President speaks on successor, 2018… Should be people-oriented…Ready to defend nation

President Mugabe fields questions during an interview with Japanese journalists in Tokyo yesterday while Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Japan, Retired Air Vice Marshal Titus Mehliswa Jonathan Abu-Basutu, listen.- Picture by Presidential photographer Joseph Nyadzayo

President Mugabe fields questions during an interview with Japanese journalists in Tokyo yesterday while Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Japan, Retired Air Vice Marshal Titus Mehliswa Jonathan Abu-Basutu, listen.- Picture by Presidential photographer Joseph Nyadzayo

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President Mugabe yesterday said anyone unhappy with his constitutional stay in power should condemn the people of Zimbabwe as they are the ones who gave him the mandate to govern the country since 1980, adding that his successor should be people-oriented and someone ready to defend the country from latter-day neo-colonialism being propelled by the West.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with Japanese journalists here yesterday, President Mugabe said health permitting, he would stand as the Zanu-PF presidential candidate in 2018 if the people decided so.

“He (successor) must be a good leader all the time, a leader who is people oriented,” said President Mugabe, “a leader who listens to the voices of the people, who takes care of the people, who thinks of the people before he thinks of himself. He should be a leader who is really directed and governed by the wishes of the people. This is what I have tried to be. This is what our Government has tried to be.”

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President Mugabe added: “When we waged the struggle it was a people struggle for the freedom of our people and that should remain the objective of the leaders in the future. (He needs) to be people oriented to push that the people remain as free as possible and defend and protect them against any outsider.”

To lead the country for the past 36 years, President Mugabe said, was because of Zimbabweans who successively elected him to drive their empowerment agenda.

President Mugabe said anyone with a problem with the decision of the majority was free to criticise them “if they don’t like my long stay in power they should criticise my people, I do not vote for myself into power,” he said.

“You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand down. They will be angry with you.”

Asked if he was fit for the Presidency at the moment and in 2018, President Mugabe said: “At the moment I am the President that’s why (I am here). Do you see me as not fit? Why not contest two years later?

“Two years later is no time but only God knows what will happen in two years’ time, 2018, I don’t know, it will depend. If I am fit enough, yes, but If I am not fit enough I will not. My people will want me to be a candidate and they have already nominated me as a candidate for 2018.”

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe abounded with ivory and Government would ensure it benefits everyone.

“We have got elephants and they carry ivory and I want that ivory to benefit Zimbabwe. So I will comply with the rules set for us to trade in ivory,” he said.

He said the forthcoming sixth edition of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) IV to be held in Kenya in August should unite Africa and Japan as they pushed for their development.

“With TICAD, you don’t just get socio-economic friends, you build also social business as indeed you build allies in development, in humanitarian endeavour and the creation of the world of peace and harmony. If we can begin with Africa as a peaceful continent that will be a stepping stone to possible world peace in the future although world peace, as we see now, will take us a long time to establish with so much terrorism taking place especially on the European continent.”

He said the strained relationship between China and Japan would not affect Zimbabwe’s relationship with the two countries.

“We are friends of China,” he said. “During the liberation struggle they supported us and we owe them that support but that does not mean our friendship with China excludes friendship with Japan. No! I know you are not good friends because of the past history of fighting but that is your row. As far as we are concerned we want to be a good friend with you as far as we are with everyone else.”

Asked on relations with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, President Mugabe said: “We have lost connection with North Korea. If North Korea would want to re-establish connections, I suppose we reciprocate. We do not hate any country or distaste any people. We make friends with those who want to be friends with us but it doesn’t mean that we should follow all their ways. Friendship is friendship on terms that are reciprocal.”

Asked about his perception of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the United States elections this year, President Mugabe said many thought he would be the joke of the year but he was pulling surprises.

Some of his utterances though, the President said, were a “bit off guard”.

“I notice he is winning in some cases,” he said. “He had a difficult time in Chicago but elsewhere he should guard his speeches more but I am not the one to teach Americans how to behave.”



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  • Unjani Chief?

