Prophet Angel sues SuperSport for US$1,5m

Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Uebert Angel

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel has slapped South African media company SuperSport with a US$1,5 million lawsuit over an article published on the firm’s website predicting Liverpool Football Club as this year’s winner of the English Premiership League title.
Prophet Angel, through his lawyers Mr Wilson Manase, Mr Wellington Pasipanodya and Mr Tinashe Tanyanyiwa of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners, filed the lawsuit at the High Court yesterday.

He denies ever making such a prophecy and that if Liverpool fails to win the title, his followers will lose confidence in him.
In the article published on end of December last year headlined “Zimbabwean prophet predicts Liverpool to win title”, Prophet Angel was quoted as saying: “Liverpool, I am with you this year and God has shown me he is returning you to your glory days.”
According to the prophet’s declaration, the words were strange to him and defamatory.

“The said words, in the context of the article, are wrongful and defamatory to the plaintiff in that the plaintiff never uttered such a prophecy and he considers such an allegation defamatory in nature and that when it does not come true, the plaintiff’s reputation as a spiritual leader and prophet of the Christian God will suffer greatly.

“These reported words are completely fallacious and unbeknown to the plaintiff and will defame him when the alleged prediction does not come to pass,” read part of the plaintiff’s declaration.

Prophet Angel’s standing in society as a religious leader, according to the court papers, derives its foundations on the visions he receives from God and attributing to him prophecies he did not make has an effect of demeaning him.

It is argued that Prophet Angel might lose his followers as a result of the “false” story.
“Further, the article was published without any care of investigating the truth and risks alienating the plaintiff from his followers and reducing his eminence as a spiritual leader and prophet of God,” the declaration reads.

Prophet Angel tried to justify the US$1,5 million suit arguing that he was a highly respected church leader who had a huge following.
“The plaintiff claims the sum of US$1 500 000 considering his character and stature as a prophet with great following and an individual who is respected the world over by religious, social and political leaders.

“The plaintiff is entitled to compensation because once the defamatory statement has been published, it is very difficult to rehabilitate completely a reputation even if it is proved in court that the statement was misguided . . .”

Prophet Angel, in the summons, cited SuperSport and the owners —MIH Group — as defendants. The summons were served on SuperSport’s agent in Zimbabwe, Skynet (Pvt) Ltd, which trades as Multichoice Zimbabwe. Although the defendants are foreign entities, Prophet Angel’s lawyers argue that the High Court has jurisdiction to preside over the case.

“This Honourable Court has jurisdiction to entertain this matter because the DStv subscriptions paid by thousands of Zimbabweans to the defendants through their agent Multichoice Zimbabwe, are capable of being attached to confirm jurisdiction in terms of Section 15 of the High Court Act,” Prophet Angel argues.


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  • Mudzanire Mudzanire

    I hope he donates the $1.5m to Tokwe-Mukosi victims IF he wins the case to show he is no being opportunistic and greedy what with his ” US$60m fortune”. If he loses he should pay the full costs !!

    • Vincent Mwana WaMajor Zimbizi

      Donate?. Why?. What have you donated iwewe?. Who are you to tell people what they should do with their money?. Iwewe uri ani manje pamari Ya Prophet. Wakambodonetera ani iwewe?. tanga wadoneta computer yako iyo usati waudza vamwe zveku doneta

      • aah tazviona kuti uri die hard fan , its just pathetic kuona aumwe murume achibva abuda ziya kudai kusupporter umwe munhu aaah ndimi mafans chaiwo …Siya vanhu vaite air their views kwete kuita reply pese pese uchitukirira vanhu aaah zvambodini pple are entitled to their own opinions usade kutyisa vanhu ..

      • Tozvireva

        Iwe Vincent, Mudzanire Angel ngaatendeuke nhasi…..hell hath no fury.period

      • Mbanda

        Usade kutyisa vanhu ’cause zveku popota izvi kune vane zvipo. uri mutendi here kana kuti utori bhinyawo zvako?

  • Bango

    munhu wamwari ita zvekunamata haikona zvekuita sue vanhu. if u continue to be greedy God will take away all he has given u in the blink of an eye

    • chitundumuseremusere

      pray for your enemies Pastor!

