard.

“Our client is prepared to bring these and other evidence to the fore for the purposes of enforcing his claim against your client.”
The June 4, 2010 letter to Mr Rautenbach’s lawyers sucked in Cdes Mutasa and Nyabadza.

“We advise that during the ensuing period, your client (Mr Rautenbach) held discussion with Mr Basil Nyabadza as well as the Honourable Minister Mutasa regarding our client’s claims. There then followed a meeting on or about 13 May where the aforementioned persons, excluding your client, were present as was our client and the writer.

“Your client, despite being invited to the meeting, declined to attend. We are aware that communication has been made to your client by Mr Nyabadza in an attempt to mediate this dispute to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. It appears, to our client, at least, that your client is in no hurry to resolve this matter at all.”

Mr Mliswa acknowledged payments of US$5 000 per month for his involvement in a labour and criminal dispute at Mr Rautenbach’s Sabot haulage truck business which payments were made by operatiopns manager Gel Miller and managing director Adrian Smart.

“We are advised by our client that he carried out other consultancy work for your client’s interests as represented in Sabot, relating mostly to criminal and labour issues (including a strike by Sabot drivers at the country’s borders). Our client dealt mostly with the operations manager in this regard, Glen Miller as well as the Sabot managing director, Adrian Smart.

“He was paid on average, US$5 000 per month for this work and in addition, fuel and other commodities (including a delivery of tyres by Sabot truck to our client’s farm in Karoi). At all times during this period (2007-2009), our client considered his relationship with your client as that of a business partner in the various undertakings above.”

And for the Hwange deal, Mliswa acknowledges receiving US$10/ tonne for coal and US$5/tonne for coke in cash or kind payments from Mr Saheed Ahmed from number 54 Edinborough Road in Vainona, Ted Edwards the finance director at Sabot and Ms Dora Rautenbach of Pomona Estates, South Africa.

“In business transactions of this nature, particularly those involving delicate and sensitive negotiations, it is rare that any paperwork is prepared to acknowledge the various agreements and undertakings. Everything is based on a mutual trust as was the reason for your client warehousing our client’s interests within his portfolio owing to our client’s involvement,’’ wrote Cde Mliswa’s lawyers to Mr Rautenbach.

“Our client (Cde Mliswa) is disappointed that your client has chosen to breach this trust. He considers that your client’s response is in effect an attempt to take advantage of the lack of a paper trail and signed agreements.

“There are, however, highly placed witnesses privy to your client’s various undertakings and these persons will, in the event of a lawsuit, be subpoenaed to testify. In conclusion, implore upon your good selves to persuade your client to attend a roundtable conference to deal with these various issues once and for all,” Mliswa’s lawyers said.

This was after Mr Rautenbach, through lawyers Ahmed and Ziyambi, denied owing Mr Mliswa anything and asked him to provide proof to back his claims.

Ahmed and Ziymabi wrote to Cde Mliswa’s lawyers on April 27, 2010 saying: “Our instructions are that indeed your client’s claims being formal clearly need to be elaborated further, more so in view of the fact that our client has no personnel directorship, shareholding or interest in: Hwange Colliery, Unki Mine and Middle Sabi/Chisumbanje.

“To this extent based on our strict instructions, our client vehemently and categorically refutes all your client’s claims. What is of concern is the fact that each claim categorised has not been substantiated, despite that relating to complex business transactions, the claims have been set out in a manner that clearly lacks detail and in each instance would appear to be a bald assertion. Our client must but question the reasons for your client’s claims and your client’s bona-fides.”

On the Hwange Colliery deal, Mr Rautenbach’s lawyers said: “From the contents of your client’s letter of demand, your client is seeking details from our client in order to formulate and quantify his claim. This in fact raises the question that if client was intricately involved why then is this information being sought in this manner more particularly from our client.

“For the avoidance of doubt, our client did not acknowledge liability regarding any claim through Mr Tendai Savanhu but based on our instructions, our client requested Mr Savanhu to assist in requesting your client to desist from pursuing this matter which our client is not responsible for.”

Mr Rautenbach also denied involvement in the Unki Mine concession saying “he who alleges must prove” and also dismissed Mr Mliswa’s US$65 million demand on Chisumbanje.

