Prof Moyo berates Zacc

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter—
Legislators were stunned yesterday after Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo accused the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission of being behind a break-in at his offices in August last year. Prof Moyo accused Zacc of leaking the information to the media several documents he said the anti-graft body “unlawfully got” from his offices at the New Government Complex.

He was giving oral evidence before a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development chaired by Chinhoyi MP Dr Peter Mataruse (MDC-T).

In his evidence, Prof Moyo said it was surprising that the documents that The Sunday Mail reported as having “stumbled” upon by Zacc, were the very documents that went missing when the ministry’s offices were broken into.

“How do they stumble on the ministry’s work. These documents that they claim to have stumbled on are the same or among them are documents that went missing from the ministry when it was broken into on the 6th and 7th of August last year. These are documents that were not lawfully taken from the ministry and now they think they are clever to say we have stumbled on them,” said Prof Moyo.

He said his office, his permanent secretary, Dr Machivenyika Mapuranga and seven directors had their offices broken into and ransacked. “Then we hear people boasting that they have stumbled on documents. You do not take documents by breaking into offices, that is unlawful. You use warrants,” he said.

He said the majority of the $4,5 million worth of transactions deemed to be suspicious by the media had been approved by his predecessors.

Prof Moyo also attacked Zacc’s decision to write to Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda justifying corruption allegations the anti-graft body had levelled against him in respect of the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund.

He said what was strange was that Zacc copied the letter to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Home Affairs Minister Ignatious Chombo and Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda.

Adv Mudenda was head of a Zanu-PF panel constituted to probe claims by Prof Moyo that the money he took from Zimdef funded party activities. Prof Moyo said as a result of Zacc’s conduct, which he said did not take the sub-judice rule, officers in his ministry were now living in fear and sometimes failed to cooperate with him on some issues.

“I want you to take note of the fact that it has been very difficult for us in the ministry to discharge our policy and legislative responsibility because of this.

“I want you to take note that it is my considered view that we have been derailed not necessarily of the law, but because of issues which have nothing to do with the law,” Prof Moyo told the committee.

“On the 9th of December 2016, Zacc wrote a letter to the Speaker raising all sorts of issues and if the rule of sub judice applies, it is surprising that the matter is at the courts but Zacc is writing to the Speaker, in the signature of the chairperson, but clearly raising issues that are of interest to a particular commissioner,” said Prof Moyo.

“That cannot be hidden from the public. The idea that people do things behind the scenes and do so in violation of the legal proceedings is unacceptable. “We think that if the Zimdef issue is going to come to Parliament, it has to do so through this committee. We think it is unprocedural and even illegal to do it in this manner,” he said.

Prof Moyo said it was now unworkable to discharge his duties in the ministry and even if the President was to assign another person in future to steer his ministry, he would not deliver as long as that person was targeted.

“But even if that somebody else is not targeted they are going to find a bureaucracy that is now in a state of crippling fear,” he said. Prof Moyo urged the committee to take interest in Zacc so that it could be held to account to Parliament.

Legislators did not however grill Prof Moyo on justification of buying bicycles for traditional leaders in his Tsholotsho North constituency. Instead, some of them requested to be given laptops and that the ministry should facilitate workshops for them to have an appreciation on the ministry’s Sustainable Development Goals.

They also requested to have the ministry facilitate field visits of projects funded by Zimdef.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Point of correction on my posting: the third sentence should read “But one should not be treated like Jesus Christ“

    • Lloyd

      You are talking alone…kkkkk

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        You are not the only person on this forum. Others will comment or criticize my views.

    • Wezhira Wezhara Wezheve W3

      they need laptops and soon STEM!

  • ThaDoggPound

    This committee meeting was a waste of the taxpayer’s time and money.

  • Piankhi

    When you are a scum bag and know you can play these games as an thieving crook is because your boss is a thieving scum bag. Zimbabwe is a joke and needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. These Ministers and government official smell everyday they open their lying mouths. And they know their will be no prosecution of their corruption because it is quit obvious their boss lets them run free.