    • Vincent Mwana WaMajor Zimbizi

      Hahaha. Ko zvamurimi munomboti haasi munhuwaMwari?. Your are confused. You know Prophet Angel is a man of God, but you are too Proud to admit. Your Jealousy will kill you.

      • Bango

        Papi pacho pandati haasi munhu waMwari? Kana matsotsi vanhu vaMwari too….

      • Tozvireva

        No jealousy. The facts are loud and clear….HAASI munhu waMwari wa Abraham……maybe munonamat vamwari vekughana?

  • Tinotonga

    Vatendi havachabhadhari, nhaka svichadya vana svarohwa nenhamo paZaka isvoMudzanire! Huya uvone ugodzokera!!!!

    • Vincent Mwana WaMajor Zimbizi

      Iwewe ndiwe unenhamo, May God deliver you from your stupidity.

      • swa

        iwe ndaona uine problem, you cant face the truth. zvapera zveuPROPHET apa, zvasarira vana Magaya. kwangove kutsvaka mari coz maOFFERINGS eku Church kwenyu ave mashoma.

    • Bongani

      ane nhamo ndiweka anoswerotambira pama platforms aya uchishaya zvekurotomoka, isu vana vamajor tiripo pakukuudzai truth he never eats our money, hez a Business man and very established, ita easy tinotongwa

  • hamatakatambura

    It seems to me that this is a premature suit. You do not sue for defamation in anticipation of defamation. Liverpool has not yet not won the English Premier League title (though its unlikely they will win it.) Only if they don’t win it will Angel have been defamed, if at all.

  • Mimi

    This proves what Zimbabweans have always suspected all along. Obviously Prophet Angel needs the money to recoup the loses that he dished out during Bona & Simba’s wedding. Ndizvo zvinoita munhu waMwari here izvozvi, kukudza dollar kudaro.

  • Mr V

    Jesus was called all sorts of name in addition to beatings and etc. He cleared said they will persecute you worse than Him, but he said “Lord Forgive them for they dont know what they are doing”. cant you do the same mr angel. If you get slapped on the left cheek, give the enemy the right cheek for another slap and say “Be Blessed” to your enemy, i beleive that God’s way. Dont repay evil by evil.

    • Tozvireva

      you are very correct. a student can’t be greater tahn his teacher…..may be he is emulating boateng…..their father which art in ghana!!!

  • Jimmy

    vanonamata Mwari mumweya nemuzvokwadi vanooneka nemabasa …chihonai maporofita enyu akuita sue vemapepa, loosing track of their relevance…christianity is not business

  • Mambombi

    Ok, so being a true christian has to be associated with a so-called prophecy of some sort. I prophesy that you are going to wake up with 1 million in your account…i prophesy that you are going to get petrol from your water taps tomorrow ..etc. All these self proclaimed prophets’ unsolicited prophecies must from now on be recorded and put on tape so that if they don’t come to pass, they must be thrown in jail for being an alarmist through peddling falsehoods packaged as prophecies and creating apprehension amongst the populace.

  • Pablo Escobar

    President Mugabe would have been a multi billionare by now if he was suing newspapers for writing false reports about his health.There have been reports in western newspapers about his death,so if there is anyone with a genuine case for suing the media, it would be him and not this frivilous lawsuit that Angel is filling.This story was first reported in Dec and why did it take you this long to deny the claims? Just start the next sermon by telling your followers not to believe newspaper reports,how difficult is that?Unless they already have doubts,then i can see why you are worried.Your only regrets is you didn,t say Chelsea,otherwise you would be ready to take the credit People told lies about Jesus and his disciples yet they never sued anybody for fear of losing followers.Angel tikwanire Nxa-aa.

  • Tonderayi Chanakira

    Prophet Angel kana uri munhu wa mwari siyana nazvo! Handiwo matsvagirwo anoitwa mari The kingdom of heaven talks of no money BUT ever lasting life! Siyana nazvo!

  • manqoba mamamela

    fake prophet, your day will come

  • Treiwashe mwana waAngel

    people shdnt jus say things and label as if th prophet said them he never said that and way to go Major batai vanhu

    • Tozvireva

      read Revelation chapter 5. maybe muri masvikiro asingazive shoko.