In February 2011, Cde Mliswa suddenly withdrew all claims under unclear circumstances.
By March, he had new lawyers representing him, Chinyama and Partners, and they wrote to Mr Rautenbach’s legal representatives saying, “We have instructions to act for and on behalf of Mr Temba Mliswa in this matter.

“We advise as follows: (1) Our client confirms that he has no claims of any nature whatsoever against Mr CM Rautenbach. (2) Furthermore, each and every claim mentioned in the letters done by his erstwhile legal practitioners Mr GN Mlotshwa and Company are hereby withdrawn per our client’s instructions. (3) We trust that this now settles the issue of any allegations or claims made against your client.”

The letters show Cde Mliswa withdrew his demands after he approached Mr Rautenbach seeking urgent financial help to cover “another deal” but assistance was premised on the cessation of all demands on Mr Rautenbach.

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  • mhofela

    Zvikanzi na Obert , Temba nyarara..


    Do these people pay tax on their income?

    • Cde Muchazviona

      Taura hako

      • gushungo

        chokwadi, ndizvepasiririno

    • rukudzo

      Don’t ask questions please. Just go in and claim the tax that is due to government.

  • lesly

    no no no people enough is enough with these thieves , we now need vigilantes to take care of these criminals coz we have suffered enough

    • zaka east

      sometimes we lack patriotism simply because we do not have the right leaders or the right people to follow but otherwise we were born PATRIOTS and we will strive to remain PATRIOTIC…mbavha tinodziziva asi mubvunzo ndewekuti tiri kuitei nadzo? tinodzitya ! so at the end it is worthwhile considering the assertion ” IF U CANT BEAT THEM JOIN DEM”

    • nyngolo

      To all comrades in ZANU PF answer these qstns.Which comes first,the party or country?.Which one depends on the other,party or country?
      If one party member does something wrong,do we worry about party its implication to the party or implication to the nation?

  • dhehwa72

    is this not extortion at its highest batai vanhu please

    • joemuda

      Its not extortion, its called consultancy.

  • stewart

    why are these stories only coming out almost 4 years after these things started?

    • Jotham

      That is a very good question. This guy knew that one day Mliswa will become a public figure there and then all hell breaks lose.

  • Tshaka

    Zvakaoma, kunzima, this is really out of hand.Thats why things are out of reach for an ordinary man in the street. In the first place why should one use a middle man to negotiate a genuine deal? Its because those in charge crEate it to be so, so that a genuine aspiring investor would loose so much through middle man..And now in order to recoup back all his expenses he will have to pass it to the Consumer. This is not fair.The police have to come in with speed,..The President has to intervene. We want to see people being tried and sentenced to JAIL and throw the keys in to the Ocean,that will send a clear picture to all those who are still busy engaging themselves to corrupt deals. Deterrent sentences have to be imposed..We cry loud of sanctions whilst,the really enermy is within our midst. Do something Mr Chihuri,we want to see the heads role.

  • wafaz


  • chokwadi

    Chiokomuhomwe chanyanya munyika

  • Pitambas

    Now that will shut Mliswa up! We all know Mliswa has ruffled many feathers up the alleys of power. He has barked about corruption this, corruption that and somebody who knew something was listening. Now zvatosvorana!

  • Wilson Magaya

    I think if Mr. Mliswa was not a member of parliament he was within his rights to ask for a fee and negotiate anyhow for facilitating deals. If on the other hand he was a member of parliament then this is tantamount to bribery. Lets not mix good business acumen with corruption. We need to start creating institutions that we can channel benefits to all including those we entrust to work on our behalf. I believe we are on the right path in doing this with the likes of the Community trusts that the diamond miners are now refusing to pay into. Clarity of boundaries will not give those like the Diamond mines loopholes to jump through.

    In this case did the business man make connections and get deals through Mr. Mliswa? If yes then Mr. Mliswa has a case. Think about it and watch how its done else where.

    • Cde Fide

      Is Temba a registered broker or consultancy firm? If not, was he aiding and abetting the facilitation of underhand deals? Was Temba greasing hands along the way? Who else expected payment? Honour among thieves!! Sad though is the fact that the country’s resources are being plundered in this shameless manner. Cry the beloved country!

