. . . TB Joshua refutes social media reports

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

LAGOS, LUSAKA. — Nigerian cleric and founder of the renowned Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua has wished Zambia well ahead of today’s crucial general elections. Meanwhile, the Lagos-based cleric has refuted social media reports indicating that he made a prophecy concerning the outcome of today’s presidential elections.Much of last week, there were reports circulating on social media, in markets, taverns and bus stations that Prophet TB Joshua had prophesied that the opposition UPND would form a government after this week’s elections.

But responding to a press query from the Church Newspaper, SCOAN public relations department stated that the clergyman had not made any prophecy concerning today’s general elections in Zambia.

“Actually, whenever the man of God is spoken to by the Lord through a prophecy, we release such on our website. The fact that the prophecy you are referring to is not on our website means that the man of God never made such a prophecy. May we take this opportunity to advise people fond of accusing the man of God of making prophecies he never made to stop the habit as it always puts the man of God in bad repute to some people,” SCOAN advised. SCOAN stated that Prophet TB Joshua is wishing Zambia well during the election period.

“The Prophet is, however, wishing the people of Zambia well as they choose their leaders. We are remembering the country in our prayers so that all goes well. Zambia is a blessed country,” stated the SCOAN PR team.

In the 2015 presidential by-elections, some members of the PF also made similar claims, saying Prophet Joshua had prophesied its victory. — Zambian Observer.

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  • The Light Bringer

    Giving this charlatan ANY type of recognition is wrong! He and his ilk prey (excuse the pun) on the weak, the uneducated and the desperate. They are all about the money.

  • freedom


  • Rawboy

    What a load of nonsense lol!
    Mind you,he is making tons of money out of it….

  • Weston Mugocha

    mpengo waakutopenga. Where in the article does it say he uttered any prophecy? Just getting into unnecessary ‘overdrive’ in defaming the Man of God for absolutely no reason.

  • jojo

    my prophecy is this: Zimbabwe is going to be independent this year and blessed with a fresh leader.its true and I bet my last dollar on it.

  • Jendemutoro

    Vanafembera fembera, claiming to be God.