President endorses Zaoga university

President Mugabe chats with Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University Chancellor Professor Ezekiel Guti at the official opening of the new institution in Bindura on Friday. — (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

President Mugabe chats with Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University Chancellor Professor Ezekiel Guti at the official opening of the new institution in Bindura on Friday. — (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

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President Mugabe has endorsed the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU), saying the Church should not pay the $2,3 million it had been charged for the State land on which the university is being built.

Only indigenous initiatives, the President said, will unshackle people from the imbalances created by the colonial education system.

The land, the President said, was fully paid for by the blood of sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who liberated it as well as the Church’s prayers over the years.

Officially opening the institution in Bindura on Friday, President Mugabe said access to education for all was one of the reasons why Zimbabweans fought against the colonial regime.

The site has been under dispute with businessman, Mr Charles Chakumba, taking the university to court for reportedly constructing the institution on his gold mining claims.

Mr Chakumba has since withdrawn the court application.

He had been operating in the area, Barasse Farm, until 2010 when the church was also allocated the same piece of land for the construction of a university by the Bindura Municipality.

“Ipo pano patiri panga pachinzi ndepavo,” President Mugabe said. “Vana ani? Vauyi? Manga musingapapihwe nemunamato chete saka manga muchidawo vakaita sesu kuti tisadharare, tivati chibvai muno, kana iri hondo yova hondo. Zvinorwadza asi takuti takapihwa kuti ndoopedu tigozvirega zvichitorwa. Kwete! Aaah kwete. Kana kuri kufa ngatifei kunosara vamwe (They also claimed this ground we are standing on. Who were they? Settlers? You were not only helped by prayer, you also needed dedicated freedom fighters like us to tell them to pack and go. Even if it meant war it was to be. War was hard but we could not let our heritage go. We were prepared to lay down our lives so that others live)”

ZEGU is the brainchild of the founder and president of the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa Forward in Faith (ZAOGA FIF) Professor Ezekiel Guti.

The university started operations in 2012 with an enrolment of 201 students.

President Mugabe said the $2,3 million the university had been charged for the State land should not be paid as the institution was benefiting Zimbabweans.

In any case, the President said, Government would support the university’s expansion projects.

“Mari iyoyo hamubhadhare. Kwete makabhadhara neminamato, takabhadhara neropa,” he said. “Vakai, hamubvise kana kobiri ndozvatakarwira, ndozvakafira vamwe vedu.”

President Mugabe said indigenous initiatives would bring total economic emancipation to the people.

“Thank you (Prof Guti) for that thought,” he said. “He refused to beg and to be under some white people. God gave us hands and it is these which we should use to bring prosperity to ourselves.”

He urged ZEGU to be wise in its decisions as it chooses what to imbibe from established universities.

“One of our expectations is that, as the youngest university, ZEGU will, from inception, provide quality university education,” said the President. “To achieve this, ZEGU will have to provide relevant curricula that is focused on our country’s development needs. I am sure the young university has great potential to fulfil our quest for university quality education through its mandate anchored in our socio-economic entrepreneurship.”

He added that excellence in education would be attained if staff members were resourced.

“As a new university, we expect it to be a fertile ground and indeed an ideal environment that promotes intellectual exchange, a place which will be renowned for developmental research and experiments that benefit the country at large,” he said.

“The university should seek and seek again that useful and practical knowledge. When we want to know more about Zim-Asset, we should be able to turn to it and when we want, in a specific way, to improve our agricultural produce, we should be able to turn to it.”

Prof Guti said the university was complementing President Mugabe’s drive for access to education for all.

“You have bemoaned the death of good morals and we will address that gap,” Prof Guti said in a speech read by his wife Dr Eunor Guti. “Our vision is to develop a total person that is academically and morally grounded.”

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, commended President Mugabe for championing the education for all concept saying the number of universities had grown from one to 16 since 1980.

He described the establishment of ZEGU, the sixth private university in Zimbabwe, as a milestone in the illustrious history of education in Zimbabwe.

Prof Moyo said of the more than 95 000 students at the country’s universities, about 21 872 of them were doing science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

ZEGU, which will have its inaugural graduation this year, is offering degree programmes in the faculties of arts, education and commerce.

Plans are underway to introduce the faculties of law, health sciences and agriculture.

