Social media terrorists exposed

Tapiwa Marimbe

Tapiwa Marimbe

Felex Share Senior Reporter—
Government’s probe into cyber terrorism has begun, with preliminary investigations pointing to three Zimbabweans based outside the country as originators of subversive and inflammatory messages on social media.The inciting messages, sent mostly via WhatsApp, are aimed at destabilising the country with the ultimate goal of effecting illegal regime change. The three terrorist suspects, according to security sources, are Victor Dube (resident in South Africa), Jeff Judah Hosanna (South Africa) and Tapiwa Marimbe (Australia).

The trio, believed to be working with MDC-T officials, has been sending messages containing threats of violence, murder as well as armed and landmine attacks against ordinary Zimbabweans and Government officials.

The messages are meant to intimidate Zimbabweans and cause instability.

Victor Dube

Victor Dube

The revelations come in the wake of abortive calls by some shadowy and faceless groups calling for the shutting down of the country’s borders beginning yesterday, ostensibly to force Government to lift import controls on certain products from South Africa.

Zimbabweans, however, ignored the messages and went about their business yesterday. Security sources yesterday said Hosanna has been using mobile number +27744621779 to originate and send subversive WhatsApp messages.

He claims to lead an organisation called Smoke that Thunders Brigade which intends to wage war in Zimbabwe to remove the Government. In his video, which The Herald is in possession of, Hosanna has also threatened to kill Zimbabweans.

On the other hand, Dube, using mobile number +27736352897, sent a message threatening Zimbabweans, calling them to stay at home on August 11 or risk being killed. The suspected terrorist, together with his conspirators, threatened to kill a thousand people by planting landmines on various roads in the country and other methods.

Marimbe, who is based in Perth, Australia, is believed to be an accountant who has been using mobile number +61466919413 to create inflammatory messages. He sent a message and a video showing a man with a covered face packing firearms into a bag.

The man threatened to come to Zimbabwe with the firearms to wage war and kill citizens. Asked if he was behind the subversive material and if he was linked to the Smoke that Thunders Brigade, Hosanna responded: “That is very correct. Actually if you don’t mind, if you want an interview, if you want details you can phone me tomorrow (today) by 9 o’clock.”

Contacted for comment Dube first confirmed being the owner of the mobile number but when told that it was a journalist from The Herald, he distanced himself from the messages. “I am not Dube. What does that have to do with The Herald? Yes, I am a Zimbabwean and are you guys desperate for news?”

Told that he has to clear his name with the police, Dube said: “To come where? For what? How am I gonna (sic) come there? I am at work.” Marimbe could not be reached for comment. Efforts are being made to apprehend the trio, using Interpol, an intergovernmental organisation facilitating international police cooperation.

A security source yesterday said: “Should the three wish to clear their names, they are welcome to present themselves to the Zimbabwean police as soon as possible. The long arm of the law will reach out to them even if it means using international police machinery. Interpol is one such agency used to reach out to cross border criminals. We will work with other governments to extradite those who originate terrorist activities taking advantage that they are out of the country.

“Government warns Zimbabweans to desist from communicating with these and other terrorist suspects. Should anyone receive such terrorist messages, they are advised to inform the police and provide details of the person from whom they received such messages. Resending such terrorist messages to any person is aiding and abetting the terrorists. Therefore, those that resend such messages become accomplices of the originators and will be held accountable.”

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe this week warned a coterie of individuals feeding on the Western trough against causing confusion and anarchy in the country as part of the illegal regime change agenda.

He said the West was relentlessly funding opposition functionaries in a bid to effect regime change not only in Zimbabwe but the whole of Africa. As such, Dr Mushohwe said, Government was ready to deal with all social media abusers.

Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda last week also warned malcontents and the country’s detractors against using electronic gadgets to mobilise people to do unlawful activities.

