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Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
PRESIDENT Mugabe earns US$4 000 per month, far less than the tens of thousands of dollars pocketed by bosses at under-performing State-linked enterprises.
His salary is also the lowest for any head of state and/or government in southern Africa.The Head of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces disclosed his salary in an interview with Ghanaian-born British journalist and film-maker Roy Agyemang for a BBC documentary titled “Robert Mugabe @ 90”, which was aired at the weekend.

“I am earning US$4 000 just now, because of the hard times this is what we decided on, that we should recognise the hard times at the moment,” President Mugabe said.
“All the parastatals now we were discussing them. One-by-one we will go through them all and see what they were paying to the management. It’s the managements that were benefiting in most of these cases,” he said.

According to Finance Ministry figures, NetOne boss Mr Reward Kangai’s monthly salary and allowances were equivalent to President Mugabe’s annual salary.
Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, recently revealed that executives in State-linked firms chewed up about US$600 million in salaries and allowances since 2009, and US$133 million last year alone.

The money, he said, was pocketed by about 3 000 individuals who sat on boards or were chief executives and senior managers of the country’s 78 parastatals and State enterprises.

To halt the mega-packages, Government drew up a Corporate Governance and Remuneration Policy Framework to monitor operations of parastatals and local authorities as well as curb corruption and awarding of unrealistic public sector salaries and allowances.

Prof Moyo said Government was turning the policy framework into an Act of Parliament to legally punish officials who deviated from good corporate governance.
Government has since capped public sector packages at US$6 000 monthly, pending finalisation of a comprehensive salary structure.

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda last month issued a directive to line ministries that the new salary structure must be adhered to starting this month.

The total package would be split on a 60-40 basis in regards to salaries and allowances, with everything taxable.

About US$1 168 950 will be saved monthly as a result of reduced salaries and perks of 73 out of 90 parastatal heads who were earning over US$6 000 monthly.

This amount is enough to pay at least 3 000 civil servants every month and if savings from some line managers and technicians who were also earning mega salaries are to be effected, the figure will increase.

According to figures released by Government last month, the highest paid chief executive was former Premier Medical Aid Society boss, Dr Cuthbert Dube, whose total guaranteed pay packet came to US$535 499 monthly (US$230 000 basic salary and US$305 499 in allowances).

The society had accumulated a debt of over US$38 million as of December 2013 – the majority of which was due to service providers, and made it difficult for members to access healthcare.

While PSMAS is not a Government entity, State employees weigh in with 80 percent of the society’s contributions.

The highest-paid boss at a parastatal, according to the Finance Ministry, was Mr Kangai who took home US$43 693 monthly, while ZBC’s suspended CEO Mr Happison Muchechetere took home at least US$37 050.

Government and other analysts have allayed fears that the remuneration cap will result in skills flight, saying Zimbabwe had enough expertise to run the public sector.
Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa has also challenged any public sector boss unhappy with the cap to take up the matter in court.

What other Presidents earn

President Barack Obama (USA) — US$33 000
President Jacob Zuma (SA) — US$21 000
Prime Minister David Cameron (UK) US$ 20 000
President Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya) — US$15 000
President Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibia) — US$10 000
President Jose Eduardo dos Santos (Angola) — US$5 000
President Michael Sata (Zambia) — US$7 000
President Mugabe (Zim) — US$4 000

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  • jekiseni

    Saka 4000 ishoma muzimbabwe diii

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      @jekiseni:::::::? Yes ishoma diii, relative to local executives in both pvt and publi sectors. .The parastatals were trying to peg their salaries to most pvt sector entities where salaries and benefits of executives , if revealed would make us sick too, given that most of the companies are also struggling in the same economy. We applaud the govt for the initiative to correct whatever is wrong!

      • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

        Cde Mzvinavhu, you have highlighted an issue which has been taken for granted all along. You said “The parastatals were trying to peg their salaries to most pvt sector entities where salaries and benefits of executives , if revealed would make us sick too.” That is very true. If these people’s salaries (private sector) are revealed, there will be some moments of silence. The only difference with parastatal and state enterprises is that these institutions depend on public funds.

