School appeals for assistance

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Chikuvire Primary School in Buhera is appealing for $50 000 to repair classroom blocks, administration block and staff quarters that were destroyed by a gale that rocked the area last Sunday.

The school is famed for producing some of the country’s luminaries such as Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba.

Two classroom blocks, including an Early Childhood Development block that was recently electrified, were destroyed by the wind that also left a trail of destruction in the surrounding area.

Four teaching staff quarters, furniture and textbooks were also destroyed.

The school, which has 612 pupils, is now using only six classrooms instead of 14.

When The Herald visited the school yesterday, some of the pupils were learning in the open while parents were helping to clear the rubble.

The school’s deputy headmistress, Mrs Monica Chanyau, said they were appealing for urgent assistance, adding that they had notified the district education office and the department of public works of the disaster.

Mrs Chanyau said they were appealing to well-wishers for assistance.

“The total cost of the property that was destroyed here is $48 700,” she said.

“This is excluding labour of the people who will do the repairs. We are appealing to well-wishers to assist us because even if we ask parents to contribute a dollar that will be insignificant because we may only raise something like $600.

“To ask them to contribute anything as high as $50 will be like burdening them, because they are struggling to have food on their tables as a result of drought.

“At least we are happy that this happened on a Sunday otherwise our pupils and even teachers might have been injured or killed.”

Mrs Chinyau said they were also making efforts to get hold of the local Member of Parliament Cde Oliver Mandipaka to see if he could extend a helping hand.

She said they decided to continue with lessons rather than to close the school as that might inconvenience the pupils and compromise their education.

One of the parents who was at the school yesterday, Mr Nicholas Mafume, said the situation was bad.

“To be honest the situation is really bad,” he said “The pupils are now overcrowded and we are appealing even to our local Member of Parliament (Cde Oliver Mandipaka) to assist us or mobilise resources through donors.

“It is painful because even teachers are now sharing houses and some of them are using makeshift accommodation. Our biggest worry is what will happen if this kind of disaster strikes again before the situation is addressed.”

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  • succuba

    An article in this very newspaper dated 23 February 2015 (2 days ago) entitled:

    Emulate President, take education seriously’

    So why won’t the government take up his mantle and take education seriously by repairing this school?

  • theheraldonline

    Which one rue?

    • rue

      It’s alright I have just seen. ts sorted

      • theheraldonline

        Thanks rue. Have a nice time.

  • Rinovava

    There is so much money being wasted on fancy cars fancy cushy jobs or positions fancy clothes fancy flimsy furniture..I could go on and on…ill say the government must and should and will repair that school if not then the fees must cater for all that and let schools have developments…who brought the 50k assessments or is this disease of big numbers…do not contribute.although it’s a thorny issue due to loss of classes.mari iridologist so there is no need to contribute.

  • DK

    The President’s birthday celebrations are being financed by party supporters. Like any other old students, former students of this school are there to mobilize funds the same way Mugabe does for Kutama, not as head of state, but as Robert Mugabe, former student of Kutama Mission.

  • Dot.Com

    My kids are at Chirenje Primary school in Marondera rural, we mould our own bricks, we mobilize our own funds for any school repaires, and why this particular school should benefit from the proceeds of the president’s birthday party monies i do not understand. or yours is just hatred of Mugabe for no reason. General Mbezo, you are daft.


      Dot.Com you are just one of those keyboard bullies and for starters i am a staunch supporter of the president and all of those who know me can attest to that. Now back to the story, yes villagers can be mobilised to participate in the repairs and we have been doing it since time immemorial in my rural Marange community but normally in rural settings , volunteers in the from of brick moulders and builders , carpenters and general labour is not a problem but the major problem is disposable income to purchase furniture lost, carpentry sundries, paint, replace text books and even feed the workmen! No village in Zimbabwe can raise even a thousand dollars and let alone $50000!
      My suggestion as to getting the money from the birthday bashes is realisng that this is a far more pressing need than the extravagant partying when the nation boils! It is you people who are daft because your idolising of the president clouds any form of judgement and reasoning to the effect that you think whatever he does is immune from criticism!