‘Stop using contraceptives’

Mr Mudede

Mr Mudede

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has urged Zimbabweans to stop using contraceptives religiously, saying the contraceptives are a ploy by powerful nations to retard population growth in Africa and thereby weaken the nation.
Mr Mudede said contraceptives were also conduits for pandemic diseases such as cancer, especially in women. He said this in a Sunday address to Family of God Church congregants commemorating Africa Day in Kambuzuma, Harare.

Present were senior Government and Zanu-PF officials who included ruling party national political commissar Cde Webster Shamu, who was guest of honour. Church founder Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe invited Mr Mudede and the other VIPs.

Mr Mudede said he had co-authored a book on population control with television producer Mr Richard Hondo.
He said the book explained why people should desist from using contraceptives and urged Africans to sire as many children as possible. Mr Mudede conceded that his ideas would face stiff resistance.

“When I looked at other countries that are smaller in size than us they actually have bigger populations,” said Mr Mudede. “I am pained when I am told that my little daughter must go on contraceptives.

“Why do you want these foreign products? It pains me a lot.
“Where are you going to get soldiers should there be an aggression? We want police officers, workers, nurses. If you are to ask young people today how many children they have you would hear them responding proudly, ‘just two’.”

Mr Mudede said the book came after extensive research, including among the Doma people of Kanyemba, the San of Plumtree and various apostolic sects.
The Doma, San and some apostolic sects, particularly Johanne Marange, do not use contraceptives. Mr Mudede questioned how society could thrive when it was limiting its growth.

“You want to be a superpower, but you do not want to multiply,” he said.
Mr Mudede said some cancers were a side-effect of contraceptives.

He said Nigeria had a population of more than 130 million and its economy was booming while countries like Zimbabwe, which are preoccupied with contraceptives, have subdued economies.

Mr Mudede said most birth control methods were as bad as genetically modified organisms. “Pasi nedepo provera. Pasi nenorplant (Down with depo provera, Down with norplant),” he said.

Mr Mudede said he recently lost a niece to cancer associated with the use of contraceptives. He added that contraceptives interfered with God’s biological plan for women in which their bodies cleanse themselves every month.

“So you want an injection or a tablet to interfere with that natural process created by God?” Contraceptives were popularised in the country from the 1980s, with donors and Government discouraging people from having large families.

Bearing a child each year was viewed as a bad practice, with a sustained campaign being run to ridicule those in the practice.
According to the 2012 Zimbabwe Population Census, the population growth rate was at 1,1 percent for the last 10 years, while the average size of a household was at 4,2.

The population growth rate was also 1,1 percent in the 2002 census.

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  • VIVI

    with about 90% unemployment what are you going to do with more people if they multiply? Soldiers to fight who? Can;t imagine a person of such a high office can stoop so low like that.? Seems old age is quickly catching on on some of our once mighty leaders? SHAME!!!!

    • Game on

      How old is this man now ??

      • Jotham

        Age is just a number and has no bearing on one’s reasoning capacity.

        • Emmanuel

          This is obviously not true. We all know that we deteriorate in all aspects as we grow older, as is clearly being demonstrated by Mudede in his undeniably stupid utterances.

          • Jotham

            You have a white(pink brain) even though you are black- Kane pfungwa dzakabikwa pamoto.kaEmmaneul.

        • Chasura

          Thanks Jotham because for me I am prepared to follow a principled 90 year old than foolish womaniser who is 46 plus idiotic !

      • ian

        Seventy-something, well past pensionable age yet he is still at work!

    • Jotham

      Mudede has a point. Only those who hero worship Europeans are so addicted to their wild teachings. Whether we have 1000% unemployment rate is not the issue. The USA/China etc have big economies due to large populations they have. VIVI you were brought up in a box – and can’t tolerate anything that is outside it. If you feel Mudede erred that is basically your upbringing that you must blame. VIVA Toyibaiwa Mudede. Why can’t Zimbabweans stop the substandard thinking(theories) from western nations especial the Brishity.

