President details ‘great escape’, poisoning

President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Felex Share in Luanda, Angola
President Mnangagwa yesterday narrated how he escaped the clutches of people who wanted to eliminate him, including his tortuous journey through landmine territory in neighbouring Mozambique before landing in South Africa.

The Head of State and Government opened up on the previously unknown details of his “great escape” while addressing Zimbabweans resident in Angola yesterday. He also took the opportunity to announce that he no longer has traces of poison in his body after his doctors gave him a clean bill of health last week.

Chronicling how he escaped into Mozambique after he was warned of a plot to eliminate him, the President said he had to walk for long hours, in some cases taking precautions to avoid possible landmines.

He said there was an attempt by security details at the border in Mutare to shoot him, but that this was foiled by his sons.

“I was fired at 4pm and left the office and by 6.30 pm, one of the security guys came to inform me that he must be part of a group that had a mission to eliminate me,” he said.

“I didn’t think it was pleasurable to wait to be eliminated. I left within four hours of being fired for the Mozambican border. I arrived at the border and our side of the border stamped my passport, but before they could lift the boom for me to cross into Mozambique, it was closed. The message came that I was not allowed to leave Zimbabwe. I said in that case there was no need, I (will) go back. They said again I was not allowed to go back into Zimbabwe but I said ‘you can’t stop me’. What case have I committed? As I was walking away, they tried to fire (at me) but I have one young man, one of my twin sons, was there. He is an officer and was able to grab the weapon and I was not shot.”

The President went on: “Then you know for many years I operated in Mozambique in the department of security. I know the area and it’s infested with land mines. Those things are still there, you walk in-between strings to avoid landmines. I did (that) from about 9 pm until about 7.30 the next day. I arrived in Mozambique and we had a lift back to the border to have my passport stamped again on the Mozambican side. Then I phoned a colleague from South Africa that I was on my way to Beira. By the time we arrived in Beira, a small plane had arrived from South Africa to pick me up and I went to South Africa.”

He said he informed South African authorities that he was in their country through Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete.

“Mbete is a good friend of mine,” President Mnangagwa said.

“So she came to where I was hiding and she told President Jacob Zuma that I was there.”

On his health, he said: “You have heard about me being taken ill at a rally in Gwanda. I am not so clear as to at what stage I took the poison, but I took it. I was airlifted to South Africa and I recovered; that’s why I am here. I am aware that the poison content at the time was around 361 percent, but after six days it came down to about 11 percent. I am happy that last week I was declared (poison) free. It is now undetectable. So we are the same now in terms of poison content.”

The President outlined the processes and developments that happened in the country for him to become the Head of State and Government.

He also detailed how the G40 cabal used dirty tactics through the so-called Presidential Interface Rallies in an effort to eliminate him.

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  • T_Bagwell

    361 % poison?

    • Loud Speaker

      Makes one wonder whether there are any proof readers at the Herald hey!

    • Cde Chaurura

      If say 1,0 g is deadly without treatment, then 3,61g is 361% of the deadly dose.

    • Mo

      Depending on the item used in poisoning, it can be expressed in different units of measurement, including percentage (%), concentration units, etc. That’s not an anomaly, especially poison can be any normal metabolite ingested in higher than normal quantities (or something foreign).

  • TumaJeremiah

    Kudenga kuna Mwari muzivi wezvakavanzika zvose. Kana nguva yakatarwe naNyadenga isati yakwana unopona.

  • Daluxolo Mbele

    Murderous G40 cabal fronted by gay gangster Jonah Butternuthead and Grace Marufu-Goreraza.

  • Thetruthshallcome.

    So Mr President travels out of the country to tell other nations of this, really? Why waste state finances for nothing? We want a president who talks economics and social stability when he is out there and not to talk about personal life. The Angolans are not interested in listening to this, otherwise it was a waste of time and money to go and talk about this. This is not going to bring food to the starving Zimbos, neither is this going to bring money into ATMs. We want a president who represent all Zimbos and not personal interest. We have already started seeing personal interests here and not the people’s wishes. We are still struggling. We thought you were here for us but it seems Aluta continua!

    • mpengo

      Who on earth said he was addressing Angolans?

      Do you make up stories and add to them as you read?

      It’s as clear as daylight!

    • Clemency

      That’s very true.All is just factional fights and victimization. The problem is we are being used as the battle ground.

    • BaMumu

      From my understanding, he was chatting with Zimbabweans living in Angola after completing his main business of meeting with the Angolan president, who’s Sadc chair. This was a side business/social meeting with the Zim guys there, just like most presidents visiting a foreign nation who find time for their nationals in that country.

    • truth b told

      it was on the sidelines addressing zimbaz thr after meeting the angolan president the chair on defence n security of sadc to brief him on the developments in zimba as per protocol the first bvisit to zuma was for the same purpose…… dont u share jokes n stories in between conferences and meetings….

  • Significant Watemwa

    Smith was a refugee, Mugabe was a refugee, Mnangagwa was a refugee. So the only non refugee leader since Smith is Muzorewa. Zimbabwe yakaoma.

  • eish

    The walking part is pure crap

  • guptagupta

    pihwaiwo rand naMbete takuvara nebond nerate

    • Sadombo

      Taura zvako ngaataure sahwira wake tibatsirike kkkkkk

    • tapfumamanhanga

      The issue is not to do with the currency but reviving our industry (Agriculture, Tourism and Mining) then we are good to go

      • Munya

        You can say that again. Lets have roots first then fruits will come

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Apart from the deliberate gaps and gaffes in that account, I didnt think it it was a the best that a whole president can go all the way to deliver. Anyway, whatever it is he wished to achieve by that, may he be reminded that what Zimbabwe needs right now are not stories or accounts of heroic deeds! Tirikuda zvinoita kuti Zimbabwe isimuke igofamba! Cde ngavasiyane nekutaura zvezvimbambaira zvekuma70s. We have already heard such accounts from people who want to claim everlasting entitlement and make us feel forever indebted to them. Afterall we are all aware of the massive and extensive landmine clearing that was undertaken years back in that area. Its not like everywhere you go they are landmines! Any remnant landmines must be quite few and far in between. Nearly 40 years after the war, he still remembers where the landmines are and which strings is he talking about? If he is that good, then Mr President use that ability to dodge and avoid all past mistakes dzamakaita nargm, and turn our economy around. Hapana chatiri kuzowana nekuramba tichivukura zveuHero or zvekuti Baleka ishamwari yangu. Zvine mari here?