President commends peaceful Zimbabweans

President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday commended Zimbabweans for their role in ensuring a peaceful transition during the Zimbabwe Defence Forces-initiated Operation Restore Legacy. The President said this while delivering his State of the Nation Address at Harare International Conference Centre. “I also want to commend the entire nation for their role in ensuring a peaceful transition.

“Zimbabweans demonstrated that sovereignty resides with the people. The sons and daughters of this great nation on this occasion demonstrated unity, love, tolerance, endurance, patriotism, peace and maturity,” he said.

Operation Restore Legacy was launched to deal with a criminal cabal that had surrounded former President Cde Robert Mugabe and caused untold suffering to the generality of Zimbabweans. The Operation received massive support from the populace who turned up in their thousands to demonstrate against the cabal, culminating in Cde Mugabe’s resignation.

President Mnangagwa also commended the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for their actions. “Allow me to commend our national security services, in particular, the ZDF, who, informed by the ethos of the liberation struggle and their unflinching loyalty to our heritage, exuded great astuteness, clarity of purpose and exemplary behaviour, in defending the national interest by initiating what has now become known as Operation Restore Legacy.

“This was indeed in line with their mandate of protecting Zimbabwe, its people, its national security and interests and its territorial integrity and by upholding the Constitution, as provided for in Section 212 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” President Mnangagwa said. He urged Zimbabweans to remain vigilant in safeguarding the nation’s interest and sovereignty now that the operation had ended.

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