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  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Whilst I do respect the ZAOGA and in particular its work in education and whilst I recognise the president’s love for education and his relationship to the church through his son in law I also think both must respect the rights of an indigeneous Zimbabwean a Mr. Chikumba who claims the university was built on his gold claims. Making an executive pronouncement on a matter before our courts may be viewed by some as duress. Obviously, the judges and lawyers will fail to be themselves as they conduct their business of dispensing justice. Poor Chikumba might just fizzle out of the picture and ignore his rights out of fear. I think it is best not to set such a precedence which might prejudice other Zimbabweans in future. It is therefore my fervent hope that behind the scenes the church is working out an ” out of court settlement” with Mr. Chikumba and also working out some arrangement with the local authority. I believe they need each other beyond today. The moral blameworthiness of the church is high before God and the people because they are supposed to lead by example and give moral counsel to society.

  • Tiriparwendo

    Its good to support such a great project but nullifying the power of local institutions / authorities is unpleasant. If the President wanted to donate the land freely he should have followed proper procedures – If the University is built on state land there are procedures to be followed. if its on Council Land the state was suppose to pay Council on behalf of ZEGU. This thing of making big announcements to receive wide cheers and ululations is what destroys a nation. I profoundly admire what ZAOGA has done but I think President Mugabe must be seen to be upholding the rule of law and respecting state and local authorities. Populism has brought us to our knees.

  • Mzala Tom

    I thought there was a dispute over the land where the university is being built ? Has it been resolved ???

    • Pamire

      The guy withdrew the case to allow for an out of court settlement . Nevertheless Bob’s pronouncements are way out of line and overzealousness. If all private universities pay for land why then should ZAOGA not pay ? What has this to do with the liberation struggle , this old man sometimes amazes me how he functions.

      • mpengo

        You ask why?

        Because he can!

        Don’t you know? This is Zimbabwe

  • silent chikanda

    i always follow readers’ comments.. here Tiriparwendo, Kunonga and Progressive Zimbabwean seem to be one person… maybe you can just send your several comments on one mail to ease my reading…at least you’ve someone following your ironically ‘democratic’ arguments..

    The argument was about the ownership of the land…and you know quite well that the land belongs to the state….
    plus ZAOGA haizi vaGuti nemudzimai wavo chete…. Zaoga vanhu vakawanda..that’s why the ‘landmaster’ tends to be inclined towards the progressive and developmental group..
    landmaster havabvumiri kuti uvate hope pa Land uchingoti nekuti ndini muridzi..chero kanzuru ukasa developer stand vanoita repossess.. vopa vanoda kushandisa nenguva…….

    • Progressive Zimbabwean

      Interesting indeed. I do not know who Tiriparwendo and Kunonga are but indeed we seem to share almost similar views. However, what is right is right. We need to respect the rule of law. We need to avoid interfering with the judiciary and restore Zimbabwe’s pride amongst other nations. We need to be consistent, morally upright and respect other citizens. None is more equal than the other before God. None is more equal than the other before our laws. We need to instil confidence in our institutions so that we get the required Foreign Direct Investment. We need equity and justice underpinned by honesty and integrity. I have great respect for VaGuti and HE President Mugabe when it comes to their views on education but I am saying we have a set of rules that we must follow. I am however sure that the ZAOGA has engaged all stakeholders to make sure they come to some amicable solution to the problem.

  • Tinotya

    What the hell…apa president vagona. Ndookuti president ka. The national resources must be allocated where it does most good to most people most of the time…To hell with spurious academic arguments. whether it is populism or what…but it is right and that’s all that matters. The Chikumba guy can always be given a fresh claim. God knows they are plenty in Zim

  • Graduate

    More universities….more graduates….more companies shutting down…..more problems…..Lord help us

    • silent chikanda

      more black entrepreneurs, more cars, more houses built, more local tourists, more blacks in previously white dominated schools, etc more blessings…the Lord has continued to help us….

      • bodo_kwete


  • silent chikanda

    please help me if i missed the part where Baba Guti cried foul over the land price…. or maybe you just want the church to pay 2,3m despite the President’s ‘free land’ grant.

    i am still wondering why people like you would like to think this university thing is a Ezekiel Guti issue here..its rather a church issue..a church with millions of people..he is honourably a founder and leader..

    i own 6 ha of land which i never paid for…revisit your pricing of the land and gather facts about Zimbabwe Land policy..

  • Mpumelelo Dube

    You sound like Nobert Kunonga! However, the land has been given by God Himself using the President as hand over hands. Usatambe nemunhu waMwari. Pinda muZAOGA hupenyu hwako huchinje.

  • chaporonga

    Vanhu vekuZaoga makutondifinha.