President is the final authority in Zanu-PF

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Farirai Machivenyika Herald Reporter
THERE is no executive authority in Zanu-PF higher than the Party’s President and First Secretary to that end the directive issued by President Mugabe through his spokesperson Mr George Charamba as reported in Thursday’s edition of the Herald is the only official position regarding the status of results of Zanu-PF elections in Mashonaland Central province, the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Professor Jonathan Moyo, said yesterday.

In a statement issued in response to stories carried in some sections of the media to the effect that Zanu-PF secretary for information and publicity Cde Rugare Gumbo had challenged and contradicted an instruction given by President Mugabe to his spokesman, Mr George Charamba, to advise the media that the Politburo was still to receive results of the Mashonaland Central provincial elections along with a report accompanying the same, Minister Moyo said the President’s directive was supreme and any contestation was mischievous.
‘’In the first place, the ministry is unable to confirm that the unfortunate and insubordinate statement attributed to Cde Gumbo by NewsDay is infact accurate. However, and for the record, the President’s directive as conveyed through Cde Charamba and reported by yesterday’s Herald (Thursday November 14, 2013) is the correct and only official position regarding the status of the results of the Zanu-PF elections for the provincial executive in Mashonaland Central. There can be no executive authority in Zanu-PF higher than the party’s President and First Secretary. Any suggestion or claim to the contrary is mischievous to the extreme,” he said.
Professor Moyo said the position on the matter remained as reported by The Herald.

“As such and for the avoidance of doubt, the only position that still stands on the matter in question is what Cde Charamba told the media as reported by the Herald, yesterday, as follows “tell the media that I (the President) have told you (Cde Charamba) that the Politburo has not yet received results from Mashonaland Central province. Equally the Politburo is still to receive a report which accompanies the same.”
“It is only when the Politburo has been favoured with both the results and the accompanying report that it will then be in a position to study both before taking a decision.’’

‘’This is the official position as directed by the President and it has not changed,” Prof Moyo said.
Allegations of irregularities plagued Zanu-PF elections in the province where incumbent chairman Cde Dickson Mafios was challenged by Cde Luke Mushore.

Voting was supposed to be conducted in one day last Saturday and was extended to Sunday but six districts failed to vote.
The outstanding districts were Mt Darwin East, Chimanja, Guruve, Kemutamba and Nyahunzvi A and Nyahunzvi; Mazowe South and North, Eskbank and Galloway when Cde Mushore was unofficially declared the winner.

Elections in Manicaland and the Midlands provinces where Cdes John Mvundura and Jason Machaya were declared winners over Cdes Monica Mutsvangwa and Larry Mavhima were also marred by irregularities.

The Midlands result has since been challenged on grounds that several districts did not vote and a final decision is still pending.
In light of the contested outcomes in Manicaland and Midlands provinces, the Zanu-PF leadership has been debating whether to set aside both results and start afresh, or accept the results of the two provinces and insist that elections in the remaining seven provinces be done in line with the party’s electoral rules and guidelines that stipulate that elections be conducted and concluded within one day.

The Zanu-PF constitution does not provide for the staggering of elections which must be done simultaneously within set time frames and on the basis of verified membership registers although this has not been adhered to as the three provinces that have voted so far have had staggered elections.

Elections in the three provinces have also been beset by failure by way of party registers, deployment of voting material, composition of supervisory teams, and communication of results, all of which need to be straightened out before the remaining seven provinces vote.

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  • Tsholotsho

    You Tsholotsho guys mave kuda kuoma musoro sedamba muchishandisa state media. If Moyo and Charamba think that we’re all fools then you’re going to be shocked. You think we are fools. The statement by Cde Rugare Gumbo who is the Party Spokesperson is the one that stands.

  • Jason Chitukwa

    FINALLY JONGWE putting people in line! Enough is enough with all the factionalism like what happened in Lusaka during the Nhari Rebellion

  • Rondedzero

    Was this ever in doubt?

  • Danmanyika

    What has become eminently clear is that Zanu-PF factionalism, despite all official denials, is alive and kicking!
    We can see in this Herald report the guiding hand of Minister of Media Moyo, despite his call for responsible freedom and plurality of information, is abusing his authority as Minister of information to push his own partisan views and factional affiliations against the sentiments of other party groups and members.
    Not all of us are serial flip-floppers Minister Moyo, many party stalwarts have little trust in past so called returning repentants after their years in the desert and cold harsh wilderness. We’re all aware Jonathan is being used by certain party members, and in turn is using the party structures for his own agenda. Remember the Tsholotsho debacle!