Lt General Sibanda said the army was ready to deal with insurgent groups resorting to cyber warfare. He said because of the proliferation of cyber warfare, the country’s security sector had increased alertness. Western embassies such as the United States, Britain and France have been implicated as sponsors of violent demonstrations by the shadowy groups.

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  • MkanyaGP

    These are just intimidation tactics by The Herald and Zanu-pf government to try and cower people not no pass on anti-government messages. But they are not aware that the people have had enough of this government! People will remove this government one way or another if they continue not to deliver.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Suka keeping sending threatening sms and you will see that this is no joke.
      Any country in the world would not hesitate to attack.

  • Mr Louis

    What are you doing about corruption, police brutalilty, poverty? Tsvakai chikonzero kwete kuda kurapa mamota

  • Chihuta vs Bond

    Haiwao, apa hatina zvehurumende apa. Kuswerodzingirirana nemhepo. Makambozviita futi pana baba Jukwa zvikashaya basa. Trying to divert our minds from bread and butter issues. Still stuck in 1980 ideologies, wake up and smell the coffee. Cyber warfare hamufi makaihwina manje.

  • Mafira-kureva

    This is a desperate and paranoid regime, you created poverty, corruption and maladministration deal with them. Social media is a game changer, this is just the beginning, we shall receive those massages and resend them especially to rural areas.Mind you Interpol is not owned and funded by Zanu PF like CIO, thats cheap intimidation but not beyond borders.

  • Muzvambararawemota

    The most stupid news I have ever read from these numbskulls. Interpol does not waste its time nemasadza akadai.These people genuinely think that Zimbabweans are blockheads like them. Is it lack of world exposure kana hutori hudofo or toti inzara.Who’s meant to be intimidated here.Mugabe and ZANU are going

    • Eddie mombeyarara

      Bet you have no clue how interpol works. Chances are you don’t know much about anything. You cannot tell the difference between those that talk politics and those that practice terrorist tactics of death threats. Shame on you.

      • Muzvambararawemota

        Interpol ain’t got no time for that. Period.Terrorist tactics my foot

  • bitchsbrew

    Gegegege pakaipa wena

  • Reader

    Kkkkkkk herald kutorara makasvinura kunyora izvezvi. This paper has gone to the dogs, i wont waste my dollar buying this rubbish propaganda. Shame the centre is no longer holding.

  • Albert Mtasa

    Manga muchida kut vabva vaisa nema video acho here nhai vakuru? Itaiwo semunofunga. Inga zvanzi ma video nema chats zviripo. Munoda kuzviratidzwa kut muri dare redzimhosva here

    • chadzunda

      Albert, sapota chimudhara chako zvakanaka kwete kurebesa chimuromo chako uchindituka. That’s my opinion and if you don’t like it, jump into the great Kuvuki River

      • Tafi Mala

        Iwe are you a detective? So why do you seem like u’re the accused………maybe it is you………akaiparamura achasangana nemutemo.batai these terrorists

        • mt darwin

          What if they have foreign citizenships why will they be indicted to zimbabwe. Remember Zimbabweans have seeked asylum in the countries they live.

  • Jonah15


  • Chokwadi chichabuda

    This Chadzuda fellow is very ignorant. First, the named terrorists have been invited to present themselves to police to clear their names and the evidence will be given to them so they can refute it. That’s how the law works! Second, if these people send messages threatening violence that’s terrorism by any definition in the world. Now these silly idiots have been exposed ngavachiuyaka varatidze hushingi hwavof and not hide behind anonymity in foreign countries. Nonsense!!

    • chadzunda

      Chokwadi Chichabuda pachena kuti this is all lies. I will not lose sleep over people like you who dance for their supper and are required to lick the boots of uncle bob and aunt Grace for your meals. There is no evidence at all. If there is evidence, then the law has to take its course and not trial through the Herald

  • yowe

    No to violence

  • Collin Mackenzie

    All wrong my man.
    When ordinary people are being threatened with death, do you expect the government to just sit back and watch.

