Rushwaya arrested over Magaya case

RUSHWAYA GRAPHICFreeman Razemba and Daniel Nemukuyu
FORMER Zifa chief executive officer Henrietta Rushwaya was yesterday afternoon picked up by police on allegations of masterminding an attempt to extort Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries leader and founder Prophet Walter Magaya of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rushwaya — who last month assumed a top post in the ministry’s finance department — was picked up following a report made by Prophet Magaya at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Law and Order Section at Harare Central Police Station.

Sources close to developments said Rushwaya is believed to be the brains behind Food World general manager Mr Denford Mutashu’s US$500 000 adultery lawsuit against the prophet.

Sources say the former football administrator was going behind the scenes trying to influence Prophet Magaya to pay Mutashu, claiming that failure to do so would soil his image.


As the drama unfolds, Mutashu reportedly went into hiding following two alleged kidnapping attempts by unknown assailants.
National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, yesterday confirmed they had picked up Rushwaya for questioning.

“Rushwaya has been picked up by police to assist in our investigations in connection with the (Prophet) Magaya and Mutashu case. At the moment we cannot divulge any details as investigations are still in progress,” he said.

Rushwaya was last night still being questioned by detectives from the CID Law and Order although sources could not establish if she was to be locked up overnight.

“It does not necessarily mean that she will be detained,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.
Meanwhile, Mutashu’s lawyers also claim their client had been receiving death threats from people suspected to be linked to PHD Ministries.
Mutashu on Tuesday night made a report at Criminal Investigation Department Law and Order section in Harare before going into hiding.

Earlier on, Mutashu had also made initial reports of death threats and bigamy against Prophet Magaya under case number IR 081452.
His lawyer Mr Norman Mugiya, confirmed the development saying he will only appear when the dust settles.
“I confirm that my client has gone into hiding after serious death threats to his life and kidnapping attempts.

“The first kidnapping attempt occurred near his home in Waterfalls, while the second incident took place along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.
“We made a police report of attempted kidnapping at CID Law and Order in Harare,” said Mr Mugiya.

Prophet Magaya was reportedly head over heels in love with Mutashu’s wife such that at one time he sent her text love messages almost every minute, describing her as sexually attractive and highly mobile.

He also reportedly bought Mutashu’s wife, Nomsa Mutashu (nee Ruvazhe), the latest version of a Toyota Mark II, which cost $10 000.
Mutashu filed a $500 000 adultery claim against Prophet Magaya at the High Court on Friday, which revealed how the two allegedly communicated and the type of love text messages they sent to each other.

Mutashu is demanding $250 000 for loss of affection and another $250 000 for loss of consortium.
According to the claim, Mutashu is married to Nomsa in terms of Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 and the marriage still subsists.

It is alleged that sometime in June this year, Prophet Magaya had an adulterous affair with Mrs Mutashu who had gone to PHD Ministries church in Waterfalls to worship.

While at the church, Prophet Magaya allegedly ordered Mutashu’s wife to stay at one of the church’s lodges for three consecutive days without Mutashu’s knowledge and consent.

After spirited efforts to locate his wife, Mutashu found her with Prophet Magaya who allegedly claimed that he had been spiritually assisting her.
Mr Mugiya further stated that after Mutashu discovered that Prophet Magaya was committing adultery with his wife, he confronted the man of the cloth who reportedly admitted to having the romantic relationship.

Mugiya said Prophet Magaya promised to terminate the affair, but was still exchanging text messages with Mrs Mutashu through his close associates whom he treats as counsellors and bodyguards.

According to the declaration, Mr Mugiya made claims that in July this year when Prophet Magaya went to South Africa, he kept on exchanging love text messages and phoning Mrs Mutashu using South African mobile numbers.

At times, the lawyer said, Prophet Magaya would phone Mrs Mutashu during odd hours.
Mr Mugiya further stated that when Prophet Magaya was confronted over the allegations he did not deny them, but discussed the issues with Mutashu in one of the meetings in an attempt to resolve the matter.

He said that the illicit affair between Prophet Magaya and Mrs Mutashu disturbed Mutashu to the extent that he was bedridden due to excessive stress.

