PSMAS shock salary schedule

PSMASPaidamoyo Chipunza Health Reporter
The top management at Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) is gobbling at least US$1 million in basic monthly salaries at a time the State enterprise is reeling under a US$38 million debt.
As at December 31, the society owed service providers US$38 million in unpaid bills for medical services rendered to its members.
Documents in possession of The Herald show that the PSMAS group chief executive, Mr Cuthbert Dube, earned a basic monthly salary of US$230 000 as at 2012.

The documents show he earned US$144 097,52 in June the same year, meaning his basic salary went up nearly US$100 000 in three months.

The PSMAS annual wage bill rose from US$15 547 171 in 2011 to US$33 413 373 in 2012, almost half of which was paid to the top 14 managers.

After Mr Dube, the nest two top earners, according to the documents, were the group finance manager, a Mr E. Gwinyai (no longer with the PSMAS), who earned a basic salary of US$200 000 a month, and group operations executive Mr Enock Chitekedza (US$122 000).
Eight other senior directors were earning a basic salary of US$60 000 every month.

Three other middle managers were paid US$30 000, US$22 000 and US$15 000 00 each.
This brings the monthly wage bill of the top 14 to just nearly US$1,1 million. Everyone else at PSMAS earns a combined US$900 000, the documents show.

Further, all group executives recently received a US$300 000 payment, approved by Mr Dube, for as yet unclear reasons.
In June of 2012, the monthly wage bill of the top 14 stood at US$570 969 and it increased to US$744 000 in July and August.

Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday July 4, 2012 show that Mr Dube approved lump sum payments of US$300 000 for each of the group executives, and these payments were to be made with arrears subscriptions recovered from the private sector.

“It was agreed that a special bank account to be administered by the three collective bargaining committee representatives in liaison with the group finance executive, be opened for that purpose with immediate effect,” read part of the minutes.

The minutes further state that the representatives should, on a regular basis, update the group chief executive on the inflows and disbursements from the said special bank account.

The documents also show that PSMAS bought a house in Glen Lorne, Harare, for about US$534 000.
It could not be established by the time of going to press whether the purchase was a loan advanced to Mr Dube or was part of his package as group CEO.

Mr Dube had in the afternoon said he could not comment as he was busy. He said he would be free to talk after 6pm but his mobile phone went unanswered up to the time of going to print.

Efforts to get comment from board chair Mrs Meisie Makeletso Namasasu and her deputy Mr Newton Mhlanga also failed last night.
PSMAS group legal and corporate secretary Mr Cosmas Mukwesha yesterday dismissed the alleged salary schedule in our possession saying employees last got an increment in 2011.

Mr Mukwesha could not be drawn into revealing the “correct” salary schedule, saying: “Issues of salaries are private and confidential but I assure you they are far away from the figures you are talking about.”

He said PSMAS was reviewing salaries with assistance from officials from the Ministry of Finance.
On the US$300 000 once-off lump sum that our documents show was approved for all group executives, Mr Mukwesha said the money was yet to be paid out because of financial limitations.

He said the lump sum was a housing loan that would be deducted from salaries monthly.
But Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa said Government was investigating the matter.

“We are investigating the allegations in an intense manner together with other issues that are happening in the medical aid industry.
“We want to put things under control in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the country,” Dr Parirenyatwa said.

Dr Parirenyatwa said apart from the salaries, his ministry – in conjunction with the Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Ministry – was also looking at medical aid subscriptions and service providers’ tariffs among other things.

Government monitors and regulates medical aid societies’ operations. It licences them to operate as societies and has the mandate to de-register them when they fall short of requirements.

PSMAS is the biggest and oldest society in Zimbabwe catering for more than 600 000 people, the majority of whom are in the civil service and uniformed forces.

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  • GeorgeBachinche

    Something was definitely wrong during the GNU? How could such salaries have gone undetected?

    Not even directors of enterprises in industrialised countries earn that kind of money.

    • Thumani

      You are right there, not even in the UK or USA do managers at that level get paid so much for that size of company. The question is who approved the salaries and who was monitoring the PSMAS?

    • gulaz

      @George Bachinche you are getting it all wrong.GNU has got nothing to do with these thieves because they were there long before the GNU.make your research so that you comment what you know or else stay away from the net.

      • Chimsoro

        saka mbavha dzaiba b4 GNU dzaisafanirwa kubatwa nguva yeGNU?

    • makwavararama

      whats the link with the GNU? these are Zanu PF people, Curthbert, Muchechetere etc

  • Bigboy Musonza

    Damn this is unbelievable just jail these #### for fraud.

    • Silver

      Ah hold on this is not all the PSMI division salary for executive is not include . PSMI guys lets talk what we know. Aim coming back

      • Premier Client

        Kasbheti saka wakatokanganwa kuti pastor Chris akakunamatira ukafamba asi iwe woita umbavha hunotsamwisa kudai. Dai mwari aita kuti utange kurwara zvakare nokuti kuda ini ndingawana reimbasement yangu only $39 from Main Plan yako.

        • Mukotami

          If the guy tithed then Pastor Chris must have smiled really big!