    • Common Sense

      Wrong for you to believe the story in the first place

      • Yvonne Milliot

        Lodza its wrong for you not to read the story with understanding, its being said the trio has been sending msgs containing threats of violence, murder as well as armed attacks. That in itself is an act of terrorism. No country in this world wld let go of such an act.

    • mt darwin

      How many death threats have been send to ordinary citizens in Zimbabwe by the CIO and what has the govt done about it.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Yes I have,did you not also see the interviews.

  • mpengo

    Yes. And Herald should show us proof instead of paraphrasing. I can’t say I receive all messages buy I haven’t seen any that encourages violence of the nature described here.

    If what Dube said is true, then I would support extradition. I cannot support the murder of innocent civilians.

    Maybe he should confront people that are equally armed not civilians.

    This is ALL YOU FAULT, ZANUPF!!!

    Such a state of insecurity would not have happened had you addressed issues and listened to the people even your own within ZANUPF.

  • zimba ngoma

    So how is this funded by the West a Zimbabwean living outside Zimbabwe does not mean u are funded by the worst I feel sorry for people who still believe in zanu lies walk around any neighbourhood and tell me things are well in Zimbabwe can mugabe trust a 92year old pilot to fly his plane then why shud we trust him to lead our country

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    Nonsense Chadzuda. Evidence is presented in court, not newspapers. If they want evidence let them come to Zimbabwe and say why they threatened to bomb and kill people.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    It is amazing how people think that they own the right to threaten ordinary people using sms and trying to create a Boko Harm state.

    Well done to the government for protecting us from such social media abuse.
    As for those in South Africa they forget that they easily accessible.
    Even I myself who is not a technical guru, can trace all these social media trolls,which real names or fake names from point of departure, time and location within 2 meters of the individual.
    One thing people don’t know, that your phone or pc is a receiver and a transmitter and those with Dstv even worse very, very easy to access all your conversations.
    So think twice before you think of sending and receiving propaganda information.
    The Zimbabwe government is well within its rights and limitations to monitor all incoming and outgoing message that seek put our country at risk of cyber attack.
    Our mothers, brothers and sisters should be able to live in peace and free from boys like Dude a boy from Byo a cross border boy,come on what
    nonsense is that,that a boy who has do hate much hate for shona speaking individuals a tribalistic individual.
    Who the he’ll do they think they are to threaten our lives.
    Our ITC sector needs to be monitored by technical minded individualsand have the opportunity to raise red flags in areas where these sms are coming from.
    I say well done it’s about time.

    • Mukwaze

      Colin you are wasting your time if you, for once think you can scare people on this forum with such hare brained drivel. Reserve such talk for ma rally enyu kuMaramba Pfungwa! Pano apa ndepa mabetter minds

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    What speculation when the messages and videos are there with the numbers from which they were sent.

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    If it talks like a terrorist, smells like a terrorist and behaves like a terrorist, then it’s a terrorist. No amount of excuses will change that

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    Lodza. Go to America and post terrorist messages and they will arrest you. The same with every other country in the world. Don’t expect Zim to be different lest people think you sympathise with those who threaten to bomb and shoot other people. If you want to do that then use your real name so people know you are a geniunemail believer in violence.

    • mt darwin

      Why would you post a terrorist message in America when democracy is there?

  • chadzunda

    Show him how to shut up by SHUTTING up first

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    It is right to name those who hide behind anonymity to threaten citizens with bombs and guns. If you want to do that do it openly using your real name!! Then also be prepared to face the law!

    • Masedzano

      Refresh: during Chimurenga 1 and 2 freedom fighters were terrorists, by Smith definition. Matororo! Do you agree? These are mere dry allegations mate. Have you seen this so called evidence? If its on whats app its in the public domain is it not?

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Then stop threatening us.
    Oh rather leave Zimbabwe

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    A different view point that uses threats of guns and bombs constitutes terrorism in any land. Get real.