    • Abel

      For the associated stress of having to deal with the likes of Jekiseni yes ishoma.

    • mai tino

      ehe ishoma, pihwaka uone kuti haikwani

  • Mimi

    President Mugabe’s monthly salary is reasonable especially when one takes the fact that he gets other benefits to supplement his monthly salary. And this includes the T & S allowances that he obviously gets on all the Presidential and official travels taken. The many gifts that he has gotten over the years including thousands of herds of cattle etc. Not that he should not get these but the truth is his salary cannot be compared to an ordinary Zimbabwean, civil servant who have by the way just as many responsibilities to take care of. In short given the situation of Zimbabwe US$4000 is acceptable.

  • Dambudziko

    Musatibate kumeso….$4000 kikikikiki…..better kuseka hangu?
    Uyuwo Dos Santos whose daughter is the richest woman on Africa and 43rd richest woman in the world all from daddy transferring ownershp of state entities into her name oti hanzi I earn $5000…..haaya. Africa ma1.

  • maboyz

    Its the joke of the year. Is this true. How are they building mansions. What it means is that they are not surviving from their salaries ***.

  • Muchadura

    Prresident Mugabe deserves the low salary because as the CEO of Zimbabwe he is mainly responsible for its poor economic performance.

  • cobra

    the President should not try to fool us , how can someone who earns $4000 give his daughter $100 000 at her wedding. how does someone who earns 4000 manage to build a house in Borrowdale Brook. just keep your salary information to yourself Sir, it wont change anything.

  • tafamutekwe

    Surprise, surprise.President of oil rich Angola earns a mere $5 000 dollar salary yet the CEO of a poorly performing State Enterprise (in an impoverished country) like Net One is earning far more than the President of the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.It just does not add up.

    • Mamvemve

      My friend you should read between the lines. If the President of Angola earns a small salary on paper where did the billions in his personal accounts come from? His daughter is one of only 2 billionaires on the African continent, where did she get the money from? This is an own goal by the President, he should have just kept quiet.

    • reynold

      dont be misled my guy

    • simba

      President of oil rich Angola’s daughter is a billionaire and the richest woman in Africa and one of the richest in the world. Whose money do you think that is?

  • MweniTafara

    Gushungo should have earned himself $375 or nothing a month, as a statement of hardship, these politicians are no longer tactical at all.

  • mundix

    hoo Wedenga ndiye anoziva

  • angozo

    and what is the cash equivalent for his benefits

  • tapson

    When the president can reveal his salary ,why is that people like Gershom Pasi and the like refuse to do so ?This boggles the mind.And as of now im disturbed by the way most of the corruption cases are been handled.The commitment from the gvt is pathetic to say the least.Corruption is continuing unabated and those who are doing so are left to enjoy their ill gotten gains.Aiwa izvi zvanyanya kasi zvichapera chete !!

    • Simbai

      Would Pasi and ZIMRA ever dare suggest an audit on all of the President’s non-declared, untaxed perks and benefits?

  • mthulisi

    How much does he get in allowances? Biti once revealed each trip abroad gobbles up to $3 million in allowances for the Zim delegation

  • stombolo

    $4000 basic salary $5000000 allowances kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Jotham

      Kunyora kwebenzi rinofamba richitaura rega. Making a funny analysis of something chisinga setsi.

      • mama ucharihwa

        Iwe ndiwe benzi. So you think kuti mugabe is surviving on 4000 usd?

  • Fence sitter

    This is highly misleading because the President has so many other benefits that are not part of his monthly salary such that he hardly has need to actually earn a salary at all

    • Jotham

      You said benefits – those benefits are nothing compared to what the local authorities bosses, private public & private companies bosses get. if you have been following the news you know the figures.

      • ahhhhhh

        Ahhhhhh Jotham akomana….