      • Mashasha

        If these figures are anything to go by then there is a need for these people to be brought before the courts. The constitution should be amended to make sure that such people must be charged with sabotaging the economy. For sure given the current economic situation in the country , these people are more than traitors and mercenaries for sure. Something must be done urgently to stop this rot.

      • Anti Corruption Citizen

        Hey, there is much more than meets the eye in the way Parastals are being run in this Country. The question of Executives pay is a contentious one. A number of Corporation in USA learnt of this when their Companies failed to declare profits, then upon forensic investigations, they realized that there were fraud within governance of those Companies. I must say hats of to our news makers, now they are a really a public eye. And this is how best you are making such Institutions to remain transparent and account for public funds. Please dig-in on all public Institutions and flush this white collar corruption. Iam impressed with the detail coming out.

  • lesly

    capitalistic tendencies , one man for himself God for us all !

  • truth

    haa, HE vanofanira kupindira pakadai, zvazonyanya manje, taiti ndimuchechetere zve isu, manje these guys getting 800% more that Happyson,

  • ismith

    If this is true the whole executive must be charged of capable homicide for all the contributors who were denied treatment. I think all the contributors must file a legal challenge to bring these chickens to roast they must fully compensate the society.

  • Kiringindi

    Heads need to roll. I submitted a claim for $32 I spent on medicines in June 2012, and up to now I have not been re-imbursed. And I see this?

    • makwavararama

      kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki. thats how we do it in Zimbabwe brushing aside core business and more emphasize on personal enrichment

    • iamlg34

      You were silly to even use this program.

  • icho

    Vanotyei ivo vakrova denga nembama? After all it is the same people on board after board so the people to point a finger at are the ones who made the appointment.

    All the false outrage from the so-called leaders is a dog and pony show. Show me one of them who has been charged, forced to pay restitution or done time. That extends to the political leadership because this lot did not appoint itself. Only then will we start to restore faith in our commitment to root out incopetence, abuse of trust and corruption.

    • Methodman

      Well said

  • macemike

    Theives, plain and simple!! Get in a new CEO pay him $ 20 K a month which by the way is a fantastic salary and let him take control and appoint new managers etc – fire all the rest – they don’t require exit packages they have been paid enough already!!!

    • t-man

      i agree Macemike, these guys haVe been paid enough..zvakwana,, they should go>>>

    • Onslo Mukundi

      20k a month is too much. you guys.

      Go to UNDP and ask the resident rep how much managers earn. 20000 you are talking is utter rubbish.
      Its way too much

      • Nowero Chaiye

        Onslo dont be ridiculus. 20k is reasonable for a CEO of an organisation like PSMAS. Anything less than that will affect performance (the CEO needs to be motivated)

        • Mukotami

          There is something wrong with your value system. “20k is REASONABLE for an ORGANISATION like PSEMAS”??? Really??? Which world do you live in? In a place like ZImbabwe, 20k is atrocious, especially for an organisation like PSEMAS. Surely surely our country has gone to the dogs. Akomana tisatamba nemari tichidaro… $20 000 per month? 240k per year or R2.4million/year is outrageous for a parastatal like PSMAS in an economy like ours… Yet this guy takes a cool R2.4million per month and we moan sanctions??

      • tamuka

        true story. 20000 is too. munhu rudzii anopuwa 200 000 thousand rands a month

    • Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

      Well said.

    • chiendambuya

      20K including packages.. these salaries are ridiculous.

    • tamuka

      unogwara kani. munhu rudzii anowana $20000(almost 200 000 rands) per month. its way too much. the maximum a person should get is 30 to 50 000 rands

  • Mimi

    Cuthbert Dube and his bunch of Executives should do the right thing and resign with immediate effect following these revelations. How dare he make a mockery of PSMAS. This is the more reason why most private hospitals and doctors do not even value PSMAS card holders and members whenever one seeks for medical attention. Cuthbert Dube is handled as some kind of “God” at PSMAS. Nyamba it was all because the guy has been siphoning members contributions all along. This is a slap in the face for our powers that be for appointing people like these to be Board Members to so many parastatals and organizations. I doubt that even Mugabe himself earns this much money salarywise. Vanhu ava ngavadzingwe because the funds they have gobbled yakatowandisa.But that is if our government is now serious in trying to tackle corruption and mismanagement. I have been a member of PSMAS since 1981, have been faithfully paying my contributions but have been having shoddy treatement by PSMAS all the time. This is sicknening and really sad.

  • Thumani

    Is this the same man who said he had single-handledly kept ZIFA afloat using his personal funds?. Revelations of his exorbitant salary at PSMAS suggest it was not personal funds after all. I have searched jobs in the USA and the $200,000 he earned per month is much greater than a whole year’s salary for engineers, lawyers and doctors in the USA. I wonder what type of work these executives really do to deserve such high salaries? What difference do they really make to the profit and growth of these organisations? I think some organisations involved in these salary-bonanza scandals could go for a year without a board of directors and there would be no significant difference to the way they operate. Some may even turn a profit after getting rid of those exorbitant head-office expenses.

