Sino-Zim mega deals rile West

  • Media onslaught against China rapped

  • ‘No going back on mutually beneficial deals’

Ambassador Lin Lin

Ambassador Lin Lin

Midlands Correspondent
Western countries that imposed illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, are threatened by China’s growing business ties with Zimbabwe and other African countries and are making spirited efforts to scuttle the Asian country’s deals through a media onslaught, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Lin Lin has said. Responding to questions while delivering a public lecture at Midlands State University last Friday, Ambassador Lin said Western countries were feeling the heat of China’s mutually beneficial relationship with Zimbabwe and other African countries and were working tirelessly to disrupt his country’s efforts to revive African economies.

“There are some sectors of the Western media that are trying to tarnish China’s image by claiming that we want to siphon resources from Zimbabwe and Africa at large. They are the former colonial masters of Africa and they want to break the fabric between China and Africa.

“They have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and the country has suffered a lot, particularly the economic sector,” he said.
The West’s illegal sanctions regime is estimated to have cost Zimbabwe over $42 billion in revenue since 2000 in addition to shrinking the economy by a factor of over 40 percent.
Ambassador Lin said China was not there to siphon resources from Zimbabwe, but wanted to partner the country to ensure it revives its economy that was bludgeoned by the illegal sanctions regime for over a decade.

The Dailymail of the UK, recently had a column by writer Andrew Malone titled “How China is Taking Over Africa, and Why the West should be Very Worried.”
The paper’s online version had a picture of President Mugabe inspecting a guard of honour mounted by the Chinese Army during a state visit.

The Telegraph of the UK also weighed in with an article “China is trying to colonise Africa,” with the paper expressing concern why the Asian country was moving to cut mega deals with African countries.

Forbes Magazine of the United States of America also had an article “China Understands What The West Doesn’t: Africa Is Our Next Superpower,” and expressed displeasure over the way the USA was losing grip in Africa to China.

Such claims, Ambassador Lin said, were being propagated by Western countries threatened by the win-win deals China was sealing with most African countries.
“China and Zimbabwe are partners. China is not in Zimbabwe to siphon its mineral resources but we are partners in many aspects. We do not only partner Zimbabwe in the mining sector, but we have supported the country’s agriculture. We are very supportive of the country’s objective to avert hunger and ensure food security at household level. We are also partnering Zimbabwe in developing the country’s infrastructure.

“Zimbabwe has many natural resources which it must properly utilise to rebuild its economy. We have partnered with 17 countries in Africa,” he said.
According to Zim Asset, the country’s economic blueprint, infrastructure development mainly in the power and transport sectors has been identified as a key economic enablers, while food security and nutrition would ensure a healthy nation.

Ambassador Lin said China has remained committed to assisting Zimbabwe in reviving its economy which was derailed by the illegal sanctions imposed by western countries.
He said China would give as much support as it could to ensure Zimbabwe extricated itself from the economic challenges.
Ambassador Lin said Zimbabwe had benefited more from the two countries’ cordial relations.

He said the bilateral trade between the two countries had yielded about $ 1.1 billion worth of deals.
“We invested more than $602 million in Zimbabwe last year which is China’s biggest investment in Africa.

“As of last year, China exported goods worth $440 million to this country while Zimbabwe sold us goods worth $688 million of which over $400 million was from tobacco exports. China is there to help Zimbabwe achieve economic recovery,” he said.

Ambassador Lin said China had recommitted itself to helping Zimbabwe revive its economy during President Mugabe’s recent visit to the Asian country where he inked mega deals that have immense potential of reviving the economy.

“We have been partners with Zimbabwe dating back to the time of the liberation struggle. We continue to support Zimbabwe,” he said.
The Dailymail of the UK, recently had a column by writer Andrew Malone entitled “How China is Taking Over Africa, and Why the West should be Very Worried.”
The paper’s online version had a picture of President Mugabe inspecting the guard of honour mounted by the Chinese Army during a state visit.

The Telegraph of the UK also weighed in with an article “China is trying to colonise Africa,” with the paper expressing concern why the Asian country was moving to cut mega deals with African countries.

Forbes Magazine of the United States of America also had an article “China Understands What The West Doesn’t: Africa Is Our Next Superpower,” and expressed displeasure over the way the USA was losing grip in Africa to China.

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  • sims

    170 countries in Africa? Kkkkkk

  • Tarubva

    “…we have partnered with 170 countries in Africa.” I wanted to comment on this whole drivel, but after reading that, I have been overwhelmed, so let me just shut up!

  • haiwawo

    Getting trinkets. Where is the money when the Minister is all over begging?

    • Jotham

      You are simply narrow minded and wearing your westernised blinkers. If the Chinese were not pouring their money Zimbabwe could have ground to a halt a long time ago.

