President sets ministers targets

President Mnangagwa chairs his inaugural Cabinet meeting as Head of State and Government while flanked by Ministers Sithembiso Nyoni, Obert Mpofu, Simon Khaya Moyo and Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda (far right) at Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday. — (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

President Mnangagwa chairs his inaugural Cabinet meeting as Head of State and Government while flanked by Ministers Sithembiso Nyoni, Obert Mpofu, Simon Khaya Moyo and Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda (far right) at Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday. — (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

Felex Share Senior Reporter—
President Mnangagwa chaired his first Cabinet meeting yesterday at which he gave ministers a week to present priority projects and quick-win measures under their purview to improve the livelihoods of Zimbabweans in the shortest period.The President told the 21 ministers who were sworn-in on Monday to get down to business and set priority projects that have visible impact on the ground. In his opening remarks at the inaugural Cabinet meeting, the Head of State and Government said every minister should “think outside the box” and pursue “high speed programme execution.”

“You will recall that my acceptance speech underlined that we will hit the ground running. I used that figure of speech advisedly, all to underline a new ethos in administering and delivering public services and goods which must work to quantifiable and measurable targets which make visible impact on the ground. And the ground is where our people are presently, which means from the ground is where we must raise them starting today,” President Mnangagwa said.

He went on: “I am not talking of lifting them spiritually, something we leave to the able prayers of our bishops, priests, reverends and pastors. I am talking of raising them bodily, which means Government-led interventions that address the social conditions of all our people; that raise communities to higher levels of welfare.”

President Mnangagwa said Government officials should set themselves to implement identified projects within 100-day cycles until the 2018 harmonised elections.

“As time is of the essence, we thus need to pursue high speed programme execution. I now wish to challenge you to think outside the box and come up with quick-win projects for implementation by each of your ministries in order to achieve the goals of my vision. In that context, you may wish to consult in your ministries on outstanding strategic programmes that can be quickly implemented within the framework of the vision of this Government. I have availed copies of my acceptance speech for each one of you to guide you in coming up with the priority projects,” President Mnangagwa said.

“I have also instructed the Chief Secretary (to the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda) to assist you with details on unimplemented projects and previous Cabinet resolutions, from which you may identify areas for your priority attention. Out of this process, you should come up with a list of priority projects for presentation to the Cabinet office in a week’s time.” The President said the projects identified should form the Cabinet agenda and ensure it functions on the basis of target-based programmes, with clear deliverables within set timeframes.

“I am sure you are aware that the advent of this dispensation has generated high expectations amongst all categories of our citizens, development partners and other stakeholders, who rightly see it as the dawn of a new era for Zimbabwe.”

President Mnangagwa said Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring of Government Programmes Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi would be the Cabinet Chief Whip. Cde Mumbengegwi, he said, would supervise implementation of Government policies, projects and programmes.

“Let us, therefore, proceed to deliver in line with the objectives of this target-driven Cabinet. Our inaugural meeting comes against the backdrop of major socio-economic challenges that need to be urgently addressed. These include the scourge of corruption, the current liquidity crunch, low foreign direct investment inflows, low diaspora remittances, subdued export earnings and heavy dependency on imports,” the President said.

Other militating factors include low capacity utilisation by industry on account of the shortage of foreign currency, high country risk perception, policy inconsistency, poor service delivery, a ballooning budget deficit, a high level of unemployment and the devastating effects of economic sanctions.”

President Mnangagwa outlined his broad vision to guide his administration when he took the oath of office on November 24.

He said highlights of his vision included fostering aspects of market economy in which enterprise is allowed, encouraged and protected; promoting mutually beneficial partnerships with investors; ensuring people access their savings from banks as and when they require them; dealing decisively with corruption, prioritizing economic growth; ensuring financial sector viability and stability; adopting a high performance culture in the public service and pursing a sturdy re-engagement with all nations of the world.

During his first few days in office, President Mnangagwa has so far won the hearts of many with his punctuality in office and hands-on approach to issues. The President arrives at his office at 8 am daily and Ministers yesterday jokingly said they were not used to it. One remarked; “Aaa vatouya (President Mnangagwa). Hatina kuzvijaira zvekumutswa makuseni akadai isu.” President Mnangagwa has indicated sweeping measures are coming across various sectors to stimulate economic growth and create employment.

