President Mugabe a legend: Lavrov


President Mugabe welcomes Russian Foreign Minister Mr Sergey Lavrov, while Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Mr Denis Manturov (in the background) follows proceedings at the President’s residence in Zvimba yesterday. — (Picture by Munyaradzi Chamalimba)

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Russian Foreign Minister Mr Sergey Lavrov yesterday hailed President Mugabe as an African legend and historical figure as he reaffirmed his country’s support for the recognition of Africa’s voice in world politics.Mr Lavrov said this at the launch of a $3 billion platinum mining concern, Great Dyke Investments, a joint venture between Russian and Zimbabwean entities.

“There is no coming back to uni-polar world, bi-polar world, the future of the world could only be multi-polar otherwise the world system would not be sustainable and Africa is one of the pillars of the evolving world system and Russia would always be with Africa and today we got a confirmation from President Mugabe, a legend, an historical figure that Zimbabwe and Africa will always be with Russia,” Mr Lavrov said.

He said in discussions between the two countries during his visit, they had noted the futility of unilateral measures being taken against them by the West.

The United States and its European allies have imposed sanctions on Russia on spurious charges over Ukraine in much the same way they used alleged closure of democratic space to impose a ruinous sanctions regime on Zimbabwe in the wake of the fast-track land reform programme.

“In the course of today’s negotiations, we reaffirmed the commonality of our political positions  in the world. Though Zimbabwe and Russia strongly support the respect for international law, the respect for the norms and principles of the UN Charter first of all, the right of the people to decide their own destiny, to decide all the disputes peacefully without any unilateral acts in particular the actions which Zimbabwe and Russia have experienced themselves and we are both convinced these unilateral coercive policies have no future what is important is to recognise the pluralism in the international community the emergence of new big players including the African continent whose interest and voice must be taken into account in world politics.

“There is no coming back to uni-polar world, bi-polar world, the future of the world could only be multi-polar otherwise the world system would not be sustainable and Africa is one of the pillars of the evolving world system and Russia would always be with Africa and today we got a confirmation from President Mugabe a legend, a historical figure that Zimbabwe and Africa will always be with Russia,” he said.

The West imposed the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe in retaliation to Zimbabwe’s moves to embark on the land reform programme meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.

Russia and China have, however, stood by Zimbabwe in international fora and as permanent members of the UN Security Council, vetoed attempts by the US, Britain and its allies to abuse the UN Charter’s chapter 7 to destabilise Zimbabwe.

The US and the EU have also imposed sanctions on Russia in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine that has seen some citizens of the country revolting against a Western backed government that came into power following a coup against the democratically elected government led by Viktor Yanukovych.

In his address President Mugabe said Zimbabwe also stood in solidarity with Russians in their dispute with the Western world.

“Take back to President Putin that we feel with him that those imposing sanctions on him have done so on us. That these are the evil men of our world those who go and act in defiance of international law, sanctions never approved by the UN and those falling on the Russian Federation today have not been approved by the UN and those which yesterday were imposed on us and remain on us were never approved by the UN.

“They are the works of the evil men of our world who are defiant of national law and morality of national law. We stand together we will fall together,” President Mugabe said.

The President said the joint venture deal was most welcome following other mega infrastructural development agreements he entered into during his recent State visit to China.

“This act we say to our people our greatest friends here they are. Yesterday, I was in Beijing, again there to get our greatest friends to work with us today. These are the two main pillars of support of our revolution yesterday and they remain the two pillars of our support in international law and so we say to them Great thanks for standing with us in perpetuity and we shall in perpetuity, all legs, stand with you from the love of our hearts, from the feelings of our hearts, from the commitment and determination of our nation and we shall always say we sail together and if we fall, let us fall together,” President Mugabe said.

Earlier in the day President Mugabe expressed his gratitude for the Russian delegation’s visit saying it had strengthened historical relations between Harare and Moscow, ties that date back to the days of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.

He said this after Mr Lavrov had paid a courtesy call on him at his rural home in Kutama Village.

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  • Khathazile

    Kikikiki, Farira Machivenyika only managed to use the word “sanctions” 6 times in the above report, perhaps he gets an extra bonus for every time he slips the word in? And if they have noted the “futility” of these measures, how could they simultaneously be “ruinous” to the Zanu-PF regime?

    • Jongwe

      Yaa that is the policy, $10 extra for every sanctions word, $15 for tsvangirayi word, and $50 for ……………………… know what I mean.

  • Observer

    Rinonyenga rinohwarara…. Which zim entities are partnering the Russians & did it go to tender?

  • chadzunda

    A real ‘legend’ who is presiding over a ruined economy, 80% unemployment, 3m people abroad as economic refugees, unpreceedented corruption, unparelled nepotism and cronysim, etc

  • Realist

    But legend doesn’t start with a C ?

  • Important Minister Guy

    ……How should I know? I’m just waiting for the loot. The glorious loot, screw Zimbabwe, everyone is for themselves suckers kikikiki

  • John SiyaPapa Madhiri

    Nyika haisi kufamba kana munhu uchitadza kutaura zviri pa moyo pako nekuti editor weku Herald anotya kudzingwa basa

  • Tarubva

    Mr. Lavrov, under the watch of your ‘legend’, Zimbabwe lost its currency, and now it is using the USD, a currency of ‘evil men’, surprisingly and curiously not the Russian ruble! In an attempt to run away from excruciating poverty, disease and hunger, millions of Zimbabweans emigrated to UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, ‘countries of evil men’, and curiously never to Russia! The country had a functional urban public transport system, uninterrupted electricity supply, hospitals with medicines, clean drinking water, and above all, it was providing job opportunities before your ‘legend’ took over. Well, Mr. Lavrov, if you want to have this ‘legend’ to be yours for good, not only we will happily give him to you for free, but also we will pay you whatever you want on top!

    • Tofara Tose

      Well said Tarubva.

    • Mudimbu

      Iwe makumbo-mana, wakadziwana kupi njere idzodzo, heh?


    you see to all those those who do not appreciate our president see how others appreciate his work. Pamberi na president Mugabe!!!!!!!!!

  • Mwanavevhu Tambo

    dai uri iwe the country`s leader what were you going to put to our tables? Zimbabweans let us stop degrading our self, do you have a good idea to go forwad economically. socially and every dimension important to us as nation not political part. thus very important.

  • Truth seeker

    These Russians are giants!

  • Pan Africanist

    Fellow Africans don’t operate like house niggers. 30 years back who would have thought China would be the 2nd largest economy in the world. Africa has to start somewhere. If you think the people who colonised you will liberate you from the yokes of poverty you must be day dreaming. Colonises came to get natural resources to create what is so called big economies (British empire, French empire, Spanish empire Portuguese empire, Japanese empire etc.) It is better to try and get someone who is prepared to work with you as a partner to achieve your objectives than to operate under the neo colonialists agenda. Just to remind you, China was a former Japanese colony.