      • Lee

        The point here is not the wild teachings of the west. It is that mentality of “I think only of today” Who on earth will feed an extra million children Where wil you get enough fresh water, will woman be delivering babies in the bush from now on because hospitals cannot cope now. Just so you know. People in China do not have more than two children. USA does not have a strong economy because they have millions of people, they have a strong economy because they have policies that actually work. They even have their own currency – imagine that. WAKE UP man. Without condoms – what will happen when the spread of hiv and other std go rampant! IDIOT

        • Jotham

          Lee – is just regurgitating the Brishity lunacy- growing in a box has literal obliterated your ability think independently with strings attached so that you don’t go astray. Poverty is the ability of these pink pigs(whites)’s ability fooling Africans like lee and later looting all the resources. What hospitals?. What food?. There is plenty plus of that. Jackass



          • Jotham

            The herald is not is responsible. The whites you are defending are calling us animals and you offended by such language. Read the Zimbabwe mail , The Daily News etc. and other online publication. I will not apologise for this – if you followed the Kenyan issue- 3 men still lion meat. The white commentators used and are still using foul language on blacks. The Herald should not edit anything here. These are simply facts, we can not shy are from things that are being done everyday in our societies the world over. Whites(pink pigs) must change their attitude.

          • Thando

            The only thing you seem to display in all your comments is utter ignorance to the reality and fact. And you are definitely RACIST.

          • Jotham

            If you are bothered by that , that is definitely not my problem. If whites(Pink pigs) are doing it on us, 4sure I will hit back. I will not apologise.Sorry Thando

      • Wolves Witches and Giants

        Uzobabeka ndaweni abantwana?

      • japhie

        iwewe une vangani vana vacho be honest otherwise God will punish you

      • Nyongolo

        Haana point Mudede.With the size of our land compared to the US/NIGERIA,surely where will over 50 million pple live,work and keep their livestock.

  • Ndareva

    Hahaha I can not stop laughing hangu ini, vanochengetwa neiko vana vacho nhai? Siring a child in this country for most of us means tightening our belts so tight.
    Herald stop making this man a laughing stock, some stories are better left unpublished! Iwo mapowerful nations are they siring like rats?

    • chandunga

      All things being equal, this man has some point…

      • gomo

        surely this man is right. people would rather pay monthly subscriptions to Dstv and keep cats and dogs than have a child. shame on you who value pleasure more than life. no wonder this world is now full of sodomites.

        • Zvakaoma

          Anyone can write a book on any subject but that does not turn him/her into being an expert in that area. My learned friend Mudede is neither a demographer, an epidemiologist nor a public health person. So he should be forgiven for displaying his ignorance on a subject he knows nothing about. May I suggest that he reads about the meaning of demographic or epidemiological transition before making such utterances.

          • Jotham

            Chimwana chomurungu chorutsa marara avatenzi- Zvakaoma you love big meaningless words that are not worthy their salt. You are scared of such words a technician. a monkeylist etc shame. Those words are only meant persons of your calibre(bookish in nature)

        • rex

          taura hako gomo. ndatiberekaneyi. also want to sent kidz to schools that are overpriced. premium dish, zi Benz. zimba rine 15 bedrooms iwe une 1 or 2 vana. mudhara akuma uyu. ngatiwandei

      • Ambuya Tinonakira Mukati

        What point other than trying to dictate activities going on in my bedroom.

        • Jotham

          Kasi waneta nezvebonde?.

  • nxt

    surely this man must be examined whether his mind is still normal. woke up we are living in a modern world man, drawing conclusions on minority groups and an observation from one person makes you think everything about contraceptives is bad. Revise your understanding on Nigeria with regards to population and its history. Not everything is comparable and please do not mislead people.Holding top post is not synonymous to credible misleading research and publications.

    • Ambuya Tinonakira Mukati

      Kukura kwese Mudede zviyitaurwa kwaifudzwa mombe hazvina kubva mupfungwa yake. In fact Mudede anofunga kuti mukadzi imhou yemombe, gore mwana, gore mwana mukaka vachikama. Mama naDaddy vanotoda kuita family planning vozoita number yevana yavano kwanisa kuchengeta. Kana usingadi kuita mwana zvino wogara nayo murume mukuru yakaita setsvimbo uchifamba uchikamhina nhai?

      • Jotham

        A woman with no children is not worth it.

  • rukudzo

    I second the motion

    • Emperor Chin

      The Idea is ok as long as the Economy is running snoothely if the population were to go up to say 18million how will we share a $4billion gdp? LOL

      • rukudzo

        We will treble our production to cater for the expanded market. Why do you think vana China have suddenly become giants? Its population.

        • Chale

          we might say whatever we want guys but Mr Mudede is right if you think these contraceptives really help you are deceived God never designed such things i want all of you to read about this book “Medical Apartheid. “The dark history of medical experimentation on black americans from colonial times to present by Harriet A Washington 2007.

