Pressure mounts on Tsvangirai

TSVANGI2Herald Reporter
Pressure is mounting on MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to step down as party president following his recent revelation that he is battling cancer of the colon.

It is understood that the general perception within the MDC-T is that Mr Tsvangirai’s resignation will unlock funding opportunities for the party as he is now being viewed as a spent force.

Party hawks are already angling to succeed the former trade unionist who has led the opposition since its formation in 1999.

Sources said a bruising turf war has begun between former spokesperson and organising secretary Mr Nelson Chamisa and the party’s deputy president Ms Thokozani Khupe.

Mr Tsvangirai revealed his status last week after failing to pitch up for two consecutive rallies in Bulawayo and Mutare.

Mr Chamisa, the source said, commanded respect of the party’s structures while Ms Khupe wanted to use her current position to position herself for eventual takeover from Mr Tsvangirai.

Although MDC-T spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu denied the jostling, sources said there was a growing wave of discomfort within the MDC-T rank and file over Mr Tsvangirai’s continued leadership.

“Things are not well in the party,” said the source.

“There is a strong feeling among the top echelons of the party that the president should step down and pave way for a new leader who is energetic, given his current health status. This has created a real fight between Chamisa and Khupe because they are the most serious contenders.

“Given his (Mr Tsvangirai) current status some are feeling he is now a spent force and donors may not be willing to part ways with their money sponsoring the party.”

Another source said there were also some manoeuvres by other senior party members including national chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo, deputy secretary- general Mr Tapiwa Mashakada and Engineer Elias Mudzuri.

The developments, according to the sources, had stalled coalition negotiations that had been opened between MDC-T and Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First.

“Zimbabwe People First do not know who exactly to negotiate with because there are fears that by 2018 maybe Mr Tsvangirai will be incapacitated,” said the source.

“As it stands the Mujuru side is in the middle of the park with regards to coalition negotiations.”

However, Mr Gutu dismissed MDC-T succession talk as a pack of lies being peddled by people who have nothing to do in their lives.

“That is an imagination of people who have nothing to do with their lives,” he said.

“The party is united and we are praying for our leader and we are sure he will overcome this challenge.”

Last week Mr Tsvangirai failed to attend a rally in Mutare after he was rushed to South Africa for a medical review.

He later addressed party supporters over the phone that was connected to a public address system.


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  • gwati

    Ummm herald musadaro

  • nmurimba

    Dai pressure iyoyo mwaisawo panamudhara zvinhu zvaifamba

  • aboubakar

    reporter uyu anonyadzisa, and the editor too is shameless i wonder which schools of journalism did they attend

  • IJaha le Manxeleni

    Rather encourage someone who has not disclosed his illness to resign and leave us in peace.He seems ready to take the country down with him eish

  • yowe

    Talk about kicking a man when he is down…

  • contacts

    hahahahahahahaha The Herald, the script is for RG and you are twisting it to say that its Mogiza, “… resignation of RG will unlock funding for Zimbabwe…” maimbogona propaganda but ikozviono madhakwa, chasara muchabhadharwa ne ma food vouchers

  • Tonderayi Chanakira

    HERALD this is a non event story why are u so worried about Morgan Tsvangirai and the affairs of his MDC Party????????

  • Edward

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.Kiti kunzwira tsitsi gonzo. This is a blind reporting open your eyes and look at Zanu Pf apex. If the sick can not be employed, hold higher offices then surely the lot of Zanu Pf gvt must resign now and allow able bodies to run the country.

  • Handipisike

    ichi charwadza maMDC, chachandipotsa


  • ashburton grove

    at least they know not to back a sick man

  • simbarashe hatirekipashi


  • gutu chitovah

    Herald ndombokufarirai chaizvo but here u are just trying to divert attention. Things are tough, no pay for civil servants, no cash in banks, chaos at beit bridge etc. All these are signs of decay. until when? Morgan doesnt matter at this juncture. he is a private individual who has been brave enough to disclose his illness. Lets look at the public officials. what are they doing to alleviate these challenges? I am not an mdc supporter but please give us consumable news.