Tanzania arrests ‘gay’ woman

DODOMA. — Tanzanian police are holding one of two women accused of kissing in a video widely circulated on social media.

Ahmed Msangi, police chief in Tanzania’s Mwanza region, said authorities arrested the woman in the north-western region of Geita and are looking for the other woman and some others seen in the video.

He said “it is just a matter of time” before law enforcement officers arrest the others, adding “the plan is to eliminate the entire chain of people involved or supporting homosexuality for the betterment of the generations”.

Homosexual relations are criminalised in Tanzania and the law prescribes jail terms of up to life.

This East African nation has launched a countrywide crackdown against people accused of promoting homosexuality.

Authorities have threatened to deregister NGOs accused of supporting gays. — AFP.

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  • mambo

    tough. way to go. This culture is unhuman. Neither is it animal behavior. Its evil

    • Ngaphansi Kweshlahla somabrosi

      Evil yamasimba. Africa has BIGGER problems of health, poverty reduction, economic emancipation, tribalism, racism to worry about before spending court time, money and brains prosecuting people for their sexual preference. We need to move past this brainless ideology that anything we do no agree with or understand is inherently evil.