President speaks on his successor

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Tendai Mugabe recently in MATOBO—
President Mugabe says he will not allow a weak and vacillating leader to take over as his successor as such a person could reverse the gains of independence. He said national programmes such the land reform were at the heart of the liberation struggle and everything should be done to safeguard them. President Mugabe said his remarks were informed by reports that former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, who now heads the fractious Zimbabwe People First, wanted to reverse the land reform programme.

He told thousands of Zanu-PF supporters and well-wishers who attended this year’s edition of the 21st February Movement celebrations that Zimbabwe needed resolute and focused leaders with the capacity to carry forward the values and ethos of the liberation struggle.

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“Ndinenge ndichitarisa kuongorora kuti pamhuri yandinayo vakasimba ndevapi,” said the President.

“Vane rwendo rwurefu, vasingadududze ndevapi. Ndovatinenge tichitarisawozve musi wacho kana wasvika nekuti hatidi leader anozoti, haa zviya zvaiitwa naVaMugabe zvekutorera varungu mapurazi zvakashata ngativadzoserei. Apo ndopatingabatirane tsvimbo. Kunyange taenda mudzimu unomuka kuti mave kupa zvakare nyika yedu kumabhunu. Ko icho chativava chii? Ndiri kudaro nekuti ava vatakange tinavo nezuro ava vana Mai (Joice) Mujuru ndozvavari kutotaura kuti tichadzorera mapurazi kuvarungu tichiti ah saka nguva yese yatakange tinemi ndopfungwa dzamunadzo. Pasi nemi. Hatidaro.”

Over 300 000 families directly benefited from the fast-track land reform programme launched in 2000, including members of the opposition MDC-T that has threatened to give land back to former white farmers.

Turning to the economy, the President said people should work for their country and desist from going to foreign lands in search of so-called greener pastures.

He said in the case of the United States of America, foreigners were being deported and it would be foolish for one to migrate to such a country looking for employment.

“I was listening to (President Donald) Trump. America for Americans. Jobs for Americans and he said he is going to build a wall to block foreigners on the Mexican border. Jobs must be given to Americans,” said President Mugabe.

“Surely, for you to want to go to America kunotsvaga basa is stupid. Kuri kutandwa vasiri maAmericans variko ikoko. Iwe unenge washaya chiiko munyika mako?

“What is that you get in America which you cannot get in Zimbabwe? Ini handisati ndawona a single person who, after working for so many years in America, has come back with so much money. Vanongouya futi vari varombo vakutotsvaga mabasa futi,” he said.

“Kowakapedza makore ese akawanda ayo uri kuAmerica wanga uchiisa mari kupi?

“So, let us value our own country, and its natural resources; work hard to transform our natural resources. And as we work to transform our socio-economic system, improve on our agriculture through Zim-Asset, improve on our industry and commerce, improve on our infrastructure and ICT; you will see a better Zimbabwe.”

Many Zimbabweans left the country after Britain and her allies imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe over the land reform programme which has vastly improved the lives of millions.

The 21st February Movement celebrations were organised by the Zanu-PF Youth League and was also graced by youths from sister liberation movements in the Sadc region.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe has called on Zimbabweans to work towards developing their country’s economy and shun the culture of seeking jobs in other countries where they are not wanted.

“In England they are saying assist us by giving them passports so that they come back home, how did they get there in the first place? How did you receive them? They don’t want them in Europe so this is what they are doing,” he said.

Some Zimbabweans left the country at the height of sanctions-induced economic challenges between 2000 to 2009 making false claims to Western countries including the UK where they presented themselves as targets of political persecution so that they could be granted asylum.

Ironically, the UK and its Western allies who are responsible for the economic problems dogging the country through the imposition of illegal sanctions, admitted those Zimbabweans that they now want to get rid of.

He said the bond notes being used in the country were just temporary.

“We ask you to bear with us as we had to adopt them for a short period,” President Mugabe said.