  • Cde Anti-corruption

    Why wait from December to now? Is it because the “prophecy” doesn’t look like it’s going to be fulfilled? $1.5m just for his reputation? Gees, i wonder….

  • Emmanuel

    The guys from the papers must learn to write the truth and not create their own stories which are misleading the readers.

  • Tanyanyiwa

    These, prophets, are very canning, they want to reap where they never sowed.
    Do you thing the paper can say what he never said’ i doubt very much.

  • David

    Really super sport do deserve it thats deformation of character, Prophet Uebert you should have slapped them with a larger amount so that next time they no not to publish false stories.

  • muhammad salif

    How could super sport do such a thing to a man of God like that? Really guys you do deserve it that will teach you to get off your lazy asses and investigate these type of stories first.

  • muhammad salif

    I might not be from your church but i love you prophet amd what you did to super sport they deserve it

  • Paradzai

    manga majaira kugara muchingonyora zvamunoda pamusoro pevanhu vaMwari. Kunamata hakusi kupusa. Ngaipinde busy iyo supersport yacho.

    • Tozvireva

      Dzoraiwo muprofita arasika. Bvunzaiwo ana Guti naana Mwazha mudzidziswe chinamato. siyai nyika nezvinhu zvayo

    • pppppppppp

      Kana Mwari ari Mwari regai azvirwire, ko munonamata chimupunzo here?

  • Solilo

    A true man of GOD should not waste time fighting earthly battles.

  • Teddy

    Let the company face the rap

  • jairus

    jesus was accused of so many things but he never sued anyone and request payment from them but you claim to be man of GOD what for if you cant forgive and forget.

    • Bongani

      u want me to remind u kuti hez not Jesus, hez a man of God, unless u see him as God, of which hez a servant with rights too. tym yajesu kwaiva ne mercedes or bentley here hanti Jesu decided to ride the best there was at that tym thus a clean shaved donkey

    • pppppppppp

      Use capital letter for the name “Jesus”, He is the Lord Please

  • leeangel

    the truth is the media lied and they deserved to be sued, why should they be telling lies? as for the church splitting those are lies because we are 100% Spirit Embassy Die Hard we will go nowhere we are there to stay whether the media continues to right lies or the truth. we love our prophet because he is a man of God who hears directly from God, God remembered us.we need him more than he needs us so cool down our church is actually increasing in membership.

    • Hemp

      I wish you and your fellow insane asylum candidates a rapid recovery from the psychological impairment that ails you.

    • Tozvireva

      batsirai muporofita akarasika uyo…musangomutevera nemusango mese… go by the Word….Jesus is love…kwete kutsvaka pfuma nechinamato. shame

      • leeangel

        tiudzei shoko racho imi munoziva kana musingatenderani nazvo tangai yenyu chechi

  • ini hangu

    “Might lose his followers”. LOL

    • Bongani

      Prophets are man of Integrity and dignity because of the words which comes out of their mouths, and his duty is to fish man, so kana makunyepoa, yes people will stop beklieiving in the man of God, simple, that what it means, chingotaurai truth hapana problem no law suit

  • Muvhitori

    Eish! prophet prophet prophet were in the word have you ever seen a man of God going to these earthly courts to seek recourse even though some were called all sorts of names, some were beaten, tortured, murdered etc etc but they left there cases rest with God, I am even surprised to hear that a man of your stature has lawyers, I hope the story itself is not true Mr Angel not the prophet that we know, kandi zviri kumbofamba sei chaizvo mazuva ano nhai munhu wamwari, are u loosing touch now?

    • Bongani

      which touch, hz a man of God true, with a life to lead and heaven to enter, haangasekereri muchifukura hapwa dzenhemaka, munoda kubhadhariswa mizive zvekutaura, he has a personality to safeguard nhako munobhadhara chete!

    • truth

      nhaiwe huku iwe saka kana munhu anotorambidzwa kuita malawyer nekuti munhu waMwari hindaaa wakapusa iwe.

  • mutakasvina

    papa kwaaaaaaaaaaaa ummmm?????