    The said thing is apart from being fired no further action may be taken against these thieving executives. At US$200,000 he could have been buying a house each month in the Dale or Vale low density suburbs. These recent revelations are proving that corruption is so wide-spread in our nation in both the private, public sectors. I some times wonder if regime change would help change this scene of corruption that is so prevalent in all sectors? PSMAS executives probably enjoyed these salary bonanzas all through the Government of National Unity.

    • Bullet at Falls

      Of course they did. July he was on $144,000.00/month basic. Tisati tataura mamwe ma allowances ekuvakirwa security wall (read durawall) at each of his houses in the Vale and Dale areas, just as akazonzwa kunyara akaita approve for Happison at ZBC. What is he earning at ZBC and ZIFA, we may want to know also?

      To HE, The President, please tinokumbirawo your position on this. Because chirwere ichi I am very sure chakatekeshera nema quasi-government organizations ose. Please Please HE!

    • iamlg34

      That won’t change anything. You see Zimbabweans have come to a point where corruption is standard in society and history shows economies like that will never survive. You see President Mugabe is not in every office in Zimbabwe the damn citizens are and so no one will want to invest in Zimbabwe except criminals and you know how much they care about the people.

      Anyway income for executives of this organization should have been published monthly so you can track all public income. Africans need to educate themselves. They can only do this because the citizens didn’t demand a notice of income changes for public run companies. Just go buy private healthcare.

  • Payer

    Day light robbery. There intended work is not done only stealing the money. Thus shocking. fire them.

  • Tich

    (Assuming this is true and not the usual renationalisation of issue in Zim to take the nation away from focusing on something really brewing underneath) I remember reading Reason Wafa’s article around 27th December 2013 about a betrayed nation! I wonder how that article made it – in the Herald! To use his sentiment – Then you blame Zimbabwe’s plight of the povo on the Sanctions!!!

  • mwana wevhu

    vakomanaaaaa ah zvakaoma shuwa.i can’t believe this?????? $200 000,00 per month.

    • Shayanewako

      Back in the diaspora, you do not earn one tenth of that per year, and contented. Someone is asleep at the wheel.

    • thewiseone

      Thats too much money for one individual. Anenge achimboita basa rei chaizvo chaizvo. What exactly. PSMAS has a reputation of not paying for medical services and hence is the most infamous medical aid. Unotoita kutsvaga ma medical practioners that accept it. Come now, $200 000 is day light robbery. I bet these ##### don’t even pay taxes.

  • pastor

    this jus show how the system in the country has broken down.a forensic audit shld b conducetd @ all gvt institutions coz a lot is hapeng.this is jus a tip of the ice bag.

    • Guest

      Hapana nyaya apa. Varume!!!!! pane mari dzatiri kurova isu tiri kumusoro soro chaiko. Aaaaagh!!!!!! kuno we are sharing Trunks of Diamonds & you are talking about 20k chete

      • Tendai


  • Wolves Witches and Giants

    You just have to love Zimbabweans. We have refined the art of I don’t give a ***** that its so sickening.

  • MweniTafara

    Can be suitable pilot cases for economic treason with possible penalty of hanging just to teach Zim folks that corruption kills and it must end for sure.

    • Bofuratsikamwana

      dai mutemo wakasimba wachitangira ipapa kujere stret with hard leba as prisoners they shld actually work on the farms for free kusvika vati chuzi

  • Mbanda

    I wonder if the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe himself gets this much while we should not forget that the same person is on Z.I.F.A., and Z.B.C. payrolls. I’m just waiting for whatever decision that is going to be made by whoever is responsible and this alone can tell exactly where we heading towards.

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    Because Zimbabwe is a failed state without leadership, except a bunch of self-centred politicians, I tell you, nothing will happen to Chief Dube and Co! It is the long suffering povo – Civil Servants who will have to fund PSMAS to be vaible again! Chinonzi Corporate Governance muZimbabwe hatina zvachose! Ndapa kutenda zvangu!

  • Dimingo

    Thanks for the revelations. Please also give us salary schedule for Zimbabwe Revenue Authority`s executive management team. These people earn our tax and they cannot provide CCTVs in their offices and border posts to monitor corruption because they claim that they do not have resources. Maybe like PSMAS the resources are going to salaries. I hope they will gladly provide their schedule since one of their values is Transparency.

  • Kivalo

    THE USA PRESIDENT EARNS US$33,000 per month and he presides of a 15 trillion dollar economy. The CEO of a debt ridden company in Zimbabwe makes 7 times more! Dont they have some conscience?


    I think government needs a new ministry “MINISTRY OF AUDITOR GENERAL”, to take care of all state enterprises, yesterday it was Muchechetere and the rot at ZBC, today C Dube and crew haversting from PSMAS, mangwana ndiniwo neyangu kuno kwandiri Director. Its a wake up call to the gvt of the day.

  • patriot

    a basic salary of 2.4million a year is ridiculous…execs and some hedge fund managers in the US have fixed earnings of 400-800k a year, the rest are bonuses….this is insane, these same gentlemen cut costs in all other areas of business including medical stocks purchases and equipment purchases for their hospitals…we are lagging behind in technology for issues such as cancer and preventative based medical care yet they gobble so much at the expense of government and the public….

