President stands by Museveni



Makomborero Mutimukulu—
President Mugabe has thrown his weight behind Ugandan leader Mr Yoweri Museveni’s fight against homosexuality, hinting that Government will soon deal decisively with the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe which has been clamouring for recognition of “gay rights” locally.

Speaking at a cocktail party the First Family hosted to celebrate the wedding of Bona Omar Mugabe to Simba Chikore at their private Borrowdale Brooke residence on Saturday, President Mugabe said his Ugandan counterpart, who recently signed an anti-gay law, was fighting a just fight.

He dismissed the notion peddled by countries such as the United States, that “gay rights” were human rights.
President Mugabe highlighted that the recognition of homosexuality was in itself a blatant disregard of the God-given institution of marriage between a man and a woman.

Threats by the United States to cut aid to Uganda to protest the newly-promulgated law was a clear sign that the West lacked honour, he said.

“It’s a terrible world we are in, a terrible world where people want to do things that they feel will enhance their own interests.
“They want to tell us for example that it’s a violation of human rights, ndozvirikuitwa Museveni iye zvinoizvi, for you, for us to refuse man to man interaction, kuti murume nemurume vachate. Mukaramba izvozvo you are breaching human rights.

“But which of these is a breach of human rights?
“Kubvuma kuti murume nemurume vachate kuchengeta human rights ikoko? Hakusi kutyora human rights? The human right you have as a man is to marry another woman not to get another man to marry.

“Ndozvatinoramba izvozvo. Zvonzi makarambirei izvozvo we won’t give you aid.
“Ndozvakaitwa Musevenika akaita law in Uganda just now to punish those who want to take other men as their what . . . I can’t say wives because a wife must a woman. In the Bible there is no wife who is described as a man. Husbands are husbands and wives are wives,” he said.
The President added that Zimbabwe would not allow children to grow up thinking that there was an alternative to the God-prescribed marriage system.

“Tinoda kuti vana vedu vakudzwe vachiziva kuti mukukura kwavo they will mature and marry in the same way as Simba has done, as Omar has done. Zvino kune zvima group, I understand muno mune chigroup chehomesexuality.

“Handina kunge ndachiziva ndakaudzwa marimwezuro kuti kune chigroup ichocho saka tinoda kuchiwona kuti ndivanani varimo,” he said.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, called on the church to continue grooming the youth in line with Godly principles so that the country’s population regenerates through the marriages between men and women.
“President Mugabe expressed concern at the mushrooming of pastors of questionable standing.

“Every day at the office we have requests of people who want to come and tell me what they say they saw in a dream about me, muchazova zvakati ndozvatarotswa izvozvo. Zvawazorotswa zvino tahwina pana July 31, ko wakamborota here before that? Ahh kwete,” he said.

On a lighter note, President Mugabe expressed “shock” that Simba started courting Bona when he was co-pilot on an Air Zimbabwe flight to Malawi a few years ago. “Vana amai vanovanza zvinhu, even if they are First Ladies. Ini ndakanzi kune mukomana aitwa recommend nemambuya ekuZaoga asi nhasi uno ndanzwa imwe nyaya.

“Ahhh mati imi Simba aidzvokora mwana wangu ari mushandi wangu? Dai makatauraka rusambo rwusati rwauya takaita double (roora). Manje zvavachatiswa kare yafa kwedu,” he said to applause from delegates.

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  • Judas son of Scariot

    God will deal with the gay pple at his appropriate time,so the president need to focus his attention on dealing with corrupt members of society like Cuthbert Dube and Dr Magaya. who are victimising the poorGays are sinning against God so God sould be the one dealing with them.For those of you who are true christians and take time to search the scriptures,should know the Bible says it will be as it was in the time of Lot when Jesus comes back.There were gays then and there will be gays now, unless you are accusing the bible of lying? He is the one who will deal with them just like he did during the time of lot.Only God has the power to get rid of the gay pple.Museveni and his peers should focus their attention on alleveating poverty in Africa.Those who have no sins can start throwing your stones.

  • Auto

    Spot on…those so called pastors who give unsolicited utterances packaged as dreams/prophecies must be thrown behind bars for invasion of privacy and peddling falsehoods. What country gets individuals developed by such manipulative psychos.

  • ivor payne

    Gay rights are human rights as a matter of International Law and this is not merely something “peddled by western nations”…Uganda is in violation of the international treaties it signed in this regard.

    • joemuda

      what international law are you talikng about?

  • observer

    Pasi nemagay

  • simba

    As I was reading the Presidents humorous comments, I realised the true meaning of “kuseka nhamo serugare”.

  • magonde

    I agree with you President. Our laws on homosexuality are too soft and relaxed. We must revisit the tighten them, banning promotion, distribution, propaganda and association like GALZ. Why are we against homosexuality, but we allow GALZ to operate in Zimbabwe? This is double standard. I am beginning to suspect that some government officials may be homosexuals. Also, asking the church to groom children is dangerous Mr President. I wouldn’t ask a *** priest to groom my children. According to an ecclesiastical report, about 67% of *** priests confess to be homosexuals and over 30% were found to be paedophiles. Would you want your children to be groomed by these devils?