    • Bongani

      Hez our real Papa yes, kuseka is healthy for u easpecially nhamo dziri muvanhu u need this my friend to release yo stress otherwise unomuka wakatifira ne stroke

  • Silas Chigwira

    And to think that there are sane Zimbabweans who still continue to worship these “prophets” ! Kudyiwa wakatarisa sematemba chaiko!Why are we so desperate as to be conned in broad light:I give up !!

    • Bongani

      iwee unoti kudyiwa, handidti we follow Christ through a human being, iwe wakambotambidza mwari tithe yako iwe mumaoko,

    • Hemp

      There’s nothing sane about anyone who believes these boys are prophets. They all suffer a form of psychological impairment.

  • Beware of false prophets

    Haa nxa mhani. How dare you meddle God’s name with your rubbish. You are leading people astray and living carelessly. Tendeuka Angel. Seriously.

    • Dissapointed

      As far as false prophets are there, I have never heard you guys crediting any single man of God as genuine. To you, everyone who prophesies belong to the devil. Is the devil now more powerful than God? its you who need to repent. Shame on you, even Jesus Himself was called as such by people like you, people who are so much influenced by the power of darkness to the extent of believing every miracle and prophecy belongs to the devil. Weigh the spirit not just utter complete nonsense here.

      • tinono

        Please dont compare this clown with Jesus. Jesus distinguished himself with his heavenly mindedness. His kingsom was NOT of this world. He did not lay up treasures for himself in this world. His prime concern was the salvation of men. Your fake prophet is so worldy minded that he puts US drunkards to shame. Its our turn to preach to the Church!

        • IT IS WELL

          Pls what the Prophet of God did is a step in the right direction. God bless you Prophet of God. Bro/sis concentrate on ur mission cos that is what u will account for.

  • Chenai

    maface ebhegi….ameno zvavo vanovharwa neboys idzi. if they are lies, Mwari vanozvimiririra not zvekuita sue izvi….iboys re swager iri…

  • mtsa

    waaal an unforgiving prophet……

  • Wezhira_Zimuto

    When Jesus Christ was wrongfully convicted of treason as well as insubordination to Cesar, with the number of followers he had and the unmatched truth he preached, if he had sued the Pharisees and the Saducees and the Jews(by all his Miracles which were true and witnessed and documented), he could have made a staggering big fortune.

    So Mr Angel (Mudzanire wekwaZaka), you have no authentic prophecy yet, all are just claims and you are suing people for saying you predicted soccer? HAHAHAHAHA…….You have learnt a lesson from your Bulawayo counterpart who said the warriors will defeat Libya.

    Musaporofita nhema vakomana.(Do not prophesy false prophecies)….

    • Bongani

      hahaha, itai miromo midiki vana green blue machine, false prophet ukanzi mubate unomuziva iwe. when Jesus was wronfully convicted anga auya kuzofira ini newe, so his mission was supposed to be fulfilled by death, kujairira major moti vanonyarara, nhaka ma law suits muchaabhadhara, toona kuti munoawinner here?

    • aquasi

      @ Wezhira_Zimuto….This is ignorance gone rampage….when a person’s name is dragged in the you sit there and watch it… why should Christians be the only passive people on earth?? why is it ok for a public figure to sue someone for defamation and not a pastor?? You are the reason why the world is dictating to Christians on how to live their lives. You sit there and the world defines what marriage is. Kudos to the Prophet

