Racist Faber under fire

Innocent Ruwende and Nyemudzai Kakore
OPINION makers have criticised Mr Marc Faber, a Swiss-born fund manager and publisher of newsletter Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, for his racist attack on the black race last week, and pointed reference to Zimbabwe as a country whose challenges are as a result of being populated by blacks.

The disgraced Swiss, who usually makes commentaries on American cable television service CNBC, has since been banned by television stations such as Bloomberg and Fox News.

In his latest newsletter, Mr Faber, who is often referred to as Dr Doom, launched an unsolicited racial diatribe on blacks.

“And thank God, white people populated America, and not the blacks,” he wrote. “Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority.”

Mr Tendai Toto, a political analyst and lawyer, said the commentary made by Mr Faber was typical of the entrenched and archaic slave trade era white supremacy .

“This man is a white extremist who, with passion, hates the black race,” he said. “This stinking character harbours spiteful intentions against the black race and likes the black race to be extinct. His mention of Zimbabwe is a protest against one black-dominated country that has endured isolation and specified sanctions and aid conditions that are stringent and unbearable because its governing authorities have stood firm, resolving not to bow before white supremacy and its associated tendencies.”

Mr Elton Ziki, a political analyst, said the attack on Zimbabwe was not a coincidence, and was symbolic simply because President Mugabe represented the African fight against both white supremacy and imperialism.

“The comments by Marc Faber reflect the nature of the racist architecture of the white people,” he said. “He goes to the same God, who created all men equal as enshrined in the UN Charter, which speaks to the ethos of a non-segregatory approach and the right to self-determination, as espoused by the champion of equal recognition of people of colour, His Excellency Cde Robert Mugabe. Faber is trying to seek recognition and relevance by attacking Zimbabwe in a racist context. He is using Zimbabwe as a gateway to attack blacks, but forgetting that his bitterness is as a result of the fact that Zimbabwe redressed racist colonial injustices that are yet to be revised in totality. Marc also forgets to acknowledge the massive contributions of the blacks in America from the Atlantic slave trade.”

Zanu-PF Youth League secretary Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga said Mr Faber was a true racist.

“This racist is living in the past; he can go and hang, while they keep their America and we keep our Africa,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu said it was unfortunate that in this day and age die-hard racists like Mr Faber still existed.

“We condemn racism, tribalism, sexism and indeed all forms of discrimination and prejudices in the strongest terms possible,” he said. “At a time when the world is desperately working on bridging the racial divide we still have racist bigots like Marc Faber.”

Spokesperson of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Mr Jacob Mafume described Mr Faber as a perfect candidate for a mental institution.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Hapana racism apa. Ko kunyepa? African we are a sorry lot. We will mess up our own healthcare and fly to Singapore for one. We will drink faece laced water but spend $1.5m on a ring when a teacher is earning $350. Things were 100 times better under Rhodesia despite the intolerable racial imbalance. We inherit a jewel and we elect fools to run it into the ground. Saka what are you complaining about when facts abound?

    • Joseph Kaundura

      Rhodesia my foot. I think you were born after independence. Chingwa ne tea zvanga zviri zveXmas. Huku hameno. Kugara Rugare , Dzivarasekwa , Mabvuku neMufakose. Saka paRhodesia chimbomira nezvapo

      • Mungandidii

        The issue about Rhodesia could be debateable but raising it shows how far have sunk.

        • Widzo

          kkkkk uri right ukaone waakufunga chibabe chako chakare woziva kuti chaunacho ma1

    • Widzo

      Rhodesia yeiko iwe tibvire. We all want a better Zimbabwe and we as blacks can do it, we only need to get rid of this corrupt government come election day. Haikona kutidzosera shure go and register to vote!

    • echo

      dinosaurs like you belong to the past, go join the European racists if you truly are black and lets see if you can survive a day in their domain.I don’t believe you are black at all.

  • SlackJawedYokel

    Faber is racist…but points to something real that we as black peoples need to deal with. The world is moving forward and Africa seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Zim is clearly an example of this. Fact that everything started to collapse after independence from white rule gives real ammunition to people like this racist Fabre guy

    • Joe public

      Sad but true our govt ma bhoi in and out

  • Cursed

    To be honest we have messed our own economies as blacks, what is lacking is that we have no checks and balances, we are in these positions for self enrichment, we have embarrassed ourselves now being referred to as failed states, we definitely have no one to blame.

    • Joseph Kaundura

      Whereas I do agree with you that the economy is in Intensive Care Unit.I also want to comment on what i have noted also when it comes to individual behaviour. If you introspect into individual Zimbabwean’s mind which collectively becomes a national mindset you will notice the following traits when it comes to investment.
      1. We over invest in children’s education.
      2. We have some amazing love for procurement of Urban stands.
      3. Last but not least we have insatiable like for Japanese Cars.
      That is our collective investment footprint. This footprint is suppose to compliment government effort in development is is hoped so.

      • nelson moyo

        Joseph Kaundura you are confused. We do not like cheap Japanese cars but prefer at all times Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes Benz – the three mentioned are the cars of choice for above the masses people.

