President slams sellouts

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

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President Mugabe has slammed Zanu-PF officials said to be working with the Americans to oust him from power for material gains. The American Embassy has reportedly been trying to get Members of Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence in President Mugabe in a double-pronged strategy that includes challenging his incumbency at the Zanu-PF Congress in December.

Zanu-PF Women Affairs Secretary-elect and First Lady, Amai Mugabe last week alleged that Vice President Joice Mujuru, working with other party officials and their private sector financiers, were pushing for President Mugabe’s ouster, just a year after he resoundingly won the July 31 harmonised election.

Speaking during a luncheon hosted by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing in Harare on Tuesday to mark the official opening of the Second Session of the Eighth Parliament, President Mugabe described Zanu-PF cadres involved in such manoeuvres as “sellouts” and people of “rotten thinking”.

“We are unfolding, going on into the future but as we go on into the future, the breeds that we are having, yes they may have lots of degrees, doctorates yes, but they want the white man there.

“Even within Zanu-PF, (they say) we want Mugabe to go so we can remit to the EU, to America, to Europe because he is the one preventing us from getting goodies. What rotten thinking is like that?

“And all these years, all this oppression you have not learnt that those will never be your economic friends in practice? They will give you a bit of money so as to subject your thinking and that is how you sell. You are selling yourself.”

Initial attempts to push President Mugabe out, sources said, started under the old Constitution with the United States trying to get MPs to impeach President Mugabe during the inclusive Government era (2008-13).

The plan, in which VP Mujuru was implicated, allegedly involved securing parliamentary posts, including that of the Leader of the House, to rally Zanu-PF and MDC-T legislators to collaborate in the scheme.

President Mugabe said some blacks still “worship” the whites, adding that Africa was not yet free as a lot of resources were still in control of the whites.

“Europe is now without natural resources; they must get them from Africa,” he said.

“There is lot of oil, wild animals, and forests too in Africa and of course Africa still has poor people. Africa although liberated, we fought over time, with the likes Nkrumah, Modibo Keita and others having led the struggle of Africa’s freedom followed by Nyerere and others.

“No, we are not free at all in Africa. Our resources still lie in the hands and in the control of the Europeans. We still worship the Europeans as our masters in practice.

He added: “The AU will be divided on an issue which affects Europe and you find some of our countries going to France wanting the views of France and they will say and do what France wants them to say and do. That is why I have said even to my sadc colleagues ‘I don’t belong to you’. Unfortunately I belong to those who have gone — the likes of Nyerere, Samora Machel. Those who stood for what was right regardless of consequences.

“And we long for the past to come back, I long for the past to come back but alas that’s not what history does, it’s not retrospective in pace its prospective in pace.”

President Mugabe said some blacks fond of whites were now being made to accept “unnatural” practices such as homosexuality under the guise of freedom.

He said such “freedom of going in the wrong direction” would never happen in Zimbabwe as it was an “insult” to God.

“Over my dead body,” he declared.

“And you say these people have rights to do so, to marry each other? Where do they derive the right, because nature does not give them that right, God did not give them that right. You must be insane to think that you have that freedom.

“You have the freedom which is governed by what is called rationality. Are you not able rationally to establish that you are a man? You can’t see you are a man, you can’t see she is a woman? You can’t establish that the two of you are the ones who can procreate, have children? And perhaps these are people who pray to Satan, those who spell God in reverse. There are men like that, those who decide to do the opposite of what God ordained.”

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  • anon

    This is a typically muddled speech from the President. If his senior aides in the party are no good, or are sellouts, why doesn’t he just fire them? Stop talking and do something.

  • Observer

    We need fresh news. Izvi hazvitipi sadza. President, how far ne zimasset?

  • Gore

    Playing with people’s brains….Mugabe has never fired anyone in his intire rulership, so he should stop talking and act “bad economy is bad politics”, Zimbabwe is in the dark not because of sactions but bad politics and you can see that in ZANU PF. One thing,, you cant put such type of a headline in a state newspaper and then call yourself progressive, its a “sign of a sick mind”

  • Tofara

    You obviously do not understand how sanctions work. You are truly a master of spin and of out right lies. The President and not the EU has capacity to fire the sell outs but we all know he will not as long as they shout like you do “Sanctions” Are you able to tell the readers what it is in abundance which remain unsold in Zimbabwe because of sanctions? Our tobacco was exported mainly to Europe particularly to Belgium. If we had sanctions this would not have happened An example is that of Iran which was under European sanctions. It had its oil tanks sailing the high seas without a buyer even though its oil was cheaper than the market rate. Why? Unfortunately you are a propagandist your self and you will continue defending a lie in order to confuse your readers. Finally you should be happy the British were in Zimbabwe recently to look at investment opportunities. Your 51% home ownership is under threat.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      It is your democratic right to be ignorant and foolish! Those who continue to impose sanctions on our economy know the sanctions are hurting our economy. Otherwise they would have tried other means. I need hardly waste my time trying to exorcise the neo colonial demon in you . Suffice to say we will gradually conquer your MDCT supported sanctions and our economy recover.. I make no apology for provoking all the misguided comments against my wise posting. I will continue my revolutionary task to educate all MDCT political quislings like you!

      • Dr. Jojo PhD UZ

        You miss the point in its totality. Anybody who has brains can discern that these so-called sanctions have been used to mask failures of the government. And you have been taken on a bumpy ride. It’s very tragic that anyone who has a different perspective to yours, is automatically MDC-T. There’s nothing ‘wise’ about your trolling and hogging the cyberspace with your vitriolic diatribe.

  • Boss Shabaaz

    This is guy is heartless, people are starving in Zimbabwe because of his policies and corruption within his party and he talks about such nonsense.

  • Mandingo

    The propaganda war continues with the help of the traitors who wish that the racist sanctions will destroy the Afrikan revolution in Zimbabwe and the rest of Afrika.MARCUS GARVEY SAID THAT WE AFRIKANS MUST EMANCIPATE OURSELVES FROM MENTAL SLAVERY BECAUSE IF WE DON’T WE WILL BE ENSLAVED AND COLONISED.THE COST OF FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE IS CONSTANT VIGILANCE.