    This man is living an unfortunate dream misled & misguided. No one wants him in power anymore. The country is on its knees & not functional. Zanu Pf people are ruthless how do you continue forcing a man suppose to be retired to continue when his health is failing slowly. He will need time to write & also be the King maker. Zorodzai mdara wedu tiwane kwekuno piwa ma Zanu naSekuru avo vachiri vapenyu.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      The country`s economy is on its knees not because of one person. Land reform which caused sanctions was supported by ZANU PF total leadership including the now ZPF. When the West imposed sanctions the aim was to make people suffer and then demand for the ZANU PF leader and his government to go. Those in ZANU PF who are now singing MDC politics are insane . Why did they campaign for ZANU PF and its leader in 2013? Why did they elect him as party leader in 2014 up to 2019. The land war was never going to be an easy walk in the Harare Gardens. The people who voted for our government should be respected for exercising their democratic right. The people spoke and will continue to speak until we defeat sanctions Without sanctions, the situation was not going to deteriorate to this level , to give foolish political ammunition to neo colonial stooges of the West. Aluta continua!

      • Rawboy

        Here we go again with that sanctions nonsense! When proper sanctions where in place during the Rhodie days ,they just got on with it and got more resourceful – blending fuel for eg,not ###and whine like a bunch of adolescent school girls! 36 years and what have we to show for it? A completely ### country with no currency of its own riddled with corruption ,no one answerable when $15billion in diamonds goes walkabout.Yeah ; A’looter Continua indeed!

        • SimonPetere

          Kkkkkkkkk sanctions kambo kaDembo here nhai kungoimba day in day out

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          You are very ignorant about sanctions on RHODESIA, which you miss so much you stooge of the West. The UN sanctions on Rhodesia were breached by the Western powers because of the Cold War. E.g. The ban by the US on chrome import from Rhodesia was lifted after Smith cried that he was fighting against communist terrorists.South Africa and Mozambique supported the Smith regime in breaking sanctions too.So it is naive , ignorant and stupid of you to compare how your former leader managed to by pass or break sanctions. You can shout your nostalgia for Rhodesia, but Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Our trajectory is not to reverse our land reform but to implement measures to utilize the land better . I will not waste time on the $15 billion because it is being quoted out of context to further cheap propaganda. I will continue to declare sanctions as satanic , being the major factor in the causality equation of our our economic ills. Corruption and other weaknesses in government , (not unique to Zimbabwe )are not acceptable but not the main cause of our problems . I repeat, to your chagrin , you stooge of the West. Your MDC party will not even sniff the State House because your support sanctions. People will continue to speak ballot wise against stooge parties. Amen! Aluta continua!

          • Widzo

            Can you furnish us with information about the missing $15 billion do not just say “quoted out of context”. It is an important matter that does not have anything to do with the so called sanctions or Western “stooging”. So just because corruption is not unique to Zimbabwe does that mean its fine? Its normal? It clearly shows your background. Corrupt and greedy officials hiding behind land reform! I also have a farm so what!

      • mordillo

        the country is on its knees now because of a few individuals,the country is blessed with plenty minerals who is benefiting from the sells,the land we were complaining of an individual owning more than one farm,is there a change?which Zimbabwe do u stay if i may ask?We are suffering if you must know,in case you are a daughter/son of the looters.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          I live in Zimbabwe since my birth. Therefore don`t use the word “stay“ ! I am an A1 farmer in Goromonzi District., growing maize and soya bean successfully.Weaknesses in land allocation will be corrected. As I said ,without sanctions Zimbabweans were not going to suffer as now.I will not deviate from that factual position. Don`t just harp on exaggerated looting,while glorifying sanctions you stooge of the West.

          • Widzo

            Cde if someone has a different opinion as yours it doesnt mean they are Western stooges kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Prof do not comment as if you are brainwashed not to think outside the box you ZANU PF stooge

      • yowe

        Where is the 15,000,000,000

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          I will not join the debate on that when its being mentioned out of context. Estimated gross turnover,may not be gross profit or dividends to any shareholder.

          • Department 6

            so RGM got it wrong??

      • Department 6

        a rigged poll/

  • titusO

    Enda mhani iwe. Taneta newe!

