President to attend war vets meeting

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Herald Reporter
President Mugabe is expected to attend the extraordinary general meeting of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) to be held in Harare next week at a venue yet to be announced.

Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister, who is also the deputy secretary for war veterans affairs in the Politburo and the national chairman of ZNLWVA, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, said the meeting that was supposed to be held this Friday at Harare City Sports Centre had been postponed to enable the President to attend.

“This development ensues from an audience that the Honourable Minister had with His Excellency the President this afternoon (yesterday), wherein the President expressed his desire to spend as much time as possible in frank and cordial interaction with his fellow war veterans during the planned meeting.

“The minister also wishes to convey the President’s assurances to all the surviving gallant veterans of the liberation struggle that, as their patron, he has been fully appraised of all issues concerning their welfare and has undertaken to ensure that all outstanding matters, including the burning issues of unpaid school fees and medical support, will be immediately attended to,” Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-Political Detainees and Restrictees ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said President Mugabe lent his support to the expeditious launch of various business ventures and projects that were presently being pursued by the ministry, through numerous global financing and technical partnerships, for the benefit of all bona fide veterans of the liberation struggle.

The war veterans meeting of February 18 was called off after police stopped the indaba because it had not been cleared by relevant authorities.

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  • Chenjerai

    One thing is sure: the First Lady won’t attend the meeting. She would never dare face the war veterans.

    • Munhu Wese Kuna Amai

      The Mother is greater than any of these so called War Veterans. She has the full backing of the President, the Army, CIO, the Youths and of course the Women. If she does not attend it will NOT be because she dares not face the so called War Veterans.

      • Ruzvidzo

        The only true Fathers and Mothers of the Nation deserving that title are those who helped create this independent country, our elders and genuine war veterans who participated in the liberation struggle. Anyone else wishing to claim the title of “mother” with a capital “M” must earn that respect with equivalent great sacrifice and suffering.

    • Cde Njelele

      Why should she attend anyway? Did the war vets dare summoning her? They threatened to bar Cde Kasukuwere and Jona Moyo from attending the Polit meetings . Did they dare? Pafunge!

  • Grace Jones

    Mugabe.what does he want there? threatening people

    • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

      He is our Patron, their Commander in Chief, Head of Zim State, President of Zimbabwe. ZNLWVA is a clear product of ZANU PF, not the other way round. Cde Mugabe is the current First Sec of ZANU PF! Commanding his soldiers is not threatening us at all.

  • Judas Iscariot

    For how long,shall we continue to cripple our struggling economy, by continuing to give handouts, to these war veterans? They said they went to war to reclaim our land,they now have the land,gov’t gave them tractors,free farming imputs every year,free education for their kids for the past 36 years,a boatload of cash,that saw our economy crumbling. When is enough,enough? Ordinary citizens are going to start resenting these veterans.

  • Imtoogoodtobetrue

    How old are these people who still have kids in school? Always asking for school fees!

    • Jamba mu zimbabwe

      That is a good question. Normally if there was transparency the number of war veterans being paid by the state would be published. This would also include the how much is being paid and will include cost for supporting spouses of late veterans. In Zim this may not be possible as someone stands to benefit from ghost war veterans

    • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

      Chatunga is in School

  • mr lee

    hmmmmm i smell a dead rat why is it because of Mujuru

  • Fresh

    their grievances will be attended to…sounds like i heard that in 1990 as well??

  • fidel castro

    I salute our dear leader, Head of state and government, commander in chief of the armed forces and patron of the war veterans, for agreeing to meet our veterans and support them in the best way possible. Comrades, we do not want a repeat of the scenes of 1996 and 1997. Remember the corruption which rendered war veterans paupers, least we forget, let me remind you of Mukoma Musa’s burial, and were it not for Brig. Gibson Mashingaidze who saved the day, we would have buried our friend from the trenches like a dog. During those days, the highest office in the land had a lethargical approach towards our grievances. People of Zimbabwe, should I take you through comrade Hunzvi’s error of the same period so that we understand the importance of meeting our leaders. The neglect that we suffered, suspension of the War Victims Compensation Fund, the drum beating, July 1997 three day street protests in our crutches and rags, the disruptions of meetings held by ministers culminating into that one being held by our dear leader. Comrades remember the drum beating at heroes acre the same year that made it possible for one of the shortest addresses to be presented by our dear leader. We are in trying times and the situation is not different from those days but we can manipulate the situation by leveraging the political environment. It really works in our favour. Comrades Aluta Continua

  • Harare

    Some exciting financial incentives instore for the war vets, at least they are getting rewards for their police inflicted wounds

  • jacktheswede

    The world over there is a “Veterans Administration” that sees to the general welfare of former service personnel of a REGULAR army. I believe that by giving our veterans land and the lump sum payment the government went way beyond even what the Americans are doing as many US veterans are homeless(without land) despite the monthly stipend. One would have expected our veterans to be self sufficient by now seeing that they have received arable land and were favoured with implements and seed over a long period of time. I have a lot of respect for these men and women for their sacrifices but that should not remain an axe over the rest of the population.

  • Tarubva

    What happened to the G-40-Jonathan Moyo-linked side of the veterans headed by one, Mandi Chimene?

  • Tom Toms

    What does he want there? He wants to instill fear and prevent them from expressing their true grievances.

  • John Madhiri

    Mutsvangwa akananzva

  • my zanupf

    Kurasa muromo uko. Kuti Mutsvangwa ndokuti Zim Zim. vana*** vafanha vazuro vaitonyoresewa mamins apresident nhasi voti heee heeee hee Mutsvangwa kudii? What? Abaiwa ngaabude

  • Zimbabwean

    Africans only celebrate people when they are gone. This attitude must change. It’s not an African culture but a demonic culture. We must learn to celebrate what is good and good things will come to us. We must learn to believe and love the truth, if we love the truth; the truth will come to us. People who love lies will always have lies. Their lives will always become a manifestation of lies.

    Love the truth and the truth will celebrate you. Africa, hear me; celebrate good things. When you find something good, don’t destroy nor curse it, don’t be the one who will not let good things rise. When people do good things, praise them. It’s so sad that throughout Africa, people only love the dead, they celebrate the dead and destroy the living. Those working in the media no longer report when good is done… They spread news that brings others down and make our continent look bad.

    Today a lot of people in Africa have come to believe that anything good or successful must have some elements of demonic power. This kind of mindset is completely wrong. Celebrate good things and you will find the spirit of God working on your behalf, hallelujah. We have sport men and women who have done well, celebrate them. We have politicians who have actually done well, let’s celebrate them. We have all kinds of achievers in our societies, they should be celebrated and not destroyed.

    I said to those working in the media to write good news. Africa celebrate good things, celebrate what you have. This message is a call for change, leaders of Nations should look for what is good in their country and praise it. Do not destroy the image of a man just so you can look good. In school, praise what is good. The government really don’t give scholarship for excellence in school, all that has been forgotten. We have to change such system and do what is right.

    Don’t frame up good people, don’t castigate their character nor make them look bad. If we make everyone look bad, the younger generation has nothing to look up to. Let’s praise what is good and be wise with our dealings with others. Join me to say, “Africa be wise.” The call is the same throughout the world calling for Africa to be wise. It’s time we Praise and celebrate what is good in our society.

    If we do this little things, the will be a great difference and we will begin to celebrate more and more prosperity. The prosperity that few people are enjoying will become what every other person can partake. Everyone may not be rich the same, but everyone can have enough. In fact more than enough so that they can help someone else