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  • Vangodza

    Kutonga Kwaro.handei tione

    • Mwemba Boy

      The new team must cleanse Hwange Colliery as a matter of urgency. This Makore chap is clueless and owed his benevolence to former minister Chidhakwa who was his relative and was shielding him. The guy is a thief

  • Reuben Mukondiwa

    Yes yes mr President we are looking forward to you for improving our livelihoods.Rovai basa

  • Chamunorwa

    I cannot see any targets in the article. Instead, all I see is an attempt at brainstorming. Of course, brainstorming might yield some strategies but these are merely ideals. Proper targets in my view should relate to the timetable for ditching bond notes, creating a fair and impartial media, respecting the rule of law, holding genuinely free and fair elections, pressing for the removal of sanctions and relegating the soldiers to the barracks.

    • Exchange

      If you read clearly the president gave the ministers a week to present their projects thats why you couldnt find the programs in the article.

      • Chamunorwa

        Presenting projects is equivalent in principle to brainstorming. It is not a target in itself. In other words, there is no defined outcome. The projects can be discarded or postponed.

        • Exchange

          The target is to present projects in a week’s time.

        • JAMES GUNIKE

          Nhai zvako iwe. And what projects can those who have had 37years of mediocrity bring. Iye nyakutuma wacho haasi kuziva the basa riri supposed to be done and just give them measurable targets? Clueless!

        • Douglas Shoko

          Highly theoretical

        • phillip c ndoro

          presenting projects is not brainstorming. brainstorming is a part of the process of coming up with a project proposal…

    • Belingwe

      Hapana chakanaka chaunovona kungovona zvakashata chete. Sekuru vako Robert vakambopa maministers nguva yekunogadzira presentation of what they would implement in their various ministries? Zvimwewo tenda vana vevamwe vanhu

    • Douglas Shoko

      So you need the police to swallow us…


      Haunts nays. Kwahi 1 wk tops come with implementable projects ………

    • phillip c ndoro

      There is one target set: ministers have 1 week to come up with their action plans. Brain stroming is part of the process that the ministers will do as they seek to come up with working documents for their ministries.

      The president is not setting targets for the ministers. He wants the ministers to come up with their own achievable targets. What the president does is set guidelines for the ministries….note, he refers to his vision document and to the Dr. Sibanda as resources for the ministers.

  • Mcliod Zuriel Musekiwa

    Kunotsva demo kukusara mupinyu mwaka uno

  • Chris Mberi

    This is the part you need fresh minds because unless these old guys consult widely including ideas from youths that have been on the ground, it is going to be hard for them come up with ideas that are outside their old boxes. We however trust they’ll do what best for the nation

  • mapfungi

    “Hatina kuzvijaira zvekumutswa…”that should be the lazy obert mpofu.

  • Lawrence Manomano

    I would like to challenge the President to look at the current cash shortages. They should spell they way going forward, because people are suffering yet they have money in the banks.

    What a country, where people try to make money by selling money on the black market.

    We have lost enough, this must stop and let’s hear a clear direction from now on

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Same as asking 120-year-old people to walk 10km each morning

  • Hit_the_ground

    We want water in our cities. Water water, I only got water when Mugabe visited my city. Water water ministers!

  • Murefu

    Allow for inputs from the people, just ask us online here for example and we will outlined the projects/programmes we want to contribute to the bigger agenda, ministers alone will not get it, you need public participation. We have big ideas for our country!

    • Nyika Mukanza

      I like your idea – way to go.

  • yowe

    Yah…we need to see work being done.I hope the proposed action plan will be made public so that ministers are held accountable. Lets us work !!!

    • CeeJay

      The best that the Government should is to ensure that by Christmas people can access money in banks and long lines disappear

      • Madara

        mmm, would be nice but i just dont think it will happen. he let all those who had stolen the money keep it and go free.

