President calls for peace in MDC-T


President Mugabe and the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe greet the crowd on arrival at the National Sports Stadium in Harare yesterday. —(Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday warned MDC-T against inciting illegal and violent protests, saying the security services were ready to ensure the rule of law prevails.
Delivering his keynote address on the occasion of the 34th Independence anniversary celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in Harare yesterday, the President said while the law allowed peaceful demonstrations, anyone who engaged in unsanctioned and violent actions would be dealt with accordingly.

His warning follows threats by MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his inner circle to take to the streets in a bid to unseat the Government in the wake of their cataclysmic electoral loss to Zanu-PF last year.

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“Tinoda kutaura izvozvo — we shall never tolerate acts of violence. If there are going to be protests, protests that are non-violent that the police have given permission to that’s a different matter.

“But if people are going to go out merely to create violence because they are being instigated by some NGOs which don’t want the Zanu-PF Government to continue to rule then they are mistaken in their belief that they can succeed.

“They must look at us and look at our history. Ngavarege kutiona kuti kunyarara kwatakaita vachiti ‘aah vanhu vaya ava hapasisina zvavachakwanisa kuita, vadhamba’. Tinovadhambisa. Aiwa, kana iko kamudhara ke90 years chibhakera chacho . . . i90 tonnes icho ndokutidibura nacho (They must not mistake our silence for incapacity, that we are tired. We will deal with them. Even this 90-year-old man can pack a 90 tonne punch. I will floor you)!’’ the President said to wild applause from the packed  stadium.

Pointing to members of the ZDF on parade on the pitch, the President said: “Ayaka mauto angu ndochibhakera changu aya. Munyika hatidi kurovana, zvose izvozvo tinenge tisingadi (These security forces are my fist. We do not want violence in the country, we don’t want all that). We want people to live in peace,” President Mugabe said.

In apparent reference to the intra-party violence ravaging the opposition MDC-T that has culminated in the assault of several senior party leaders and their supporters calling for Mr Tsvangirai’s resignation, President Mugabe called for peaceful resolution of differences.

“Hatidi huny’any’a pakati pedu, avo vatirikunzwa varikuda kurovana nekuti havachanzwanana. Aiwa, tinoda kuti vagadzirisane pabato ravo vari mumaoffice, zvekurovana hatizvide (we do not want barbarism in our midst. Those who we hear are planning to beat each other up because of diffierences, we do not want that. They must sit down and resolve their differences in the office, We do not want violence)

“Nyangwe muchirovana muri veMDC kana chii takaramba violence kare. Itai nyaya dzenyu parunyararo, gakava rinoitwa asi vanhu vanogara pasi. Kana muchisiyana vanobuda vobuda parunyararo, kana uchida kuita party yako woita parunyararo (Even if you are beating each other up as the MDC or whatever party, we have always said no to violence. Conduct your business in peace. Differences arise yes but people sit down and talk. If you are to split, separate peacefully. If others want to form their party, let them go about it in peace as well).

“Hamungarambidze vane pfungwa dzakati kuti kuitawo chido chavo kana kutaura zvavanenge vainazvo. Kofreedom yatinotaura yakauya nerusununguko inogobva papi (You should not silence those with a different view to express it. Where would be the freedom that we fought for)?” President Mugabe asked.

MDC-T deputy treasurer general Mr Elton Mangoma and youth leader Mr Promise Mkwananzi were last month assaulted by youths aligned to Mr Tsvangirai as the embattled MDC-T leader looked on, party secretary general Mr Tendai Biti had to take cover in Mr Tsvangirai’s car.

Mr Mangoma, Mkwananzi, and two other officials Mr Jacob Mafume and Last Maingehama, who have have since been expelled from the party, have refused to accept the expulsions.

Secretary general, Mr Tendai Biti’s Umwinsdale home in Harare was in February petrol-bombed by unknown people, and the case was reported to the police who are still to avail their findings.

This was the second such attack on Mr Biti’s property.

Another petrol bombing occured at MDC-T Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson Mr Godfrey Chimombe’s shop in Bindura.

Other victims of Mr Tsvangirai’s violent supporters are Harare North youth secretary for information Ms Angela Hwanyanya and Chitungwiza provincial secretary Mr Chari Parirenyatwa, who were both assaulted at Harvest House.

Eleven MDC-T youths from Chitungwiza are currently out on bail in cases of intra-party violence.

Chronology of violence in the MDC-T
February 2014: Deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and youth secretary Promise Mkwananzi allegedly assaulted outside Harvest House.