  • Man of Great GOD

    kana benzi rikanzi rinopenga rinotogumbukawo its normal.Though racism is bad but truth be said blacks takangosarawo pafair.Wakamboona maAfrican funded NGO helping whites kuAmerica here?why are we always receiving and not giving

  • kdzn

    Its because of our greedy African leaders.Faber’s assertion is based on facts and reality.These people we call leaders have failed us.no matter how much racist coating you put on Faber’s statement, facts remain stubborn. For 37 years,what have we achieved, instead of destroying that which was built for 100 years.The Mugabe regime-you have failed us!

  • Awayfornow

    We don’t need to attack racist bigots, they will always be there, and they revel in the oxygen of publicity.

    Lets start this day with dignity and build a better nation and continent.

    I would like Parliament, all ministries and OPC to make a regulation that:
    1. All medical services are delivered in Zimbabwe
    2. All Higher and tertiary education is given in Zimbabwe.

    Our elite children are being educated in the West and its not helping us lift the standards locally.

  • Sibangilizwe

    As a matter of interest, how many expert and highly productive white Zimbabwean farmers now have 99-year leases to work on expropriated farms taken from them in the first place? Or doesn’t r### President Mugabe believe in equality as enshrined in the supreme Constitution no matter what skin colour or alien status RG Mudede thinks one has?

  • nelson moyo

    And who is Marc Faber writing his Gloom Boom and Doom report. He sounds a bit of a pessimist mostly. Why even bother about him comrades

  • Chasura

    Ko ari kunyepa here?

  • Mungandidii

    These are unfortunate statements but we gave them the ammunition. When you look across Mother Africa, its very difficult to argue against it. During our own private conversations, we have always alluded to this but zvashata nekuti zvataurwa nemurungu.


    Why would one acquire a family residential stand for the objective of selling it after developing. You don’t count the investment value of your private dwelling house in monetary terms but in terms of a lifetime shelter. You can build better value shelter on rural or farm land. That, I believe is precisely Kaundura’s very valid point. The value system of the current generation is irrational thereby leading to our economic challenges than placing the blame entirely on governments.
    We fail to apply ourselves appropriately as individuals by making irrational decisions.

  • Ray Mbada

    Zimbabweans think they are unique and still wishfully leave in assimilation not knowing that you are the typical endangered species rescued from the once massive slave trade by the same people you side with today. It will not be any surprise to note that the rest of those comments awash on this forum are coming from agents of the regime change or the whites themselves who wish for the lifestyle gone by. You can only fool yourself and not anyone sane Zimbabwean and on the same note please be reminded that you are fighting a losing battle.

  • yowe

    The fact remains that zimbabwe is a poor country that has been plundered by a kleptocratic government. We are at the butt end of jokes and it is because of facts.Who has had the hghest inflation rate in the world in modern times? We are moving backwards will the whole world is going forward.For a country at peace this country is performing poorly ..That is a fact munogozvirba kusvika rinhii??

  • Charli

    Usanyepa iwe, Rhodesia was better than today to say the least. If this Mugabe had maintained what he inherited and twicked here and there things could be better than what it is today. One could get paracetamol at the hospital and what is the situation now?? Smith was being treated at Andrew Fleming hospital and where does Mugabe gets treated for replacing a mere spec in his eye??? Faber was right in a way,

  • echo

    how many people were there in those schools in the locations.I grew up in Mbare then Harare,very few families could afford a dozen bread at christmas like you say.There was a very strict migration policy into urban areas by the regime.Kuma hostels evarume kumatapi and etc maka deliver madozen mangani echingwa,komukaka maisiya padoor rani?Saka kana zvanga zvakanaka why did thousands of people risk their lives to go and join the liberation struggle.Musanyepere vanhu.Its a pity that up to this day Zimbabweans dont believe that the country is under a barrage of sanctions by the west.Take a look at what is happening to Venezuela,its no different from what happened to Zimbabwe.Hapana chaungatitaurire about Rhodesia,it was another shit hole and it will never be an alternative

  • ordinary_boy

    Yep and the cost is…. now everyone is poor, the country has fallen apart, while the ‘liberators’ who got the land ‘back’ for us are living fat blaming everything on the white man (past and present)

  • ordinary_boy

    so People used to work without any pay, really???
    but today everyone is working and getting paid for their efforts?
    What I see today is masses of unemployed trying to scrape a living, while others who have a stable job struggle to get paid their salary, while those at the top who spout how everyone used to work without any pay as slaves, are themselves living fat today.

    But hey we have our land ‘back’

  • ordinary_boy

    Very few in the world today would support slavery or racism. But to use these two evils to detract from holding an incompetent and corrupt government to account for the failures, is deplorable.
    Even worse to support them.

  • ordinary_boy

    Yep those racists who are now a discriminated minority, who fear for their lives while they try to work the land they have invested themselves so much in. We need to rip that land away for them, for only then will everything be right and Zimbabwe will start to prosper again.

  • yowe

    20 years calling yourselves new farmers hahahha