    • Geje

      Isu vamwe tichiri kumuda…anoindepi isu tichimuvhotera. Gara iwe Mugabe…do not go anywhere until we are really tired of you. We need you and please stay put. Do not listen to these dogs of imperialism who want to create a favourable environment for imperial domination. Zimbabwe will never be a colony agai-unofunga kuti slogan iyoyo ndeyekupenga handiti?

      • titusO

        Zimbabwe bears all the hallmarks of a colony…a repressive minority government that always reacts with violence to any different ideas, remorseless looting of a country’s resources, abductions and killing of opposition, right to free and fair vote taken away, no healthcare, famine amongst the poor majority whilst the the ‘lords’ lunch Singapore and supper in Japan. I think we have done a pretty good job of creating a ‘colony’ ourselves dnt u think.

  • oski

    You heard it from the horse’s mouth.Zimboz are to blame for His 36 year old stay in power.

  • Sabhuku

    “You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand
    down. They will be angry with you”. Really? Ini hangu ziii semunhu

    • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

      But the people are asked only during elections. Not when anyone feels ndakudawo kutonga! Yeah , iwe nyarara nokuti haufunge pachokwadi. Munhu mukuru asinga raire vana kuti elections zvinoreveyi?

  • Sabhuku

    “You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand
    down. They will be angry with you”. Really? Ini hangu ziii semunhu

  • Sabhuku

    “You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand
    down. They will be angry with you”. Really? Ini hangu ziii semunhu

  • Team L

    “He”? The President has just declared Amai will not succeed him. Looks like he has joined Team Lacoste!

    Good choice, your Excellency, good choice.

    • Geje

      Team Lacoste! hahahahaha…as long as that Team is from Zanu-PF, then I am ok with it!

  • clement moyo

    Come on man – the man did not speak about a successor – he spoke about himself rhetorically. Oh give me a break what kind of journalism is this – newspaper marketing may be?.

  • Cecil Roars

    Which people was he referring to? This man is not aware of the happenings around him.

  • Nokukhanya

    Long live Cde Mugabe.If only God may give us a charismatic leader like you

  • cde hondo

    no no you are all missing a very important point here.the President said if i am still fit i will contest in if he is not fit who will take his place.that’s were thew problem is.Kasukuwere is dead set that Mr Mugabe will stand for elections in 2018,yet the man himself has some doubts, reasonably so,###

  • Musorobhangu(G40)

    His answers are blunt and he is very arrogant.He still thinks now one is capable of leading ZANU PF. He wants to take it to the grave with him.

  • Beck

    Wakavhoterwa nani?

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Me want the video to analsye his responses. Herald do something!

  • yowe

    Haya its sad that he actually thinks people are happy with his leadership


      Yes , because they voted him into office. Our dear President is not to blame for the sanctions caused suffering today.

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    It’s unfortunate that the majority commenting here are dull and with very little knowledge. Some here have raised the issue of sanctions as delusional, arguing that Ian Smith survived these, but without telling us how he survived and what made him survive.

    Firstly, let me say that Robert Mugabe is still loved by his Zanu-Pf supporters, the majority of whom made sure MDCs and their leaders were condemned in the 2013 elections. Even Tendai Biti admitted that Tsvangirai, the much-touted about game changer was caught off-guard in those elections and you can not hate Mugabe for that. The other reason why all these people love Mugabe and Zanu-PF is that every opposition force by virtue of not being themselves, always rush to condemn Zimbabwe’s land reform and that threatens the rural majority who form the majority of beneficiaries of land redistribution. So the moment you want to tell us that you will reverse land reform, that is a direct threat to those people who have virtually taken over from Queen Victoria’s kith and kin Zimbabwe’s agricultural industry.

    Secondly, reasonable people who have traveled around will tell you that Zimbabweans are the most independent Africans when it comes to self-rule. Not even maids or gardeners in Zimbabwe can be threatened by color, unlike in other countries where native blacks still; pave way for whites. South Africa itself, which we say has the biggest economy in Africa alongside Nigeria, does not enjoy self rule like we have in Zimbabwe. You still have private clubs there in Joza which still discriminate on the basis of race and the majority blacks simply submit except a few like Julius Malema.

