Prophet Magaya suffers wardrobe malfunction

Prophet Magaya blesses Sharon Macheso  (Picture: H-metro)

Prophet Magaya blesses Sharon Macheso (Picture: H-metro)

Jonathan Mbiriyamveka Entertainment Reporter
PHD Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya suffered a wardrobe malfunction early this week when he solemnised Sharon Macheso and Kudakwashe Munetsi while donning a hoodie and a pair slippers.
Marriage officers usually conduct such services while resplended in suits to show the importance of marriage unions they will be presiding over.
Magaya’s dressing at the wedding appeared as though he had just been woken from sleep without prior arrangement.

He resembled a loafer dressed in a grey hoodie, a pair of tan “chinos” as well as white slippers,.
His dressing fell short of expectactions of the regalia associated with other celebrity preachers like Emmanuel Makandiwa, Uebert Angel and Passion.

When he walked on stage to bless the couple, the guests were shocked by his dressing at the red carpet affair where the dress code was strictly black and red matching the classy decoration courtesy of Daisy Mtukudzi the hostess.

“Ko nhai ndochii ichocho (what’s that?), “ one guest said, adding that, “Is he not aware that there is a dress code?”
Another guest from the PHD Ministris quipped: “Asi vachangomuka (He appears as if he has just woken up).”

“He made a mockery out of Sharon’s wedding,” another guest said.
More than his gift of US$2000 to the newlyweds, and save for his name, Prophet Magaya was not in sync with the formal occassion, and could have easily been mistaken for a gatecrasher.

Of course, during his formative years Prophet Magaya would dress in bright coloured suits including red something the fashion police would not pass.
Although  he is known for portraying a modest lifestyle which includes driving a one litre engine car, the prophet was the odd one out as guests including former top model and Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Marry Chiwenga, who were all dressed to the nines.

Prophet Magaya was invited at the wedding since Nyadzisai Macheso, the wife of sungura ace Alick is a member of the PHD Ministries that fellowships at Zindoga Shopping Centre.

Nyadzisai was full of praises for Prophet Magaya saying since joining the church her life as well as that of her family had changed for the better.
“From the time I joined  Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries things are going on well and whether people talk negative things about him but as for me and my family he is the man who brought light to us and I am now experiencing the hand of God.

“I am now at PHD with the children although  Baba Macheso is still to join us. But he (Macheso) accepts the prophet’s blessings in his activities.”
The Herald Entertainment understands that Nyadzisai  received a prophecy  from Prophet Magaya concerning her husband and fortunately with prayers from the man of God, that prophecy changed everything.

Nyadzisai is one of the many popular faces  including Nicolas “Madzibaba” Zakaria, Henrietta Rushwaya, and Allan Chimbetu who now fellowship at Prophet Magaya’s PHD Ministries.

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  • enford sean mberi

    I love my father PROPHET W. MAGAYA I salute the way he chooses to dress, it is a choice one makes in his life I am sure you have your own kind of dressing you want. I respect the way PROPHET E MAKANDIWA, PROPHET UERBET ANGEL AND PROPHET PASSION chooses to dress that is their style I salute that, my father chooses to wear a hoodie and flip flops that his style you have no right what so ever to comment on his choice of style. Being at the wedding only is Grace to Sharon and family let alone bless them. I think if you If focus better on things that matter than writing about my fathers wardrobe, even if he decides to put on shorts and come to the service and prophecy, Heal and Deliver in the name of the Almighty GOD all is well. ndisiireiwo Baba vangu please have better things to do.

  • Child of Zion

    Suit or no suit shoko rinoenda mberi. Its not about the fancy looks but preaching the word of God

  • Dhazimeta

    imi Dressing haina ne basa rese akaita zvaanga avinga chete…

  • gwati

    Uyo anenge Dehwa ari kuseri ndianizve??

  • Bingo

    Hamusikuwona here kuti munhu akarohwa nebhawa uyu

  • Hacha Ndizvo

    All in support of the Prophet here are misguided. Magaya just displayed a lack of taste bordering on the uncouth. Dressing is an age old fetish – where every occasion demanded a certain type of dress code. Even in the old days a person would chose the best dumbu (skin/hide) for a wedding ceremony. Dressing like a street kid by a person who can well afford better clothing shows lack of respect for the bride and groom and their relatives. I can imagine how the wedding photos will come out. Twenty years from now when Sharon shows here wedding photos to her children they will remark “Ko iri blaz ndiyaniko iri?”. Magaya’s acolytes may love the hermit image that he is trying to portray here but the fact still remains that for an accession such as a wedding his dressing is badly out of place, taste and sync. Even the great Biblical Prophets did not appear before kings dressed as clowns and even Jesus was certainly not so badly dressed at the wedding at Cana. Do not defend the indefensible.

    • Handsome

      He is a man of God l believe that but lam deeply disturbed by the way he dressed on an occasion highly regarded by God the father.Maybe the man of God has an explanation for the way he was dressed least he gives the devil a foot hold.

  • Mapingire Charles Garikayi

    Did you bother to ask why the Prophet was dressed in such a way ? Already you have nailed him .

    • mapungubwe dundilabazwele

      You cannot do any good thing without disappointing anybody

  • Dudzayi Mutemounodavaranda.

    Its not okay for this dude who is so rude to dress in poor taste and fail the expectations of the bride,groom, their loved ones and guests. This was a mockery and disrespect for the people who invited him,

  • Charles

    Kikikiki.Haaa Yah!

  • Faster

    Pa dressing munhu ngaapfeke zvaanoda.Ma tastes e dressing anosiyana muupenyu

  • Tee Jay

    Why make noise over the dressing yaProphet. Itori bhoo wani.

  • Mandi

    The most important thing is he blessed the marriage. blessings are not in the dressing but in his word. asi dai vakauya vasina mashoko eblessing. zvino kana vakaataura zvakatofaya.

  • ZANU Panyanga

    Magaya akarohwa nechamba uyu. Idressing yekupi iyoyo.

  • diana

    vhangeri ndoriparidza chete!!!!!!!!!vhangeri ndoriparidza chete!!!!!! Vhangeri rababa!!!!!!!!!!!!!singing
    pamberi neshoko raMwari!

  • Marko Makeche

    HONGU Magaya wapfeka mapatapata,tazviona mashora ,then what about the HEALING AND DELIVERANCE why cant you talk about it,what is important a single pair of patapata and the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people being healed and delivered by the man of GOD W MAGAYA to those who think Magaya is a devil coz of wearing patapatas go to Magaya and be delivered,the devil is hounting you.

  • Mukotami

    You guys are delusional, your blind support for mere mortals is dangerous! Ungap

  • fact

    guys trully spkng apa akabaiza apa kana zvanzi formal try to be formal kuita kunge ari kuenda kubirthday party here. dress code was red bt appeared in grey kaki n ahite deakaisawo black t was better