  • Tarubva

    This ambassador is taking us for fools with his drivel! You only have to look at the volume and quality of Chinese exports to the US, UK and other western countries. You also have to look at the “mega deals” the Chinese have recently signed with the very Westerners themselves, especially the UK. Unfortunately, his hosts in Harare do not understand the phrase, “Tell them what they want to hear”!

    • observer

      whats your point?

    • Makusakatara


      If China is entering into mega deals with imperialist countries why shouldn’t we? Why should these imperialists and you dissuade China from entering into mega deals with us in the same way they (Chinese) enter into deals with Boers?

      You apply doubt standards which expose you as one who is idiotically biased against this country and whatever it does. You should learn to appreciate if something good is done.


      You’re missing a very simple point: the Chinese are smart enough to know that when you’re aiming to be an economic superpower you deal with anybody & everybody, including the west itself!!

    • Not Fooled

      You have not understood the story. Read it again.

    • leemoyo

      We cant blame the Chinese on the quality aspect Tarubva. The look at affordability and currently how many Zimbas can afford expensive stuff given our salaries??

  • wezanu

    Mr Ambassador, the deals you make only benefit those people you are friends with.

    No benefits for the ordinary Zimbabwean.

    What are you also doing about Rhino poaching, who’s horn is a sought after raw material in your Country?

  • Tati

    We want tangible evidence of the deals signed between Russia and Zimbabwe. We want jobs and not paper deals please.

    • Makusakatara


      At this moment in time you still want jobs?? To do what? To work for someone else instead of you creating jobs for others? You are still backward.

      In Zimbabwe today, we are talking of creating jobs and not wait for other to create jobs for us.

      You, may be as a lazy fool that you must really be would think only about working under someone.

      • Gary WekuZviyambe

        There is no country in the world where every single person works for themselves. Even in China and the West, the majority of the working population (over 80%) work for a tiny percentage of the population. We are being sold a lie that all of us can own companies and be mega rich.

        • Makusakatara


          Nobody ever said that but as we grow our new and truly Zimbabwean economy, there is no need to think about being employed when you are the pioneers of the economic revolution that Zimbabwe is going through.

          Remember that the colonial economy is gone and gone for good. What we are constructing is our indigenous economy and so those involved in the growing of this economy – through ZimASSET of course – cannot be seen to be queuing for employment again.

          Is this not what Boers did when they destroyed our economic system and way of life to start their own in this country. Was there a single Boer who applied for a job in this country until 1980. NONE!

          Those Boers who came to Zimbabwe later just got jobs in the comfort of their houses. This is what we envisage until the third or fourth generation from us.

          • Gary WekuZviyambe

            If we are waiting for labour that will be provided by the third generation, who must work on your farm now? Are you going to till the land, plant, tend to the crops and harvest, all on your own? We are not talking about Boers here; we are talking about the current situation.

      • Tati

        I do not understand you save for the fact that you called me a fool. There is no way we can have 13m companies owned by every Zimbabwean., without anyone providing labour. That would be first. All entrepreneurs need labour. All the deals that have been signed will not happen without people providing labour. All developed economies pride themselves in having very competent labour.
        Zvin vana Makusakatara mune pamuromo chete kwete ma company that employ anyone.

      • mpengo

        Someone has to work. Surely even a fool knows that. Jobs create are the basis of a healthy economy and a stable social environment.
        You may shun the employed but they are as important as the job creators. Each dependent on the other…if not to work,to make the money that defines spending power.
        The fool is you

        • joey

          But surely your secondary goal shouldn’t be to work for someone even if you are working you should be aiming to start your own thing with watever skill you have

        • Makusakatara


          I, on my farm, am a worker and so this is what we want across the board. If you are selling vegetables, you are a worker; if you are growing tomatoes, you are a worker; if you are… you name it, you are a worker. Whoever said workers are only those employed in industry and commerce lied to you!!

    • Not Fooled

      Wait and see. It’s not a short term thing such as going to town to buy a thing and you are back with the item to prove a point. Investments take time to implement and then see the results. Be patient.

  • Chiremba

    Accept reality . Yes you are siphoning resources no doubt about tht. Look at Marange! What have you invested in that region after plundering of diamonds? since 2005 you have been siphoning diamonds and what does zim have to show for that , nothing!The westerners did most the infrastructural development we see today.What have the narrow eyed folks done, nothing!!

  • magonde

    Well said good friend Ambassador Lin. China, Russia and our friends together with Zimbabwe beat the west during the war of liberation and together we will beat them again this time. Those who want to see instantaneous results of deals signed between Zimbabwe and Russia and China must must realise that it takes days to destroy an economy and years to build it. US/UK/EU destroyed Zimbabwean economy during a decade of sanctions and it will takes many years to build it with the help and support of our friends Russia and China and other true friends. There is no going back on this.