  • matigari

    Jobs, jobs, jobs and police force rehabilitation should be top priorities Mr President.

  • matigari

    Jobs, jobs, jobs and police force rehabilitation.

  • Mungandidii

    Cabinet deliberations, we never or at most, rarely received such reports. For the sake of transparency, we would be glad to have more details to assist in the monitoring.

  • Clayton Tigere

    Let it happen. Yes it will happen.

    • general

      yes for sure

  • venda Tutors

    Ko nhai Heral Live: svitsawo iyi kuna President- we have heard that he is very responsive if issues are brought to him. Ko ngavabvise ziprohibitive Temporary International Permit (TIP) amount for foreign owned vehicles. Want to drive my whole family timboona kuti kumusha kwakamira sei pachristmas apa but ziTIP amount riya .. haaa. Anyhow- in the greater scheme of things- removing it has other more significant effects…

  • Olivia Musviba

    The ministers must not propose own targets but must be given templates to fill with indicators to implement.

  • Chihuta

    The President should tell the Minister of Agriculture to look into ARDA activities.We have a lot of ARDA Estates which are lying idle.For example in Manicaland (Honde Valley) we had ARDA Katiyo Estate which used to export tea but now it is a white elephant.Mandy Chimene and Basil Nyabadza lied through their teeth that ARDA Katiyo was productive yet there is no production taking place.Revive this and all the other estates.Nyabadza had an interest in ARDA Katiyo hence he bloked investors coming in to invest.

    • general

      ko ZIMRA

  • Chamunorwa

    There goes another sycophant…

  • Maratha Sei

    Sithembiso Nyoni, Simon Khaya Moyo, Obert Mpofu, Dambudzo Mnangagwa…and then you say the country’s situation will improve….hahahahahahhaahha

  • G Tichatonga

    ED staged a ### without ever thinking about what to do after attaining power. You can’t ask deadwood to come up with priority projects which they could not get in 30 years. Okay never mind the tired ministers, what was/is ED’s plan for the country? All these people were part of RGM’s decision makers and if RGM was the problem why then can’t they bring their alternative thinking to the table? 7 months to go…let’s hurry to elections.

  • MusoroWeGomo93

    Haa Mu GVT mave kuda zvevanhu vaneshungu dzebasa manje. Hapachina zvekutamba. No more praises to the President but work on the ground. Handei tione President

  • bhurujena

    @ leat they know where the country was in the ’80s …
    1. Transport system was perfect — no ETs — buses had timetables
    2. Mukaka delivered by Dairyboard to you door step
    3. No potholes
    4. Build HOUSES – FLATS and not just sell stands — look what’s happening on the outskirts of Harare .. No ORDER whatsoever …
    5. We need community libraries — fully equipped with books – computers etc…
    6. Go into full drive in road and rail upgrades

    • Avi8r

      Good point. I think if at the very least, the nostalgia on their part will help spur us towards that quality of life

  • Casey

    Handei Ngwena, first step to change things being on the ground.

  • Mwanawevhu

    Mr President for the first time in more than 2 decades i am thrilled. Your speech as recorded by chronicle gives me hope. Gone are the days of laziness by our ministers. I wish the individual ministerial targets are published and we are informed of progress. May you take it upon yourself that our major industries are reopened. Opening Ziscosteel will have a ripple effect on other industries. Please keep in check those that are exporting un-beneficiated ores. There must be some form of beneficiation that takes place. In so doing you jobs are created at the same time value is added to our resources.

  • Nyongolo

    Now you appoint the chief thief to be cabinet chief whip.Recently Mumbengegwi was in the media when he was caught with 5 million USD in Europe on one of Mugabe’s foreign trips .

    • Dollar boy

      True. and in any case us mumbengegwi’s post really necessary considering the OPC is the entity responsible for minitoring gvt programs thru the chief secretary who also reports to cabinet. kungo panana ma basa uku since ari homeboy ya ngwena.

