Presidential benefits gazetted

President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
President Mnangagwa yesterday gazetted pension and retirement benefits which a Zimbabwean former Head of State and Government should enjoy on retirement. The benefits were published in a Statutory Instrument of an Extraordinary Government Gazette in terms of Presidential Pension and Retirement Benefits (Services and Facilities for Former Presidents) Notice, 2017. Former President Cde Robert Mugabe is expected to be the inaugural beneficiary of the entitlements.

“A former President of Zimbabwe, who has at any time since the 31st December 1987, been President of Zimbabwe for at least one full term of office, shall be entitled to the use and enjoyment of the following services and allowances,” read the notice.

Regarding staff, the regulations provide that there will be security personnel as might be determined by the President but not less than six, and to be increased by such number as might be determined by the Head of State and Government whenever and for such period as the need arise.

He/she shall be entitled to two drivers, two private secretaries and two aide-de-camp officers or personnel assistance and two office attendants. On office and equipment, there will be provision of a fully-furnished office accommodation and a landline telephone and a cellphone, two computers and such other office equipment and materials as might be determined by the President.

Regarding housing and household, the former President will get a fully-furnished official residence at any place in Harare. A former President will also be entitled to a housing allowance to be determined by the sitting President, or a single private residence acquired or constructed on his or her behalf at any place of his or her choice in Zimbabwe or payment of a lump sum equal to the value of the private residence.

“In the case of the official residence referred to in paragraph (c) (i) [of the notice] if the former President dies, his or her surviving spouse, or if there is no surviving spouse, his or her dependent child, must continue to be provided with suitable State residential accommodation until (i) in the case of a surviving spouse, the date on which he or she dies or remarries, or whichever occurs first and (ii) in the case of a dependent child, the date on which he or she dies or the date on which he or she attains the age of 21 years, whichever event occurs first,” reads the notice.

With respect to private residence, the property shall be constructed on land which in total may not exceed 5 000 square metres. The residence, if it was to be built, should not exceed a reasonably sized house with five bedrooms, a guest wing with three bedrooms, a study, swimming pool, two guardrooms and two garages.

“There shall be employed in connection with the residence of the former President (i) three domestic employees, and (ii) two gardeners, and (iii) two cooks and two waiters and (iv) two laundry persons,” read the regulations.

There will be an allowance covering medical aid contributions for the former President, his or her spouse and any dependent child. A former President, together with his or her spouse, will be entitled to a diplomatic passport, first class air and rail private travel within the country up to a maximum of four trips per year.

There will be international air private travel up to a maximum of four trips per annum including the spouse if he or she accompanies the former President. On transport, a former President will be entitled to one sedan (Mercedes Benz S500 Series or an equivalent class of motor vehicle), one four-wheel drive station wagon or equivalent, and a pickup van.

An adequate number of vehicles as might be determined by the President should be at the disposal of security personnel and other staff serving the former President. Fuel costs will be borne by the Government and all the vehicles must be permanently at the disposal of the former President and be replaced after every five years.

Other benefits are entertainment allowance to be determined by the President and payment of utility bills such as water, electricity, telephone in respect of the office and official residence of the former President.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa has set January 1 2018 as the date on which the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act will come into operation. The law seeks to clip the wings of the State Procurement Board by decentralising procurement.

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  • Olivia Musviba

    I wish I was the former president hangu

    • haiwawo

      Sure. In Africa, leaders, including former leaders, are rewarded for pillaging the country. The reason is that those who assume the reigns also want to be able to continue benefiting when it is their reign.

      I have never seen as party that is as self-serving as ZANU PF. Why didn’t Mugabe go under the rules that were there then? As Beatrice Mtetwa remarked, they make up laws to serve their own interests and when the populace protests, they will always turn around and argue that it is all legal.

  • TruthHurts!

