South African police stray into Zim

WEB_PHOTO_POLICEDRAG_20130316Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau
Five South African armed police officers were yesterday arrested and detained at Beitbridge Border Post after straying into Zimbabwe.
They were also found taking pictures of themselves near informal sector clearing point commonly known as Kugomba.
The suspects — all of them women — were picked up by alert police officers who were on patrol at the border post.

It is understood that the police details who are all based in Pretoria but recently deployed to Musina, entered the border post on foot.

Indications are that even the police officers on the South African side    were not aware of the five’s presence at the border since they had been deployed in Musina, about 12 kilometres away.

“They arrived at around 4pm and started taking pictures around the border before they were picked by alert police officers,” said a source on the Zimbabwean side.

“They were then detained at the police border post inside the border post.”

When The Herald news crew arrived at the border post at around 6pm, the five were still detained and undergoing interrogation.

A team of senior police officers from both countries was still locked in one of the offices where they were engaging over the issue.

The incident comes a few years after two South African police officers were picked by Zimbabwean soldiers when they shot at a tout they were chasing from their side of the border.

The duo was later released after negotiations from both countries.

In August 2006, eight soldiers from the same country were intercepted by security agents near Tshikwalakwala area 135km east of the border post after straying into Zimbabwe.

The group had reportedly lost track of their colleagues during training along the Limpopo River.

They were later released after it was established that they had wandered into Zimbabwe during a basic training course in the Madimbo area.

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  • Ronald Ncube

    Be very careful Zimbabwe how you handle this situation

    • Neolexus

      Or What?

      • inini1545

        Remember the main reason South Africa is shape shifting regarding the renewal of those work permits, because of these little things such as the” freshly ground” the immigration will be watching. just saying.

        • Makusakatara


          To hell with them if that is the case!!

          • inini1545

            If that happens our fellow compatriots, vanopinda kuchimbuzi, anyway SA home affairs approved to renew those work permits.

          • Makusakatara


            Hapana zvavanoita nokuti havana kufunda. Vanotida zvisingaiiti kuSouth ikoko nokuti ruzivo rwakazara kuti shutu-u!!

  • Samson Khoza

    So the South Africans are now “border jumping” into Zimbabwe. Please don’t be too harsh on them, thousands our own people are going in the opposite direction daily

  • Tinoda Runyararo

    Well, they might as well start practicing, with the way their country is going, they need to start learning how to fill in immigration and asylum forms…and to say Sorry Vakuru!

  • Ronald Ncube

    Its thousand of us who go there looking for jobs not the other way round my good neolexus or whatever you call yourself, WHY because we have failed

    • Makusakatara


      Very soon it will be the reverse!

  • Mimi

    @Ronald Ncube, your warning certainly does not hold water. If the SA Officers have strayed into Zimbabwean territory without explanation then there is nothing to warn Zimbabwe about. Ngavasungwe, after all SA mistreats Zimbabwean citizen day in and day out. SA could be financially sound but that is besides the point, what SA forgets is how most African nations suffered for SA to become independent. Vanoshaina zvisina basa vanhu ava and I am disgusted by their attitude, Xemophobia etc all happening in SA, nxaaaaa