    • Zimbabwe United

      How did Rautenbach who has a capacity to invest fail to get the Chisumbanje project and yet thereafter an individual with no investment capacity obained the project deal with authorities? For Mliswa to tell us than Rauttenbach used platinum money to invest in the Chisumbanje project is not convincing. This could just be a case of sour grapes.

    • 1mutongigava

      Strong argument baba, #respect

      • Jotham

        The Zim. United guy is only theorising- there absolutely facts presented apa. Kungonyora ndinofungira kuti ngana mukadzi wa ngana -rubbish.

  • mpengo

    Mliswa has gotten away with so much crime. All reported, with substantial incriminating evidence.

    I was actually surprised to hear him make a hoo-haa about his fellow comrades’ corruption and the salaries of state enterprise leadership.

    He has so many issues to do with unlawful seizure of a farm, demanding kickbacks like this and another criminal cease that involved a girl child that just disappeared.

    If there’s a man who lives in a 20story glass house, right at the top….its Themba Mliswa.

    Now he’s drawn attention to himself when he’s a fellow wolf.

    But….he may get away with it.

    • mpengo

      Having read more detail in the letters, I find it rather shameless that they just drop the President’s and then Minister’s name in the correspondence instead of agreeing to some binding document or agreement.

      The likes of Mliswa are the type who name drop important people as a coercive way of threatening others into submission.

      It is rampant everywhere and has been abused for a very long time.

      Though I may have my questions about some of the ZANUPF policies, I will not shy away from saying that it is people like Mliswa who tarnish the President’s and ZANUPF’s image beyond that which we all know.

    • He sound more of a racist and tribalist. Ko Mutasa ndisekuru vake var kuiteiwo apa. Corruption. Use the correct way to enrich yoself or quit politics. Themba like madhiri too much, on the expense of public and the state. Resign Mr Mliswa!!!.

    • Murenga

      No surprises, just another example of Zanu-PF Mnangagwa-Mujuru factional fighting. We all know which one maintains majority control over Government media, but once you’ve opened the can of worms, the whole putrid body is exposed.
      Will anything of Zanu-PF remain for 2018?

    • tafamutekwe

      Those who live in glass houses should never throw stones.As you figuratively put it, Themba Mliswa lives in a 20 story glass apartment.Everyone else is wrong and corrupt except himself.

  • james

    This Mliswa guy thinks he owns zimbabwe, he is really dragging zanu pf into the mud. if zanu does not act on him soon he is going to destroy our party

  • Tengenenge

    Always thought there was something big behind Mliswa’s sustained attack on Greenfuel and mandatory blending.

  • Chiruzevha Chapera

    Apa ndipo pakaperera sarungano!

    • nameless

      mliswa is the definition of corruption which has affected our economy . self interest is the character that man like him must be imprisoned and all his assets taken. it is high time for the anti corruption commit to have the biting teeth and the police to reinforce them. just because he did not get what he wanted he thinks he can spill the beans . mliswa you are no better than our colonial masters. rautenbach is right let him run his companies without opportunist like Mliswa who are earning without sweat…

  • Bvumaranda

    Shame, shame, shame on you Temba Mliswa. Greedy shameless idiot

  • Tongo

    These were business deals and Billy should just pay up. Temba did not “steal” abuse any public funds. He is simply demading something that was probably externelzed by this criminal, Billy Rautenbach. Temba, continue your fight against those abusing public funds…They are trying to silence you but be resolute!!

    • Murozvi

      He did abuse public funds. Just because of his actions every customer who bought coal from Hwange paid an extra $5 per tonne. All in aid of what? Its all corruption, and its easy to see. He charges extra to whisper in the right ears and make sure that some bureaucrat who is already overpaid does the job he is supposed to be doing. Corruption inopfura ipapo ndeipi?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ah this is frightening and disgusting! Do we expect to attract investors if they have to go via so called “consultants“ to add value on our resources and create jobs? Mliswa a business consultant? Fitness business consultant turned into jack of all trades consultancy with Sekuru Nyati? Is this true? If its true, who will clean all this mess for us! Cry beloved Zimbabwe! Nehanda forbid!