    Thirdly, when opportunities come along, you expect them to be dressed the capitalist way. You think they will be dressed in suits for them to be seen as opportunities. Mugabe advocated for “idigenization” of the economy, and you labeled him a looter of companies. But he was simply saying, laws must be re-aligned to also allow black people (You!) to participate in the country’s economy. And we had thousands of former farm laborers accessing land and taking over tobacco farming…and today these have earned the country millions in a short space of time. And by threatening to vote Zanu-PF out, you are simply threatening this new block of business people and surely they will not leave you to take away the bone from their mouth and give it back to Mr Jones of London. Never!

    The fourth point is that the majority who fled the country to seek economic refuge in the West and got educated there lost the opportunity to learn “Entrepreneurship” from primary school right up to University. Today’s graduates are not the ones to cry for Varungu to come and form companies for them. Young people are taking the bull by its horns and creating their own companies-this is a radical transformation taking place which many are leaving to slide away instead of joining in to participate and become millionaires. Some will die waiting to be “descent slaves” once FDI comes. Investors do not invest to make you rich. They do so to enrich themselves and and make sure you work for the lowest possible wage.

    Lastly let me say Ian Smith survived sanctions by simply selling away the country’s resources to the USA. Smith had been isolated for defying the Queen by declaring Rhodesia’s independence from Britain solely in November 1965. America then wanted Zimbabwe’s rich uranium for its nuclear projects and there was no better supplier than a desperate Rhodesia, and thousands of dollars came the Rhodesians’ way! And the power lay with the buyer-US, who made sure he would support Smith by making his Rhodesian dollar equal to his! Therefore Smith was able to buy all his farmers’ produce-in fact Gvt became the sole buyer of maize and tobacco, and as such it was lucrative to farm under sanctions. But you can never compare the uranium that was looted to the few dollars that made Ian Smith a hero for nothing. If Rhodesia was so good for you black fools, why were you not allowed to stay in Borrowdale, Belvedere, Marlborough or even Craneborne? But today, who owns more in these areas? Your poorest at least now live in Warren Park, Budiriro, Kuwadzana of Mahatshula…and those waiting for whites to come back still live in Epworth or Matapi hostels . . .sorry to say this guys! So, Rawboy, succuba and company, do not lie about sanctions here. Zimbabwe has pulled alone through sanctions and i tell you those blacks brave enough to participate in the economy will die richer than even the former Pioneer column members who were paid off by Rhodes for colonizing Zimbabwe through mining claims and farms.

    • Geje

      Good detail Cde Tapfuma. Some people use emotions to react here…thereby missing the point.

    • Glorry to God

      You say, ” Secondly, reasonable people who have traveled around will tell you that Zimbabweans are the most independent Africans when it comes to self-rule. Not even maids or gardeners in Zimbabwe can be threatened by color, unlike in other countries where native blacks still; pave way for whites.” This is patently false. Obviously you have not travelled around at all. Which reasonable people are these and where have they travelled to? This can not apply to any citizens of any country in Africa, At independence the late President of Tanzania referred to Zimbabwe as the “jewel of Africa”. Do you think since then we have advanced from being a “jewel of Africa” to being a ” heaven of Africa”? It is necessary to accept our mistakes as this would enable us to correct them for our future generations. To rationalise and lie about about being the most independent Africans is just not on. There are too many examples which can be mention to prove we are not. However being ” the most independent Africans” does not make Zimbabweans “the most happiest”.

    • Garwe

      zvimwe zvese tingawirirana asi pama sanctions eRhodesia apo waposta . Rhodesia Industry grew as a result of sanctions as Smith directed that all goods and items be manufactured locally , also he benefited from the SA white government at the time ,

      • Mupamombe

        Hi Garwe. Thanks for that. However, i also have some additional information. Tapfuma here is largely correct, but missed some key issues on the US. According to the late Ken Flower (former head of Intelligence in Ian Smith’s government), Rhodesia actually suffered under sanctions. This is the reason why Smith was forced to go for the Lancaster talks with Mugabe, Nkomo and other comrades. However before Lancaster, Smith had managed to bust sanctions, and NOT single-handedly. For sanctions to work, a target country would need a “willing big brother” to support it. In the case of Rhodesia, South Africa and Mozambique (under Portuguese rule) were willing big brothers. South Africa was the conduit through which Rhodesian ferrochrome found its way to the USA. It’s also important to note that sanctions against Rhodesia only failed up to as late as 1974. From there onward the cost of sustaining war against the black majority became too debilitating for Smith and company.