  • Mimi

    Absolutely, hapana chokwadi chinopfuura apa. ZANU-PF thrives on discipline and Gushungo is the Party’s leader for now saka whatever he says should go. Obviously most people will think otherwise but this is ZANU-PF, party of the people and it remains with the final solution. Even in a home, hamuna imba inovakika if there are 2 majongwe in the house. ICHO!!!

  • dhehwa72

    Well Jonnho got it wrong this time. President Mugabe has one spokesperson who is employed to speak on his behalf with matters regarding his job as the President, and that person is George Charamba. Charamba is not a ZANU PF spokes person, that role is for Rugare Gumbo. ZANU PF internal elections are an inhouse thing and Charamba has no authority what so ever to speak on behalf of the party, that is for Gumbo to do until the time he is removed from that post. Moyo is trying to position himself for the Party’s spokeperson’s position during the forth coming Congress in Dec hence he is trying to riddicle the party’s spokesperson. Now Jonnho this is a battle you will loose hands down because Gumbo is more seasoned than you whether its politics, dirty games or controversy. You just need to do a bit of research as to what happened to Gumbo during the liberation struggle to just see how a spirited guy he is.

    • Roparembwa

      Tibqatisei mafaira a Gumbu amunorewa. Kwatiri internet yakadhakwa.

      • bodo_kwete

        Gumbo akambogara mujeri kuMoza. He knows Zanu’s in-fighting methods from day-one. Most of the people who were with him those filthy cells didn’t survive for more than just a few years. vaGumbo zidhara

      • dhehwa72

        Mhinduro ya bodo_kwete wagutsikana nayo here or tiwedzere futi

        • Roparembwa

          Wedzerai chirombowe wooooo!

  • Corade Mwana Wevhu

    That is well said Professor and I think you have now remove any doubts as to the Zanu P.F party’s position on the Mashonaland Central elections where some overzealous new comers of the party had prematurely hosted some celebration parties. The Politburo should surely make a decisive and final decision as regards the Mashonaland Central provincial election for I suspect an enemy’s invisible hand is at play here to disturbilise the province to the detriment of the party. In light of this I therefore suggest that the party should thoroughly investigate the root cause of all the allegations being leveled against the irregularities.

  • Japana Hapana

    Elections are meant to be free, fair and credible. If they are not, then there is no point in conducting them.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Thats democracy at its best,whatever the president says,thats it no questions asked.

  • notsonline

    what has Zanu things to do with the ministry Jona…is Charamba spokesperson of the President of Zimbabwe or President of Zanu….even you Jona thought you minister of information of Zimbabwe not Zanu…

  • jojo

    Someone’s father, grandfather, greatgrandfather being labelled “mischieveous” !!! Unadulterated venom!!!

  • No to Guided Democracy

    Well said, you have removed doubts that have been lingering over these sham elections. Thank you for making the positions clear regarding these circus of elections conducted in the three provinces. Truth must be told without fear or favour and will have a healthy society. Thank you Minister

  • harare

    Jona Moyo katanga kunanzva kikikikiki,,,,,, kikikikikikiki……………..kikikiikikiiikiiiiki Jona ndiye president wekunanzva kikikikik kana garwe rinosara pasi kikikikikik

  • Zimbabwe United

    Let sanity prevail. Let there be a meeting of the minds whose rallying point is the strengthening of the party. Intra-party docracy on the part of the ruling party mirrors democratic practises at the national level.

  • Boorangoma

    George naJonso muri vana vadiki panyaya iyi. Nyararai kuti mwiii. Munozobatanidzirwa patsiva yamamonya!

  • Zvakare

    I disagree. God is final authority not Mugabe.

  • ZANU PF is good

    charamba is not a comrade. akarwa hondo kupi? jonathan is not a comrade either. grow up mhani

  • Mutangawekuvava

    “I think what Charamba did was deliberate. He is aware of the protocol.
    How can an issue that affects the party be announced by an editor of a
    newspaper?” said Mutasa. Who is Moyo, a political prostitute?

  • ivor payne

    Moyo is wrong. Congress is the supreme decision maker in the party. Between Congresses the Central Committee is the supreme decision making body (section 34 of the ZANU PF Constitution) and the ZANU PF President reports to the Central Committee on behalf of the Politburo (which is the central committee’s administrative arm) (section 42(2)) of the ZANU PF constitution.) However, he is right to the extent that the de facto position is as he desctibes. The de jure flow of power as set out in the ZANU PF constitution has been reversed under the present leadership.