  • Effect S.H

    Imii muchasekesawo ne gudo rese imi…SCARED OF LOSING CHURCH MEMBERS…kikiki…when God gives a prophet as a gift…God is not scared of losing church members maybe church goers…vatumwa vake vakawanda stereki…anyway falling on deaf ears…right matii kudii panya ye liverpool iyi isina ane proof yekuti yakataurwa aripo basa nderekuti “IT IS ALLEGED THAT, IT IS BELIEVED THAT”…alleged na believed vacho ndanani ko ivava
    Nhai imi Major mavabvira kure veduwe…ndine mubvunzo…pane vanoti in the bible you never find prophets prophesying about football…ko kwakatambwa bhora ringani time yana moses or ana elijah vacho or ana ezekiel…handiti vaito dealawo ne ma hardened hearts anenge enyu aya in the likes of pharaoh, jezebel nana Jaazaniah and Pelatiah (madzibaba enyu) ve mischief inenge yenyu iyi yekutaura zvisina kutaurwa ne muporofita ne kuipisa zita rake…didnt ezekiel go on to prophecy against them Ezekiel 11v4..anyway kuverenga ma verse tinoverenga asi revelation ndodzinozosiyana…majaira mwari we rudo ne nyasha bvunzai ana sekuru venyu vakuzvarai vakasangana ne hasha dza mwari vanokuudzai kuti sometimes HE ANSWERETH BY FIRE…Major is a man of God with 100% accuracy razor sharp prophecy, havangotaura taura futi sezvamunoita izvi…side from it if you are not a prophet yoself just stand aside and bark…if the papers n media want to make money with his name..then rebuking sinners/mischief makers publicly is permitted in the BIBLE kuti zviitesei..ZVITYISE…paul wakadaro wani mutsamba yake kuna Timotiyo…ndimi munoverenga pamunoda chete..find that one…ma saskum.

  • Hurungudo

    Now this is quality nonsense. Mwari pindirayi. Munhu ngaarohwe neshamhu inogwadza uyu. Muporofita wenhema! It just shows how gullible people are when foreign religions take precedence. Following and listening to greedy materialistic false prophets like Mudzanire aka Hubert Angel is the height of brainwash.

    • Bongani

      ipfungwawo dzako, haisi nyaya iyo. we know what hz always saying and not the victory of liverppool

    • Ensign Tongs

      Hanzi quality nonsense hahaha

    • Jotham

      Prophet Angel never Predicted about Liverpool. The article should not use his name in vain.

      • Mukotami

        Is it supposed to be do not use God’s name in vain???? Only the name of God and nobody else’s name!

      • Ndadarozvangu

        Surely quoiting the Holy Book and substituting where its written God with an Earthly so called Prophet is an abomination to borrow from the fencied jargon of these called Papa Prophets.

  • Semhalo

    Kkkkkkkkkk. When it was first said Liverpool were on fire and very close to the summit in terms of points. He never said anything then. It was only after those 2 defeats to Man City and Chelsea that we heard him complaining. He now fears the Chiza Curse.

  • Effect SH

    Nhai imi Major mavabvira kure veduwe…ndine mubvunzo…pane vati in the
    bible you never find prophets prophesying about football…ko kwakatambwa
    bhora ringani time yana moses or ana elijah vacho or ana ezekiel…handiti
    vaito dealawo ne ma hardened hearts anenge enyu aya in the likes of
    pharaoh, jezebel nana Jaazaniah and Pelatiah (madzibaba enyu) ve
    mischief inenge yenyu iyi yekutaura zvisina kutaurwa ne muporofita ne
    kuipisa zita rake…didnt ezekiel go on to prophecy against them Ezekiel
    11v4..anyway kuverenga ma verse tinoverenga asi revelation
    ndodzinozosiyana…majaira mwari we rudo ne nyasha bvunzai ana sekuru
    venyu vakasangana ne hasha dza mwari vanokuudzai kuti sometimes HE
    ANSWERETH BY FIRE…Major is a man of God…side from it if you are not a
    prophet yoself just stand aside and bark…if the papers n media want to
    make money with his name..then rebuking sinners/mischief makers publicly
    is permitted in the BIBLE..paul wakadaro wani..ndimi munoverenga
    pamunoda chete

  • Tichaona

    This is a lesson to many people. It is good to know the other side of the law, implications on what you say. If SuperSport made money using Prophet Angel as their advertising icon, then they are simply reaping what they sow.

  • Pafunge

    Kana pane avhiringidzwa nezvaitwa izvi ndinehurombo asi nhema ndidzo dzanga dzanyanya kunyorwa mumapepa. Saka vanyori ngavadzidze kunyora chokwadi kwete kuda kufadza vanhu muchiisa mafungiro enyu.