        However, it was the decision by the USA to stop buying Rhodesia’s minerals (and i am tempted to agree with Tapfuma that these minerals included Uranium under the guise of ferrochrome) following the Byrd Amendment of of 1977 which brought Ian Smith’s spectacular run to a halt forcing him to sit down with Mugabe and Nkomo in 1979.

        The effects of the sanctions forced the general public of Rhodesia (read whites here) to feel isolated by the world and as such Smith was losing political will, which is a key element to the success or failure of sanctions.

        Also, take note that for sanctions to work, they do not have to be drastic. For example, let the target country continue to trade, but it will be the conditions that lead to the draining of foreign currency that matters most. In this case, Mugabe busted sanctions in 2009 when Patrick Chinamasa proposed the adoption of a multicurrency basket leading to locals to start using the US dollar alongside other currencies. Where gvt had lost control of foreign currency, it had to come up with a policy that would benefit its electorate but at the same time easing the political pressure that had built in its population. This gave the Zanu-PF gvt time to breathe and look for new ways of withstanding the West-imposed sanctions.

        What I am not so sure of though is whether China has been big brother enough to keep importing Zimbabwe’s locally produced goods or not. However, politically China and Russia alongside Iran have largely stood in Zimbabwe’s corner at the UN. So, yes, some can keep crying that they are suffering in Zimbabwe, but they are better off now after 2008 than how white Rhodesians suffered after Smith’s UDI in 1965 up to when he was forced to go to Lancaster.

        The fights in Zanu-PF today, to me resembles a fight of dogs that have won their big fight against the enemy. Zimbabwe has managed to win against sanctions, and what is left is to simply implement policies that arrest corruption and improve on accountability to rise up the so called “jewel of Africa” although the jewel was not never meant to benefit black Africans.

        However sanctions can also never holy work as here and there you would find entrepreneurs who see no benefit in participating to make a target country suffer. Instead they would see a business gap as was the case with BP and Shell, oli companies which kept oiling Rhodesia. Of course Smith had to blend their oil with ethanol produced at Chiredzi, the same tactic that has also been employed by Mugabe. This behaviour by BP and Shell led the British gvt to form the Thomas Bingham Commission of inquiry in 1977, the same year the US pulled the plug on Rhodesia. So, the reason why in 1978 Smith signed an accord with Muzorewa (as a puppet) was to evade the costs of the guerrilla war waged by Zanla and Zipra, and the tricky failed to work, leading to Lancaster.

        What Joice Mujuru, Mnangagwa, Jonathan Moyo, Grace Mugabe and many are now doing is to fight for the polishing of the rough diamonds mined and fought for by Robert Mugabe. He whoever is going to polish it would have cemented Mugabe’s legacy, and my analysis tells me that Zanu-PF is a few minutes ahead of everyone from the cross line and only if they can arrest corruption genuinely, they will set a world record of a revolutionary party that fought apartheid, imperialism and joined the elite of the world. -like it or not, the above situation is true (some of the information in the analysis above i got it from my library which has rich sources in sources Joe Hanlon; 1989:213; Third Way newspaper (1986:4), Zaki Laidi, 1960).

  • Ijaha le Maguswini Amnyama

    Can someone explain if putting nephews in cabinet is being “people oriented”

    • Widzo

      “his people oriented”

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Don`t be silly you simpleton.The EU and US recently confirmed their satanic desire to continue sanctions and you ask which sanctions? I don`t share your mental paucity and gullibility. Get lost !

    • succuba

      So which sanction then…. you continually refuse to name one…. come on motormouth… name one!!