    • Masedzano

      These are unproven allegations. Innocent until proven guiltyy. Inga vataura wani kuti vachaita extradition lets wait for madzanambwanana acho. There are so many instances in recent where peoplehave been accused of treason, terrorism, subversion (Mawarire, Tsvangirai, Jukwa, Bennett etc) but none of these have stood up in court of law. Saka tinoziva kuti hapana nyaya wake. Diversionary tectics badzi

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Stop lying you know nothing.
    In fact it is one their principle of conduct operation code.
    That let you know before they attack.
    So Shut up you know Zero and in any case as for Dude he is a boarder jumper from By.
    Take some things seriously and stop putting emotions into everything that had to do with your and your family safety unless you have no family and friends and you are a born free.

    • Alfred Nhigo

      U are spot on Collin!!! This is what terrorists call media exploitation simply meaning that information should reach the target audience before an attack is carried out. The likes of Mukanya are mere confusionists who deliberately mix up issues for reasons best known to themselves.

  • T-gated

    The police cannot go after the corrupt big fish because that is a huge challenge to them, they would rather go after the small targets, imaginary terrorists hoping to divert public attention from the real issues, thus buying time for a-looting-continue by the same corrupt characters in government. See here they are saying these terrorists are threatening to kill civilians, please!!! Try another ruse. In any case the civilians are actually being decimated by the same state machinery. So who is a terrorist here?

  • Bonyongo

    Well…you say that…but the Chinese are basically colonizing us aren’t they?

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    Read the article again before you reveal your ignorance. It does not say all the evidence has been published. Anywa from the way you try to sound technical you are no fundi at all. Just some technical wannabe.

  • Nooshie

    Do we now have a LEGAL form of REGIME CHANGE, seeing there is an ILLEGAL form of it?
    Assuming this article is the truth, this REGIME (Unchanged) having frustrated democratic change have pushed legal means for change aside. This regime interfere in every aspect of civility, take the Zim-Dollar as an example, after ignoring factors of supply and demand, first they multiplied Paper, then they added Zeros. Make legal change possible, that way you won’t have to look over your shoulder.

    • Yes – but legal regime change can only happen when god says so, not Zimbabweans ;-)

      • Nooshie

        Perhaps Zimbabwe is a Marxist Theocracy like North Korea complete with a Divine Dynasty?

  • Eddie mombeyarara

    Read the article. One of the people has admitted to sending threats to bomb and kill citizens of Zim because he is hiding in South Africa. Who are you to deny it for him?

  • Dzidzai Kutaura Chokwadi

    Munoona zvinonetsa ndezvekuti sei zviri nyore kuwana vanhu variku Australia asi vanhu vari local vakabata Dzamara vachishaika. Can’t the same technologies be applied to trace local cases. Why involve Interpol yet ZRP is failing to solve local cases. Whatsapp any amateur hacker ndoopanodzidzira, you cannot take whatsapp as evidence even in court – i am sure if you followed the Pasterous Case in South Africa makanzwa whatsapp evidence ichirambwa. @@eddiemombeyarara:disqus you see how these things work. You can delete your whatsapp from your Gadget and reload with my number – lately they are asking for confirmation but if you know how you can bypass that confirmation. Is it legal to publicize someone’s name who has not been tried by court and label them a terrorist. What is they are later found innocent of the charges as announced by Herald – is this not deformation of character. If you say come and clear your names does that mean they are guilty until proven innocent – Is a person not suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. Are we following the law or just using intuition to judge.

  • Yvonne Milliot

    Terrorism is the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation. Surely anything that affects the security of any country or citizens of a country should be looked at. What country would ignore such acts. Like seriously.

  • Yvonne Milliot

    For as long as they have videos of these people threatening to kill people, Im preety sure thats enough evidence. Would they have formulated the names and numbers or fabricated the story. Some things require an individual to read and fully understand. This is a serious matter people, as long as it involves threatening the lives of individuals or citizens, it becomes a matter of concern. shame Zimbabwe has come to this point. Too bad

  • Yvonne Milliot

    Allow me to ask this, should they ignore anyone who threatens to kill ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe. Should they ignore?