  • hehe


  • Mutota

    For once I agree with you commrade.Let’s have incentives for those who bear more children eg. Discounted school fees etc.

    • Jotham

      Thumps up to you Mutota.

  • Chegorerino

    I am ashamed….at this time and age someone, a respectable person at that, wants Africans to ‘go and multiply’ even when they cannot afford it. Now strenght and viability of a country is measured by population??? Ndasvoda mhani.

    • Nays

      Thats true. The economy of a nation is dependent upon its population provided other systems are functioning well. The more pple you have the greater the demand of goods and services translating into increased revenue for the state and industries. In Zim, it will be difficult to implement. We dont have anyone planning about changes in city populations at present which has resulted in pressuees on services. What is required now is a breed of pple who can plan for tomorrow i.e. now that pple are moving to Hre, what are we going to do to increase water supply; now that the city is expanding how are we going to meet tge electricity demands.

      • Mhunhu

        You completely ignore the fact that this multiplication means increased demand for food thus land. And land is not finite .

        • Nays

          Increased demand for food will mean that the producers have to produce more and the more they produce, the more their profits and subsequently expansion. Thats how an economy grows. Land does not have anything to do with population. London alone, being only 8400sqm has a population of 21million almost double that of the whole of Zim. Land is not finite?????

          • Chegorerino

            That would be true in an ideal situation Nays, where there is a traceable economy in the first place, thats when you talk about growth. What do we have? As you know the best comparison is the GDP principle, population alone is useless unless you can sustain it. Putting it in layman’s terms, tikazvara vana vakawanda hazvirevi kuti zvipatara, zvikoro nema industry zvinowandawo. Not in our country. We need to have over-capacity in the economy first and then try to fullfil it, in the meantime we would be exporting and inpartriating. Remember when Zim was the ‘bread basket’? Ndizvo zvaiitika then.

  • Chuck Noodles

    Hezvo, batai munhu!!!!. Contraceptives are primarily about empowering women. I guess than one went over your head, Mr real man of genius

  • Chris

    Va Mudede, makaoma kwazvo- I suggest you pre-occupy yourself with giving us registration certificates/travel documents-kwamava kuenda uku kumateru

    • Ambuya Tinonakira Mukati

      VaMudede vakagumbuka nekuti ma,”‘birth certificate” avari kunyora ave mashoma.

  • Emperor Chin

    Ha ndazonakidzwa manje. With HIV/AIDS a gvt official says such things??? Developed countries use their citizens as collateral like the US gvt uses the its people as collateral to the Federal Reserve loans and this is achieved through National Social Security Number. Mudede are you trying to to do this for your boss who need $27billion to kick start the economy?

  • Nays

    Now you have realised the truth Mudede. The more people you have, the more goods are consumed and the more suppliers make more and in turn employ more and make more tax for the gvt etc. This is the model in Britain with miliions of pple in London alone, USA over 320m; Nigeria, SA (with close to 5m foreigners alone), Brazil, China, India etc. However, this will not work as a standalone policy. We need a credit economy where pple can buy based on their future earnings and at low interest rates. That will maintain and stimulate production.
    The timing of this ploy of yours is too bad though because if pple are to go into baby making mode now, the little resources that we have at our disposable will be strained. Our economy needs to be at stable levels first before we have more little ones who are not productive.
    On depo provera, you have said the truth again. They are the ones killing woman kudarikidza ne cancer

    • Tichaona

      population without indigenous industry wont help. You cant compare Britain or US with Zim. They have industries there, they can even employ foreigners coz . Focusing on technology is what we need. Lets manufacture our own cars, radios, TVs etc. …. Nothing is impossible, the problem is : Our gvt is not investing in technology. …….Industry is the backbone of employment…. Nigerial is in Equator—- there are no droughts there, they have all the food they need—- u see. They also have oil —->this means forex.

  • matadzaenyoka

    Prof Rat is a better researcher than ‘Prof’ Mudede, for rats actually breed less in times of ‘famine’. Ask Prof Rat how to do research ‘Prof’ Mudede, and use the findings to promote the well being of your kind, as the Rat species have been doing for millenia.

  • Theodore

    There goes another retard waffling absent mindedly.

    • Ambuya Tinonakira Mukati

      Reva zvako muzukuru.

    • Jotham

      A dodo will always believe that it is better than another dodo.

