Sunday Mail editor arrested

Edmund Kudzayi

Edmund Kudzayi

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
The Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi was arrested last night after a police swoop at his home and his office at Herald House, with the police saying the arrest had something to do “with publications that he did”.
Police also visited The Zimbabwe Independent offices in the morning looking for the editor of the paper Dumisani Muleya’s home address.
Police said Kudzayi was arrested in connection with some articles he allegedly published, while they were also on the hunt for Muleya on charges that could not be ascertained.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the arrest, saying Kudzayi was picked up by the police at his lawyers’ offices.
The arrest came after the police visited his home and offices early in the morning where they confiscated his tools of the trade.

“They (police) found him at his lawyers (offices) a few moments ago and arrested him,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said last night.
“The charges are to do with the publications that he did. He is at the Law and Order Section.”

Snr Asst Comm Charamba could not ascertain if Kudzayi was arrested for articles he published before or after joining Zimpapers.
A spokesperson for Zimpapers advised stakeholders of the investigations on Kudzayi.

“Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Limited wishes to advise its stakeholders that there are current investigations by the Zimbabwe law enforcement agencies involving the Sunday Mail Editor, Edmund Kudzayi.

“In furtherance to the above, the agencies visited his home and office early yesterday morning, June 19, 2014 during his absence.
‘’The agencies carried a number of electronic gadgets including iPads from his office and did not state the reason for such. Edmund Kudzayi was also summoned to the police in absentia and did not report for duty. Edmund Kudzayi was arrested later in the day. By late last night Zimpapers had not yet ascertained the exact details of the charges,’’ reads the statement by the spokesperson.

Chronicle editor Mduduzi Mathuthu also had his house broken into early yesterday morning and had a television set, clothes and food stuffs stolen.
“There was an unlawful entry at Mduduzi’s home and theft between 1am and 5am today (yesterday),” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba. “Vusumuzi Mathuthu, elder brother to Mduduzi, reported the case at Queenspark Police Station in Bulawayo and investigations are under way.”

Snr Asst Comm Charamba and Zimpapers said Mduduzi’s case was not related to that of Kudzayi.
“That is purely an unlawful entry,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

“Why would the police break into someone’s house to steal? They (police) have indicated that they were only looking for Kudzayi and they have nothing to do with what happened at Mduduzi’s house.”

The Zimpapers spokesperson concurred: “On another note, the editor of the Chronicle, Mduduzi Mathuthu’s property was stolen on the same night. We as Zimpapers are of the view that the above incidents are not related.

“We wish to advise our readers and stakeholders that Zimpapers as an organisation is a law abiding organisation and have, will and shall continue to co-operate with the law enforcement agencies.”

Mathuthu said in a statement that he woke up at 5am and found the doors to his kitchen and living room wide open.
“It soon became clear that someone had broken in and stolen several items, including a TV set and odd things like meat from the fridge and Mazoe from a cupboard in the kitchen. They also uprooted some vegetables outside,” he said.

“My home in Mahatshula North is guarded by a security guard at night, but he said he was reading a newspaper and heard nothing. Ordinarily, we can tell when someone is walking outside because of the gravel, but none of the people in the house at the time – there were six adults including myself – heard anything.

“We also found several stones around the house, I’m not sure what their relevance is, but police said they are usually used by thieves to attack people if they walk in on them while in the act.

“Police have been here to investigate and the crime is reported under Reference Number RRB 1946934.”
Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the police were also looking for Muleya though she had not been briefed of the charges.

Zimbabwe Independent publisher Rita Chinyoka said she was yet to be briefed about the incident.
Muleya was quoted in some sections of the media yesterday as saying he would not turn himself in until the police reveal why they were looking for him.

“I understand from colleagues at work that the police officers, when asked why they wanted to see me, said ‘it’s business’. I’ve no business with the police, and until they state specifically why they want me, I will not be turning myself in.”

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists condemned the police raids at Zimpapers and Alpha Media Holdings, saying they were akin to harassment of journalists.
“The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, ZUJ, is deeply concerned and appalled by the apparently coordinated harassment of journalists in Bulawayo and Harare this morning (yesterday) and would like to urge the Zimbabwean authorities to guarantee their safety and protection,” ZUJ said.

“ZUJ calls on the government to immediately reveal the reasons for detaining Kudzayi and why Muleya is being hunted. We also demand assurances that the burglary at Mathuthu’s house had nothing to do with the unfortunate developments taking place.”

