LATEST: Museveni sworn in . . . resounding welcome for President Mugabe

Munyaradzi Huni

UGANDA-President Mugabe on Thursday morning joined several other Heads of State and Government in witnessing the swearing in of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at the Kololo Airstrip Ceremonial Ground, Kampala.

PRESIDENT MUGABE - Upon announcement that he had arrived Ugandans gave the legend a resounding welcome.

PRESIDENT MUGABE – Upon announcement that he had arrived Ugandans gave the legend a resounding welcome.

Upon announcement that he had arrived Ugandans gave President Mugabe a resounding welcome.


President Museveni won elections on February 18, 2016.  President Museveni begins his fifth term having been in power since 1986. In his speech President Museveni promised to unite Uganda and continue to work towards improving the livelihoods of all Ugandans.

The colourful event brought the City of Kampala to a standstill as Heads of State and Government descended on the country. During dinner on Wednesday President Mugabe also received a standing ovation, confirming his status as an African legend.

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  • Fred Muchena

    since 1986!

    • Zvakaora

      Much younger but still beaten in ruling longevity by Mugabe! From thirteen heads of state in this morning’s Herald report, now its several? Just shows how long standing ** who call themselves Presidents are appreciated by a rapidly reducing number of world powers.

  • GeneralChris

    Who cares what Ugandans think. He didnt destroy Uganda but destroyed Zim. They can have him & see if they will think he is such a legend.

  • Observer gonzo

    Museveni is Mugabe’s student. Crowds are bused in and ululating for Mugabe is the ultimate propaganda for a guy who has been in power 6 years short of Bob himself.

    • Asi Chii

      Apa vana tine nzara kumusha ha zvakaoma .

      • Geje

        Une nzara asi mari yekuswera pa Internet uchinyora paHerald ndiyo yaunowana?

        • rukudzo

          Haana nzara uyo….he is not thankful for the food God puts on his table everyday….achaita hake nzara one of these days.

  • Asi chii?

    Isu ma Zimba tichasara mabhonzo tichingonamata kuti mwari achapindira, we are suffering, tichityiswa, kuchibiwa ma votes, ukasumudza musoro worohwa, nyika iri kuparara takatarisa. Vanhu varikutambura. Problem iripi. Are we exporting, if not, why then? Vanhu vasiri kushanda ma industries akavhara why? Ko gvmnt ngaibatsire tivhure ma industries tigadzire ne maroads acho tizvimirire, why are we failing to do that? Ingava nyika here vanhuwe yekuti nayo yave kudzungaira kuti haina mari kkkkklk. Zvotyisa, first phase, takabvisa zim dollar and replaced it with multiple currency, now multiple currency yacho yoshota, we now want to bring new bond notes??? What is a bond note? Does the whole world know that there will be a bond note in zim? Tichadzidyana navo here mushe ne bond note. IS THE BOND NOTE GOING TO HELP BRING BACK THE US $ RATIRIKUSHAYA MU BANK.??? Look at it very well.

    • Laila

      Hapana zvauri kutaura apa shamwari. When Gvt brought in bond coins, those who think like you, i mean the pessimistic attacked government and started crying discouraging us from using these coins, but today everyone was now using the coins. For years your oppositional supermarkets were against this and forcing us to accept sweets as change…but you were so dull not to see this. Let the notes come so that we move forward as a country. After all Tsvangirai wamunoda akabatiswa madhodhi kare kare…he was in government, and what change did he bring? Right now he is staying in a Zanu-PF government house…Taurai tinzwe? Handei tione….Zanu chiororo baba…it’s high time you also applied for land and registered your own company to participate in the prevailing policies. Tomorrow your kids will ask you kuti baba makatadzawo nei kuwana kamunda, or ka stand, or ku register ka company….ipapo unenge wachembera uchifunga kuti Zanu ichabva or Mugabe achabva…wopandukirwa nevana vako…the best way not to do achieve anything is to wait…this is why zim is dying…some people are waiting for Zanu to leave so that they do something…but surely waiting for 36 years? it’s like waiting for Varungu to start loving you when you are so black and so African…you will remain water and oil…stand up and start acting to survive the way Americans act to survive and defend their interests everyday.

      • GeneralChris

        Look around Zim is ruined by Mugabe. Why wud u all expect Ugandans & foreigners to say he is great worth ovation but back home he has made pple suffer. He has failed. Where is zim$? Wats % of employment? Why did Bona give birth abroad? How are the hospitals & clinics in Zim? Explain

  • DK

    It’s unfortunate you comment like that in a way that simply shows you have no power to take away that kind of influence from Mugabe. Mugabe is a legend…that is why he is hated mostly by the imperialists. He scuttled their mission of total manipulation of Africa. So, sorry hako muface wangu.

    • GeneralChris

      Wat about wen they booed him in Zambia saying go home sort yo own country? Why did Bona give birth abroad? Are there no hospitals in Zim? He has single handedly destroyed Zim. It will take decades to fix

  • DK

    When did Robert Mugabe invade somebody else’s country?

    • succuba

      3:10 minutes in… he says “Robert Mugabe is my brother , I love him”…. then why is he in the diaspora instead of living with him in Zimbabwe?

    • GeneralChris

      If destroying a once successful country is heroism . How foolish.

    • Japana Hapana

      Yes, stupid black men like you

  • Cecil Roars

    Robert Mugabe and Museveni are birds of a feather. That is why they are supporting each other. Both have no shame.

  • nelson moyo

    Picture of Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe is of course from 1988 Herald archives !

  • IJaha le Manxeleni

    Longevity in the Presidency is the hallmark of the two but when it comes to economic management we are far far far behind