      • Cde Nharo

        Jotham wakadii kuramba kuenda kuchikoro sezvo dzidzo yakauya nevachena.

        • Jotham

          Education existed(Egyptian) much earlier than Europe. So that of bringing education is a non-event.

  • chandida

    Mr Minister, may i remind you of our nation’s target in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS. I am trying to understand where you are coming from, but it is reckless of someone in your position to say such. Not everyone will be able to interpret your statement in the light that you intended. Think of the sex workers, and the teens.

  • JSC

    Birth control is indeed a tool used by some. Give the man a chance to express his ideas and debate them factually, in addition to your laughing. There are different types of contraception, and I hope you looked at each based on facts, evidence and case studies.


    • gas

      proclaiming a “National Day of Fasting and Prayer” (March 30, 1863),
      Lincoln also said, “It is the duty of nations as well as of men, to own
      their dependence upon the overruling power of God…and to recognize the
      sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all
      history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord…We
      have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have
      been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown
      in NUMBERS, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we
      have forgotten God!”

      (emphasis is mine).We would do well to ponder and research on issues before we so carelessly deride their proponents.

      • Dr

        Um, of course growth in numbers was a positive thing in the US in 1863, they were still an undeveloped frontier. Zimbabwe is NOT a frontier, growth of population here will only further stifle the economy and choke the limited resources.

        How many cattle can you keep in one small paddock before they have run out of food and begin to starve?

  • mabamba and chombo

    with the current cost of living who will afford t raise those kids sir?

  • kutototo

    Exactly the reason why I stopped smoking mbanje.

    • Wolves Witches and Giants

      He is still smoking for sure. What do you feed the kids with? This is not 1800. This is 2014. Rent, School fees, Medical Aid, Transport, Clothes and other bills.

      Uncontrolled births is the reason why a lot of Africans are wallowing in Poverty.
      He should be spreading the wide use of Contraceptives. How exactly do you benefit from a bigger population when you can’t feed the one that is there? Are we not importing maize from Zambia? Are we not importing potatoes and Koo Beans from RSA.

      Vanhu ve Zanu ava, zvakaoma.

      • uMkhonto

        AMANDLA!!!!! AMANDLA!!!!! AMANDLA!!!!!
        AMANDLA!!!!! AMANDLA!!!!! AMANDLA!!!!!

        • Mhunhu

          Wanyadziswa nawolves witches and Giants.

          • Jotham

            uMkhonto is right – we can’t behave savanhu vakadyiswa nama Brishity.

      • Jotham

        Kufunga kwenguruve(Wites) ye pink. Poverty – why is the USA/China and the Brishity having large populations and are more powerful the world over.

        • Wolves Witches and Giants

          Wrong example. Why is Nigeria, with all its population and oil resources one of the worst places on Earth. A meeting had to be held in Europe to help them find the 200 girls.

          Nation building comes with a certain level of intellectual sophistication. There is no way a brain that can be deceived into thinking diesel comes from a rock build a proper economy.

          • Jotham

            A an empty comment from a presumed intellectual inthe name of W & W and Giants. There is religious war in Nigeria. The Brishity are assisting the Nigerians and where are the girls right now. Europeans(Pink pigs) always display a sense of superiority- they simple walking in Nigeria aimlessly carrying their weapons of mass destruction. I urge all right thinking Zimbabweans to go on an over drive bear as many children as you can. If our parents had reasoned like Europeans we wouldn’t be here.

          • Sadombo

            Spot-on my friend

        • Tichaona

          USA and China has stronger economies coz they have running industries, not bcoz of population.

  • Notoviolence

    Stupid idiot with all those mbeva kids i see at farms and illegal settlements you actually want to add to the population, who is going to feed them

    • Jotham

      The white man’s child- belittling his/her grand parents. Shame.

      • Cde Nharo

        Quoting Theodore “There goes another retard waffling absent mindedly.”

        • Jotham

          If my comment was useless , you wouldn’t have responded. Zvarwadza ndosaka wataura.

  • Munhu

    How uneducated. Who is going to look after those children when you have destroyed the country?

    • Jotham

      A chicken comment from a chicken – that is how munhu was brought up.

      • Munhu

        Jotham…your mother should have used contraception! That way we would have been spared the Jothams of this world!

        • Jotham

          Munhu you should thank your parents – otherwise you would have missed mother earth.