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  • matshobane

    During election time this muppet was behaving like a ****, attacking MDC for no apparent reason.ZANU used you like a used ***8.Now you are just a pathetic piece of sh****

    • big cde

      Zvatanga, 5th Chimurenga; yah Zimbaramabwe!.independence in 1980?; or not yet independent?.Compare how Zuma was exposed in S.A.even for lies but no one was arrested or intimidated.Musadaro akomana; free Zimbabwe; free zimbabwe, Rhodes was defeated and died later what is this now?.

      • tafamutekwe

        Zimbabge the land of paradoxes. Some are trying to rebuilt but yet some are busy untangling that which others are building. I pray that what the ZRP is doing is above board because if there is one sensitive area it is the needless harassment of journalists and Chihuri and his political colleagues knows that very well. Chinamasa’s noble attempts to reignite Zimbabge’s economy by way of Zim-Asset will melt into nothingness should this country reverts back to its position as a pariah state.

    • Hurungudo

      Matshobane, please give us a break on this MUPPET SHOW you call MDC.

    • Mhandu

      Sunday Mail Edmund Kudzayi was charged with plotting insurgency, terrorism, and undermining the authority of the President.
      The people will demand what role President Mugabe has played in this disgraceful abuse of State institutions, the Police, and deliberately ignoring protection provided to citizens by the supreme new Constitution.
      Are these illegal actions a reflection of a Zanu-PF faction that thinks itself above and unanswerable to the people’s constitution and implicit laws derived thereof?

  • idi amin

    is this a side show or is the succession battle now at a head?

  • idi amin

    y would ZIMPAPERS comment on whether the 2 incidents are related let alone stick its neck out and state that they are not related! really? really? Coincidence? Now that is a shoe that never fits especially when clearly stated, nope, there is more to this. of all the 365 days in a year, thieves just chose this one? of all the houses in Bulawayo thieves just happened to stumble into this one? And its guarded! Are we really that stupid? Oh the guard was awake too, he was reading a newspaper! come on! then you took a few items just to give credence to your yarn!

    I dont even know how its walking, that with horns cannot be wrapped up!

    Please note, I have nothing against Guards who can read, just a problem when they are roped in and force fed statements or paid to look the other side. always knew this literacy rate thing would bite us in the keister!

  • punungwe

    Freedom of expression, is protected by the constitution of Zimbabwe. In other words Kudzayi has a right to state his opinion no matter who disagrees with it. If he told lies, fabrications, the constitution and laws of Zimbabwe equally gives potential victims the right to sue him in a civil quote and claim compensation.

    When police officers break down doors looking for a newspaper editor and long time journalist ‘because of articles he wrote’ that is pure harassment. After all it is how he earns his living, by writing articles.

    To me this is a very worrying sign that President Mugabe is no longer in complete control. His primary duty is to protect and uphold the constitution of Zimbabwe. After all it is the very same constitution that gives him his powers and even his title.

    Anybody who undermines that constitution is undermining his authority. It does not matter whether they are undermining him wilfully or out of ignorance. I suspect the later.

    This is also a sign that the gloves might be getting off in the factional fight within Zanu-PF. Gloves and feathers are starting to fly all over the place.

  • Hazviite

    blockbuster movie coming to your screen soon,featuring,jonathan moyo,mnangagwa,mujuru and the irresistible bob. ladies and gentleman ,sit back ,relax and enjoy the show.

  • Fireman

    Wont shed a tear for you Kudzai…You knew what you were entering into

  • Caveman

    VaChihuri pamaivapikicha vakadonha munoti vaifara nhai? What about writing about govt climbdown?

  • tapera

    cry zimbabwe it has started again.why are the police used to destroy peace instead of bringing peace.the truth of the mater is if you senior guys dont stop yopur militia ways of doing everything the enemy still got ground to attack us holding geniune evidence stop being militant about everything.zanu pf is not zimbabwe

  • pilgrim

    when the government hunts its own citizens mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm shame wat a pity

  • Anthony

    Simply because the president questioned his credentials a few days earlier now he gets arrested…I thought when the police make arrests they quote the section of the law he is being charged under not just ” something to do “with publications that he did”. It makes it seem like the police is being used to settle personal vendettas, which doesn’t augur well given the government is trying to clean up its image. Even more surprising is that the arrest is being made against someone who works for a pro-govt publication.


    pariah state

  • magezatsvimbo

    munokuvadziswa naJonathan Moyo vafana, Matibili haakanganwi zvamaisinyora about him, dzokerai kwamanga muri

  • Citizen

    Mwari honai vanhu venyu vaye vatanga

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    British and Americans agents in Zimbabwe are threatening the freedom of the continent. We urge Zimbabwe to protect Africa by taking out all those who work for the USA/Eu to enslave the people of Africa even more.