Mr Mugiya said Prophet Magaya’s conduct caused Mutashu a heartbreak to the extent that he “failed to appreciate the value of life since those with power and money could do whatever they want with other people’s wives, especially the poor in the mode of the plaintiff”.
Prophet Magaya was still to respond to the summons.

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  • Batonga

    Mutashu ngaanyarare hake nekuti hapachina imba apa. Kana mari yacho ngaaregere. Vakawanda vakatorerwa vakadzi. Vazhinji vanotora vakadzi vevamwe zviri pachena kudayi nepasina mhaka, kana chiri chokwadi, havana rugare, Mwari anoti ”wakabvumira mukadzi wako kuti anditevere, asi mumwe munhu akamutora mumba mangu—-’, Ah! hameno. Zvanga zviri nani wani kuti Magaya wacho akabvuma mhosva ndokubvuma kuripa. Zvino woenderera mberi nokutyisidzira muridzi womukadzi? Aiwa, Mwari harisi rema, kana asiri kuda kutora mari nehukopokopo, ini ndinoti Mutashu ngaanyarare. Anorwadziwa ngwechinguvana. But God the almighty is known to replace the lost one with a better one and for all to see.

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      What would happen if you put Henrietta Rushwaya and Beverley Sibanda in the same room for one week. Both have effectively destroyed Magaya’s house.

  • Matemai Tendai

    Greedy criminal minded gogo Rushwaya what have you got yourself into this time prophet Magaya havasi bharanzi the guy was streetwise before the anointing you cant extort money from him just like that let alone $500k Please wise up out of town girl

  • Observer

    The prophet must deliver this lady coz it’s either she’s greedy, controversial, scheming or just plain unlucky… Either way, she needs divinity to be “normal”.

  • tadana

    greedy greedy people will never fight the battle and win. Henrietta issh wakapusa ndakunyarira waiti unosvikepi SHAME ON YOU…

  • hazvie

    Zvina gogo Rushwaya mukati hazvishamise nokuti mukadzi uyu itsotsi zveshuwa akutsvaga imwe nzira yekudya nayo mari shame on you, too greedy, she needs deliverance.

  • Crap

    Nonsense, who needs deliverance Mutashu or the wife-snatcher??? Crap!!!

    • God’s Child

      @ Crap – Who is wife snatcher, why are so convinced of that. It did not happen I tell you. Dont you read between the lines. This is all fabrication. Rushwaya and Mutashu really need delivearance for sure.



      • Ranganayi Gambarashe

        Deliverence from shouting on line by using capital letters nhai?

    • Ranganayi Gambarashe

      Masiya bofu Phil

  • pilgrim

    Magaya is a tsotsi which plays with other tsotsi’s so nothing much can be expected to him but nonsense only. I wonder some people call him Prophet as if he is one ,this is a real modern n’anga which plays magic in front of people using the word of God, this generation is just a shame to itself God is watching and the world yonder people will be shocked.
    No man can form or find a church because it was already found and no man can be called Father by another man except God himself,so why cant you see this simple thing you blinded people of Zimbabwe arise and see or else all of you will fall into a ditch like Sodom and Gommorah.
    The Magayas, Makandiwas and all these so called prophets if they are God sent prophets I challenge them to show me any scripture in the Bible where God’s Prophet formed a denomination and gave it a name.I challenge them in the name of Jesus Christ the founder and the owner of the church which he bought by his blood to show me and prove it to me and the rest of Zimbabwe and the world over.
    If they are prophets let them prove it scripturally not by newspapers and grapevine

    • Ephraim

      People should not miss the point.Leave Rushwaya alone and talk of Magaya who is ***.Is it good to have *** for three days?How would you feel if someone send love messages to your spouse in the middle of the night?Would you like to see your wife driving a car bought by her boyfriend?A man of the cloth must be concerned about God,s work not filthy activities with people,s wives.

      • SIbongile

        Read today”s H-metro and you will change the anger that you for the man of God.


      They are Prophets!Let there be light in your life!Mbiri kuna Jesu!

