President hits out at Trump

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

From Munyaradzi Huni in New York, US
President Mugabe has said the world is “embarrassed, if not frightened” by what appears to be a return of the biblical Goliath in reference to US President Donald Trump, whose speech at the 72nd Ordinary Session of the United Nations General Assembly seemed to threaten other nations.

In his speech, Mr Trump threatened to obliterate North Korea and attacked Iran in a manner condemned by many delegates.

President Mugabe urged Mr Trump to blow his trumpet in a way that brings unity, peace, cooperation, togetherness and dialogue to the world.

He said all countries should respect the provisions of the UN Charter to bring peace and development to the world.

He said Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular had defeated imperialism and so “bring us whatever monster by whatever name and it will suffer the same defeat”.

“Are we having the return of Goliath?” asked the President in reference to Mr Trump.

President Mugabe said each nation should build on its strength and that there should be respect for each nation’s independence and sovereignty.

He also called on the US government to tackle serious issues to do with climate change saying “let’s work together, climate change is real”.
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President Mugabe then expressed his condolences to the people of Puerto Rico and other nations devastated by natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

While urging nations that can assist to chip in with a helping hand to those affected, the President said the world at the moment “demands more, not less, solidarity”.

The President said Zimbabwe supported Africa’s position regarding reforms of the UN Security Council saying the process was moving too slowly.

He said this raised suspicion that those benefiting from the current set up could be derailing the discussions.

He said the current set up of the UN perpetuates a historical injustice, adding the gap between poor and rich nations continued to widen.

He said the world should not expect to reap peace when it is investing in war, which led to greater human misery and the mass movement of people fleeing war and conflict.

“A different, better world is possible,” said the President.

He said each country should have a right to its resources and to decide its destiny, citing Western Sahara and Palestine as countries that were being denied the right to self determination.

He called on the UN Security Council to demonstrate its authority in Western Sahara and Palestine by working with the African Union to solve the problems in the two countries.

The President said Zimbabwe remained committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

He said Zimbabwe respects the sovereignty of other nations.

Throughout his speech, President Mugabe received wild applause from several delegates who seemed relieved that at last someone was bold enough to take on the bullish Mr Trump.

The afternoon session when President Mugabe delivered his address was chaired by Zimbabwe’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Fredrick Shava.

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  • yowe

    No one cares what he has to say…the leader of a failed and economically insignificant country commands no respect.

  • ezekiel

    I salute you President

  • ezekiel


  • ezekiel

    He does many

  • zvihutazvashe

    Yeah is Zim working…

  • Blackwave

    People voted for the Constitution but not for the amendments they are now doing…

    • john

      That’s because many people are gullible thought lawyers were honest – there is no control here they are above our law so the constitution cannot control them.
      Find yourself in court or get ripped off by a lawyer and you will start to understand. In a block of ten flats only one was transferred properly the rest were fraudulent, these are the accurate statistics – one in ten legal.

  • Zvakaora

    While Mugabe was blowing his own imperceptible UN trumpet, and inasmuch as President Mugabe appears to be in denial of his own foreign Malawian origins, Mugabe also appears ignorant of President’s Trump’s German ancestry. The name Trump originated from the Bavarian word “trumpe” for drum, nothing do do with a trumpet!

  • gede-think tank

    I watched my president with determination walk up the podium, what character ,unparalleled commitment ,unwavering ,standing guided by his principles which we the majority of right thinking zimbos standby .My eyes filled with tears as I saw him deliver his keynote speech without fear of reprisals . We need more of these backboned citizens male and female alike in our country. With such man ,the Lord is happy . If we perish let us perish but we have purposed to repossess all that which belongs to us . What honour is befitting this gallant son of Zimbabwe . Naming an airport is not enough we need this country to be called Mugabeland . Kana takambogara muRhodesia chii chingatitadzise kusviita izvozvi. A God given president to an undeserving nation. The greatest statesman in modern history.

  • haiwawo

    Pot, black to kettle, black.

    No he wanted a comfortable seat in the august chambers to catch a nap. For everything that was going on, he was asleep and has no clue except to read what was written for him when he now had a little of the energy to be awake long enough to read the speech.

    And of course his whole family, including the extended ones and the hangers on, had to go shopping which is partly why they had to print lots of bond notes mop up all the forex on the streets and now the bond is valueless.. Watch what will happen now.

  • john

    Silly, think!
    All the prosecutors are members of the law society.
    If they prosecute, they will barred from the law society, have no job or profession, no longer able to practice law – that is how they run the mafia.
    They protect themselves from the law they control.
    Thius is why the constitution need change, its quite obvious.

  • what right is right

    and you so shame on that shame on you

  • truth

    what hasn’t he done for you and our country

  • pasi nemhandu

    We salute each other in the army and the police and if you are not ,I dont thing one needs it maybe you who wants what they didn’t work for think mhani

  • sensei

    What are you smoking Musvinhavahu?

  • ezekiel

    Drop your moronic mind