    The relevant minister should suspend the board and CEO, these acts akin to treason as these guys are putting the multitude of civil service employees and the general membership [close to 1million ] at risk.

  • Chaitemura

    ndapa kutenda hangu! This country has gone to the dogs! Nothing but a bunch of looters at every turn, all driven by self-interest and shielded by politicians! How does such daylight thievery go ‘unnoticed’? Shuwa here $200 000 per month vanhu vachitamburira zvakadai mari yavanocontributer to have health cover! Izvezvi ichangofa yakaloader sedzimwe nyaya! Zvakaoma hazvo!NXAAA

  • Cleopas Hwinya

    Government needs to keep looking into these packages. A look at the publishers of this story will also be interesting. Zimpapers Salaries? No, maybe in the Daily News !

  • May god Help ZW

    the issue is not Cuthbert Dube . the issue is about the whole system of our governance. I am so ashamed to be Zimbabwean !!!

  • Bullet at Falls


  • Nesongano

    There is more to this!!!! Ko Pasi nevamwe vake varikunokora zvakadii kuZimra uko kune mapayroll maviri. Imwe payroll ndeye vashandi, imwe ndeye mamanager!!!

  • Murozvi

    There is nothing private about a person’s salary paid out of public funds. If the President himself’s salary is made public, why he hell should little Cuthbert Dube feel his salary is confidential? We want to know the compensation of EVERY SINGLE executive in governmental/ quasi-governmental departments! We want a transparent civil service and public service. We need a purge of all these good-for-nothings it will not suffice to simply transfer them to other departments. Zim-Asset will never work with this type of rubbish going on. SHOW US YOU ARE SERIOUS..

  • ndodanyika yangu

    ok guys lets try communism

    • kiya_kiya

      It will produce the same result. the elites will still claim an inordinate share while the masses starve. The problem is human morality and not not the -isms.

    • Diva Dolla

      no thank u!

    • Mukomuredhi weZanu

      Open Letter to The President,
      I am appealing to your Excellence The President Of The People’s Republic of Zimbabwe to get rid of this rot in the Parastatals and Government Departments. Corruption has become so contagious and stylish in the public sector that culprits know that at the end of the day, they walk scot free. This time, Gushungo, please save your country by taking a firm stance on corruption and get these greedy beasts to atone for their evil deeds. They are tarnishing your name and leadership and milking the country of its meagre finances when they should come up with strategies to improve the status quo.
      . Yes sanctions are there and they are an external problem beyond our control but corruption is a vice just in our backyard. People are demoralised by these corrupt managers and ministers. In cabinet, you are fighting a lone battle and most of the ministers are a liability to the state, they cannot think outside the box and add value to Zimbabwe. Some of these people will show public allegiance to ZANU PF and The President in order to steal in daylight without being touched.
      Please instruct each minister to investigate the “goings-on” in their ministries and parastatals and take firm action. MaMinisters enyu anokutyai Gushungo zvokuti mukangotaura kuti munoda maAudited reports for each and every ministry and parastatal, panoita bararamhanywa. Please take action now Gushungo, people still have hope and trust in you. Pamberi nekuvaka upfumi hwenyika. Pasi nehuwori….Cde Rovai Nhora paWenella

  • Gushungo

    There you are, Cry My Beloved Country!!
    Yesterday’s Herald reported that the Society last produced audited accounts in 2009. There was a Group Finance Director earning $200k yet he failed to produce Audtied Accounts.
    The rot Board and Management must be brought to book.
    Service providers not paid on time.

  • Samaz

    Anhuwoye izvi zvinochemedza diko. Anhu anohora mari yakadai, amweni tiri kufa ngenzara? Mwari pindirai…. Ndarwadziwa ini!

    • Shame

      We need a regulatory body that looks into salaries of all CEOs in Parastatals and companies and there should be a ceiling that a CEOs should not be paid over and above an agreed reasonable amount. All salaries should be open to public view. That way we will not have all these shocking revelations when most people are living below the poverty datum line! These CEOs are shameless thieves who belong behind bars.

    • crashdiva

      taura hako ndikafunga yandinotambira ka zvakaoma shuwa

  • Samaz

    Magumisiro acho chinyi?

  • jethro

    Gumbura wandigumbura

  • YOWE78


  • KingZaka||

    Ndigwinyai akasvotwa nokubudiswa basa ave kuiita izvo kkkkk. anga ari wemishonga murume uyo

  • koke

    Idyai Mari varume, isu ma diamonds akatopera takaidya zve…. Maka bhuroka mongoti ma sanctions,ndimi madiiwo???

  • Jast Enough


  • dee

    Please CDE Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defense forces please , you have saved us from the British and Americans. Please save us from Curthbert Dube and Happison Muchechetere. Please save us from corruption.

  • tutu

    Ndosaka tavakutengeswa mishonga ichinzi over the counter medicines haibhadharwe nemedical aid, kuti mari yacho ibhadhare ka vanaDube.

  • Hondo

    This parirenyatwa guy is too slow mhen!! Moyo set an example, he received a report and immediately suspended ma dhandahedhi at ZBC…why cant you do the same iwe minister iwe! These figures cannot just pop out from soeone’s head, they is real big problems at PSMAS and you are taking forever to know whats happening! Deadwood!!