      • pilgrim

        i said prove me that he is a prophet don’t just mumble and fumble hey

    • Privillage

      kkkkkkkkk you full of yourself, you need prayer period! Who are you to judge are you God? Tell me of one church that doesn’t have a name? unotoda hako nyasha in your life. Im not a Magaya fan asi zvawataura apa hazvina kana sense.

  • crap

    Thank you, defending Magaya the way Gumbura was being defended by his church members as well nxcaaaaaa

  • majetsha

    she’s linked to the *** n very dangerous in deed. keep watching the proceedings.

  • pilgrim

    washaya apa

  • pilgrim

    why do you call him man of God?

  • Kuta Kinte

    Man of God? Ko iye Magaya wacho anoregereyi kutsvaga mukadzi asina murume pavakadzi vakawanda vanouya kuchurch yake kuti afadze s*** sa Man of God. Text messages constitute hard evidence as technology has no favour. It looks like some churches follow 9 commandments leaving the tenth one of adultery. As for Rushwaya, it is not surprising to hear of such an extortion issue because it is in ***. Zifa *** mari zvikapera zvaka daro.


    ..its the wording of the lawyer who wanted it to sound very true.Dont be fooled.

  • For God’s Love

    @ Pilgrim. Prophet Magaya is not a tsotsi. A man of God is not supposed to select who to accomodate in church or not. It is actually his duty to welcome the sinners. And the bigger the sinners the bigger the joy the angels will have in heaven when that person turns to God. No one should be turned away if he or she wants to do the work of God. Look at Mary Magadaline, she was a prostitute but she is the one who realised the need to apply oil on Jesus before his cruicufifixion, She had revelation. However, you may have people who may later turn against the man of God. That is that person’s decision. If you argue that why did Magaya play with tsotsis, are u impying that
    1) Jesus also had a problem because he had Judas Iscariot who was in a scandal that even led to the Crucifixion of jesus.
    2) Lucifer himself was a blessed singer in the praising of God in heaven and he turned against God. So are you saying then God played with tsotsis.
    This can happen anywhere. Even yourself Pilgrim. As you have lived upon this earth, you may not deny the fact that you crossed you path with conmen or thieves or misleading notions.

  • lloyd

    lol my favourate part as well

  • Henrietta

    Pane chakanaka , chakaipa hachishaikwe . Munhu akaita zvakanaka like Magaya he’s healing vanorwara and helping those in need but people still chose on tarnishing his image , kana makamboitaura behind closed doors makazoitaurirei kumanewspaper? The investigators must Subpoena their phone records from their respective network providers to learn the truth. I’m not a PhD goer myself but I don’t believe Magaya is guilty .

    • maita

      From my own observation those trying to kidnap tghis Mutashu guy are not from PHD but his team so that they can incriminate Magaya since the whole plot is exposing them as liars, extorters and looters.

  • Chidemo

    I would like to thank your paper and your sister paper H-METRO for doing a wonderful job, keep us posted, I like the twist of how you do your reporting. In this case I am a non believer zvangu but I have been following all your stories, from the looks of things Magaya is being set up one way or the other, Pls musatye to reveal the culprits. Thank you


    finance dept of ministry yaMagaya……

  • Nyasha

    Henrietta ajaira kudya mari dzevanhu manje this time wairasa watamba nevanhu vasirivo haisi Zifa kaiyi,unochiona gore rino..Haunyare kuda kutsotsa munhu waMwari iiiiii ende une maguts..kuda kusvibisa zita remuporofita wamwari,Hindava usina matyira soo.I think Henrietta should make a public apology because she has diluted peoples mind with lies.

  • Verenga Bible Wega

    I think Zimbabweans quickily resort to believe in miracles and on that basis ,they are convinced that a person is a man of God.Holy Spirit WILL NEVER NEVER work on adulterous human being,even in your house if you practise such mweya mutsvene haugari.Musanyanya kuvimba nevanhu nekuda kweminana,read the bible wega and see the characteristics of people who were used by God.Look at John the Baptist,Elijah,Ezekel,Isaih,Elisha the Tishbite and Christ!Look at their characteristics and compare nevanhu venyu ava.Magic dzavanoita hazvisi zvitsva nekuti Moses pakapuwa masimba naMwari achida kuita convince Pharaoh.Pharaoh called his prophets which we know where not from God(Ask yourself kuti so they where from who?)Ini ndinoti who ever seeks glory for himself(mbiri),riches,adultery,and worldily things and associate with world rulers does not come from God.Bible teaches us that and have modl of people like the one I mentioned above

  • me

    tsvaga imwe nyika yekugara

    • Ranganayi Gambarashe

      Munoti vanomubvuma kupi?

