Schools to make provision for non-formal education


Cde Dokora

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
GOVERNMENT has directed schools to make provision for non-formal education to allow those who want to supplement their subjects to use their facilities. At present, most pupils who fail at Ordinary and Advanced levels have to go to private colleges to supplement. The colleges tend to charge far much more than formal schools, even if a pupil is just doing a couple of subjects.

The new directive, issued by Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora at a Zimbabwe Youth Council-organised exhibition in the Harare last week, means schools must enrol repeating pupils who want to register a few subjects for ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level exams.

Minister Dokora also said interested school leavers would be trained as teachers for the newly-introduced infant model for four and five-year-old children. He said this was part of efforts to implement aspects of the Nziramasanga Report on education that was commissioned 15 years ago.

“For you to go to private colleges where you are paying a lot of money, it might no longer be necessary because all our institutions should provide for that,” said Minister Dokora.

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  • Mimi

    Oh Lazarus Dokora there you go again, issuing ultimatums to schools that you obviously have no control over. Which school wants to take aboard students that will come to spoil and pollute hard working remaining students. Mwana afoira and obviously agewise she/he will have grown so it is right that they move on to Colleges to supplement their subjects, period. This has always worked and changing it now is ridiculous. I bet the students themselves will not be amused having to repeat at a school that they were before they failed. The incentive will be to make them have a change of environment and move on.

    • mombe nyamaropa

      they can choose what they want college or not

      • nyikawebhondo

        it is surprising and indeed very surprising to realise that Dokora is far detached from reality.

        1.the school teachers are underpaid so they are having to do extra duties in private colleges to supplement their unpalatable salaries. 2.the pupil teacher ratio is overburdening the teachers.
        3. dokora has scrapped the incentives for teachers.
        4. you are dclaring that schools should charge less if they will do the community education program so how are you going to pay them for overtime.
        minister, it seems you are taking over the responsibilityof the ministry of youths. at schools we teach pupils not youths.