  • leeangel

    these are total lies, united we stand and he has never expressed fear in
    losing church members honestly? what is football compared to God? his
    prophecies are 100% accurate and if he has never said anything let them
    media be sued becoz they want to make money using the man’s name. Spirit
    Embassy united we stand we are 100% die hards so dont ever dream of
    members leaving church, we are actually increasing in numbers. the man
    of God has every right reason to sue whoever he wants.

  • lily

    He has finally shown his true colours!!!He has no case, they probably have him saying it on video…There is no case here,just a show boy who wants attention.

    Jesus was a humble man, who WALKED everywhere even though there were chariots and horses.

    The bible says, in the last days false prophets will rise, and ,any will gather around them. ‘lose followers???’ ,if the kingdom of heaven is one, does it matter which church leader you follow?

    Is the 1.5million an estimate of the money he will lose, if some of his followers realise the false prophet that he is?

    He should just go back to whatever hole he crawled up from and stop misleading people.

  • Mpofu p

    arent men of God supposed to forgive n forget? just wondering. he really has time to pick fights for soo much money.

  • Muzukuru

    Only a retraction and correction would have done?

  • Mafirakureva

    Ko Liverpool ikazohwinha keague manje????

  • Pamha Takatarisa

    this must be a lesson that most media houses should learn and not be swayed into conclusions.

  • swa

    “Kuchave nemaporofita enhema”, shoko ramwari rakadaro.

  • Tozvireva

    I said it long back….Mudzanire aka Angel is not sent of God. The Holy Book says clearly that IF A MAN SLAPS YOU ON THE LEFT CHEEK, offer him the right one also…if he takes away your shirt give him the jacket as well… so what’s Boateng teaching his kids?? When Simon Peter chopped the Pharisee’s ear, Jesus put it back and even rebuked Peter as being of the devil… what’s this we hearing of the “Man Of God”? Shame. Be does of the Word gentlemen. You are simply exposing your true colours…..sons of vipers… are afraid people will run away from you ? they won’t have confidence in you? so they believe in YOU not Jesus? …no man shall come to me unless my Father calls him….GOD SAVE THE “PROPHET” …this is a Zedekia type of prophet, a very false one hhahaaahhaa. BE DOERS OF THE WORD Andel &Co.

    • kAngel

      You must be an agent brought here on earth to bring Men of God down but you shall not succeed. It is no surprise for you to quote the bible where it only suits you, even when the devil tempted Jesus he quoted from Psalm 91. Let me tell you, God Himself even to this day has not forgiven the devil and there is a lake of fire prepared for him and his agents. Here we are talking about a Prophet of God if you want to know that God always backs His prophets, I suggest you study your bible seriously and see what prophets did, just to name a few, Elisha and Elijah. The bible says, study to show yourself approved, a man that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  • Jecob

    Not even one day i miss the services of Prophet Angel, he never mentioned Liverpool in any of his prophecies, ngavasungwe vajaira kunyepa.

  • Trymore

    There is nothing like to fear kuti he may lose his followers, come to his church and find out for youself not makuhwa aya, get away.

  • Lorrain

    Persecution will take you far man of God, that shows me that you are a true man of God, may he show up and show off in your life.

  • Tiriparwendo

    Majaira kugara muchinyora nhema nekuda kwevanhu vaMwari zvino nhasi chaputika zvine stayera paHarare. Basa ngarirohwe vhangeri richienderera mberi vanonyepa vachisungiswa.

  • Mbanda

    I think people have their rights and muddling with other people’s lives is a case in which one has to be held answerable. The media family has to some extend overstepped to the point where they even caused other people’s death. They must be brought to the attention of the law, definiteky we cannot live in of a reporter because he/she can report lies.

  • 23Gjooo

    I like the Growth of the church, where they say there is a downfall, they shall be a rise up. thank you Jesus, hatisikumira.

  • Pamberi

    This time they won’t win, they have to learn not take any story from these poor papers, now see. they dont have enough proof kuti zvakataurwa kupi vakungonyora,1;5 millione

  • pppppppppp

    Is God really interested in soccer, soccer manomano akafanana ne jugwa, nana hapuratapura, don’t reduce God to that level please

  • B fresh

    True colours are coming out why is he embarrassing us like this it will be splashed all over south African papers please throw this case out he is just a greedy little liar fake man fake everything

  • Guruve Posse

    Prophet Angel has been Making headlines every mid week every weekend
    and at the begging of every week, its only that the Prophet is at the
    Top he is always the Topic. and the Media knows that if their sales Go
    down they have a Redeemer for their business, they Just have to include
    Prophet Angels name.