  • Eneas Mtombeni

    There are quite a lot of challenges bedevilling our country, the Minister of Finance, people need money in banks today, that is your biggest challenge, you need to streamline the civil service and get rid of those youth officers who were there becuse of political expediency. People like Tobaiwa Mudede who is plus 70yrs should retire. Anyone who has reached 60yrs should retire to make way for young ones. Each Ministry must be allocated its S & T budget for travel outside the country so that there wont be that situation where the money for travel outside is in a pool and you just go and get. And it must be streamlined further to departments so that each department has it budget for salaries and DSA disbursements.No more will we we have 70 people accompanying the President to Washington .They will have to look at their budget and if that travel will add value instead of being represented by the country ambassador in that country. This will curb unnecessary travel. He must do away with company cars from the Permanent Secretary to Deputy Directors. They should be given a loan to purchase cars and running expences which will do away with fuel allocation which is a major expense to government. Only Ministers should be allocated cars. We should at joining SACU as a matter of urgency which the former president has been resisting since independence. All the 100 plus parastatals should start giving dividends to the government. The Ministry of Defence and Security, the establishment of an Act to regulate the operations of the intelligence agency is still outstanding in terms of the new Constitution. The CIO must change its name to maybe National Intelligence Agency so as go away from the stigma that it has with the previous government where people have disappeared at their hands. This will regulate their operations that will stop them from what they were doing previously. The Ministry of Home Affairs as in charge of the police, the police had criminalised every bit of omission in your car and anything that was not working, you are fined or you pay a bribe. All that need to be repealed and also the issue of spot fine fine must be done away with and we know judgement had been done to outlaw it but the police was working with impunity defying court judgement to the effect. The Ministry of Agriculture which has been merged with Lands and Resettlement, must come on board, i will dwell on the lands reform part in that , the Ministry must establish a land reform Advisory Commission through an act of parliament which will look at the allocation of farms bought by the government. There must be provincial resettlement committees which will oversee the allocations which will be sent to the land reform advisory commission which will do the final allocations. Available pieces of land must be advertised and then people apply. A point system be used to score. After allocations successful applications be advertised in the press to give transparency to the whole process. The land must be surveyed and successful applicants given title inorder to unlock value to the land and the land must be tradeable. This will allow banks security of tenure by giving loans to farmers. Ministry of Transport has a task of upgrading roads throughout the country.All roads must have names. An example, that road that goes to your home Minister, from Dolo does not have a name neither to numerous roads in your district do they have any name. All roads in the districts must be all weather roads. I should be able to cruise at 100km/hr in any rural road. There must be a Map showing all the roads and their connections throughout the country. I will not talk about the dualisation of the roads which is already under way. The Ministry of Local Government, I have no doubt about the ability of the New Minister as he started working there in 1980 and is an expert in local government and we wont be seeing suspension of councillors as has been the norm with the G40 cabal. Maybe he needs to familiarise himself with the public works side. I have no doubt in his ability to achieve the desired goals in local governance. Just look at the roads in Harare its a mess. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must get rid of political embassies, we have no business to be in Cuba, that embassy can operate from Washington, we have no business to be in Algeria, all embassies must justify why they need to be where they are now. What had they brought to the country. The list can go on with all other Ministries..

  • Avi8r

    Let’s give President ED a chance.
    I think the troubles of the last 37 years have made us perpetual whiners.
    Let’s see what the new cabinet and presidency will do for us in the course of a year.

  • phillip c ndoro

    If I remember well the british indicated that IMF and World bank had put embargos in place to stop the country from acccessing international credit lines. Arent those are sanctions?

  • Bruce

    For minister Obert Mpofu results and targets are easy to achieve and realise. Remove the multitude of police road blocks that have sucked money from poor honest business people. For minister of Industry and commerce please open up to foreign investors.

  • Nyika Mukanza

    The phrase Prerogative of the President (POTP) features a lot in Minister’s responses to questions by journalist or in parliament. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to avoid a very simple question or leaves you wandering – what is the Minister really answerable for?

    Another line that journalists & critics used quite often regarding the former President was – the President is misled by those around him or he is surrounded by corrupt people. Yet at the end of his reign one key item up for negotiation was immunity from prosecution (for crimes) and protection of his (ill-gotten) properties.