    • tsitsidzashe

      President Mugabe spent his formative years being taught by the Jesuits and Marist Brothers, his Mentor was Catholic Priest, Father Jerome O’Hea.

  • truthfulness

    You have me in stitches president…please groom someone like you..kwete zvidzoyi ana Tsvangison …we need the law banning these so called gay and lesbians please…

  • moyo wekuSoweto

    Apondinemi Gushungo pamberi nekuhengteda hunhu hwedu semafricans. Tsika yakarambwa nemhuka chaidzo ndiyo yatingada kutora toti mahumana ryts here. Ngavaitire kuamarica kwavo we wont stop them asi to force it on us kwete.

  • stan

    a Principled man indeed. If we are to invite God’s wroth lets go the homosexual way. Yakaburutsa moto nyaya iyi paSodom. l beg all Zimbabweans let us not invite God’s wroth. Its intangible but yet its real. Hatidi kuyeuka bako taniwa.

  • Focker

    President Museveni and Mugabe should focus on bread and butter issues and not waste time on this rubbish. Locking up all the gays is not going to solve African problems. Fighting corruption and poverty are the priorities; please dont waste taxpayers cash on these silly policies.

    • ben10

      Focker ,are u gay?why run away from what is being discussed.if u have issues pliz start a discussion on those issues notto mix issues

      • vitalis

        Ben10, are you an ignorant hating fool?

    • joemuda

      these issues are not mutually exclusive. Locking up gays just like locking up rapists does not stop or affect the fight against corruption and poverty. that’s why have have so many ministries in gvt to deal with the various facets of life affecting society.


    Zimbabwe should also pass such a law which is very much in line with God’s requirements. God is strongly against homosexualism and that is not debatable or to be interpreted in any clever way. Leviticus 20:13 “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” This together with other verses, is a divine instruction which any man on earth can ignore at his own peril. The western ideologies and cultures have done more than enough damage to our God fearing cultures as Africans. Please Africans, try to find yourselves rather than succumbing to the devil’s will because of the so-called human rights dzamunoda kutorera padenga musingazivi ma origins acho. Kana mari yacho ngairege kuuya if it has such conditions. Zimbabwe is a God fearing nation and that is that.

  • proudly zimbabwean

    kkkkk Gushungo ka ndofara nemashoko enyu. its good to laugh about double roora for simba. on a sober note i salute you for looking into this homosexual group in this country ,we cant fight against this evil while allowing the same evil peddlers to do as they wish in this God fearing country. dont allow this organisation to continue doing as they wish, who registered it and gave it permission to tarnish this country openly, ban it.zvinhu zvabo zvemurima must never be allowed to see any day light, saka they freely gather to carry out their abominations right behind vaGushongo’s back haa! im not saying be killed im saying stop your nonsense, repent and be PROPER people.

  • me

    Apa gushungo I agree with you, gays and lesbians they disgust me. Immorality that is being tolerated by the west should not be tolerated by africans.

    • vitalis

      Me is happy to tolerate corruption, violence, theft, adultery and the rest but not expressions of love between consenting adults?? I sincerely hope there is a God and that he kicks your ignorant hating ass right down to the hell.

  • magonde

    According to the holy scriptures, “If a man has sexual relationships with another man, they have done a disgusting thing, and both shall be put to death” Leviticus 20:13. We must have an anti-gay law in Zimbabwe with a clause on death penalty for homosexuals.

  • No Gays

    Mwari vakuropafadzei changamire. Panyaya iyoyi yengochani tinoti kweteba. Inyaya inonhuwa nekurutsisa. God bless vaMugabe, VaMuseveni, Senegalese president and those who are standing firm and haven’t sold out for a moss of bread.


      You are sure right NO GAYS. Shame on Desmond Tutu (has 22 Demons) supposed to be a leader of a church. Whose church? Not of the God of heaven of course. All you perverts are hell bound if you don’t repent and forsake your ways.

  • Mujaya Zvakaoma

    President kana kusunga Gumbura nekuti arara vakadzi vakawanda is a human rights abuse masikati machena wedu weee!! Gumbura haana kurara vakadzi wevanhu hamawe. vaingova vasikana vabvezera mufunge!

  • Mimi

    If Barrack Obama himself thinks that being gay is human rights then why the hell did he marry Michelle who is a woman? Isn’t he also has those 2 lovely gals, well let’s see whether he shall encourage them to be lesbians. Iwe murume wakazvarwa nemukadzi but now you want to choose to ‘marry’ another man, zvorevei izvozvo. Museveni is doing what is acceptable to Uganda, Obama can do whatever he wants to do in the US but threatening to withhold Aid simply because Museveni has said no to gays smacks of accepting aid with restrictions, inosva yagara zvayo aid yacho.