  • simba

    Population growth will come naturally with prosperity and visa versa Mdara. This is a typical case of the ruling class urging the ordinary people to “eat cake if they don’t have bread”. Ignorant buffoon

    • Jotham

      Economics dzaka dhakwa dza simba

  • bonnie

    this guy should just concentrate on repairing the so called server with the electronic voters roll, curb the queues at makombe building, mkadzi wake ngaatange kurega kushandisa ma contraceptive kwete kuda kushandisa vakadzi vevamwe and shame on him for mentioning the name of God,

    • Jotham

      We do unfortunately

  • Tichaona

    We do not need many children to become a supper power. We need to invest in technology. How many Britons came here in 1890? They defeated us coz they had technology and we were many. Numbers do no longer count , but technology….. If we have technology to secure food, raise living standards and reduce living costs then l can have 100 children

  • Fairplay

    Mudede you are not the best person to talk about this , dont try to be a jack of all trades, the economy is failing to sustain the needs of millions of zimbabwean, last week we witness 8000 young men and women looking for teacher training positions at Seke Teachers College and the college will anly absorb 500. Musanyepere vanhu, vanozvarira vana munhamo

    • Jotham

      Mudede does not live in a box – neither was he raised in it.

      • anon

        If that’s a ballot box, there is no room for him anyway, as it is full false voting slips

  • Truthsayer

    These Madhara are clue less- completely lacking vision- old men waffling senile thoughts and holding on to positions and power- the country is stuck in time with everything collapsing because of people like this Mudede ……..

  • Word

    What does the Lord God say about contraceptive ? Its a standard of the world to control birth,who do you follow God or Man ,remember the wisdom of man is foolishness to God.God. Itai zvinoda Mwari nokuti ndiye akasika nekuronga zvese,our own actions as an ugodly people are the ones which cause hunger,diseases,suffering and now we a driving to man made solutions because we look away from God in the 1st place,regai kutadza siyai nyika nezvinhu zvayo mudzoke kuna Mwari ndiye anopa mazano nenjere neungwaru hwechokwadi kana mukakamutsvaga mumweya nemuzvokwadi..nyika yava kuguma ava mazuva ekupedzisira.Pafunge hama yangu

  • Nyasha

    I wanted to have as many children VaMudede but I dont have my own house and the economy does not offer housing loans to people like other economies in other countries do. So vana vacho ndovaisa pai coz vanedzimba dzavo havadi munhu ane vana vakawanda to rent and school fees is another issue. Are you going to help us take care of the children kana tikazvara kunge mbeva? Tangai maimprover zvipatara in fact the whole system needs a revamp before you encourage child bearing.

    • Jotham

      Birth control should not be induced or imposed upon our country in order to please the USA/Europe at large or the donors for that matter. What MUDEDE is saying is that no campaigns or advertising to discourage people from having children otherwise it smacks of a sinister motive(which is exactly what the Europeans are doing). If you had been budgeted by your parents- I wouldn’t be arguing with you right now. Let us allow people/couples to have as many children as they wish without deliberately allowing commercial interests to indirectly bar people from having children they so desire. Nyasha – you are denying other people the opportunity to see the earth. They too have rights too. Mudede is simply fighting for prospective newcomers. Human rights should be for all us the present , and those to come. Most commentators like you are using selfish means heee economy , heee jobs etc. You should be professional or at least rational, you are displaying a self serving mentality which amount greediness.

      • cadre

        kasi vana vacho dzaashiri kani?vanodyei?school fees? jobs?houses?

  • Megabrains

    I beg to differ with the assertions of Mudede. A basic look at our Chinese friends which is a bigger and model economy is where it is by balancing population growth and resources.

    A huge population not backed by resources or opportunities will create anarchy and chaos. There is need for balance.

  • jay

    ya it seems many of us we are still in the blanket paganism .The Gen and his co-auther have a point so important, population boom is an impetus to the growth of the economy of any nation. The market are the people, the labour force are the people ,you have to rely with your own population as the consumers of home made goods before u embark on exports. If u think Mudede is dull u take a study a tell us which country indeed develop with such a limited population as ours>>>>………

  • Magaisa

    Next topic please Mr Editor

    • Cde Nharo

      “I was misquoted.” says Mudede

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    mr mudede be genuine dont get plattforms to speak so that u get an applause hw many children do u hve yo self and how many grandchilren do u have thi is nonsense

  • chinos

    Mdhara uyu should try stand up comedy or join Vharazipi

  • Fanily Planner

    China chaiyo yakatoisa One child policy but they been exporting vanhu vavo allover the world cuz they cant sustain them back home .USA inotoswera ichiiendesa vana vevanhu kuhondo to keep tht large population busy.Nigerians ..worse go to downtown Harare, go to Jorbug.They have a large population but dont even have an army to contain Boko Haram.Does this country have resources to sustain a large population?I think the Registrar was irresponsible in his speech.