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Where ever you are go to the US/EU embassies and ask them, which sanctions they say they will maintain on Zim economy. When your stooge leader, Tsvangiruza, was publicly supporting sanctions , did you ask him which sanctions and what are sanctions. When he sent Biti and W .Ncube to lobby for the sanctions statute at the US Senate/Congress did you tell them there were no sanctions to expect ? Zimbabweans are suffering as expected by the US parliamentarians when they were debating ZEDRA,their satanic sanctions law. Today the SA government cannot dismantle the neo apartheid economic system in that country in fear of sanctions from the West. The Boers are enjoying the tail between legs approach of the ANC government on the land issue. It is my patriotic duty to continue to educate fools like you on the land and sanctions issue! You are luck that this land war is now being fought via the democratic system after our Chimurenga victory,otherwise you would have been used for military breakfast!

        • succuba

          There are no sanctions against Zimbabwe, only sanctions against some people that reside within Zimbabwe for human rights abuses… when are you going to understand this (prof)? What commodity or entity cannot be bought or sold in Zimbabwe, let me answer for you, NONE… Zimbabwe is not under sanctions.

          ZDERA is not a sanction, you are either confused or stupid.

          Fact: U.S. targeted sanctions apply to only 98 Zimbabwean individuals and 68 entities (mostly farms and legal entities owned by the 98 individuals) as of March 14, 2016.

          Complete information on the U.S. targeted sanctions program is available at the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) website:

          Fact: The United States implemented the targeted sanctions program in 2003 as a result of the actions and policies of certain members of the Government of Zimbabwe and other persons undermining democratic institutions and processes in Zimbabwe.

          Myth: “The U.S. maintains an embargo on Zimbabwe.”

          Fact: Certain persons have been targeted for sanctions on the basis of their connection to the Government of Zimbabwe. However, U.S. sanctions do not block the Government of Zimbabwe as a whole, nor do they prohibit all business with the country of Zimbabwe or transactions involving that jurisdiction. The United States has imported goods from Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe has imported goods from the United States on an ongoing basis both before and after the targeted sanctions commenced.

          Myth: “ZDERA” (The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act) is the U.S. targeted sanctions program.

          Fact: The U.S. targeted sanctions program is not governed by ZDERA. They are different policies enacted by different branches of the U.S. Government.

          The Zimbabwe targeted sanctions program began on March 7, 2003 when the President of the United States issued Executive Order (“E.O.”) 13288. The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) implements the targeted sanctions policy.

          ZDERA is a law enacted by the U.S. Congress in 2001 which restricts the United States to vote in support of new assistance to Zimbabwe from international financial institutions. As the US have less than 17% of the vote IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP ANY LOAN TO ZIMBABWE!! Why can’t you understand this (prof)?

          Myth: “The United States is preventing Zimbabwe’s access to international financial assistance.”

          Fact: The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act (ZDERA) restricts the United States to vote in support of new assistance to Zimbabwe from international financial institutions (IFI’s), except for programs that meet basic human needs or promote democracy. It is important to understand, however, that Zimbabwe became ineligible for multilateral loans in 1999, well before ZDERA because it stopped repaying loans already owed to the IFIs.

          Myth: “The U.S. has cut off aid to Zimbabwe.”

          Fact: Since 1980, the U.S. has provided over $2 billion in assistance to Zimbabwe. In 2015 alone, our support to Zimbabwe was over $130 million, largely in health, agricultural development, humanitarian assistance, and support for democratic institutions, rule of law and human rights.

          ZDERA HAS NEVER BEEN USED (prof), stop lying.

          The sanctions are targeted against individuals and their companies, NOT ZIMBABWE, stop lying (prof)

          Does this look like the US has sanctions against Zimbabwe (prof)?

    • Widzo

      They cant name any sanction. They have been busy looting minerals…and they actually have a market to sell them and squander their monies in South Africa and Dubai instead of fixing the economy at the same time blaming “sanctions”

  • Tom Toms

    With all due respect, honorable president just stop this clinging thing and handover to younger, fresh and more energetic minds.

  • Kereke (Not Munyaradzi)

    The majority are just making noise here. Mugabe is a walking elephant…and there are dogs barking at him…but like what Manangagwa once said, Zanu-Pf will keep walking, and dogs will continue barking. So please stop barking and let the jumbo walk.