    Without any rancour and without seeking revenge but forever seeking to do good by the country and by extension by one of the founding fathers of Zimbabwe, a Founding Father whose legacy has to be restored and protected! I take my hat off to you our new President for being ‘Presidential’ as you ‘are wont to be’ and rising above the destructive wishes of haters who wanted to see blood and gore (of your predecessor). You have shown a new leadership style that will definitely define your time in office in a way and manner that is unique to you. That is great! The First Lady is also playing her role as Amai of the nation as if she has been in that position for ages yet it is just about two months now when you took over the reins of the country. You have both hit the ground running and the prospects for better economic, social and political changes anticipated by our people are beginning to look promising and I can confidently foresee that within six months most of the changes will become visible.
    There are some who are bitter and may be baying for blood who must be ignored. Some of whom were in exile and are still seized with pernicious hatred who must learn to move on or be left behind. The era we find ourselves in is not interested in those who want to drag us to the past! What you have gazetted is the language of a progressive leader. This must be clear to all. It is all about a firm, unbiased leadership that is without rancour and seeks no vengeance; that is us, typical of Zimbabweans. We applaud you for recognising that we have a former President, who is the founding Father of our Nation; he did great things for our country; and that a few mistakes caused by those who had ‘captured’ his presidency in his dotage cannot and should not be used defile what was obviously an illustrious leadership that can be used as an excuse to dishonour him! His great deeds makes his mistakes insignificant for to err is human and that makes him human and not the invincible man we may have thought him to be! As we move on to another level let barking dogs be barking dogs!

    • Courage Hove

      All that on top of the $10 million pay out plus a full monthly salary, over and above all their loot, and a dead economy… it stinks

      • TruthHurts!

        Honestly speaking, the article I read made no mention of a $10mln dollar payout for former President Mugabe and I wonder where you got that information from! Even if that were the case I think it would have been a magnanimous gesture by our new President who is demonstrating that being the country’s top civil servant is no easy stroll in the park; he has to be many things rolled in one and at the same time have the common man’s traits of decency, humility, empathy, sympathy and most important of all, an ability to listen to the people. This is what the gazetted bill has demonstrated about the new President with reference being made to the former-President. I am surprised that you did not show the same kind of outrage on payment made to Ian Smith and his henchmen in the Rhodesia Front who slaughtered our people but choose to feign outrage for those who liberated you, why? When the High Court decided that Ian Smith be paid a pension and Didymus Mutasa was appalled by the decision that such a man should be paid a pension by a country whose people he had been busy slaughtering where was your conscience?
        Dont talk about a ‘dead economy’ when you know what the MDCs role viz-a-vis sanctions during former-President Mugabe’s time and those they successfully lobbied to be continued a few weeks ago! Also, in case you dont know, the country’s debt that now stands at 10billion dollars is from the 7billion dollars debt plus interest left for the Zanu(PF) government to pick up and pay on assumption of office. The debt was left by the military government of Ian Smith. Today we are struggling to pay off a debt for money that was used to purchase guns and bombs that were used in military operations that killed our people! So can you explain to me why you would grumble on a payout for a man who dedicated his whole life for the wellbeing of your life and all of our lives yet you did not even twitch your upper lip in an attempt to protest Ian Smith’s payout? Why?

        • zimbotry

          Please show us what sanctions.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Well said. Giving due dignity and respect to our former President Cde Mugabe is what we expect from our government. Cde Mugabe`s political balance sheet remains strong despite timely and necessary pressure the nation put on him to step down and rest . As our new President, Cde Mnangagwa stated at his inauguration, Cde Mugabe remains a fatherly figure to him and Zimbabwe. Our nation has been commended on how we instituted the new dispensation,without lives being lost. We must continue to show the world that we mean well in our national politics,especially on how we handle necessary changes and the aftermath.

  • George Bango

    Where or what where the pacts before?A party or president has the power to position his future.Would have thought Parliament has to debate and pass this.What a powerful President we have.Beside what they looted they still live like kings? AFRICA!!!

  • Chamunorwa

    Now this is rather interesting. Retirement pays for some people.

  • gilbert bere

    I personally does not like the look of it,because it appears too generous for an impoverished country like Zimbabwe. When will the former president has to use the salary which he would have been drawing from when in office? Are these benefits set up by the president or some independent body?

  • Innocent Mushaikwa

    not bad

    • Freedom rusununguko

      Most of us don’t seem to read the strategic meaning of the gazette, it’s not entirely meant for Mugabe, its meant to cushion the current sitting president upon his exit. Fair enough the ex president will benefit but we all know that his days are numbered thanks to his age, our current president does have a trail of dependents so let’s do a bit of arithmetic.

