SHARON BARES SOUL • Accuses hubby of drug abuse

Sharon Macheso and Kuda Munetsi

Sharon Macheso and Kuda Munetsi

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent— 
Sungura star Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon has revealed that her husband of two months Kudakwashe Munetsi abuses drugs and alcohol, smokes mbanje and drinks bronclear (popularily known as bronco), which results in him becoming violent towards her. Sharon said this in her application for a protection order she filed against Munetsi at the Chitungwiza Civil Court on Monday.

Through her lawyer Arshiel Mugiya of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, Sharon cited violence and drug abuse as the major reasons she needed protection from Munetsi.
“Barely a month into the marriage the conduct of the respondent has been hostile towards me, said Sharon in her application. “He has on several occasions perpetrated acts of physical violence as well as verbal assault on my person. The underlying cause of respondent’s behaviour is that he abuses alcohol and drugs, he has a penchant for drinking broncklin, he also smokes cannabis and abuses amtriplin pills,” she said.


“After taking these drugs he becomes violent, uncooperative and acts in an unbecoming manner .”
In her founding affidavit, Sharon said Munetsi abused drugs and she feared for her life.

“The last straw happened on October 12 2014 after he had spent most of the day drinking alcohol. I confronted him about this behaviour to which he then unleashed verbal abuse on me.”

Sharon said Munetsi clearly indicated that he was on a mission to tarnish the Macheso family’s image.
He reportedly demanded money from the wife, claiming that more cash was being spent on renovating the house that was donated by the musician to his daughter as a wedding gift.
Sharon, who disclosed that she was pregnant with Munetsi’s baby, said she had been subjected to torture and that she feared for her health and that of the baby.

“He then went on to physically assault me using open palms, fists and booted feet whilst I lay helplessly on the floor,“ she said. “The most despicable thing is that he directed his assault on my abdomen when he fully knows that I am pregnant.”

Sharon said Munetsi had suicidal tendencies.
“He is always telephoning me demanding that I should return back to him or else he would commit suicide,” she said. “I found the threats to be real as he has, on several occasions in my presence, attempted to commit suicide either by hanging himself or by stabbing himself with a kitchen knife.”

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  • Mindu Al Killah

    “Sharon can you give me a dollar, i want to go and buy mushonga wemakonso to kill myself” hahaha Munetsi guy should stop being a spongeBob and grow some balls

    iko kupfeka mhete munhu wechirume,Sharon should have known from the get-go that he was a drug abuser unless they both abused together and that she stopped when she realized that she was with Child .rega hangu ndirare

  • Dr Ginyabvurrr

    We knew kuti soon mai munenge masuwa zvinhu.
    Chop chop maZimbabwe lets help Sharon return home faster faster before Munetsi commits ‘suicide’.
    Or Sharon simply take your bag and quietly sneak back home.
    Tingaone baba vanwa gamatox nekusuwa..

  • joemuda

    she speaks as if she only knew about the drugs after marriage yet they used to binge together before marriage. You are a girl you have a boyfriend who drinks and do drugs and yet you still expect to get a good husband out of him. this is plain lack of wisdom.

    • Masimba Musodza

      we need to teach our daughters different about how they select a partner

  • Doctor Tuksedo

    Hanzi ndawana mhene yangu, mwana wadhedhi, kunge bofu ranonga roro.
    Hapana dhibhi pausina kudikitira munun’una.

  • Dr Peter james

    Kuda”one dollar” Munetsi anonetsa

    • tafamutekwe

      Yes the name (Munetsi) itself should have rung alarm bells in her head. Another Chitungwiza misnamed character by the name Zimondi is currently standing trial for murdering his girlfriend in cold blood.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Mukwasha imboko

  • d

    ndosaka zvichinzi ziva munhu wako usati wapinda naye mumarriage u wil liv in hell on earth,ds dat min she wz nt aware of dat behaviour,vamwe vasikana vakapusa kasi akangodanana nemumhu zve one day zvaungabva watadza kuziva hunhu hwake,its very sad to realise kuty wakabopana nedonkey iwe wamumarriage naro wake up!!!!!!!

  • punungwe

    Idzo nyaya dzekuti madanana kwesvondo mbiri mobva matomitisana motoroorana dzine mutauro.

    Zvinoda kutora nguva uchimbonyatsoonawo kuti munhu akamira sei?