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  • zimbotry

    People want to leave because there is nothing foe them in Zimbabwe. Our economy is in ruins. People do not and cannot work without getting paid. It is insulting for our President to suggest people should stay when there is little hope of work. Like yourself he needs to actually get out and talk to the people. It is sanctions by corruption and mismanagement that is destroying Zimbabwe. And you spout on about proof before corruption charges can be laid- where is actual proof that Mujuru wants to reverse Land Reforms?

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Yes our economy is in ruins because of the satanic sanctions supported by your MDCT. We can create jobs if the sanctions are removed,I repeat!I repeat!I repeat!!!!!!! What did the Queen Bee promise when visiting UK hoping to get donor funding for another attempt of regime change? Corruption is not acceptable in our country. The government has called on people like you if you have concrete evidence to convict the fingered ,to come forward and assist in investigating any reported issues. You only continue barking what has been reported in the media. Be reminded that allegations alone are not adequate to convict a fingered person. There is corruption in S.Africa,Kenya,Nigeria,Mozambique, Angola, and other countries, but no illegal sanctions on them. Yes we must unite to eradicate corruption in our country, but its not the major cause of our economic nadir. Our government will continue to fight corruption and deal with the culprits where it is clearly proven.Has our government not expelled an MDCT mayor in Gweru, who misused funds to entertain a corrupt opposition party leader known for his lecherous prowess.

    • Kuta Kinte

      Sanctions are there and are the problem gentlemen, whether you like to hear that or not. Your western masters created this situation and are still pressing with heavy boots. Why did Obama rush to renew them on his exit? He is to me, the traitor of the century considering that he is black although he prefers to be white like some of us. Prof is right that sanctions and the land reform are the bigger picture of our suffering.

  • Dhewa1

    Bob is too old and cant think straight anymore.He should retire and go kumusha than kurutsa ma**** zvaari kuita. He has failed the country and he cant admit that. All he can do is blame other people for his failures.Mr President you should step down, period.Hamuna zvekutaura uye to offer the country as well!!!!

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      Bob can not be ordered to step down by a handful when millions who voted for him are still contend with him. Dhewa1, elections are just around the corner. That will be a very good time for you to exercise your rights and vote him out. However, do not assume that all of us will be on your side. Stand for yourself, and if you lose, please do not bother us again.

  • Sekuru Wanguda

    Mugabe zvaatori **** paagere zvake? so so detached from reality. apa kaidya ma Lays tht are not local

  • Ordained & Annointed

    Our deliverance and restoration is just around the corner as a nation, lets just continue praying, our Help comes from our Lord God The Almighty, not from Britain or America, indeed God loves us as Zimbabweans and He will bless us as Zimbabweans, sanctions will not stop God from blessing us as Zimbabwe, all we need to do is, humble ourselves as a nation.

  • Icho! Charira

    Well said Mr President

    Chatashaya Mabasa

    They took our jobs by imposing sanctions so they must give them back.

    This country is benefiting from diasporan remittances in the absence of industry. If we all go to the farm the remittances will dry up..that is for real Mr President. Your children are looking for survival..get things right and our borders will flood with returning Zimbos including me. You are wight that Zimbabwe is best but for now we need to support our families and our country to move on during the sanctions period.


    • zimbotry

      It is years since sanctions were an issue to the masses. It is mismanagement that is the problem these days

  • Sean

    Wait just one f****ng second! Why does he need to appoint a successor. This is a democracy. Leadership is not hereditary of passed on. Elections lead to a new leader. I have never heard of the US or even SA next door talking of a leader anointing a sucessor ah. !

  • Judas Iscariot

    “What is that you get from America which you cannot get in Zimbabwe”?
    What is it that you get from Singapore which you cannot get in Zimbabwe?

    • Tino

      My Question exactly.

    • xyz

      Good question! That is what Tazzen Mandizvidza should be asking in his boring birthday interviews.

