President speaks on his successor

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Tendai Mugabe recently in MATOBO—
President Mugabe says he will not allow a weak and vacillating leader to take over as his successor as such a person could reverse the gains of independence. He said national programmes such the land reform were at the heart of the liberation struggle and everything should be done to safeguard them. President Mugabe said his remarks were informed by reports that former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, who now heads the fractious Zimbabwe People First, wanted to reverse the land reform programme.

He told thousands of Zanu-PF supporters and well-wishers who attended this year’s edition of the 21st February Movement celebrations that Zimbabwe needed resolute and focused leaders with the capacity to carry forward the values and ethos of the liberation struggle.

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“Ndinenge ndichitarisa kuongorora kuti pamhuri yandinayo vakasimba ndevapi,” said the President.

“Vane rwendo rwurefu, vasingadududze ndevapi. Ndovatinenge tichitarisawozve musi wacho kana wasvika nekuti hatidi leader anozoti, haa zviya zvaiitwa naVaMugabe zvekutorera varungu mapurazi zvakashata ngativadzoserei. Apo ndopatingabatirane tsvimbo. Kunyange taenda mudzimu unomuka kuti mave kupa zvakare nyika yedu kumabhunu. Ko icho chativava chii? Ndiri kudaro nekuti ava vatakange tinavo nezuro ava vana Mai (Joice) Mujuru ndozvavari kutotaura kuti tichadzorera mapurazi kuvarungu tichiti ah saka nguva yese yatakange tinemi ndopfungwa dzamunadzo. Pasi nemi. Hatidaro.”

Over 300 000 families directly benefited from the fast-track land reform programme launched in 2000, including members of the opposition MDC-T that has threatened to give land back to former white farmers.

Turning to the economy, the President said people should work for their country and desist from going to foreign lands in search of so-called greener pastures.

He said in the case of the United States of America, foreigners were being deported and it would be foolish for one to migrate to such a country looking for employment.

“I was listening to (President Donald) Trump. America for Americans. Jobs for Americans and he said he is going to build a wall to block foreigners on the Mexican border. Jobs must be given to Americans,” said President Mugabe.

“Surely, for you to want to go to America kunotsvaga basa is stupid. Kuri kutandwa vasiri maAmericans variko ikoko. Iwe unenge washaya chiiko munyika mako?

“What is that you get in America which you cannot get in Zimbabwe? Ini handisati ndawona a single person who, after working for so many years in America, has come back with so much money. Vanongouya futi vari varombo vakutotsvaga mabasa futi,” he said.

“Kowakapedza makore ese akawanda ayo uri kuAmerica wanga uchiisa mari kupi?

“So, let us value our own country, and its natural resources; work hard to transform our natural resources. And as we work to transform our socio-economic system, improve on our agriculture through Zim-Asset, improve on our industry and commerce, improve on our infrastructure and ICT; you will see a better Zimbabwe.”

Many Zimbabweans left the country after Britain and her allies imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe over the land reform programme which has vastly improved the lives of millions.

The 21st February Movement celebrations were organised by the Zanu-PF Youth League and was also graced by youths from sister liberation movements in the Sadc region.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe has called on Zimbabweans to work towards developing their country’s economy and shun the culture of seeking jobs in other countries where they are not wanted.

“In England they are saying assist us by giving them passports so that they come back home, how did they get there in the first place? How did you receive them? They don’t want them in Europe so this is what they are doing,” he said.

Some Zimbabweans left the country at the height of sanctions-induced economic challenges between 2000 to 2009 making false claims to Western countries including the UK where they presented themselves as targets of political persecution so that they could be granted asylum.

Ironically, the UK and its Western allies who are responsible for the economic problems dogging the country through the imposition of illegal sanctions, admitted those Zimbabweans that they now want to get rid of.

He said the bond notes being used in the country were just temporary.

“We ask you to bear with us as we had to adopt them for a short period,” President Mugabe said.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    We can create more jobs in our country if the US removes its satanic sanctions against our economy. We expect Trump to implement his policy of not interfering with foreign nations and leave them to run their affairs for the benefit of their citizens. Any justified foreign guidance must be done via UN Security council , not a bunch of Western economic criminals. Today Zimbabwean, Iraq and Libyan nationals suffer as a result of unjustified foreign intrusion in their affairs. Yes we also need a leader in our country who will stick to our land reform policy principle. Mai Mujoy(a.k.a. Queen Bee) apologized for taking land from an ex economic blooding sucking Boer! Nehanda forbid.

    • Loveness Manyati

      You did not answer the question of why he goes to Singapore for treatment and wants his people to use the local alternative which him and his government has run down!!! FYI Zimbabwe is where it is today because of mismanagement , looting and corrupt leadership. Check your facts!!!

    • succuba

      We can create more jobs in our country if the US removes its satanic sanctions against our economy. – (fakey)

      I am calling you a LIAR & FRAUD… care to debate this accusation?