  • Mimi

    Only goes to prove that anything written down on paper should never be discarded as it cannot be erased. It comes as no surprise that Temba Mliswa, Basil Nyabadza and Didymus Mutasa are all mentioned in these shoddy corrupt deals. This is not the end of what has been happening under the carpets, believe me. The unfortunate thing though is that nothing seems to be done to these greedy corrupt individuals. I bet this issue will die a natural death just like all the others.

  • chandida


  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    These things have been happening and they are certainly wrong and should stop. However, for those who are deeply involved in Zanu PF politics you will realise that these are factional wars involving Cde. Munangagwa and Cde Mujuru. It might seem far fetched but that is what is actually happening. Cde Jonathan Moyo of the Tsholotsho Declaration fame is now in charge of the media and you will realise that those seeminlgy aligned to Mai Mujuru will have their dirty lined washed in public. Such scandals as the SMM saga in which a billion dollar investment just fizzled out of the Midlands under the pretext of reconstruction may not be so exposed because those involved are either aligned or perceived to be aligned to the Mungangagwa faction. This is just very interesting but also worrying. Temba himself has not helped matters because he has been exposing other powerful individuals such as Cde Obert Mpofu etc. My worry though is that this may end up destroying Zanu PF.

  • Shalom

    Look at the bigger picture, whose faction do the mentioned people in this article belong? It is not about their reported corruption cases, because if it is about that, can someone mention anyone in the gravy train who is as clean as a new pin?

    My conclusion is that this is another faction knocking supporting pillars from a rival.

  • Douglas

    Chinongondosvota ndechekuti hapana chisvinu chatichaona achiitwa Temba wacho. Media iri kuita basa asi mapurisa ne hurumende yacho vakaisa maoko kumusana. Chiiko nhai? Asi ruzhinji rwakasvibawo saana Temba ava?

    • joemuda

      ko unogoda kuti Temba wacho aitwei, apa hapana nyaya apa. its just a deal gone bad otherwise they had agreed. Temba haana mhosva.

  • Muzukuru

    This issue needs to be seen with objectivity. I am seeing politics at play here. The only good thing is there are Law firms involved in all these so called claims. I t seems it is only some part of incentives which were not being paid otherwise Billy was always paying previously. Billy’s connections with ZPF officials are known

    • mpengo

      You see politics at play because that’s all your brain is fixated to think. Your statement betrays your own bias and entrenchment in black or white, them or us. Whatever wrong is brought forward escapes your mind and factional thinking is your primary concern.

      Whether people are conspiring or dancing politics and backstabbing, it never changes the mere fact THAT MLISWA IS A VERY VERY BAD APPLE.

      The likes of him are just a sample…. a tip of the iceberg of the kind of cancer of corruption that’s kept into Gvt,state enterprises, private companies, active politicians, ordinary Zimbabweans and even our children.

      All you see is the conspiracy.

      Shouting about the burnt chicken when there’s sewage in your kitchen.

      • Jotham

        Mpengo unopenga zvachose. If you had used a pen to write this trash – I would forced you to buy a knew one – don’t waste our time writing trash.

  • Tafirenyika

    Whilst others are trying to rebuild our economy for the benefit of everyone,Themba is busy stealing,extortion at its highest level,ndovanosvibisa msangano ava if caught with dirty hands ndavabviswe muparty,toda kusara nevari serious chete

  • Murozvi

    It is obvious what this is. It’s a shame, companies are forced to pay tax and then pay these “facilitation payments” on top of that. Essentially Hwange is paying an additional cost of $5 per tonne for no reason whatsoever. They then presumably pass this cost on to other buyers, ZESA, tobacco farmers, steel makers etc. Perhaps this gives insight as to why Zisco deals have fallen through etc. IMagine the knock on effect that such an arrangement causes. Imagine the number of investors who are kept away as a result of these kinds of actions. Corruption is our number 1 enemy, nothing else..

    • Zimbabwe United

      True corruption increases the costs of doing business. In this. Case Themba’s facilitation fee as you rightly observed, at the end of the day is paid by the consumer. We cannot blame some of the companies when they fail to pay into Community Share Ownership Trusts. The Unki community maybe suffered as a result. Has Rautenbach been paying his dues into community ownership trusts in Whange, Unki and Chisumbanje?

    • 1mutongigava

      hiya apa wakuma mumwe wangu wakuma chaizvo!!!!