  • Fred Moyo

    COrruption is the lifeblood of ZANU. Noone will remain in that party if we arrest all corrupt elements

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Its not factual that only ZANU PF members have been fingered for corruption. MDC leaders in municipalities have also been fingered.But no one should be convicted based on media reports alone without proper investigations and due trial. Its not true that all ZANU PF members are corrupt. Ini handisi corrupt ufunge! Why do you get excited and conclude after reading a story before facts are found on a particular report. Courts don`t try on the basis of media report ,but official and legal investigations that underpin a docket,not journalist`s file.

      • Fred Moyo

        proper investigations and due trial my foot!! ZANU controls the courts. Can u tell me of any Minister who has been convicted ever since, despite glaring corruption evidence. Dont pretend as if you dont know how the system works cde kkk.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          ZANU PF ministers were subjected to Sandura Commision and the history is there for those who were awake then. Lack of conviction does not mean a person is guilty. Tsvangirai was freed by our impartial courts over a treason case. Why do you want our courts to convict an innocent ZANU PF minister when the evidence dont support conviction? Why do think every fingered person should stand before the court where evidence does not warrant a court hearing.

          • Blackwave

            Sandura commission was a long time ago. What has been done now with all that is happening currently? Does this mean that ministers are now clean and free of corruption?

      • Telescope

        You make very good arguments but hatidaro ba kuti…but the neighbor is a thief also. nangayi nemusangano Fact…too many cases left to go cold. Musangano must eradicate the virus, then only can we say a good example has been set. Deal with your own delinquency before addressing neighbors.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          I am not condoning corruption ,but was refuting the false assertion that only ZANU PF members are corruption. In churches even non ZANU PF leaders are corrupt and sinful. ZANU PF is not a corruption totem! Only few are corrupt.Did some Gamatox members not raise issue with Mai Mujoy about funds donated ?Did some MDCT members not question Mai Makone about party funds? All corrupt ones across the poilitical divide must be condemned. Corruption outside “tongi-ing“ is not also acceptable. Neighbors should also clean themselves. Kugara kwa Tsvangison mumba yehurumende iye akabva mu hurumende unoti chii nako? Is he paying rent to government?Ah, iweka? Ini zii zvangu.

  • KingZaka||

    What the professor fails to understand is that it is tax payer’s money being used to buy bicycles for his cronies in his constituents. How much tax did your constituents contribute to the treasury???? This is corruption at its violent best Prof. You are setting a bad precedence in our country where connected people are not jailed for cases which are clearly criminal in nature. Councilors and headmen in Zaka are walking long distances but their sons and daughters are contributing to treasury immensely. At one time i was in your constituents, and managed to see that schools are sparsely arranged such that their is a lot of school dropouts. Young people in your area only aim to go and work in South Africa and make that richer. What a lost lot!!!!!

  • Chief Ngungumbane

    If ever there is case that has left Zimbabweans numb with surprise it is this case. That a person uses the law to protect himself in what looks like a clear case of criminal abuse of office or simply abuse of public funds is not only disturbing but clearly discredits our systems particularly the executive and the judiciary and perhaps the legislature. The fourth estate, the media, has played its part on this one and we should give them credit. Yes, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law but questions begin to arise as to whether there are no exception to this axiom. We then question the wisdom in those that brought us that understanding. Of course others are said to have committed worse crimes but that does not exonerate the learned professor from normal treatment given to others of his ilk. That he sits in parliament and has the temerity to defend the indefensible makes a mockery of our country. At very best such a person must either resign or get suspended pending further investigations. Make no mistakes about these remarks. I always respected the learned professor and believe he has rights but when things do come to a certain point a man must make a decision. If a man cannot make a decision on his own then those that hold executive office above him must make a decision to protect the credibility of the executive, government, state, nation in the eyes of other important local and international stakeholders. Let us not hear this is about G40 or Lacoste neither must we be told this is about Ndebele or Shona because this certainly isn’t. Did he or did he not do what he is alleged to have done? Was it or was it not legal?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    He is entitled to a fair trial based on well gathered evidence.Who said he should not be tried,lawfully?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    That you are the sitting Hon MP for Norton!

  • yowe

    Nyaya yakunakidza iyi