      Regardless of the gazette, we will judge our new president based on economic recovery. That’s the story sold to us by many avenues of the current regime, a story which accepts that the country is in economic turmoil, a story of a coup that isn’t a coup. All I can tell my fellow brothers is a word to encourage them to register to vote in masses. I’m a Christian, I pray for guidance but I still register to vote after my prayers,it is my right. so fellow Christians take heed and register to vote.There is power in casting votes, gone are the days of academic debates, let’s choose what we feel and think is right. This is the time.

      We need true leadership, honest and determined to see the country succeed, less about Zanu-PF, less about MDC, less about celebrating mediocrity and less about clinging to power at all costs.

  • Sandura1

    Mhuu a bit too much

  • Cde Hondo

    After running a country down someone is rewarded.

    • PV Ngwenya

      I personally dont see Mugabe as my icon or father figure. He did nothing fir me but inflicted pain and suffering. He ruined our lives. We had to be fugitives in SA for the duration of his lousy predidence. He is now being rewarded fir destroying lives and the economy of Zimbabwe. I would spare him the punishment of all the atrocities he did, but to reward him? Some of us don’t have families or homes in Zimbabwe, thanks to this dwarf niw called the father of Zimbabwe. I will never recognize him as anything other than a looting #####

  • Goredema

    He lives large in retirement – u wonder why he delayed the retirement!

  • Pasi Panodya

    WTF? Isn’t our president supposed to be a civil servant? Those benefits are far too much for a retired president! Come on ED, what does an ex president need 3 housekeepers for? Tax payers’ money, huh? Garden boys, guards & cooks? This is not fair at all. This is a kick in the teeth for all the retired civil servants who are scrapping for a living with a meager US$30 a month.
    Honestly the powers that be need to review all these exorbitant benefits.

  • Everfaithful

    Heish ,is it really necessary?

  • Madara

    did the US presidents run the country to ruin?

    • Rovambira

      I was only responding to the fact that it is normally traditional for past Presidents to have benefits equivalent to their former salaries etc… the rest, well i agree 400000%, the old bag must have gone empty handed..

      • Madara

        there is no tradition like that in zim though. this is the first time we have a past president.

  • Madara

    so this is what the president is spending time on instead of mapping out how to get back the stolen USD?

  • House Arrest

    Aaaah!!! Ko kupenga kunobhadhara zvakadai??

  • guptagupta

    the good thing is tax payers only part with this loss every 30 or so years… wat a reward for running things down..they should just send every exiting president to chikurubi by default..except reptilr they have to wait a bit

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    My humble view is that these benefits are on the high side and thus retrogressive in the sense that we are not yet there as an economy. Yes we need dignity in retirement for our leaders but I found the package outrageous at this moment in our history. It is a slap in the face of the people and certainly needs to be revised. We all make mistakes and this is one mistake that we are making and it is not too late to revise it. Our culture of extravagance needs to be revised. Why can’t a former president get a single Toyota Prado instead of the three cars mentioned. An S500 is a super luxury vehicle and adding an expensive SUV plus possibly a twin cab truck in addition to vehicles availed to the security team is mind boggling to those of us that stood by the current president in his greatest hour of need. A Mercedes Benz E350 or even an E300 would be an alternative plus a double cab Toyota Hilux truck. The security team is excessively high and can easily be halved to three. The general hand can also be very easily halved. I am there humbly imploring the president and his advisors to retrace their steps and revisit this symbolically significant error. I speak because I love my country and I still have a lot of hope. I am therefore expecting a positive reaction to my humble request. I am the people and my voice which certainly represents the voice of millions of Zimbabweans is the voice of God.

    • Loud Speaker

      …The voice of God?..Seez who?

  • TruthHurts!

    Can you prove that he looted millions from the country? In your mind, honestly speaking, do you think you can be Head of State and be poor? If that is the case why would many people want to be Heads of State/government the world over. You need to pinch yourself awake and start firing those neurons that help the thinking process instead of just hitting keyboard without first looking at the ‘whole picture’ before you become ‘bimbotry’.

    • zimbotry

      What rubbish you speak. Why did they have multiple farms for instance when this is not legal? Where did the money come from to buy diamond rings? You need to stop defending the indefensible. As a Doctor I deal with the results of the poverty of our people on a daily basis. A years worth of this kind of money would be heaven sent to most of our clinics and hospitals. Yes, I am angry.