    The only SuperSport can win the case is to Ask for forgiveness
    publicly and the ask for him to pray for them for Miracle Money to pay
    the summons coz this case is already won by Him.

    he never said Liverpool were the favorites for the Tittle. Chelsea yaendepi hayo.

    He only said Liverpool as back in form. not taking the League. please don’t lie.

    he also said watch out for Mourinho I love him he is a Christian,
    that doesn’t mean to say he said Chelsea will win the Champions,

    I just pray that Liverpool takes the league so that you know you don’t abuse the name of a servant of God.

    who will leave church because of soccer hahahahahaha Tisiye Mota
    dzedu dzeminana, nemari dzeminana nani manje Morwara kani. for your own
    infor Prophet Angel was Away for six weeks whilst in England the Church
    in Zim yakasara ikatowedzera ne more than 500 members vasipo so what are
    you talking about.

    you think our church is some funny thing its the Spirit Embassy not Soccer embassy.

  • Karabo

    Copy cats will always be in trouble because the stories they take without auntheticity will always backfire.

  • SahwiraDougie

    Haiwawo….Tsvagai mari neimwe nzira. First ask for a retraction and an apology, before any compensation. Until he has suffered damages by Liverpool not winning the league, the best he can ask for is a retraction of the article. Period.

  • Wiseman

    Eubert Mudzanire aka Angel chinoda mari vakomana aaaahhhhhh. Ndiko kunonzi kutsvaga mari nedemo. Kwanzi “if that doesn’t come to pass I might lose following…” Ngachitaure chokwadi ichi chimukoma chepa Zaka, kuti business racho resvondo rava kudzikira. So he is now looking for any possible way of getting cash. Ini ndakambotaura kuti “these PASTORPRENEURS, prophets of PROFIT & DOOM…” I feel sorry for the followers of these sprouting MAGICIANS…

    • Shumba

      Wiseman ‘not showing so much wisdom’. Why try to show that you know a lot about the prophet’s background? Obama hails from Kenya and yet rules America, Cde Mugabe hails from kwaZvimba yet he rules Zimbabwe so what’s wrong with the prophet hailing from Masvingo and yet called to nations?? Kwako kwaunobva ikoko, God can make great!!

    • Tindo

      Taura hako Wiseman…Ko kuregerera kwaenda kupi kwakatuarwa ne Shoko ra Mwari. “Regereranai zvikanganiso zvenyu” Handiti ndivo va paridzi here???

    • makwavararama

      if he loose followers whats the implications to him as a person because worshiping is for God not people. He should clearly state how this will affect him.

  • tinono

    Hahaha, the fake prophet is unnerved with the way the English Premier League is turning. Chelsea is forging to far ahead for the man of God’s taste, and Man City is just too strong for his liking.The fake prophet is quick to claim credit form ‘prophecies which somehow turn up after the event has matarialied. For once he is put on the spot about events which MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN! That worries him to death! Anyway, why would this man sue for monetory damages when we know he, like his Makandiwa co fraudster, can make money out of nothing except prayer.Surely all he needs to do is prophecy for his bank balance to inflate! And by the way, is it not in his Bible that he must turn to the other cheek? Since when do Christians sue people who attack their faith. Is that what his Jesus would have done. HE HAS BROUGHT IT UPON HIMSELF BY REVELLING IN LIES AND FALLACIES WHICH NO ONE HAS PROVED. HE MUCT JUST SHUT UP WO!

    • marengenya

      taura hako tinono. Ndihwo hudofo hwevanhu vakaita masters paBolton University ihwohwu. Mupfana uyu is helplessly ignorant

  • Mufaro

    I think Prophet Angel has passed that stage of looking for popularity
    and fame coz he’s already popular and famous (i.e, whether people like
    him or not, they now know him). Don’t think he’s the problem here, i
    blame the newspapers and other media for using his name and popularity
    to try and make money and i see this is what he’s trying to fight here,
    so that people don’t just use his name for their benefit, coz if he just
    lets people use his name like that, it may cause a lot of chaos. from
    the way i see it, he’s not just doing it for himself, but also to
    protect his followers who can be mislead if people continue to just use
    his name like that.

