Team to probe Tyson expulsions

Cde Kasukuwere

Cde Kasukuwere

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter—
Zanu-pf yesterday set up a sub-committee to investigate national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere’s allegations against three provincial chairpersons whom he unilaterally suspended at the weekend.The committee will also investigate persons behind the Press statement issued by some members of the zanu-pf Youth League at a Press conference on Tuesday, February 16, where deputy national secretary for youth affairs Kudzanayi Chipanga, issued threats against war veterans and The Herald.

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The sub-committee will present its finds to the National Disciplinary Committee.

Cde Kasukuwere announced the suspension of Cdes Kizito Chivamba (Midlands), Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo) and Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) at a provincial coordinating committee meeting held by Matabeleland North Province in Lupane last Saturday.

The suspensions defied the Politburo resolution at its last meeting that no member would be suspended without being subjected to a hearing. Cde Kasukuwere accused the three of disobedience and indiscipline, accusation they all denied.

In a statement yesterday, zanu-pf secretary for Legal Affairs and the National Disciplinary Committee Cde Patrick Chinamasa said the resolution was made at a national disciplinary committee meeting in Harare on Wednesday.

“Among other things, the committee deliberated on a number of disciplinary cases referred to it from the provinces and the National Women’s League Executive Council,” said Cde Chinamasa. “Disciplinary cases finalised by the committee will be referred to the Politburo for consideration at its next meeting.

“At the meeting, the NDC set up a three member sub-committee chaired by the secretary for National Security, Cde Kembo Mohadi and comprising Cde Eunice Sandi-Moyo, Deputy Secretary for Women’s Affairs and Cde Pupurai Togarepi, the secretary for Youth Affairs to carry out investigations into certain specified allegations of indiscipline.

“In particular, the committee was mandated to investigate allegations levelled against the following suspended provincial chairpersons; Cde Joel Biggie Matiza, Cde Ezra Ruvai Chadzamira and Cde Kizito Chivamba.”

Cde Kasukuwere had earlier insisted that Zanu-PF would not rescind the votes of no confidence, saying: “natural justice had already taken place.” He threatened the three provincial chairpersons at a rally in Chiweshe on Friday last week that he was “coming” for the trio.

Cde Chinamasa said the committee was also tasked with investigating some youths who issued a press statement at a press conference on Tuesday. “The sub-committee was further mandated to investigate persons behind the press statement issued by some members of the Zanu-PF Youth League at the press conference on Tuesday, 16th February, 2016,” said Cde Chinamasa.

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  • Mart

    ZANU-PF used these tactics to get rid of Mai Mujuru. Why is it a problem now?

  • Grace Jones

    kasukuwere will be the Grace problem fall guy wait and see

  • sambiri

    Resolution procedure tree fell in 1980. Zanu floating directionless on auto pilot!

  • Tondondo

    “Tyson expulsions”, Herald manje, kkkk

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Tibula watibula bhora rezvidhakwa

  • Frank

    Excellent reporting now your articles are now giving us facts. Keep these uneducated chipangas under check

  • Tsotso

    Yaa the plot thickens for real, a committee has been set to probe Tyson, maybe tomorrow another committee will be set to probe that committee and on Sunday another one to probe the committee probing the committee set to probe the committeee that probed the other committee that ………………………. like happening in a nuclear fission thing kkkk

    • zwangendaba

      Kiki kiki let me laugh,,,Mai Mujuru should also come up and set a committee to probe the committee that probed her.

    • Goritoto

      Togara,Sandi-Moyo, Mohadi, the suspended Chairpersons are not gonna be coming back.

  • Ngomalungundu

    That is the proper procedure to investigate the issues. Its part of natural justice to investigate allegations before a person is punished.Those suspended, should just use the opportunity to explain and defend their positions. Its neither here nor there to argue whether the suspensions should have been done. That is not material.Circumstantial evidence may mislead or cause a conviction. The prov chairs may be found clean or dirty. So lets remain united and level headed while investigations are underway.

  • Observer gonzo

    Way was this not done with Mujuru and her “cabal” even up to now?

    • Grace Jones

      Do we have to spell it for you.? The Lacoste team is prepared to fight for their space in zanupf and are fighting for their space all the way. they are no push overs. Mujuru sat there hoping for sympathy. politics does not respect people who sit like duck waiting for sympathy. You tell them excuse me thaat is my leg you are stepping on. you do not quietly cry and then urge those that can fight to be quiet and accept because you did not have the balls to stand up and fight when you were purged. team Lacoste are politicians vana Mujuru were waiting for mana to fall from heaven. it did not.they allowed themselves to be purged without even a wimper.

  • Nyamasvisva

    Interesting team set up there to investigate the cases!

  • Son of the soil

    So what it means is that these guys are still expelled.

  • Cde Njelele

    Keep watching , come 2018 , dont cry ,Nikuv , Nikuv!

    • Grace Jones

      Hapana. Ngwena! Ngwena!

  • Mafira-kureva

    I see Tyson going down watch the space.

    • Biggie Taapatsi

      Going, going, going…..gone! I hope he takes Jonso and some woman with him

  • Bastet

    ahh yu cant put a check on anyone in zanu. with plenty of discord reining now itamba yako nditambe yangu. if I were kasukuwere I would suspend the probing team nhas chaiye n wait for another kusvika vese ndava suspender….kkkk. um kind of enjoying this…… zvaakutapira


    Caesar Zvayi have you ever thought that Professor Jonathan Moyo may revert back to head the Ministry of Information? Let’s give it 2 Months.