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    I watched the interview and honestly speaking at 90 you gave a good account of yourself. However, this report implies you can survive on USD4000. Far from it. With the kind of money you would not sustain your lifestyle including your medical treatments. All trips to Zvimba at your own cost plus school fees for your children overseas plus the extended family and all their problems cannot be accommodated in the USD4000. Being a Catholic if we are to remove 10% tithing this will certainly tighten the squeeze. However, it sends a good signal. What is important is to cut on costs from the cars that are driven right from your office to the lowest office in government. The fuel limits ought to be reduced by as much as 90% in some instances. The type of cars has to change to modest cars. I have argued before that a minister in our government could do well in a good ex japanese Toyota Corolla for city errands and a locally assembled pick up truck for rural visits. In fact these must be given as loans. The phone bills must be capped at no more than USD100 per month for cellphones and landlines for both ministers and MPs. The culture must change. Government leaders Servant leadership should be what must drive all our behaviour as African leaders.

  • Jongwe

    Too much monie!
    1) Free car, driver, fuel
    2) Free food
    3) Free gardener, housemaid, dstv, house, farms, +++
    4) Free chopper
    5) Free newspapers

  • ian

    Its pleasing to note that our president is earning such a reasonable salary, a figure that is within the country’s means at the moment. He could have easily demanded an astronomic salary, given all that he has done for the country. Shame, shame, shame on those CEOs who are earning far more than can be afforded by their organisations.

    • jojo

      Do you stupidly believe that’s all he gets?why hang on to the job with dear life?why not go full time into farming?

  • Samuel Khumalo

    This is quite revealing. So how did his excellency manage to build that impressive home in Borrowdale?And I suppose the farming operations enabled him to raise money to pay for Bona’s wedding. For one thing President Mugabe is a role model.He and the First Lady are fully utilising the land they acquired under the reform program. Only if other politicians , war veterans and securats could emulate Gushungo, we could infact be a net exporter of agricultural produce.
    I think its time Gushungo did something about the lazy farmers

  • khumbulani Ncube

    I assume that the ministers are earning a little less than what President Mugabe earns. This then calls into question how Chombo and my home boy Obert Mpofu made their millions. Should the nation not be told how these ministers made their moneys

  • comrade

    kuma allowance ndiko kwaanopfuura net ya Barack Obama

    • Mbada Murenje

      Ko-iye Obama haana ma-allowances here?

  • damba

    what’s the real story??

  • Danmanyika

    Welcome news from President Mugabe, prepared to sacrifice financial gains for such an important role requiring 24/7 full time dedication leaving little time for any other activity.
    We hope all other public Zimbabwean political figures and managers will be willing to emulate the President and also make declarations of their assets and wages showing their unquestionable patriotism to the Zimbabwean nation.
    However, in the interests of transparency and the President’s fight against corruption, it would be interesting to see a complete declaration of assets by the President, his well known luxury overseas residences, multiple farms, and how he personally financed lavish multi-million dollar ‘private’ celebrations such as recent birthday and wedding festivities?
    Simple maths based on the cumulative affordable Presidential salary for this small poor nation over the last 34 years, leaves many questions raised over his accumulated (?)illions dollar fortune?

  • George Marange

    You should have checked the salary for the Uruguayan President as well.

  • makwavarara

    what about other benefits and advantages? we want them in monetary terms so that we can judge.

  • Chanhuwa chii?

    I thought the President was putting to comparison salaries and not allowances then the unfortunate lot drags the whole forum astray because of poverty vacuums marauding the foreign-minded lot. Mugabe is the President and what he is saying is that a fixed salary should be reasonable, allowances come from a number and variety of activities that, when not worked on, may not be met with. Shame on the silent admirers who decide not to comply but to compromise and try to display their little minds on such a public forum.

  • leemoyo

    President please- don’t loose the respect you have ***. If you surely earned that little we could have not been struggling to pay civil servants. Unless you mean 4000 salary – 10 million allowances. Based on your Dairy Project, Borrowdale house, Zvimba home, Bona donations, etc- its unbelievable sir. Why then are we giving ministers Mercs when u are getting such peanuts sir??

  • Weston Mugocha

    Don’t forget he started working before you, cobra, were probably born and vange vasiri rombe. Iwe ndiwe wega unofunga kuti pfuma inobva pasalary. Wake up and emulate.

  • the rest


  • chikutemura chichaseva

    zvinganditadzise kudya sadza