President calls off India event

Herald Reporter
President Mugabe has called off his engagement in India where he was scheduled to be guest of honour at the World Culture Festival.

The event, which is a celebration of peace in multiculturalism and ecumenicity, was scheduled to begin today.

President Mugabe’s spokesperson, Mr George Charamba, yesterday said the cancellation of the President Mugabe’s attendance was due to poor security arrangements by the event organisers that had seen several leaders withdrawing.

“The cancellation follows communication from organisers of the festival acknowledging substantial inadequacies in protocol and security arrangements around the event,” he said.

Mr Charamba said several Heads of State and Government slotted for participation, including those from India also withdrew their participation.

President Mugabe is expected back home in a few days.

He left for India on Tuesday to attend the festival.

Vice President Mnangagwa is Acting President.

The President travelled with Foreign Affairs Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and other senior Government officials.

Several world leaders had been invited, with some scheduled to address thousands from various countries, religions and cultures.

Top musical and arts groups were also billed to spice things up with performances that depict cultural diversity.

The event was organised by The Art of Living, an educational and humanitarian organisation that promotes peace via conflict resolution, disaster relief, education for all, sustainable rural development, women empowerment, environmental sustainability and prisoner rehabilitation.

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  • wesley

    what a waste of money

    • Kwangwari Gwayendepi

      World culture festival,doesn’t sound like a festival for politicians. They should have send our chiefs,spirit mediums, like Rotina Mavhunga who can make diesel,gush out of rocks,vana Tsikamutanda. We just missed on a chance,to showcase our culture. Cultural leaders don’t need tight security,which is why there was no security. The president and his entourage were caught,in an offside position. Ngwena’s acting presidency has been cut short.

  • Tinoda Runyararo

    Ayikaka, saka vakafambira mahara? Vanhu ngavasadaro so. Kurongeka

  • Baba WaNgwarai

    What a President we have,wasting resouces to fly to India for a trivial trip.Cry Zimbabwe.Ngwarai

  • Nyikayarmba

    No comment!

  • sambiri

    Said it before that it was a waste of money as Zimbabwe is run on credit card and have been in over the limit 35 years ago

  • Munhu Wese Kuna Amai

    First the wrong speech at the opening of parliament and now this. We must weed out the traitors in the ranks of government!

    After the bleating of what passes as the ‘opposition’ about His Excellency’s noble trip to this international cultural assembly, due to lack of preparation by some in government Cde Mugabe is forced to cancel his attendance. This plays right into the hands of the opposition. Do you really think they won’t try to portray this as a backdown forced by their pressure? And all of this could have been avoided if the people who serve the President had done their job and checked on the security arrangements before His Excellency departed.

    • Matsimba

      Spot on. Someone is up to no good here. Why was the minister responsible for this particular portfolio – Rural Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture and Heritage, Minister Abednico Ncube left out in the preparations and entourage? Let’s follow procedures in government please.

  • SimonPetere

    Peace and multicultural topics are not some of the things Mugabe would be part of. They tech Party supporters hate and colour codes in human beings kuzanu

  • Tarubva

    When some of us questioned the authenticity of this event a few days ago here:
    we received lots of brickbats from Zanu PF supporters. Others even went further to “pass a vote of no confidence in Tarubva for four years” from this platform. Now look who is having the last laugh!

  • Tadzoka

    Now that President Mugabe has cut short his trip to India, feeling perhaps a little lonely among ex-Presidents ex-Vice-Presidents and ex-Prime-Ministers, will the President be congratulated at the airport on his return by the usual coterie of VPs and Ministers for a job well done in promoting Zimbabwe on the global stage?

  • Mhandu

    Back home in a “few” days after a detour via Singapore?? Don’t Zimbabweans have a right to transparent information about the President’s itinerary when taxpayer funds are used for this public Government voyage?

  • Whip de Nation

    There goes our George Washingtons!

  • Chasura

    Kusanyara murume mukuru, unonoitei pamahumbwe akadai. Tsveee day to day issues that are burning the poor Zimbabweans attending kurohwa kwemakuva in foreign countries.

  • yowe

    Handisi kunzwisisa but I dont really care anyway…. Chero dai asina kuenda hapana kana pothole one raigadzirwa or mushonga wemuhosiptal waitengwa so whatever….. Please go to Iceland for 19 months Comrade kuvapo kana kusavapo hupenyu hwedu hauchinji

  • ashburton grove

    the indian leader pulled out cz they held the event at a pmace gvt oesnt approve of
    cz of some floods and law from 70s.

  • my zanupf


  • Mabaleka

    saka pavakasimuka, their security service personnel had not done their work well. They should have been briefed on security protocols and measures in place. Am sure they shud have send a few guys ahead and they should have advised them of the situation, not to waste our money on a trip that bore no results for civil servants…its sad, the wheels are off… chuchu train

  • TTM

    We said it here two days ago. You even failed to spin it. It was a meaningless and wasteful trip for people who can’t stand being in Zimbabwe for one moment longer. We told you so, didn’t we? So much for “poor security arrangements”, what is the attachee’ & ambassador’s roles if they can’t advise before the trip is made?