  • Stanford

    Mbavha chaidzo. Get them into prison without trial. These salaries, did I hear correctly are yearly salaries?
    I cant believe you if you say they are monthly salaries because here in SA top executives of profit making private companies get 1.5 to 2 times that figure per year. St

  • Sambulo

    Civil servants are in for a shock when they shall realise the same looters increased the subs from $7 per adult to $20.
    Sure i made to pay $100 for 5 adults just to finance someones girlfriends

  • mhofu

    for once i am speachless…..

  • Nay

    This is outrageous to say the least. If these figures are true then the whole top brass need to be fired and their possessions sold to recover funds that the society is owing the banks.Gwinyai need to be included as well. By now he may have skirt the boarder.Cuthbert appeared like a Messiah to the football but look what he has done. He also need to relinquish his post at ZIFA forthwith coz that institution ca not be run by greedy people like him.Our Corporate governance is in tatters.Please check qualifications of these guys and you will be shocked.

  • PSMI staff

    PSMI is a division of psmas headed by Dr Muchena, who is the Group Managing Director, V. Chiapa, The Group Finance Director , and. Other Directors , Muchena eanrns $190 000.00 and Chaipa very close there. The board for Psmas is same as PSMI , Chairman of board for Psmas and PSMI , they are not known people holding almost clerical functions in Goverment, Namasasu and Chabururuka respectively, Chabururuka , PSMI chairman and Namasasu drives and latest Ministerial Mercedes Benz, given by PSMI , several other cars given through PSMI , and houses recently bought for them in Greendale for over $400k.

    Dr Muchena , has the latest following cars bought for him through PSMI or car deals spearheaded by Stanford dehwe, the corrupt Propery manager , who is filthy rich. Muchena has the following latest model cars E300, V8 Land cruiser , GML Benz , Jeep Sherokee, land crusher pickup( motorcade shape), 2x Toyota land crusher, E280 . Several houses in Mandara, Brooke and mount pleasant. A farm in Beatrice with state of art machinery and over 1000 beast , expensive driveway from gate to farmhouse , several generators bought through company overpriced deals with kipor.

    I will give you numbers for corrupt persons of PSMI working as Dr Muchena front namely dehwe and Gambura to call them. Lets deal with corrupt members head on

    • Cde nkosi

      So wht ..leave this guys alone.if you a working at PSMI does this give you a right to say want to destroy the name PSMI.if Muchena has all that propery,do you know his history.he has all those things before joining PSMI.ask before you talk too much.go to hell silly sellout.if it was a white man with all that would you say all this.leave the black man to be rich.Pliz leave C.Dube, Muchena,Dehwe ,etc alone.this guys have made PSMI one of the most leading health sector in Zimbabwe.

      • Mukotami

        come on cde, Its up to Muchena to let us know how he manages such an affluent life, Please lets wake up and stop this rot!

  • ruuuuuuuu

    Hapanaka anga achazviongorora izvi, mu parliament macho vanhu vaingoswera vachitukana nekuimbana vachingorwira ukuru kusvikira 5yrs dzapera voendazve kuma elections. Iyo Min of Health yacho yaimbova naMinister vapiko for the past 5yrs? Sure mari dzekutamburira dzevanhu sure!

    vaitora yese vopanana uku vasingabhadhari ma service providers at the end mushandi orambirwa achinzi chi society chenyu handibhadhari, otambudzika neurwere asi mari yaka deductwa pa pay slip. Mwari pindirai, zviri kubuda zvishoma-zvishoma. Muchechetere ndiye akatanga hezvo uyu sare vamwe vacho. ZESA ndiyo imwe futi, chikwereti chavo hachifi chakapera why?

  • Kufahakurambwe

    I shall not speak

  • matie

    Izvi zvava kuda kuti nhengo dzema’board ose ema’parastatals dzi’investegetwe kuti dzino’pega sei ma;salaries e’management uyewo nekuti maMinister nemaPermanent secretary acho vakagamuchira izvi zvinoshamisa nyika yese, kwemakore akawanda nemhaka yei.

  • james

    Zimbabweans lets grow up what is 200 000. Thats nothing some take that per week.

    • Inini

      Iwe its not 200 000 Zim dollar but USD raObama of which a civil servant is getting 400 only per calendar month.

    • robzam

      Which planet are you from?

  • harare

    well done herald good reporting keep it up

  • Diva Dolla

    Greed at the highest level,,,ko mukadya padoko padoko,,,hamuoni here kuti mangwana munodya zve pamuonde iwowo,,,zvino ramangwana rePSMAS rakamira sei??

  • ian

    Its quite pleasing to see this coming from the Herald, Mr. Editor!. Kudos to the new Minister too. It shows that you are really on the ball! Continue to bring all these issues to the fore not only in PSMAS but in the other institutions as well, both public and private. We eagerly await to see what the responsible authorities are going to do about it.

  • Diva Dolla

    I shudder to think what indegenization will result in if these are the preliminary signs,,,greed everywhere!!