  • Moe_Syzlack

    What’s terrorist about meaningful converstauion covered by the constitution? Meaningful dissent is healthy for any democracy. Our successes hinge on our differences as this creates creativity and innovation not praise singing and bootlicking. Why turn a perfectly legal thing into an illegal one simply to prolong your stay at the feeding trough?

    • Eddie mombeyarara

      Definition of terrorism: unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion. Consult the dictionary before you comment. The three cases mentioned are to do with threats of armed violence against Zim citizens. Nothing about dissent or political discourse which people engage in daily in Zim. Read the Daily News, News day & other independent newspapers. And read the constitution. It excludes threats of violence and murder from freedom of speech!!!

  • Yvonne Milliot

    If l may ask, should they ignore people who threaten Zimbabweans, threatening to kill thousands of people, should they ignore? A video of a man with a covered face packing firearms in a bag, as stated, should that be ignored again?

  • kk

    Every minute! And they have to build prisons enough for millions of “terrorists”!

  • Matrix Loaded

    Go and study the Constitution and see how you stifle freedom of speech and trample on anothers democratic right

  • Theo

    Let’s watch while ZanuPF turn Zimbabwe into a North Korea. As they strip away our rights including the rights they themselves pride themselves into upholding. Scare tactics rooted in your communist ways. Communism alone won’t work in a state like Zimbabwe, it’s 2016 so many things have changed and ZanuPF is still stuck up in past successes. It’s time to move on. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying history should be forgotten and it is being forgotten, reason why ZanuPF is employing the same Smith regime tactics they fought so hard to rid off. But as always and Zanupf as the people’s party knows that that in the end the people will always be victorious.

  • mt darwin

    The statement we heard from Mugabage in 1980 when I was 5 years old is still the same stupid statement we hear today 2016. I would rather be colonised again.

  • mt darwin

    Taura hako, hatisisina citizenship yeku zimbabwe chete so zanu pf will not successful

  • mt darwin

    Iwewewo mafungiro ako haanzwisisike, why do you just like arguing without facts. Zvamusingazive zvinyararei.

  • Godly Honour

    This country needs prayer. I have never seen such confusion. The truth is no longer respected. We have lost fear and reverence for God. We cannot change the condition of this country as long as we disregard what the word of God says. We need to go back to setting out principles that align to the word of God. At the end of this life, God is not gong to ask how loyal you were to ZANU PF He is going to ask how you used your talents to progress His kingdom. We have lost our focus and purpose by worshiping political parties more than we do Him.

  • Nzimande kaLanga

    Are you that domdom man. Can’t you see thus is propaganda by Zanu. Why can’t they produce those so called vedeos and those messages. If they are posted on social media how come it is only herald that saw them not me since I am always on face book and whatsapp.

    • Albert Mtasa

      The guys were asked and they responded. Pane news source ipi yati its propaganda or zviri mumusoro mako. Ndeip evidence yacho yauri kut cant i see?

    • Albert Mtasa

      Unofunga video ikaiswa pa facebook inoonekwa nemunhu wese ari pa facebook. Shuwa? Wakafa brain. Ma video andakaisa ini hauaone nekut u are not my fb friend. Usaratidze kusafunga so mhani. Kana usina kuita like ma links ema video avo u dont see them Mr Empty

  • Dzidzai Kutaura Chokwadi

    I never claimed to be a tech fundi. I never even claimed that i can use a phone or a laptop. But you also don’t need to go to school to know Android, Microsoft, Blackberry or Apple. Information is everywhere these days not only in school. But this is not our point our point is NO one is guilty until proven innocent. Chero kunobatwa materrorist vanoti “A man was taken in for questioning concerning the friday night shooting in Florida” Mangwana vozoti John John stands accussed of aiding the terrorists – nekutivangenge vaestablisha the basis of their argument but still he is not labelled terrorist himself until further consultations.