  • Mai Mhofu

    kkkk! Haaa yaaas! Ndapera simba….

  • Tobaiwa

    Sick retard!

  • Toby

    What the heck are they smoking in Zim..

  • Munationalist

    VaMudede, please start by making sure each child borne have enough doccuments without parents having to queue or pay some one before these papers a produced. This way you will encourage people to have more kids. You must give these papers to all Zimbabwean in the diaspora so that the can come back home and have Zimbabwean kids rather than foreigners. Must work with the government to create a home feeling for millions of Matableland people who moved into SA over the years. Give them incentives to come back home, jobs, unbiased empowerment, etc. Any animal kept in captivity have a tendency of reducing reproduction , may you also extend your excellent research to such and compare it with our Zim situation. Shiri yaka ngwara invaka dendere rayo isati yakandira mazai ayo (a clever bird builds its nest before laying eggs).

  • me

    gumbura was right after all

  • dereki

    this man is not serious, u will have to be a fool to believe and listen to this rubbish, the number of people in a country has got nothing to do with the economy, whats the point of having 60 million people and only two factories running in zim, what the point of having 30000 students finish university every year and only 3 get emplyed

    look at countries like switzerland, they have a population of 9 000 000, but their economy is notch, finland got 6 000 000 people plus good economy, Luxembourg has a population of 524,853

    why this man is still in office is a suprise

  • Gaka

    Imi vanhu mese murikuwanza mbanje shuwa, putayi muchitipawo isu takachona.

  • Dikizela

    He must have been smoking his socks or something. His department can’t even register all the children we already having. You would expert a more educated and solid argument to be uttered by a man in his position.He surely is positioned to give us all the population stats and should have given us stats of women dying of cancer due to contraceptives, population growth and projectected growth stats instead of just shooting off the hip. Obviously when you encourage larger families you have to provide an enabling environment for their upbringing and sustenance as a govt. At the moment our country’s economy resembles that of a war zone and even in the old days women were discouraged from having children during a war or famine. Fix the economy first then people will probably listen to you

  • Mupostori

    Guys this time vaMudede has got it right, vabaya dede nemukanwa. U need a large population for economic activity, motokundwa kufunga nesu mapostori amunongoshora all the time. The westerners want you to limit your populations so they can have your resources for themselves. This is a economic debate, saka zvinoda ka depth in knowledge. A lot of you are just waffling. There is strength in numbers.

    • Dr

      Hahaha, a large population does not stimulate economy, correct management of resources does. Zim already has an excess of workers ready to work, what will adding to this figure achieve? Do you think that doubling the number of hungry and unemployed will magically create jobs and industry

  • JRR56

    His mother would have done better to use them than produce such fools

  • nxt

    why kungozvishoresawo nhai adhara ?

  • Tich

    What a lot of bull dust! Frankly speaking i wont justify such rubbish with an answer. Baba Mudede you need help urgently!

  • Mwana wasinyoro

    U can not run the country and at the same time want to run our households. Mumwe nemumwe anozvara zvinoendarana nehomwe yake.

  • Shika marime

    zim asset


    Why are we always fighting western ideas on western platforms. This is the 21st century. We are living in a global village. If we decide not to copy the so called western ideas as you like to call them we should stop everything to do with them including the food they eat, the hospitals, the schools and resort to our traditional institutions. People use contraceptives because of different circumstances of life. Zimbabwe’s population is suffering from a staggering 80% unemployment and you talk of population growth. You need help Mr Mudede.

  • Dhunanga

    If the ground is made flat without political hatred, the old man has a point. The only problem we have from the past is that we are good at shooting each other down while we are doing nothing. How many times have you been informed about unclean contraceptive consignments that were returned to sender? And what do you think would have been the reason behind?

    We have our child-spacing traditional ways which, unfortunately, many of us would not want to go by for various but stupid reasons. I don’t think all of you barking negatively about this speech have ever contributed positively to the good cause of the nation, all you have done is bark around he-he- zanu staff he-he they are old he-he they are failures and the like. That’s what you are known for and you are better-off barking for the rest of your lives.