  • Hurungudo

    Zimbabweans thrive on conspiracy theories hence they are not progressing. When certain people get arrested especially in the media, a lot of people become private investigators, judges, prosecutors et al. So many people’s houses have been raided by police in their course of duty and so many people have been brought in for questioning. There is nothing new here. That this guy is a journalist does not in any way give him special protection from the law when there is suspicion he may be involved in breaking the law. Police must not shy away from what is their constitutional mandate to investigate and arrest in a manner they see fit. No one must tell them how to do their job. These are the same journos that will adversely write about police’s inactivitity against people they percieve to be criminals. If he is innocent he will be freed. Period! It cannot be harassment for the simple reason that he is a journalist. For those who want to see politics in police action, well it’s sad. You are being naive. Let the cops do their job and you do yours!

    • Masotsha

      Hurungudo, you will swallow your own words in a few days time when its prooven that there is no law that was violated, rememder Criminal defamation is no longer a law.

      • Hurungudo

        If you read my submission properly I said he will be released if he is innocent. He can’t be guilty of breaking a law that does not exist. So I have no words to swallow here. Let the cops do their job. If this guy is incarcerated when the courts have found him not guilty lets all rise up and complain. We will be justified. For now let the process take its course.

    • Masotsha

      In a letter delivered to Kwekwe police officer-in-charge (Law and
      Order Section) on Wednesday, Mutatu accused the police of quoting a law
      that does not exist in seizing Radio Kwelaz’s property.

      “In your search and seizure you produced a defective search warrant .
      . . purportedly issued in terms of Section 54(1) (a) of the Criminal
      Procedure and Evidence Act (Chapter 9:07),” Mutatu said.

      “We must hasten to state that the said chapter does not exist in the
      said Act. We, therefore, suspect you are using an Act belonging to
      another jurisdiction.”

      Mutatu said although he protested the “illegal” search warrant, he
      was not able to physically stop the eight-member police team who stormed
      the radio initiative’s offices in the company of three Central
      Intelligence Organisation operatives.

      Police raided Radio Kwelaz offices on June 17 on suspicion that the
      community radio initiative was broadcasting illegally and had subversive
      material in its possession.

      They seized laptops and compact discs and blocked Radio Kwelaz staff
      from accessing the studio until the Postal and Telecommunications
      Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) and the Broadcasting Authority
      of Zimbabwe (BAZ) had ascertained if the studio equipment was being
      used for broadcasting.

      A three-member team comprising technicians from Potraz and BAZ
      visited the studio yesterday morning to conduct investigations and later
      allowed Radio Kwelaz staff to resume work after realising that the
      initiative was not carrying out any broadcasting activities.

      “They have allowed us to go ahead and use our facilities after
      correctly observing that there is no broadcasting going on. In short,
      this was an exercise in futility and aimed at intimidating our clients,”
      Mutatu said.

      • Hurungudo

        Radio Kwelaz and Police challenging each other on the legality of a law? That’s funny! They should take such issues to court not heckle each other over such. They won’t get anywhere. This is why I said in Zimbabwe so many people have multi-skilled themselves and confusing every aspect of life. Now we have radio Kwelaz acting as expert constitutional lawyers and the police on the other hand creating search warrants as if they are courts. Then we have people like you Masotsha behaving like a Radio Kwelaz defence lawyer!!!! Haaaa!

        • Masotsha

          Just observing a bad tread by our police and disputing that it is conspiracy theory!!

  • prof

    typical zimbabwe for you

  • Asi Chii Nhai

    Arrest, then investigate? Is it not supposed to be the other way round?

  • Tarubva

    Those who had lingering doubts about President Mugabe’s administration being mafia, then this case should be conclusive. A few days after the President railed against
    Jonathan Moyo for appointing “MDC activists” at Zimpapers, some of us knew it was a matter of time. And predictably, the police quickly sprung into action and swooped. To Edmund, we know it all, we have already travelled down that road with Roy Bennett. You did not commit any crime other than being perceived to be sympathetic to the MDC. No matter how you will try to clear your name, the highest office in the land simply does not want you near Zimpapers. The earlier you voluntarily quit, the better: it is simply an unwinnable war at the moment. The President openly did not want Bennett near cabinet no matter what, and we all know what happened, don’t we? To President Mugabe, become a President for every Zimbabwean, not just ZANU PF supporters. At your age, we expect you finally to be an elder statesman, and not to always behave
    like a mafia lord!

    • chipo

      shame indeed.

  • MemaZimbo

    Regai vakafa vavigane-thats what is there for us to say.

    • tsuro

      imhandu munhu uyu wait and see you will get the shock of your lives