  • Jongww

    Are you sure they are MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL deals? Is it mutually beneficial when there remains unfillable holes with nothing to show for the minerals taken out of them beside the poor displaced communities?

  • samaz

    Well said its a lot of hoof huff about nothing we want to see the evidence on the ground taneta nem deals year in year out and nothing tos show for them.

  • Makusakatara


    You want the results to come to your house for you to see? If by now you do not see any developments along the highways, in towns, in the farms and in the villages then you are a blind idiot.

    Just this past week, War Veterans in Midlands were donating tonnes and tonnes of maize to the President’s Input Scheme and you still want to see what changes have taken place on the ground? You must be brain dead!!

  • mhukahuru

    Herald, why do you mention Andrew Malone’s article as recent? yet its a 2008 article? can anyone make a good reference of 2008 as a recent reference? You journalists need to work more on your research to support your points rather than just post like this..this is a national paper not some tabloid magazine. Get your facts straight. I’m even appalled by the editor who endorses such an article to go to print yet it has malicious errors like these which call old articles recent.

    • magonde

      Mhukahuru, in 2002 Nelson Mandela said, “United States of America is a threta to world peace.” This is a good reference even today and for a generation to come. We even quote people who lived thousands of years ago, e.g. Jesus, Aristotle, etc. Quoting someone is a sign of intellectual maturity and this article is highly recommended. Good work editor.

      • Tendai

        By 2002 Mandela had long left active politics. Where did he say that please give the link so that we can check form ourselves otherwise your quote about Mandela has no basis at all therefore a lie.

  • magonde

    Taurai henyu Ambassador Lin. We beat the west during the war of liberation with the support of our best friends Russia and China and others and we will beat them again this time. We know that it takes days to destroy an economy and years to build it. The US/UK/EU destroyed Zimbabwean economy during a decade of sanctions and it will take many years to build it with the help and support of our best friends Russia and China and many more friends around the world. There is no going back on this.

  • Truth seeker

    These Chinese are only exploiting us to oblivion, and bringing their own workers instead of employing ours.

  • Makusakatara


    You used the most appropriate word I could not find – SHAMEFUL. It is indeed shameful that you are still thinking of wanting to work for a Boer company in a “job that you qualify for”.

    But then I can’t blame you because this is the kind of education you were given by Smith of being a perpetual slave labouring for a “company” and being remunerated satisfactorily and yet with the kind of skill that you have, you can start your own company and employ others.

    People like Elija CHANAKIRA never worked for a company or government. Because of the kind of education they got, which was biased towards entrepreneurship, they – soon after leaving college – started on a venture and where are they now.

    I also had the same foolish belief as you that I should get a job and work and only after that would I decide to venture into business but that is a sign of ignorance of entrepreneurial know-how.

    • Gary WekuZviyambe

      So all of us should abandon teaching and open our own schools? All doctors and nurses should leave public hospitals to start their own private clinics? All pilots should have their own airlines, with no stewards? All geologists should open their own mines? All mining engineers should start their own mines? All mechanics should have their own garages? Ndeipi nyika imwe chete pasi rese yakadaro? Even in the countries with the best standards of living and ownership models, the majority of the population work for a tiny fraction of the population. Use your brains, my brother. Working for a living is not shameful, but begging is!

  • orisons

    I have been to China twice [my first visit in 1983 was a day trip from Hong Kong that started with a Hyfrofoil trip to Portuguese Macao followed by a day trip across Macau’s border crossing into a small but densely populated town in mainland China.

    Even from there on the periphery I could see and actually predicted at the time that China was going to come through very strongly in the next 20-30 years but I truly didn’t expect China’s rise to be so very very spectacularly successful, did any of you?

    As to the repetitive questions worldwide about China’s motive being imperialistic or just business to me is very obvious, in that isn’t China’s primary responsibility to be very rationally intelligently focused on the long term safety, security and well being of 1300 million Chinese people in China [doesn’t Charity always begin at home as opposed to abroad]?

    When you also factor in the scorched earth as standard [apart from in South Africa and Rhodesia which they never ever intend to leave] from Europe’s GENOCIDAL Colonial onslaught on Africans/Africans [which hasn’t stopped so much as evolved into European domination in every area of human activity in the 21st century], the Asians generally, the Chinese specifically don’t have to do very much to appear benevolent, do they [even as these alleged Communists wipe the floor with the West’s Capitalists yet again by following the sound business practice of cutting out the European middlemen [in London, Paris, NYC/ the West’s financial capitals] by astutely acquiring the natural resources necessary to maintain China’s so phenomenal economic growth; direct from the source countries as opposed to being bled by the BANKSTERS/the West’s MONETARY MANGLERS focus on consistently bleeding the rest of Humanity in general, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically?