  • see it as it is

    And the Kardashian/Humphreys marriage lasted 72 days handei narwo Sharo breaker record iyo

  • Mukotami

    What’s in a name??? Munetsi..?? Let the guy kill himself otherwise you will be stuck with him for a long time, With the rising cost and complexity of divorce, the guy’s attempts on his life may prove to be your breakthrough. Next time just sharpen to razor sharp levels the kitchen knife he uses, or just buy wemakonzo or a rope and leave them in plain sight so that this idiot can set you free. Remember your vows ” till death do us part” Now let the poor guy meet his Creator, do not be fooled, his blood will be on his own hands not on yours!

  • Meme

    Nhai Sharon Macheso but why? Did you think Kuda Munetsi was going to change because you have signed a certificate? Kuda anoda zvekunetsa kunge Munesti chaiye….I empathize with you because as a woman I would not want to be abused at all, on the other hand I could just slap you my dear because no man or woman changes because of marriage, so his habits were never going to change over night, when you said in sickness and in health iyi ndiyo sickness yacho, I guess as women sometimes we believe we will love a man to change, HECK NO, if he is not listening to God’s voice (the Creator of all) then what makes you think he will listen to your cries and pleas, surely surely when will we learn?
    Anhuwe kana tafunga kuchata let us be prepared to live with the person we see now and yes encourage them to become better but knowing that they might not change and when they don’t we will still love them all the same, it’s a hard pill to swallow but let us not trivialize the institution of marriage….. All the best Mrs. Sharon Munetsi, oh and by the way what do you intend to achieve with the protection order?

    • Jesus Zone

      You are right sister, but with the protection order @ least she will not be verbally or physically abused.

  • yep

    what goes around comes around, zvivi zvamadzibaba!

  • candid

    Herald, H-Metro, Newsday, Daily News etc, next time you want to report on upcoming ‘celebrity’ marriages please do your research. Find out whom the ‘celebrities’ are before taking us on a fools day prank. This Sharon and her jackass were all over the news just two months ago! We were left speechless and eating our hearts out by the glamor that was supposed to be there wedding. Haaaaiwawo.


      Think again!!…this has nothing to do with the newspapers!! How can you fault the press for kutungana kwembudzi uku??!!

  • alick fan

    sharon nyarara unyararise, denga rinoziva

  • Muroora

    After 10 yrs of being together as boyfriend and girlfriend she must have known all this and knew that this mhete guy will not change and has no future Future is not about money but responsibilities. Its unfortunate they spent money on this bafoon but Sharon can only blame herself

  • munhu mutapa

    Nyaya dzenyu dzekumhanyira kuchata ma white wedding ekuda kuwonekwa nepovho iyo relationship yenyu isati yasimba munonyarira kupi. Ndinogara ndichitaura build on your relationship first before getting into marriage. Kana vanhu vachinyatso danana marriage its just a formality yekuzvadzisa zviripo. Put more pressure kuwumba rudo rwenyu inga vamwe vanochata vatove nemhuri wani and in most cases ndiyo michato ino laster forever.

  • Nyati

    The Munetsi guy has had an RSA influence on drugs since he used to reside in Cape Town.These are the side effects of drugs.

  • Nziradzemasoja

    Aiwa ndazoseka hangu….
    Murume anopfeka mhete murume here…Maitisiya hedu isu ana Nziradzemasoja muchi mhanyira ana Capricon ava vakazviita mutilate nzeve….



    • dhehwa

      murume uyu anyadza zvikuru!

  • Commentator

    I totally agree. How do you expect your child to build a well structured marriage when the parents toy with the sanctity of the institution. If we look carefully at society you will notice that a child picks up speech patterns from the parents… monkey see monkey do. Sharon cannot expect us to believe she did not know he was a drug abuser before marriage unless she was so terrible that she drove him to drink. MUSAROVA WAKADZI ASI

  • Chihombori

    hezvo !!!!!!madhongi avakudya sadza patown,muchato uchiita maweeks before wadimburwa,vanhu vachitara nhova ne******,prophet achiblesser macouples muzita rababa,nemwanakomana ,nemweya we mari mucharambanirana $1 remogo..amen

    • Telescope

      Lol ndaseka ‘ nemweya we mari’ true that why Magaya did not respect the wedding ceremony dzikauya dzaka kiya pata pata ne track suit. Kwakwaa sorry Shero….asi waiziva mnuhu wako.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Match made @ the former Ximex Mall by trying to convert a junkie into a hubby! Mazvokuda mavanga ekuzvidhedha wega!

  • Itai Kututwa

    Let the bugger drink whatever to death so many honourable and eligible bachelors around nxaaaa mhani

  • MfombiCrew

    Mhete hadzitadzise munhu kuita zvinemusoro…it’s how you think and behave as a person. In this case this geezer is a mental health patient who needs help.