  • Pretty

    I once had a bad encounter with Henrietta at some international airport. I was ashamed to hear her scold a lady at the airport shop using obscenities l cannot even share with you on this platform. I am not surprised she is mentioned in this plot in such a bad way of cause we can’t conclude that all bad mouthed people are crooks.

  • Ranganayi Gambarashe

    Zvino nyika yese munhu akawana mukana kungoti bwaireyi munhu odzura. Iye akajaidza mukanwa mukitchen munoti haadiwo kudya tunonaka here? Nyika inodzikama kubva kuvakuru. Uyu wamuno soropodza akadzura 10 cents compared ku-miriyoni ari kubiwa navana Chef mazita ndoregedza asi tinovaziva zvedu.

  • Ranganayi Gambarashe

    Pasi chigara vakuru vaitushura maziso kana wabatwa uchikwixx mukadzi wemunhu. Vakanga vasina mukadzi vayifamba vachikamhina mutswi wakamira mudiri kuti twiyi. Bwupenyu mazuva ano wongo ripa saka muchiwona even zvimhiji, tsvedegu tsvedegu negumbo dete, zviyine nyengo yetsvingudzi kana honzeri.

  • Ranganayi Gambarashe

    Saka gogo ndivo vayiva netelephone yaMagaya. Gogo vakanga vari kuSouth naMagaya payitumirwa matext messages. Sezvarehwa nemukuru ndofungidzira kuti Gogo vakapfekerwa joki muhuro semombe. Kwete semombe ka asi kutoti semhombwe.

  • Ranganayi Gambarashe

    Iwe achiri mupenyu asi woto mushurira kufa kani?

  • Ranganayi Gambarashe

    Has she be convicted yet?

  • pilgrim

    You are a true serpent seed ,ungati Mwari vanotaura naMagaya while everything he does goes against the word of God.My question to you is if Magaya is a prophet and formed a denomination show me one prophet in the bible who did so and i will follow you and your Magaya.Just one Prophet and His denomination in the Bible


      Times have changed, Jesus commissioned HIS disciples top go and heal the sick, cast out demons as they began their mission in Acts of Apostoles, yhis is what is being done today.If you dont believe that he is true prophet, then thats your problem.I DO, IHAVE SEEN HIM HEALING THE SICK, THE BED RIDDEN RISING UP, THE BLIND SEEING, THE CRIPPLED RISING FROM WHEL CHAIRS.KANA USINGADI THATS YOUR PROBLEM.

  • pilgrim

    You don’t even have proof of him being a prophet,if you ask me of Elijah,Elisha,Jeremiah,Moses, Paul and Others i can show you the proof that they were Prophets scripturally and they did not differ from each other


    You are the one who is in darkness, you must stop believing in your own lies.Let there be light in your life.How many services conducted by prophet Magaya have you attended? What parameters have you used to measure that he is not a true prophet?

    • pipi

      yadaaaaah hapana anosangana nemuporofita akaramba akadaro


        popopopopopopopopo Satan ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • David

    haaa Truee!!

  • David


  • mabiribobi

    Yes but Mutashu is a lier. And that lady is and was never really his wife, if the kombi conductor was caught with her. what about the men we don’t know about neku saloon kwake uku. Dont involve the man of God is such nonsense to a polygamous marriage of infidels.

  • pilgrim

    they are following the call of a great sorcerer in the land who doesn’t even know one single scripture about the word of God,you foolish Zimbabweans you follow sorcerers and call them Prophets


    Soccer is the world’s most popular sport.The world cup brings all the nations together.Why not use it to spread the word og God.If all the soccer supporters worship God don’t you think the devil would have been vanquished?Times have changed.During biblical times there were no cellphones, the internet so we cannot stick to the past.Wake up.