February 2014: Secretary-general Tendai Biti and youth chairperson Solomon Madzore escape assault at Harvest House.

March 2014: Harare North secretary for information Ms Angela Hwanyanya assaulted at Harvest House.

March 2014: Chitungwiza provincial secretary Chari Parirenyatwa assaulted at Harvest House.

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  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    VaMugabe chibhakera simudza tauya nacho.

    • denny

      Shame anaJairos.The economic situation in the country is pathetic and desperate and would that fist bring anything good to the country?

      • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

        Shame on you also denny. That economic situation which you are referring to was made to be what it is by your Western clowns and blame them not our president. Wake up and leave your Rhodesian attitude. Happy birthday Zimbabwe.

        • denny

          You Zanoids when are you going to start taking blame of the destruction you have caused in Zimbabwe.Rhodesia ceased to exist 34 years ago and it is Mugabe who is the head of state and he is ruling.His rule is nothing else but suffering for the majority of people.Zimbabwe is suffering because of Mugabe’s misrule and not the whiteman.Get that right in your mind!!

        • succuba

          It is you that needs to wake up and smell the coffee.
          Stop repeating propaganda and lies, everyone has realised sanctions were a smoke screen for abysmal failure to govern

  • Oneal Patel

    The MDC T needs to be admonished and castigated for the violent incidences that have taken place in the past few months. It is however very rich coming from Zanu pf, the propagators and instigators of violence. The economy is now on its knees and the opposition has been floored. Should the masses decide to express their disapproval through mass action, then let them do so without issuing veiled threats. A reflection on Zimbabwean history confirms that any form of dissent will be crushed ruthlessly.

  • toriro

    While we listen to indipendence speeches, we expect to hear positive changes that the govt has at hand rather than violent activities among MDC-T supporters.That has nothing to do with peoples lives.Intimidation PASI nayo President.

    • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

      torero wakakwana here kana uchiti violence has nothing to do with people’s lives.

  • Mimi

    Well said President Mugabe. The opposition parties especially the MDC-T have started taking everyone for a fool and for granted for far too long. Time to up the stakes and prove that the reason why Zimbabweans overwhelmingly voted for ZANU-PF on the 31st July is because of their fear of violence. Zvemadhisinyongoro nada in Zimbabwe.

    • siyaso

      Time to up the stakes by fulfilling the promises made in 2013. The mdc this and mdc that does not cut it. People do not eat mdc. we need jobs not this vitrol about violence in mdc

  • chiendambuya

    Why are is MDC still getting all this coverage..even on a special day like this! I feel our politicians have lost the plot.. people are starving , no jobs , homeless , we don’t have a currency . no rural development since 1985 …and all we here is an hour long rhetoric on violence within MDC .. we need serious people to run / govern the country

    • Welcome Zimuto

      You are spot on brother we need development not rhetoric .

    • mpengo

      I blame no one but the very dull Tsvangirai who has failed the concept of democracy. He has brought it upon himself, and has become a strategic distraction and an object of ridicule because of his antics.

      If MDC were in the same shoes, it would definitely go all out. It is politically strategic to do so. To keep beating your opponent when down and to take advantage of any situation of weakness.

      This is not to say ZANU isnt a failure

  • Gaddafi

    my friend, you may have the strongest army in the world but if you don’t have Jesus you are nothing, one day your army won’t save you at all. Repent.

  • Gaddafi

    my friend, you can have the strongest army in the world but if you don’t have Jesus you are nothing, one day your army won’t save you. Repent.

  • logic

    Ngaasiyane neveMDC and address and sort out the mess this country is in, beyond empty words and promises, which is of ZANU PF’s making. Hatidyi MDC.

  • rukudzo

    Zvokwadi vanotaura kwakaenda ndenge. The government should be resolute on this one.

  • Lovemore Taruvinga

    I would like to thank the President for a very good speech. This shows that he is the President of both his party and the opposition. we don’t want violence in our country. We are already nursing the wounds inflicted on us by ruinous sanctions. PASI NE VIOLENCE, PAMBERI NEKUSHANDA MUNYIKA MEDU.

  • Chanhuwa chii?

    If by any chance you had a bit of senses you could have asked for whatever developments jobs and fulfillment of promises per-se as some are saying. Then go on to applause the President for his call to stop violence. Some of the comments here are just negative not because of any reason but hate. This therefore becomes unacceptable to some reasoning adults who may want to differentiate between good and bad hence throwing the whole effort into the dust-bin. Rongekaiwo hama.