  • LtCol Nziramasanga

    Someone warned in these pages that Themba Mliswa’s crusade against corruption will either see him in an “accident” or some other scandal to silence him. This white man who is complaining could not have retained his farms and properties with no kickback being given . That was the way we conducted business from 2000 so Themba was just feeding from the same trough:I for one don’t think he is the only one. Let us dig deeper

  • bonnie

    its sanctions…its sanctions the usual rhetoric

    • N. Sithole

      @ Bonnie. I agree with you. It’s Snowball comrades. …and the animals could not tell the difference between pigs and human beings. What a shame!

  • Don Wezhira

    Mr Editor, congratulations!! You are serving your country well.This editorial will open a pandora’s box and blow away the criminal myths of selfstyled political warlords, thieves and hooligans. We have known all along that these undesirables were not going to last, and we expect the police to ACT, decisively. Lets safeguard the rags remaining of our national morale fabric. Zvokuti ihama yashefu nhingi aside. Mbavha ngadzisungwe.

    • Achasunga mbavha ndiani?. Ko Dube unoitei kuZifa. Probably ahaana kunokora. Its the poor system that made him to enrich himself.Resign Mr Dube. Character issue.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Once again you have not published my contribution because what I have said is very true that this is factional war fare. However, I have also checked on the actions that Mliswa took and in my view this is normal business practice. It is consultancy. If you facilitate a business deal and it succeeds because of your networking and acumen then you have to be paid for the services. Perhaps people may question the quantum but that again is a private matter. Whilst people debate this contribution I implore to publish my other contribution in the interest of fairness.

  • MNK

    Unfortunately, we are in Zimbabwe and thats the end of the story. Nothing will be done , no action. We are not in Europe or Africa. Unfortunately the Editor and the Herald staffer who wrote and approved this will be on the receiving end. Where is Caesar? Please leave politics to politicians they will solve their political wrangles using the correct method. Factionalism getting nasty here!Anyway , this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Aiwa kare kare zvako! Icho!We have had so much stories about this did this and that demanded that!

  • tsviriyo

    he never stole poormans money. these are called commissions. he is right and very professional. he is a right minded progressive young man.

  • Gogodera

    Vamwe vari kudya rifa renyika varume wee. $165 million US dollars!!!!!!!!! What about other unreported matters?

  • JZ

    we are becoming more capitalist than any other society in this world. where is economic solidarity or comradeship. We are creating a greedy bunchy of local elites, the pen pushers and shrewd deal makers. This is political dishonesty because to the public we push a socialist agenda. Lets not hide behind the finger of empowerement to serve personal interests. The danger with a greedy local elite is they may be less accountable to two key checks for any person who controls national resources. When you personalise national assets or Zimassets you have two responsibilities. 1) to contribute value to the economy by investing more and producing more.
    2) You have a reponsibility to the ordinary citizen especially the pooer who are disempowered by your empowerment. Any entrepreneur who fails on those two checks will learn that in class capitalism, the worker always revolts to turn the tables against excessive greed and exploitation. Lets all contribute to revenues and economic growth by engaging in transparent deals and curtailing our greedy mindset by making sure we grow the national cake to be big enough for everyone

  • Dr Uchazviona

    Temba needs help. From what i have read, he sounds like a retard.

    • Duelooker

      I think you have read only the headlines. He is very clean on this one. His legal team wouldn’t have involved themselves if they knew this was a scam. This was a legal team to legal team engagement,if there was any dodgy deal going on the later would have involved the police. Pihwa mari dzako Temba

  • moriartyO

    Is this in efforts of silencing this man?!

  • Mabasa Muwanda

    Zimbabwe’s challenges are as a result of a leadership crisis. The letters are showing that this has been happening a few years back and now that Mliswa has demanded that certain Mps declare their source of income, it’s backlash time. We need leadership with people’s interests at heart not people who go into gvt to loot while they come to the masses with the sanctions mantra. Hapana masunctions apa, it’s all Zimbabweans in gvt hemorrhaging the country’s resources for personal gains end of story.