  • TruthHurts!

    …as in a comment made by ‘Einstein Keyboard Warrior’.

  • TruthHurts!

    Your fire is directed at the wrong man…former-President Mugabe! If the level of outrage you seem to direct at him was actually directed at the people who caused the problems you are harping on about I would have applauded your comment. Can you tell me, truthfully, where in the whole world has a sanctioned economy thrived so that you can stand in the presence of all and before all Zimbabweans and say, yes, ‘sanctions are a catalyst for a thriving economy’! Lest you were not born, the challenges to our economy was the ill-advised request for sanctions by Biti, Ncube, Coltart and another who literally begged for to the bemusement of a reluctant George W Bush who knew the devastation they would cause. He gave in and Biti and company got them. The consequences of their act seem to infuriate you now, correct? So why do you think their attempts this time round has invited opprobrium from the majority of the people if sanctions play an inconsequential role to a country’s economy and the lives of its people? Why would people howl in outrage at their recent trip to the US on a similar mission that also succeeded in ensuring that the sanctions remained in place? Why would the people not just be happy with a situation that has seen the back of former President Mugabe and is not bothered by the sanctions in place as they are a recipe for a thriving economy? Why would they want both to be gone and not just either one of the two? Do the Maths and then direct your fire at the right targets!

    • zimbotry

      Directed sanctions on a few individuals? And show proof the people who went to the USA even talked about sanctions. This has shown to be false news. Why should not people who looted our country be hols accountable and why should our taxes go towards supporting such people?

    • Clement W. Siby

      I don’t know what you are on about. Nowhere in my comment did I make reference to sanctions nor justify them. The sanctions argument is a tired cop out . I will not fall for it. We discovered diamonds while under the so-called sanctions and we squandered the money as admitted by Mugabe who was the vanguard of that national treasure. Can you tell me one thing that the diamonds were used to build? 15 billion or 5 billion, that money would have changed the face of our economy and been sufficient to make institutions like Parirenyatwa and Gomo decent with adequate equipment and medicines. No investigations under Bob and no convictions to date!

      ZINARA and the Police collect millions each month can you show where the money goes? ZISCO steel’s demise prior to 2001 when ZIDERA became law. Polticians and cabinet ministers bleeding ZESA and not paying their debts to the parastal, ZINWA corruption that saw 46 dam projects not being completed despite the money having been availed,I could go on. Our problems are largely of our making.

      Our biggest issues have been incompetence, corruption and ineptitude. It is telling that ED recognises this and promises to deal with it. Every speech that he has given has acknowledged the key role of corruption, incompetence and failed policies in our failed economy. I give him due credit for that. He has pledged to uphold the rule of law, institute political and economic reform and re-engage with the world. If all our problems are due to the sanctions and the actions of the MDC as you seem to impute, why is ED acknowledging the former things that you want to desperately overlook? His message is resonating with the generality of the population both home and abroad, why? Simple, because these are our main issues and that acknowledgement gives hope that they will be addressed. Kudos to the man for that. Not this sanction mantra you want to force down our throat. We had enough of its hollowness. And cheer leading is not what is needed but pragmatic truth and scrutiny of every action we take.

      I was born before independence and I saw the devastating effects of corruption as institutions like ZMDC took over mines, looted them and bankrupted them way before George W Bush was president and ZIDERA was instituted.

      I’m no advocate for sanctions, nor do I dispute they contribute to the challenges of the economy but to site them and the opposition as the be all and end of our problems is a myopic and dishonest excuse. **My issue was the praise singing to ED that cannot be denied when reading your comment**.a cancer that has to be done away with.

      Just like under RGM, any criticism of the “dear leader” is viciously attacked and the blame apportioned to sanctions and the opposition by eager beavers who deify leaders. I am glad that information (outside of Zimbabwe, at least)is no longer a privilege of only those in power only who would create their own narrative to sell to the masses. The trip to the US by Biti and co was captured in video and is accessible online 24/7 for anyone to view for themselves. Biti’s entire testimony and the proceedings in the US congress are available freely and this evidence renders your claim not only false but also reveals its futile attempt at cheap propaganda.