  • makumbo

    ndarwadziwa, sure sure here? Increament after increament, Dube should be removed from all Boards yesterday. sell their properties please please ndapota hangu. I get embarrassed everytime I go to a medical practitioner becase PSMAS haibhadhare even kuWestend hospital chaiko. Shame on you. with 230k even 60k every month, one can afford to buy a house in high density areas every month. hahahahahahah zvenyu makagarika.

    • Mapingire

      This issue has ultimate public interest, let the President appoint a commission of inquiry into the issue of salaries in parastatals and councils. The commission should be composed mostly of lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Seasoned HR Practisioners and Chartered Secretaries, headed by a Human Rights Lawyer or High Court Judge. They should not be linked to any of the industries. A team of six (very senior professionals) would suffice to unpack the rot. The resultant report should be made public. Dube should be immediately suspended pending dismissal and prosecution. FULL STOP!!!! They should tell us how much is the lowest employee paid

  • BlaJonso

    Its devilish!! They must face trial, defrauding the society! Asi nhai anhuwe, panenge pachine conscience here apa? Ndashama zvangu!

  • talkfacts

    Parire Nyatwa

    Yes Zim has its own problems, but people like Dube and nhanhikire, uyu, uyu unonzi aniko weku Blood Services, vari kukonzeresa. Vana hozheri hamunyari, and you still have the boldness to stand before hungry employees and the nation muchitaura manyepo. Muri vana satani chaivo. Muri kuuraya vanhu.

    Bumbiro rehealth muri kupiko, nekuti apa parire nyatwa chaiyo, please wonai zvekuita, we are tired of having such grievous matters swept under the carpet.

    Idzi hadzisisiri nyaya dzekukurukura muchimwas whisky. DEAL WITH ISSUES ISSUES DECISIVELY, usu taneta nazvo.

  • nhoroondo wejerera

    no guys regai macivil servants apopte tis is only a tip of the iceberg the whole system is rot straight from the top, where are the responsible authorities, ministries, who will guard the guard, governance in a dilemma, nyika ino izere mbavha dziri inhumane, then woti nyika inoita zvakanaka with these thieves, the same dube was earning hefty director fees at ZBC

  • Psmi

    What about Farai Muchena, the Group MD. He is not on this list. He earns $190 000/month

  • matufenge

    how much does Chifamba, CEO of ZESA earn pliz?

  • PSMI staff

    Comeon. Lets talk now about their Psmas Division PSMI, Dr Muchena is the managing director and Chaipa , the finance director. Muchena earns $190k for sure, and has the following latest cars , merc E300, merc , ministerial Jeep Sherokkee, land crusher Vx V8, 2 Toyota hilux, land crusher motor Cade pick up shape,E 280, among other cars,

    Chabururuka chairman for PSMI , was given several cars by PSMI/psmas , including an E300 ministerial merc together with chairman for psmas , Namasasu . These are not know people in societies and hold almost clerical Goverment post. They had been bought 2 houses each in Greendale over $400,000. They have children employed in the company both of them.

    Dr Muchena further through his corrupt frontier and filthy rich, Stanford dehwe, Propery manager the have stolen millions through deals they engage for acquiring janesse cars for other managers whist they buy brand knew cars for themselves and other PSMI executives. These Japanese car are bought at fictitious price. Deals are forced through accountants and GM ruled and controlled by fear from Muchena who is feared like a God at PSMI . They give themselves millions of loans , to themselves and the employee spies, and girl friends within the company some promoted to HR manager without qualifications.

    • Disgruntled PSMI Staff

      Absolutely true, i can testify. For instance a Toyota Corolla bubble shape is said to have been bought for $11 600 when the actual cost is under $7 000. We have proof of this.

      • Chimsoro

        munozivao chinonzi “whistleblowing”?

    • Dehwe

      Say something more about the Stanford Dehwe dude. Very interesting

  • Zimbochairo

    Again we still find articles not well edited making it to print… “After Mr Dube, the nest two top earners…” Bring back Zvayi then.

  • Henry KIng

    Well I thought all our problems were caused by sanctions imposed by the West ?

  • Mafirakureva

    please also come to Zimsec and do investigations

  • Cephas Havurovi

    This CEO and his managers should be fired .They have no respect of their clients who are the people who make them to be what they are(CEO AND managers ).My our Honorable ministers of finance ,Health and Labour look into this anomaly.


    • Dehwe

      I was going to say the same as well. Especially NSSA

  • gr8zimbabwean

    34 years ndiko kuzvitonga kuzere kauku

  • Sally

    So the CEO earns about US1.8m per annum, whilst the Prime Minister of New Zealand earns about $320 000 per year.This is daylight robbery,utter madness when people can’t even afford a decent meal.Fire them all.



  • mhofu

    vanoda death sentence

  • Tuksedo

    I’ve lived in the US, home of the greenback, for 16 years now, straight. I’ve lived and worked in Florida, New York, Michigan, Georgia, north Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas. No one, but no one makes that kind of money heading a similar sized, loss making entity, even a profitable one. The monetary value is artificial in Zim and there you are using a currency you neither understand nor appreciate. And these $534 000 houses, do you know you can buy a 3000 square foot ocean front condo, in beautiful south Florida, AND have change? $300 000 loans?
    Woe is my beloved Zimbabwe.