  • Phillip Munyaradzi

    Nothing meaningful said, we want a road map and an announcement like in Angola.

  • Jonah15

    “What is it you get in America that you can’t get here? Excellent question Gushungo, if time would allowed I would request just 2 hrs to walk you through how they govern their municipalities, counties, states and the federal govt, nemi you would pack your bags..oops you are not allowed.

  • Jonah15

    The fact that at 93 years he has no clear succession plan means we are doomed.

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      Why should he hand pick the next leader for us? Bob is right. He believes in Zimbabweans as a people who can chat their own way. Why should he give us a leader? What if we do not want his choice?

      • wezhira wezheve

        he said “ndinenge ndichitarisa…..” He wants to handpick a successor…reads Grace

      • Gary WekuZviyambe

        In The Herald today you commented on my post, “There is nothing wrong with him going to Europe if he so wished. After all, Europe was built on African wealth, if you know your history. if you do not know, then you are a dangerous rabid individual who can easily be used by imperialists the way bull dogs can be used to hunt for hares when they will only be given intestines”
        So, in your mind, our leaders should actually go and make the white man wealthier by spending more African wealth in Europe?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    But he was elected by his supporters. He was commenting on a leader he fired , who he had appointed constitutionally. As for his successor he has clearly, correctly and constitutionally declared that he will not anoint anyone.His party will elect its next leader in 2019 or even before that year if it becomes constitutionally necessary,not for him to appoint his successor.Yes you have the opportunity constitutionally to chose your own leader at the general elections in 2018 ,not before an elected term ends. Are you indicting those who constitutionally elected him. Did he say he will not go when not elected like the Gambian dramatic case? Muri kurasika papiko? Be reminded to denounce sanctions that are causing our economic nadir. Usatye kunyimwa donor funds for your nefarious political barking if you denounce sanctions! Please don`t insinuate crocodile tears on unemployment when your sellout party, MDCT supports sanctions not imposed via UN Security Council.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    In US you get a high standard of living built on slave labor foundation. Singapore is a developed economy with a better standard of living . It was developed by indigenous people in control of their own resources with no sanctions imposed on their free country.

  • Harry

    He he you two gents have been smoking something funny right? .

  • wezhira wezheve

    reread, he clearly said , Ndinenge ndichitarisa……………

  • Harry

    Stupidity and propaganda goes hand in hand. Don’t always blame sancations and the West for everything that went wrong in this country. Look at our leaders, how they consistantly blame outside forces but live in luxury and wealth whilst we suffer and go hungry. Typical Africa thing to blome the West and others for our own failures. Someone has to be blamed as there is no way that ZANU PF or old Bob can be responsible for this mess?? Do you really believe all this nonsense?

  • Kuta Kinte

    Kunyepa kwauri kuda kuita. The reversal will be done within days as all this current politics is centralized on the land issue. That is a fact Hacha. Sanity or no sanity the reversal will be done should the ruling party lose and let us look at reality. It is the land and black empowerment which is pivotal to the politics and therefore economy of Zimbabwe.

    • succuba

      What a load of rubbish… are you that stupid to believe your own drivel?

      • Kuta Kinte

        Never try to hoodwink the vigilant.

  • Kuta Kinte

    I fully agree with the President and even most Zimbabweans who are for the land reform issue that the next president should be the one who is able to receive the land reform and empowerment relay button, and run with it while us the supporters will be cheering to motivate that leader. The one who will be a true leader who knows and has experienced incidences where some heroes died for the same land. The liberation struggle was a struggle which can easily be forgotten because that happened some time back but some of us can easily switch backwards and play the process.

  • succuba

    Why won’t you debate sanctions with me (fakey)?

  • succuba

    Sanctions are there and are the problem gentlemen, – KK

    Care to explain, or are you just another empty vessel?

    • Kuta Kinte

      The colonial dosage which you received is unfairly high. Sorry.

  • yowe

    He should just announce that when he dies his wife will be the caretaker of the country whilst his son learns the ropes .Then later on his first born son will take over zvichingoenda zvakadaro..Welcome to North Korea

    • succuba

      Zandriods just can’t see this coming… the birth of the Gushungo Dynasty

  • succuba

    They took our jobs by imposing sanctions so they must give them back.

    Tell me this… if the US lifted the trade embargo and allowed the 26 companies and 22 farms to re-negotiate trade deals again…

    …would this create 2.265 million jobs?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    What about a CNN TV report some years back when TSVANGIRAI was receiving a donation from a white farmer at Banket. The farmer clearly stated the relationship between MDC and CFU,that the stoges would return land to Boers. The video is still there FYI!

    • succuba

      Where is this link?

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        He asked the link between the report and MDCT position on land reform.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I told you I am not employed by Zimpapers. Just argue your foolish position in this debate. Period.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yes but you used it in your lame questioning

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    You prove it also.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Every country has foreign investors , but locals control their economy in Singapore.

  • GoritotoLP

    Given platform by who? Those intereted in making the change should move the motion.