    What really frightened me on my second trip to China in November 2012 was the knowledge that China has so many trillions of US dollars stockpiled that they could quite easily add the more resource rich areas of Africa to their ever widening portfolio of strategically vital concrete acquisitions worldwide [as the so consistently clueless/inept/very greedy leaders Africa is currently afflicted with are ALWAYS ready to SELL their so inadequately secured and organized shambles to ANY bidder who bribes well], couldn’t they [whereas their focus to date has been more benevolent]; thus insulating themselves from the big hit they currently face if the US dollars they have stockpiled became worthless?

    Is the ISM/ideology/Capitalism/Communism/Socialism/Garveyism/African Union/ Federation anywhere near as relevant as the rational intelligence of the spiritually and intellectually agile manner in which it is both deduced and applied by an intelligently functional socio-economic elite/leadership focused on our ethnic group/nation’s collective advancement in an extremely hostile/very very competitive environment in the 21st century?

    How else can we hope to combat the manner in which the West’s current POWER ELITE/LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc is just focused making the Super Rich richer/utilizing monetary shackles [that are 10 times more efficient than the irons used on my African ancestors and their siblings who were tortured, mutilated and murdered for generations for either refusing to BOW/be BROKEN or to traumatize the rest of us into total subservience] to totally enslave ALL of Humanity this time?

    Aren’t political ideologies very passé/DEAD in the 21st century or haven’t you ALL noticed/noted the manner in which allegedly communist China is currently the most efficiently CAPITALIST economy in the world [despite having a slowing economic growth rate of 8% as opposed to the difficulty the USA/UK most of the West are having getting their economic growth up to even anywhere near 1%] with the UK and USA’s so inept execution of capitalism creating record breaking fiscal deficits between imports to exports with the USA actually STILL owing China trillions of dollars [with ALL of the European countries apart from Norway and Russia in debt that ranges from very slim to impossible to pay back] TODAY?

    What about the so pragmatic manner in which as opposed to executing capitalism in Hong Kong when they regained political/real control in 1997, China’s Communist party/Government have subsequently utilized it as an economic template for their Super Cities on the mainland [hence the so phenomenal growth since then which has eased the so huge burden of feeding 1400 million people; placed China on the cusp of becoming the No.1 financial Super Power of the 21st century] apart from retaining state ownership/control of the banks?

    In fact isn’t it truly bizarre that China is so efficiently locked in to capitalism [who would have envisioned that scenario even 20 years ago] that they have no vested interest in undermining any of the industrialized countries of the West in general, the USA specifically as China’s growth has been based on the goods exported to the rest of the World, which along with the USA owing them trillions of dollars underlines the economic grief for China if the trillions of dollars China has stockpiled, became worthless [why they are fanning out worldwide utilizing those dollars to acquire strategically vital resources and assets everywhere [Chinatown is ALWAYS in the centre, most expensive part of the capital/major cities of the Diaspora as opposed to the cheaper periphery]/can/are literally buying as opposed to militarily subjugating Africa TODAY]?

    Japan’s capitalism distributes wealth/behaves with far more social responsibility than most European countries, with India close to matching China’s economic growth utilizing a far more rampant free market/world’s most populous democracy model; along with Russia’s oligarchs steadily being either reeled in or crushed by Vladimir Putin, does the political ideology really matter in the 21st century, as South Korea vies with Japan for the most technologically advanced country on the planet position, along with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines attempting to fully industrialize/join the party too [move their countries forward intelligently]?

    Can any of YOU be specific as to how/why Federating the very very CHAOTIC mess that is Africa TODAY would be anything other than creating a tool that would facilitate the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS inc [and their lackeys/cohorts of many hues] ongoing focus on creating the One World Government, Currency and Religion monolith [hence the very very forceful destruction of Gaddafi/Libya’s Federation template/their current focus on creating a Western backed/controlled one NOW] with which THEY are aspiring to totally enslave ALL of Humanity [10 times more efficiently than the irons utilized for several generations/hundreds of years on our enslaved African ancestors and their siblings and comrades] this time?

    Even more bizarre is our ongoing acceptance/truly devout support as people of African ethnicity of the current status quo or are you all truly unaware of the fact that ALL over the World including Africa, Europeans still LEGALLY own allegedly; all the land and resources they acquired during the looting, pillaging, RAPE of this planet in general, of OUR continent [Africa] in particular that Colonialism and Apartheid sanctioned as the norm [in fact aren’t THEY making the same play again with their WAR ON TERROR] as opposed to the longest list of unacknowledged unpunished Human Rights violations/CRIMES in human history?

    Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
    graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

  • Makusakatara


    Yes and that proves the existence and exercise of ZiDERA.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Your lack of simple logic scares me. We cannot have EVERY teacher owning a school, or EVERY doctor owning their private practice. Some people have to work for other people. No country has ever had , or will ever have, every citizen owning their own business. It is IMPOSSIBLE! Anybody with brains knows that.