  • Mayaya

    This has a good example to all the media houses that always want to
    fabricate stories about this man. Next time they must be very very
    careful. After all he did not say what the paper wrote and as such it is
    befitting for the paper to compensate him as they have soiled his name
    and the God that he serves.

  • apostle

    Why should he sue…this is a stupid thing to do for a man of God.

    • nombuyo

      Personally am a Zambian,but i don’t think being a Man of God or Prophet should deprive some one from his legal rights,i see nothing wrong with SENIOR MAJOR ARC PROPHET UEBERT ANGEL suing super sport,only people who are not thinking can blame prophet uebert angel.I wish this man was in zambia.

  • Kizito

    We are not ignorant of the devil’s devices using the press and some of
    the journalists to cause chaos within churches but this time you have to
    pay for your falsehood. The Prophet must be rewarded for using his name
    wrongly. This was untrue and unfounded and damaging. Yes the
    reparations have to be met by the media house.

  • Emmanuel

    The man of God has been doing a marvelous job across the globe and all
    you journalists want to do is to destroy the work that God has started
    through his servant Prophet Angel but this time Supersport and Newsday
    must be able to face their actions which are tantamount to denigrate the
    name of the servant of God.

  • Bhora Mughedhi

    This match was played already prophetically and SuperSport lost the
    match. Poor journalism ethics costs the media houses a lot of money and
    at the end of the day it will all boil down to the journalist who wrote
    the article without verifying the true facts.

  • Eman

    This has gone too far in the press and then they coming after you this time and you better be careful.

  • Vincent Angel

    People must stop making false allegations about the Anointed Prophets of God, I warn you, It might back fire. The bible clearly put its this way “Never to temper around with the anointed ones”. I feel sorry for super sport,

  • chokwadi

    saka ngaatiudze inohwina???

  • NIgel

    Can someone please help me understand what business does a man of God have in the Court room? yet again why even mention/preach football during a sermon.May God Help US

  • steve gerrard

    ko vana vaakanyepera kuti achabhadharira mafees pa Midlands State University arikutiwo kudii nazvo, mapepa nhau ese akanyora achimurumbidza asi haana chaakaita wani, dosen’t that also tarnish his image that he dosen’t stand to his promises, hameno ikoko

  • marengenya

    I have said it before and I will continue to say it that this mudzanire guy is a FALSE prophet. Of course he will not remember what he said because he was under influence of an evil spirit which he sought. There is no true prophet of God who would worry over man’s approval. If you are still affiliated in any shape or form with this guy, this is a wake-up slap for you to run away from mudzanire. He is now broke and like, the famous ‘madhuku survival strategy’, this guy has crafted his own survival strategy. But with multichoice, ‘haulume’ because your war is not with multichoice but with God. My advice to you mudzanire is to go before God and ask for forgiveness.

  • Mimi

    Whatever the case is Prophet Angel in this photo does not help to prove that he has humility. Even atadzirwa for one who deems himself a man of the cloth suing a Newspaper for US$1.5 million is out of this world. Just looking at the way the man is dressed with flashy dark glasses clearly do not put the “good” Prophet in good light. Chirudzii nhai Prophet Angel?

  • Aljezeera-Alshabab

    But that aside, Liverpool is gonna win.

  • hamatakatambura

    Good observation. Then I guess he will claim the fame!


    Anenge apinda anenge akuzviti ndakazvitaura ! Ndo game racho ! Ndosaka wawona anonoka kuzvitaura aida kuona kuti liverpool yacho ichatamba sei

  • Vincent Mwana WaMajor Zimbizi

    Iwe, comes to pass kuita sei?. What has that to do with the law suit. You can even comprehend a story you just read. Go to school first.

  • tinono

    NEVER, thats why the fake one is peeing in his panties!

  • Jotham

    Supersport said so , the prophet never made an predictions.