    • Enock Mpofu

      Say that again, Tuksendo!!!

    • iamlg34

      I was just thinking the same thing about the houses. Zimbabwe homes are ridiculously overpriced. Home values are suppose to be on par with average income of that community and Zim is way off.

  • Chamunorwa

    Now it is the time for concrete action i.e real action to bring these crooks to book honestly how can 1 man earn $230K muno muZimbabwe aah? VaChidyausiku ngavaite basa apa coz these guys should restitute all that they were paid which is above the reasonable limit for a Co like PSMAS. I challenge the Anti-Corruption Commission to show us kuti its alive and also H.E President Mugabe to take very decisive action ndoparikufira nyika ipapa pakagadziriswa pehugreedy apa nyika inonaka coz mapolicies anenge avekutevedzerwa. Reminds why Cde Happyson said the Daily News ” I dont care ” he knew of this and when you look at it Cde Happyson is a saint in comparison to this greed at PSMAS.

  • munt omnyama

    the ripple effect of such corruption goes far. These guys need to be arraigned before a firing squad. There’s no law in Zimbabwe

  • chibaya canisios

    Zimbabweans are a lawful people hence all this nonsense, if it were in other countries this man could have been made to swallow a bullet by members of the public. Kudheerera wanhu we-Zimbabwe kudaro chiiko nhai? Kwaakuti wamwe wari kukanga iwe uri kundonokora zvako chete! Ha-a ibvapo mhani iwe. Isu tiri kuti ngati wake tidzoreredze upfumi hwenyika pakare iwe haudi izvozvo! A!, kubva unoziva pawakatsika nekuti with our Police force you can try to dine with them and if they refuse what ever you happen to be offering, you as well well try it with the courts because all these do not have money you are likely to get away with anything as long as you go flashing the loot.

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    This is obscene and it goes to show that our country is on autopilot because if we had a responsible government and leadership we would not witness such evil shenanigans and blatant daylight robbery. Kunzi mbavha hazvirevi kuzvomorera vanhu zvikwama. Uhwu hwumbavha hwebhiro!!!

  • Mbavha

    Guys ,,, this is not Zim Dollar .. Lets be serious.. we need full audit of all state institutions.

  • Onslo Mukundi

    Pane nyaya.

    They have been tracking Curtbert Dube from ZBC board and now spot on his PSMAS.

    Mind you the guy is on the board of many different orgs…

    Chatanga chimurenga

  • Lady Kay

    VaMugabe wooooyeeee.

  • chikwata

    Ko Mbada Diamonds???????


    Minister of Health was from MDC how come he didnt see this

  • munhu waMwari

    Ini handisi kubvunduka zvachose coz kana Tb Joshua vakati all corrupt leaders are going to fall in this year, therefore it has already began, they are falling down flat

  • pinto

    God help us…afta all they say they dnt have money to pay doctors geezzzzzz..

  • chifamba

    Dont be jealous. Salaries are a function of organisational size, responsibility and performance. Bearing in mind the environment in which we operate as well as the size and stature of PSMAS, $250k is actually nothing. His counterparts in other countries earn millions. Thats capitalism. You can’t get people of his calibre for nothing. Problem is we’re small minded in Zim.

    • Tengenenge

      You must be one of the looters. Care to check what the CEO of Africa’s largest company, MTN, got last year in salary and nonuses? It is public.

    • robzam

      Are you serious or you are joking? This is an organisation that is failing to provide service to its membership and is in serious debt but can afford to pay outrageous salaries to its top executives. Need I not remind you that this is not a profit making organisation but relies on the membership contributions. Your global outlook on salaries is skewed, I am yet to see an organisation that increase salaries so substantially and on three months on the trot. This is corruption at its highest level.

  • Anti Corruption Kumusha

    Kudos to Minister of Information. Do not ever release foot from that pedal!! What is Anti Corruption doing? There was public outcry when bank executives were doing this kind of thing not too long ago. We want change!!

  • Patso

    VaDube pose pamabata musharukwa munosiya maponda Zifa, Zbc, Psmas kuzoti zvatisingaoni. Nyika ingapona here

  • Spark

    Well done Herald for exposing corruption in state owned corporations.

  • murosvesi

    dhora mubhegi macdes

  • Tengenenge

    Beating CEOs of some of the world’s biggest companies

  • blazo

    Well thanks to the Herald you have done your part. Thus as far as your mandate takes you as a patriotic entity. Now, we DEMAND action from the law enforcement agency and the judiciary. Make us have confidence in you again. The Executive arm of government, surely you can not let us down on this one. This nation is CORRUPT. Where is justice for the poor, the widow and the orphan.

  • MuZimba

    This is shocking to say the least Cuthbert wadarirei nhai ko zvaunenge munhu mukuru wani this is day light robbery. Happison was actually taking nuts …………30k only and now our super Cuthbert is taking a cool 230k?

  • gweja

    American president earns $400000,vice president $225521 and the ministers $199700 each,annually check for yourself on the internet.What went wrong for this plunder to have been allowed to flourish unabated?

