President bemoans Libya decision

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Lovemore Ranga Mataire in Victoria Falls—
President Mugabe has described as disgraceful and shameful the decision by the African contingent in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to vote in support of NATO’s “No-Fly Zone” resolution that led to the eventual invasion of Libya and the killing of President Muammar Gadaffi. Officially opening the 67th World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Committee for Africa Summit at Elephant Hills, Victoria Falls, President Mugabe said it was worrisome that some countries had the temerity to attack, with impunity, less powerful countries, while the world did nothing.

“The weakness of our world system is that when innocent countries are attacked we fold our hands,” he said. “I am saying this off the cuff because it worries me. Where are we going? Where is the world going?

President Mugabe was referring to the March 17, 2011 UNSC Resolution 1973, which authorised the imposition of a no-fly zone on Libya in response to that country’s civil war.

The UNSC had initially failed to garner the necessary two-thirds majority, but African countries were later cajoled to vote in favour of the resolution.

South Africa, Nigeria and Gabon were among the non-permanent members who voted in support of the resolution.

“Yes, the matter came to (UN) Security Council,” said President Mugabe. “The whites said, yes, he must be attacked, and China and Russia said no in the Security Council. The matter could not have proceeded any further because of the necessary two-thirds majority, with Russia and China abstaining.

“Then it came to us the poor Africans. The poor Africans, sometimes not thinking well about the consequences of those attacks. So, what did we have? Quite disgraceful and shameful thing.”

African countries, including Zimbabwe, President Mugabe said, pleaded with China and Russia to exercise their veto, but the two said the best they could do was to abstain in light of the three African members and the Arab contingent’s support of nato.

Gadaffi was killed by the same powers that destroyed Iraq and killed its President Sadam Hussein, President Mugabe said.

President Mugabe said he had no respect for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who acted like an American lapdog by supporting the decision to attack Hussein without evidence that weapons of mass destruction existed.

He said Saddam had achieved some modicum of peace in his country after managing to unite the Suni and Shia muslim groups.

President Mugabe lamented the lack of humanitarianism, which he said was the cornerstone and essence of most religions like Catholicism.

“We thought Mali was safe, but no! We thought Nigeria, with that great and grand status they have given to themselves, will not have murderous organisations, but we were shocked when over 200 school children just disappeared and nobody knows where they are,” he said.

It was shocking, he said, that Nigeria with its vast army could fail to locate the missing girls abducted by Boko Haram insurgents.

President Mugabe urged WHO’s new director-general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is Ethiopian, to represent Africa well.

He urged him to play his part as an African in ensuring the improvement of health delivery systems on the continent.

The 67th WHO Regional Committee for Africa Summit will run until Friday, and there are 47 member States in the region.

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  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    If we only had Heads of State from other African countries also expressing shock at the many problems zpf has caused its citizens resulting in social deprivation and all manner of ills , the continent would have arrived. I respect HE for his courage – he will attack any one : Munangagwa , Joyce , Gumbo, Tsvangirayi, Mandela , Zuma , Blair , Obama you name them ! But who dares attack him , no one! Kasukuwere and Jonso have been protected and the vociferous demonstrators have been cowed into nothingness. In 2014 we were told Joice was into witchcraft and the nation believed. Today same man says no witchcraft because the camp is guilty and we believe. None of anyone I know can stand up to HE , himself no longer as sharp and effective as he was decades ago. And why all this Sadam , Gaddafi and Blair rants at a WHO conference ?

  • Chamboko

    Amazing that he asks where the world is going to??. Where has he taken Zimbabwe??? He should worry about where Zimbabwe and its citizens are before qualifying to worry about the world!!!

    • Kuta Kinte

      He has taken Zimbabwe to the promised land where command farming is registering huge success and the ability to turn around issues in our agro-economy.

      • zimbotry

        He personally has done NONE of this. The biggest factor was the growing season

  • Grace Jones

    This is a dementia patient living in 2011

  • zimbotry

    This is embarrassing. Our President is stuck in the past and obviously dwells on those issues while the country sinks. It is time for change

    • Kuta Kinte

      It might be you who is sinking in your opposition ship and the only major change which is going to happen in Zimbabwe is the change due to a very large bumper harvest in the coming farming season. A bumper one.

      • zimbotry

        Have you been to a hospital or school recently? If things are so good why the flow of bigwigs offshore for such minor issues as food poisoning or a sore foot. Take your blindfold off

  • jojo

    iyi family iyi ine basa .mai neuko vari kurova vanhu kunyika dzevamwe ukowo baba vari kungo tuka would have been funny if we were watching a comedy sitcom.the country’s reputation is at stake here.hatisi nyika yemapenzi

  • sky

    Was the same resolution used to attack Iraq in 2003 ?

  • Weston Mugocha

    Well said Gushungo!!!!

    • zimbotry

      It’s not 2011 anymore. What about the issues of TODAY?

      • Kuta Kinte

        Ask your western handlers about what you are referring to as issues of today.

        • zimbotry

          What handlers? It is you who is too blind to see the truth of how people are living

  • s shumba

    Why are we going back to 2011 now. Can we not get over it and move on – develop Zimbabwe.
    What has WHO got to do with this matter. Zim is doomed, to say the least.

    Maybe we should also be asking why some woman is beating-up others in a neighboring country – and the husband remains silent to this day

  • deee

    Cannot continue in a conversation with you when you can’t distinguish issues. What has the Grace issue have to do with the bombing of libya of IRAQ and the point the President is sharing with the world here?