    • nelson moyo

      US dollar notes

  • GoritotoLP

    Bob was very clear regards to his successor. he will not impose, people will have to select through congress. unfortunately the herald believes that the successor should be hand picked so as to avoid competition for their beloved “anointed one”

  • Kuta Kinte

    Reading between your lines, I can see that you do not want a true and strong revolutionary who will NOT reverse the land issue. A candidate or candidates are there within the same party and don’t be worried. therefore, chosen or not chosen, that caliber is there in ZANU-PF.

    • Freedom not just Independence

      You are wrong, the old leader said there in NO ONE. Which means no one in Zim, including in Zanu. Really? That is the question you should be asking yourself

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I will continue to differ with stooges of the West like you who support sanctions.

  • Reshg

    I don’t think is there are any gains of the liberation struggle that Zimbabweans have seen so far. They have seen hate, so much corruption, unemployment and Gukurahundi massacres. Calling such things gains of the liberation struggle is absolutely hogwash. Now here we are Mr. President, heaping praises on Donald Trump whom you once called Hitler’s grandson. Wow, I am now very sure that this is another way of protecting yourself from getting your a$$ roasted by the new POTUS who vowed to throw you and Museveni into prison.

  • Pamire

    37 years and still no one suitable to fill the vacant seat . God forbid ! Really ! Power corrupt the mind and makes one untouchable . It used to be a song for opposition to cry for change but now even in ZANU PF everyone can see how ZimAsset is not creating any jobs . We are not asking for many but just the 2million promised once . No one wants to leave Zim but it’s an claxt of desperation and Mugabe’s comments is just saving face

  • Jonah15

    In an other country your questions would be a no brainer common sense stuff, not in Zimbabwe. One time we chose another leader at election time and we all know how that ended. This utopia idea that the people will choose and we will reject this and other is a dream. Zimbabwe is far away from progressive democracies like Ghana, the US, U.K or SA. We are stuck with your party comrade all the way to hell and we are not coming back.

  • knox

    look east policy shud yield results.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ah ,you are insinuating that when vote voted for him in 2013 and 2014, we were ignorant of his date of birth we celebrate annually. Its you who must sober up and not blame him for you electing him. You further imply sanctions are not an issue,which I dont accept as your true position. Sounds true that some of you were playing God ,compassing his death before 2018. Now you join disgraced Bishop Ncube`s song! We , ZANUPF members( including sub judice Tsenengamu) voted for him. We must own up to our responsibility, instead blaming the political sky now. We can preach to him and he has replied openly! If I cant make sense to you then you are not mentally lucid for this important national debate. We make ourselves the world laughing stock by claiming today that we were ignorant of our President`s age until now. I am just debating logically ufunge as a simple low level cell member in ZANU PF not aligned to any faction.This is how I was trained to reason at university level. I also learned that politicians don`t use logic in decision making, in practice. Hence the huge contradiction between what was voted for in 2013/14 and perhaps new confused political veins emerging.

  • Madara

    i ask the same thing.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    He is still alive. Stop pocking your joke to me . I have only one vote in this country . In ZANU PF , I am just a cell member and has no clout to influence his nomination and election. Some of those who elected him to be ZANU PF candidate in 2018 elections are among those barking against him. Isu ma cell members just get results from provincial leaders and members of the Central Committee. Mutsvangwa, Matemadanda, Mahiya , Tsenengamu ,et al, all voted for our dear leader in 2013/14 before they were booted.! Ndicho political chokwadi! A cell is too low to influence at that party level. Kkkkkkki!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ah, is our country leader the only one who gets foreign medical treatment in Africa. Why did your Tsvangirai go to SA when Pari and Gomo are there for him? Tibvirepo iwe stooge of the West? Anyway,I am not privy to Presidential benefits budget as voted by our legislature for such expenditures. Stop wondering foolishly please just for propaganda naive effort. I wont apologize for challenging those who elected him to own their votes, whether it was then wise or foolish. Ko hezvo ka!Icho!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Read your own posting above . You also asked about America, which is commonly accepted as US. You are denying your own posting , like you denied Jesus. Keep away from debates if you are not sharp mentally.