  • Mhizha

    I honestly see Temba coming out clean here. I dont see anything wrong in this case. I know this guy is a bloody thief, but apa hapana chaashaisha. Kana tawirirana, then ndipe changu chebasa

    • Zimbabwe United

      And he should go on to apply the same principle with regard to potential investors in his constituency and ths Province he chairs? And still there will be nothing wrong with that?

  • reason

    WELL there is no case here, just sensationalising some deals which were happening between crooks, Temba did not want public funds and Billy needed assistance or “consultancy” so what is the issue here. There are serious cases of corruption involving public funds and if the Herald has run out of such cases, please just shut up
    or you will end up trivialising real issues of corruption. Concentrate on issues which affect our public funds and not Billy’s pocket money, period. Hapana nyaya apa

  • Emmyjay

    VaTete munodarireiko kuchengeta matsotsi

  • logic

    The stupidity of people who leave a paper trail! When will they learn?

    He was talking too much about others’ corruption forgetting he has skeletons in his cupboards too. This will certainly silence him. Coicidence is it, that this comes out at the same time as the court has ordered him to vacate a farm he had occupied illegally? If not, an interesting coincidence.

    This is what is called keeping the powder and using it at the precise momnet. That rug has been pulled from right under his feet. How will he ever speak about corruption with any credibility? Lesson 101, before you poke at too many people, make sure your hands are clean.

  • Zimbabwe United


    Who recently asked Parliament to investigate where the former minister of mines had got the money to create a bank at the height of Zimbabwe’s economic problems?

    Had the MP who made the call in Parliament checked how many helicopter flights the minister had gone on which were not free rides and which would have constituted risks to his life?

    It looks like it takes just one helicopter flight to raise enough resources to pay one’s way into parliament. That way indeed it is easy to buy votes both to be elected as an MP as well as party provincial chairman.

    Money politics or democracy? Alas!

    Perhaps ZANU-PF should indeed reintroduce the Leadership Code so it can document how many risky flights individuals took and at what fee per flight before they entered parliament or before appointment as Cabinet ministers.

    To be elected a parliamentarian is to seek people’s mandate to be a leader of national affairs. To be a leader demands that one exhibits a non-selfish character and be prepared to work for the public good at times for no immediate and personal gain.

    Can an individual who has a high propensity towards self-enrichment at any slighest opportunity be the appropriate person to shoulder the lofty burden of spearheading national development?

  • LSC

    Where was the ‘Zimbabwe DisInvestment Centre’?


    BHORA MUGEDHI, i feel sorry for the youths and war vets who toil around aimlessly singing the zanu pf indiginisation mantra.

  • 1mutongigava

    Saka ndiyo empowerment yacho yamakareva here iyi….yohwe!!! ndochema iwe Zimbabwe

  • dotito

    If a dog bites a man, thjat is no news. If a man bites a dog, that is news. Corruption in ZANU circles, no news.Accountability in ZANU, yaaa zvingatoshura marere1

  • Chikwapuro

    I knew it was coming buddie, you stepped on the wrong toes in that August House. Spring Farm will be gone too soon, mark my words. You are dealing with ‘Isinjonjo”

  • Jotham

    This white guy hasn’t supplied us with tangible evidence . He is only claiming this and that – and some written communication between him and Mliswa. Were these communications legal binding?- , if not what is the fuss all about. Mliswa is a shrewd character – but I do not see how he acted unlawful here.

  • intabazinduna

    plizzzz HERALD tried its best……always complaining…yoooo hini inkinga yakho..?.nxaa

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Unfortunately, there seems nothing wrong was done from a legal perspective. Perhaps there may be a few moral questions. If one approaches you and says if you facilitate that I get that mining claim I will pay you X amount is that wrong? Is it not consultancy? You take advantage of my vast network and business acumen to secure certain rights and you pay me either cash or with equity. My thinking is that the real scandal lies in how Billy Reuternbach secured an excusive deal to suppy ethanol. I think that is where the mother of all scandals lies.

  • John Rambo

    Mliswa anoda madhiri too much, one day achatengesa state house mukaona lorry ine furniture yakapaka panze someone wanting to move in kkkkkkkkkkk

  • rukudzo

    There is nothing wrong. The only issue here is taxation. If Mr Mliswa declared that income and paid tax on it, I would not pursue that further because he was a consultant to Mr Rotenbuch.