  • Concerned citizen

    More soldiers, more police officers with this economy. Nurses are being trained and no jobs are available for them. What about working mothers are you going to cancel the three prescribed leaves and pay all of them. How many parents who are civil servants who have at least 4 children at boarding school. We want practical situations. VeMarange vanowanda the childrn do not go to school vanodzidza kuruka mabasket nekukoma migoma at early ages vasikana voroorwa nemadhara pachipari ndozvamoda here vaMudede. am totally against this unless dai mambobhadhara vane vana vasina varume pay the children each a state fund muone kuti hatizvari vakawanda here vana.

  • Emru Kunanti

    Let me start by wondering why the so called Family of God church allows such people to spew such drivel on their pulpit. No wonder why I don’t go to church. Anyway, Mr Govt Official, we are living in 2014, there are more than 7 billion human beings on this planet and you want more. The earth cannot sustain such a huge population what with the materialism of today!

  • anon


  • Hundunya

    Nhai ivo aMudede vane vana vangani sure

  • Vanoba Samare

    Chimudhara ichi? He is failing to clear the backlog at the Registry office and yet he is advocating for us to have more children! My foot!

  • chaitemura

    Mudede, your father could have saved us, the Zimbabweans the embarassment, had he used a condom instead.

  • Sadombo

    The economy is struggling and he wants the population to increase at a faster pace. We wont grow to be a superpower if we bear many children who do not have acces to decent housing, reliable healthcare system, clean water, affordable education, sustainable job, food to eat ect…… The registrar general must be sick in his head

  • emmanuel

    I never thought Mudede’s idiotry could go this far!

  • Gambukambu

    If he took his time to research and write a book he should be given an opportunity to publicize his findings. I also think it is wiser to read the book first and then argue from an informed position.

  • leemoyo

    how dump Tobaiwa

  • proverbs 16

    considering the new world order dat powerful countries advocating for,the guy might be correct

  • Baba Jukwa Fake

    I am not too suprized why we will NOT win the fight against HIV and AIDS.Right the gov cant even pay civil servants,.Tipeyi ma serious.

  • cadre

    reminds me of the diesel -rock saga

  • Lloyd

    @Jotham Tipewo ka airtime yekuwaster seyauinayo yesupporter rubbish!!!

  • sue-ellen

    I’m more interested in the side effects of western birth control methods, which in most cases nowadays is resulting in cancer of the cervix. What I would to see is our government investing in a traditional birth control method, probably with natural herbs which are less fatal to our system. But encouraging uncontrolled child bearing would be catastrophic to our ailing nation, just look at how many cases are at the civil courts for child maintenance?

  • Smart Zimbo

    Our infrastructure isn’t even developed enough for the people there. The rural to urban migration is over populating the city of Harare causing alot of problems. Job supply is low anyway.,just give birth to more prostitutes and criminals

  • ian

    Stupid statements coming from someone occupying key position in government who at 70 years plus, is way, way past retirement age. I doubt that this fellow is familiar with this country’s population policy as well as the other policies of government in general, in spite of the fact that he heads one of the crucial departments of government!. At a time when inventors from other nations are unveiling self-driving cars, this fellow is coming up with all sorts of stone-age theories which run counter to government policies! What an embarrassment for this country which prides itself in having one of the highest literacy rates on the continent. It is common knowledge that the Doma people, the San people and even the mapositori people that he is talking about constitute the poorest of the poor in this country, people who cannot meet most of their basic needs and have to depend on external support for their sustenance. Whats admirable about this? Alternatively, this could be an attempt to try and influence people to remain in perpetual poverty so that a privileged few can continue to enjoy the wealth of this country alone?

  • Che Guevara

    There are more Indians than all Africans put together, and they export some of them to us. They keep their money at home, and send the rest to India.
    There are more Chinese people than all Africa put together. They exported some of them to Africa, and they send all their earnings to China even what we thought we would get. Just look at Chiadzwa.
    There are more Europeans than all Africa put together. They exported many of them to Africa, and they send all the resouces to Europe. They exported so many of them to America that they they beat the indeginous populations there. Now with democracy they rule America. They exported so many of them to Australia and New Zealand overpowering the indiginous popelations there, now they rule those nations.
    If we could only we could export 3 million Zimbabweans to Botswana, and then demand citizenship and democracy, we would would easily be in charge of that country! And you you say Mudede is wrong?!