    • succuba

      Keep away from debates if you are not sharp mentally. – (fakey)

      Is this why you keep away from debates?

      • zimbotry

        He probably needs o check with his handlers

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    We dont have oil like Iran ,a powerful economic resource to fight sanctions , you stooge of the West.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    You never foolishly barked when your Tsvangirai, Khupe, got treatment away from local hospitals why? In principle you should be consistent you sellout. Icho!

  • Nick Sithole

    Biased reporting.Can the reporter quote statements made by the MDC-T regarding giving back the land to the whites?This is the fake news that Mr Donald Trump is talking about.

  • succuba

    Thought as much… just an empty vessel… and we all know what they do.

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Cde Mzvinavhu aka Herald Reporter. Singing for your supper. Pathetic.

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Singapore was developed by indigenous people? Do your research. Singapore is a multiracial multi ethnic state developed by immigrant labour from China, India, etc. They were smart enough to realize that development is better than focusing on racial differences and chasing citizens off their property under the guise of empowerment. Now hamuchadi kubvako.

  • succuba

    The U.S. Government gave a total of $66.1 million to Zimbabwe in 2016.

    $34.4 million of that was for the health sector…. I wonder just how much of that money actually ended up in the health service?

    You get the likes of (fakey) here demonising “western stooges”, he conveniently forgets about the money poured into Zimbabwe from the western governments in aid.

    • zimbotry

      You are so correct. As a Doctor I see the results first hand. I get very, very angry with the Singapore medical visits. The cost could save lives here in Zimbabwe. And a certain party claims they care for the people……

  • zimbotry

    Singapore has Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans amongst others. All these groups have been there since it became an economic power. Please be more careful with your comments

  • Mimi

    This talk is as useless as any talk that I have heard in years! Only difference is that I don’t believe President Mugabe’s word. If he (Mugabe) believes that what he calls the people still love him as their President, then why not put this to the real test like letting the people vote yes or no to his continued being President and we get to see what the results will be.

  • succuba

    Yep… where is the link to that CNN report you mentioned, you said it was still there?

    …or is this another lie from you?

  • Moe_Syzlack

    As soon as a story hits your Herald you are the first one to comment. There’s no way you are up at 1am everyday. Either you are not satisfying your wife in bed or you are at work. I thought maybe you are in diaspora and the time difference allows you to do that but nahhh. #### like you would have been chucked out a long time ago. You have unfulfilled anger issues. Asi Mugs haana kukupa looted farm? Sorry maningi.

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Cde, for your own info, Mugabe hijacked the land reform when it was actually started by the MDC – in an orderly manner. If he really wanted to, why did Mugabe have to wait 20 years, and wait for a vibrant MDC to emerge for him to start taking back the land? Of course he will do everything to stay in power. You cant tell me that of all people who are in ZIm, in Zanu-pf, who went to war, only Mugabe is qualified to be president and to judge all the others whether they can or cannot be presidents. *Cde, if you are a real Chimurenga cde, you should be feeling sorry for this guy, ther are many capable cdes even in Zanu

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Our own way only when he is gone? He cant even allow elections in his own party? Which party pre-votes and announce their leader province by province before a congress. And those who differ are given a stern warning in advance? Why doesn’t he allow people to choose deputies in his party? Cde, did you even go to war? Why should one war vet be the only one special. So special that even his wife, kids, son in law, grandchildren, nephews have become more politically important than those who actually went to war?

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Ruling party can stay there, right. But let us have a new leader even from Zanu pf. Those who want to challenge the leader are expelled or die in infernos.

  • Freedom not just Independence

    I feel sorry for you. You need to check into a mental institution.

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Trump must keep the sanctions until we are guaranteed our freedom. What kind of sanctions are they, to say do not come to our country and that we do not want to deal with you? Usavamanikidze. You said you are looking east, idiots