      It seems that hero worshiping and scapegoating are still vibrant under ED even though the man himself has not played the blame game. This retrogressive and mindless practice must stop as it does not move us forward. It is common knowledge that no one is infallible. You do the man a disservice.

      Thus my “fire” was not misdirected, it was not even directed at RGM, it was directed at mindless hero worshipers like you who believe leadership can do no wrong and cannot be criticised, re-read my comment please.

      • TruthHurts!

        I think you need to go and read a few more books. It is clear that you are out of your depth on this one. All you have succeeded in doing is…waffle. lot! An argument in which corruption and her-worshipping are deemed the only cause for a destroyed economy when corruption afflicts every single country in world shows a paucity in understanding of world trade and national economies. Please save the nonsense for yourself.

        • Clement W. Siby

          Resorting to cheap insults and inuendos shows you have failed to refute a factual argument. I am an avid reader and the assertion that every nation is afflicted by corruption is fluffy excuse and you know it, or at lease I hope you do.
          I am engaged in a masters degree in software engineering and have studied economics and international business. It’s unfortunate assumption you have made and a pathetic attempt to deflect from issue through personal insults. I will not join you at the down there. Adios!

  • Proudly Zimbabwean

    The people are saying let this apply to future presidents and not the one who exited under pressure from the people. It will be a significant error to allow Mugabe to benefit especially considering the people are where they are because of him. The benefits themselves have to be significantly halved. A single vehicle and security from the ZRP and one from CIO would be enough. In fact these must not exceed four inclusive of a single driver. Should he / she require a second driver he / she must hire one at own expense. As for a house the former president(s) need only benefit if they have no decent accommodation of their own. Please let are be sensitive to what people expect. This seemingly small issue can significantly sway sentiment if not handled carefully.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    We can differ you on this issue. But it our right as the governing ZANU PF party to respect our former President Cde Mugabe for his role before and after 1980. He served as President of our country after success elections being voted in by the majority of Zimbabweans ,excluding of course the neo colonial political opposition. We will bury him at the national heroes acre ufunge. We decided to have him physically rest comfortably until he spiritually rests forever in Heaven. Our new President Cde Mnangagwa is making us proud and pleased by respecting Cde Mugabe. Cde Mnangagwa is clear on why Cde MUGABE was made to rest before his term end. Be guided accordingly. Stand reminded that ZANU PF is still governing “dis kantry“! The economic nadir was mainly because of sanctions after our legitimate land reform. Just join us in rebuilding our economy under our new President. Advice your misguided MDC leaders not to travel to urge the US to keep sanctions burning our economy.

    • zimbotry

      You are assuming he is still respected when he destroyed any legacy he might have had. Again you show how out of touch you are with the true feelings of the people

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        The party that had elected Cde Mugabe recalled from ZANU PF leadership for reasons different from your MDC reasons. It depends on how you define the people. But to some of us , it was ZANU PF that recalled him not the people of Zimbabwe as a whole.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Canaan Banana is a former President. Does he get the same package? Don’t be an idiot

  • Julius Chakafa Timuri

    But the former president is fully ‘loaded’ and really does not need the money. Surely this akin to adding salt to an injury…

  • zimbotry

    Because your statement re calling for sanctions is false and it never happened. The transcripts of the meetings are freely available on the internet. Stop spreading false news

    • TruthHurts!

      My most recent comment to one of your posts above is also relevant here.

      • zimbotry

        Yes the story refers to targeted sanctions on individuals Do you even live in Zimbabwe? You do not seem to have much of a grasp of reality

  • zimbotry

    Well then provide proof. You and the other parrot that appears on this board often have never been able to.

    • TruthHurts!

      Are you sure the nonsense you spout on this forum is originated by yourself? If, indeed, that is so, then it means you can surf the internet for information! I am not here to spoonfeed you, moreso, one who sees himself as academically gifted! All I can do is say that goole Senator Coons on Zimbabwe sanctions. It would be quite embarassing for such an ‘academically gifted’ individual as yourself to act as if you are intellectually challenged to the extent of being a midget (doink).

  • zimbotry

    The information refers to targeted sanctions on a few not the country as we all knew

  • Madara

    yep :(

  • Madara

    not the same thing as a tradition

  • Madara

    fair enough. anyways. he got billions from us. i dont think he needs anymore. it needs to be rectified.