President, Chinese counterpart meet . . . share notes on mega deals • . . . make commitment to bilateral ties

President Mugabe meets his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing yesterday. — (Picture by Presidential Photographer Joseph Nyadzayo)

President Mugabe meets his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing yesterday. — (Picture by Presidential Photographer Joseph Nyadzayo)

George Chisoko Senior Assistant Editor—

President Mugabe yesterday held fruitful discussions with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping in Beijing where the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to strong bilateral relations as they exchanged notes on mega deals worth billions of dollars signed nearly two years ago.The President was visiting China as part of his traditional annual leave which he combined with official business.

The two leaders discussed not only bilateral and global issues, but also took time to reflect on their relationship as leaders.

Yesterday’s meeting-cum-dinner lasted for close to an hour with President Mugabe and President XI placing emphasis on political and economic ties between Zimbabwe and China.

President XI said China was willing to support Zimbabwe’s development and would encourage enterprises to invest in Zimbabwe.

The Chinese leader said his country would widen cooperation with Zimbabwe in the areas of infrastructural development and agriculture.

In an interview yesterday from Beijing, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to China Mr Paul Chikawa said he had been impressed by the amity in which the meeting was held.

“The two leaders had occasion to review the relationship between them, bilateral relations and international issues. Remember that this is the third time the two are meeting following their meeting in August 2014 and in December 2015. They also met in South Africa at the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation Summit and have always enjoyed excellent relations,” said Mr Chikawa.

“At yesterday’s meeting, President Mugabe and President XI also discussed political relations which have been excellent dating back to the time of the liberation struggle. They further discussed economic issues covering all sectors such as ICT, energy, agriculture, mining and infrastructural development,” said Mr Chikawa.

He said there would definitely be movement in the mega deals Zimbabwe and China signed as the two leaders had reaffirmed their commitment to their implementation and success.

“There has been commitment at the highest level and what now remains is for the relevant players to convert the commitment into concrete deliverables. It is no longer a question of whether the deals are likely to move but rather an issue of the deals definitely moving.’’

Zimbabwe and China signed deals worth $4 billion in December 2015 covering areas of energy, agriculture, mining and infrastructural development.

This has seen Chinese firms going into partnerships and joint ventures with local companies as part of efforts to turn around the economy.

The deals are at various stages of implementation and fit in well with the objectives of the country’s economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation.

Yesterday’s meeting between President Mugabe and President XI served to confirm the strong ties between the two nations. China has supported Zimbabwe’s economic recovery efforts since the country adopted the Look East policy at the turn of the millennium.

Since then, China has been the biggest buyer of Zimbabwean tobacco and a key investor in the country’s agricultural sector.

At the Focac Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, President Xi pledged support of $60 billion to several African nations, including Zimbabwe, in the coming years.

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  • #TeamMugabe #TeamBob #TeamAmai

    The Communist Party declared President Xi Jinping as the “Core Leader”.

    The declaration said “all party members must closely unite around the Central Committee with Cde Xi Jinping as the Core”.

    To thwart factionalists ZANU-PF must also declare President Robert Mugabe and Amai President Dr Grace Mugabe as our “Core Leaders” and call all party members to unite closely around the Core.

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Conunterpart indeed. One presides over an economy worth trillions and a system that changes leaders and puts age limits on them. The other presides over a miserable people Hun strung by poverty and idiotic economics. Hey, so bad is our sutiation we don’t even have our own currency, or we just print our own bond paper and equate it to real money. Mugabe is overrated and those who believe in this proven loser need to get their head examined.

  • Tichatonga

    Diplomatic niceties but no concrete mega deals on the table? Past signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) representing $4 billion in paper deals are stymied by delays, as no one wants to guarantee loans when current ones are in arrears from Mugabe’s corrupt and untrustworthy government run by his personally chosen appointees, together with serious investor doubts over long term stability or promises from an ailing nonagenarian.
    To put things into perspective, China has hundreds of cities with GDPs that far exceed Zimbabwe’s entire GDP. Apart from China repeating behind the scenes reminders of opportunities available in the event Mugabe’s Zanu-PF put their house in order or someone competent takes over the reins, we can be assured of little or no progress until Mugabe and his current Government disappear from the scene.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    So where are the promised deals? It is funny at a time Zimbabwe is promised deals billions has been poured into South Africa by China from motor assembly to mining beneficiation. We do not eat hot air, period.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    In Limpopo China is investing more than R12 billion in the new SEZ near Makhado. A new vehicle assembly was commissioned in Port Elizabeth, isu takangomirira pekutangira!

  • Musafare

    As Rome burns, Mugabe fiddles in the far east.

  • Tinovaziva

    Talk is cheap. People talking talking everyday.

  • eliah

    I am sorry Mr President these meetings are no longer going to matter as things back home are in a messy. The roads ,lighting system, typhoid among others have now taken centre stage . You need to act on these basics as a matter of urgency.

  • nelson moyo

    our dear leader Comrade Robert Mugabe always working hard to help the beloved Zimbabwe to improve. Pamberi ne Mugabe and ZANU pf – look east comrades – soon our money problems will be over when the Chinese come to invest with and alongside us – together we are a formidable team

    • Clever Beaver

      I hope you are being sarcastic? Otherwise a large slap is in order to wake you up

  • yowe

    Dinner and meeting lasted for almost 1 hour kkkkk YOWE!!!! Inga pane zvisvinu zvakataurwa apa

    • succuba

      Yep he is in Dubai now…

  • yowe

    Hahahaha hauna kukwana iwe YOWE!!!!!