  • Chando

    @ Ivor payne-which is the International Law that you are talking about? There is nothing like international law on gay rights. If you think that Europe and the U.S. Are the international community then you are blindfolded. It is only the culturally bankrupt nations that uphold gay rights. There is no scientific evidence that being gay is natural. Being gay is not a natured habit but it is a nurtured habit.

  • anesu

    100 % in support of Museveni. Americans want to impose their interests to us. Is that human rights. Sovereignty is a human right of a nation which is an infringement of a right of the nation. Arab league murder or kill those who commit adultery, rob or who transgress inclusive of homosexualism. Has America raised any voice.NO. Because they get oil and the Arab countries have made structured their economies to be self sustaining with no need of loans that defy the in duplum rule from American housed so called Monetary Institution.
    I expect Africa to rise in support of Uganda on such a landmark stance with exception of nations that imitate almost everything from Western including stupid things.
    Africa is full of resources which if well managed, we do not need the Western monies at all. We can sustain ourselves as long as we are faithful and impartial in dealing with corruption.
    The West depend on remittances from the exploitation of our resources; lend us from the money they would have ” robbed us” and want to be headmasters of our own destinies xa.
    Zimbabwe should pass a law to disband GALZ and be prudent about homosexuality.
    Recently America caused financial crisis affecting every nation. Who condemned them.

  • Voice of reason

    Wow. So many levels of illiteracy in these comments.

    What the president is saying is that as Africans we must establish our own identity. This has always been his point.

    It is indeed not right for the west to threaten a country with aid removal and sanctions every time local policy is in conflict with their foreign policy but one must understand the balance of world economic power thus. What power does that leave us with as a sovereign state?

    Gay rights in Zimbabwe are a hotly contested issue. Some advocate for them others against them. But what I do know about Zimbabweans that separates us from the brutish conduct of the rest of Africa is our compassion and yearning for understanding.

    Gay rights do not destroy the sanctity of marriage… Fighting over them does. It destroys our moral fabric as a society. The one rule Jesus proposed to cover all commandments and the entire bible is ” love one another as you love yourselves”

    Now do we love ourselves? Is the core question
    when you seek false prophets.. do you love yourself?
    When you deviate from the righteous path… Do you love yourself?
    When you advocate for the murder of another who has harmed none… Do you love yourself?

    We do not need to a law to subjugate gay people… We need guidance.
    We do not need foreign aid to feed our people, we need the means to feed ourselves.
    We do not need 120000 churches and denominations , we need to free our minds and educate the youth.

    Kindness above all my fellow Africans… That alone would solve all of our problems.

    Instead of imprisonment, why not form rehabilitation centres and initiatives to solve this homosexual affliction in a scientific and sympathetic manner?…

    Why not alleviate poverty and extreme circumstances that lead some people to seek relief in same sex predator-like relationships?

    Why not revolutionalize the moral fight in the peaceful manner us Zimbabweans have grown to be known for.

    Some see our unwillingness to butcher and fight each other as weakness yet I see it as a strength.

    We are better than Uganda.
    We are better than external (western) forces that try to force our hand via monetary means.
    Let us find a middle ground and start to solve problems head on. Bickering is unbecoming of our education level. Lets do better and build this country back up.

  • Chakanetsa

    Gushungo apa mototsika madziro kunyangwe kouyeyi makambozvinzwa
    kwaani kuti kunababa vaToko nababa vaToko. Zvatinoziva zvirinormal ndezvokuti
    baba vaToko naamai vaToko. Kobaba nababa vevana vabvepiko nhaiveduwee?
    Vanahavazvarwe nekumanyowa kweteka. Vaudzei kuti izvi zvinoitwa nembwasungata
    vajaira mhiko dzisinamaturo vachirikuda kutsvaga kupamba nepasipo. Kana
    vashaiwa nziradzokupamba nadzo ngavaende toHell varikumamana avo.. Gushungo chitiisiraiwo mutemo wakasimba apa
    tigare tichikura murugare zvinhuzvisati zvatinganisira magariro eduvatema.
    Ndatenda hangu!

  • Netsai

    Gushungo apa mototsika madziro kunyangwe kouyeyi makambozvinzwa
    kwaani kuti kunababa vaToko nababa vaToko. Zvatinoziva zvirinormal ndezvokuti
    baba vaToko naamai vaToko. Kobaba nababa vevana vabvepiko nhaiveduwee? Vana havazvarwe
    nekumanyowa kweteka. Vaudzei kuti izvi zvinoitwa nembwasungata vajaira mhiko
    dzisinamaturo vachirikuda kutsvaga kupamba nepasipo. Kana vashaiwa
    nziradzokupamba nadzo ngavaende toHell varikumamana avo.. Gushungo chitiisiraiwo mutemo wakasimba apa
    tigare tichikura murugare zvinhuzvisati zvatikanganisira magariro eduvatema.
    Ndatenda hangu!