  • Masiziba

    Where are we possibly heading to as a poor Nation with some firms paying such huge salaries…this is really crazy!!Justice must prevail here aaaah…chii ichochi.

  • taona

    shuwa kuitawo here uku? Okay kana kuri kuita kuite? in this economy vakomana kuba vamwe vachishaya inokwana pdl. ma 1.

  • tens

    These should be hanged.

  • mhofuyomukono

    Ah, guys imagine if these executives can steal such large sums of money, what more about our ministers. This is an indication of how rotten how our society has become. First we should deal with Ministers, I’m sure if we deal with thieving ministers first it won’t be a problem dealing with small fish like Dube and co. But the question is who has the temerity and audacity to probe our ministers.I once raised a point here and said, who will investigate Ministers and survive. Who will probe them and see another light. Chokwadi ndechekuti hapana anemaguts acho.The very moment someone tries to do that, you”re hunted down. Saka lets live with it, until they’re fed up with stealing maybe, as it stands Dube won’t even face the music, if you think I’m lying watch the space and come back here and prove me wrong. This is Zimbabwe, where Ministers,Heads of Parastatals have no heart and behave as if they’re not born like one of us. As it stands, we just cry and cry and no-one is our side. Our politicians have left us on our own, we gave them what they wanted they don care, they deflowered us vakaendanehumahara hwedu musi 31 July, havachakendenga ava. kunzima apa emuhlabeni madoda, niyaizonda lento,.kodwa bayasisokolisa aba bantu.


    this is what is wrong with our country –THIEVES,

  • Nevison Garikai Bara


    Moral suasion is the act of trying to use moral principles to influence
    individuals, groups and even nations to change their policies. Moral
    suasion is an indirect form of getting someone or group of people to
    change their beliefs and actions. Moral suasion must establish some
    moral principles, and the most common principles used with moral suasion
    are the importance of human rights and the principle of utility. Human
    rights establishes fundamental rights for each person, usually employing
    philosopher John Locke’s perspective on live, liberty and property. The
    principle of utility takes from philosopher John Stuart Mill, who
    argued that the correct action is the action that produces the greatest
    of happiness. If this is applied together with the principle of
    optimization then an equilibrium is reached. Optimization being the
    quest for the best in a process that does not enrich others at the
    expense of any other.

    A persuasion tactic used by an authority to influence and pressure,
    but not force, banks and also government institutions into adhering to
    policy. Tactics used are closed-door meetings with bank directors,
    increased severity of inspections, appeals to community spirit, or vague
    threats. Often termed simply ‘suasion’, it has been used to persuade
    banks and other financial institutions to keep to official guidelines.
    The ‘moral’ aspect comes from the pressure for ‘moral responsibility’ to
    operate in a way that is consistent with furthering the good of the
    economy. In Australia, the Reserve Bank has shown preference for this
    type of policy control. In Japan, it is known as ‘window guidance’ and
    in the U.S., it is known as ‘jawboning’ – exercising the persuasive
    power of talk rather than legislation.

    Kuzofunga zvose izvi it is because I have been pained to the bone by
    what is dragging down my Country. I AM PAINED HAMA DZANGU. SHUWA HERE
    SELF $86,000.00 IN A SPACE OF 6 MONTHS.


  • Tengenenge

    And some people say we must do away with the death sentence

  • s nkiwane

    With US$230 000 a month, Curthbeth Dube can actual pay 460 civil servants at US$500 for that month

  • Staff at psmas

    2 million psmas bill plus $3.5 million PSMI bill, $0.5 million PSMI executive equals : 6 million a month . Yowe , Yowe.

  • Tafara Mangwaya

    Dube has destroyed everything..from ZIFA,ZBC and to our most valued medical services yet we are paying for this…pindirai anhu woye…this man is greedy

  • sama

    Did he not steal from ZIFA let us see what allowance he gets from ZIFA, I am very sure the CEO at ZIFA is making a killing salary approved by Cuthbert

  • Professor

    This is what all of us would do if there was a big pot of money and no one was watching or demanding accountability. So I don’t blame them, but those who have the responsibility of oversight on behalf of the public who have failed in their responsibilities. They are the ones whose heads must roll.

  • Parire nyatwa

    Parire nyatwa Danger siren

    Bumbiro rehutano, vanhu vari kufa nenzara nenhamo, and now being excluded from health services because of stinking greed. From National Blood Services to PSMAS. FIX THINGS, tapota

  • zvenyika

    ma1 chaiwo. state sanctioned corruption? we saw this at ZBC as well. no ownder all parastatals have gone under

  • Mugabe1964

    Does anyone know how much the doctors that work for Psmas earn per month

  • James Bond

    How did Mavis Gumbo (mrs mudzami) whose highest qualification is a dubious journalism certificate from a shadowy college called transworld international get that cushy job? from what we gather, she gets people around her to do the work for her!!

  • C K G Mafemba

    Guys this is not fair at all.We are failing to be attended to once the practitioner knows u are holding on PSMAS medical aid..Their clinic or hospital in Bulawayo Hillside is pathetic and they are earning such.Humbavha uhu all members should look for alternative medical aid and leave these guys to enjoy.It is sad.