Political violence exposes US hypocrisy

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter—
THE United States has been urged to deal with the log in its eye before looking at the twig in Zimbabwe in the wake of the violence that broke out in Chicago last Friday during a campaign rally by Republican front-runner Mr Donald Trump, and the wanton shooting down of black people by white policemen. The US has not only issued infantile travel warnings on Zimbabwe but has also sought to discredit Zimbabwe’s electoral process despite Sadc, African Union, Comesa, African Caribbean and Pacific countries among other groupings giving Harare’s electoral process a clean bill of health where Zanu-PF leader President Mugabe has successively thumped MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in the last three presidential elections.

According to statistics, US police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015 alone, almost two people each week. Mr Trump is under fire from rivals who blamed his incendiary rhetoric for a violent outbreak between protesters and his supporters in Chicago.

Mr Trump cancelled the event after demonstrators scuffled with his supporters and police struggled to maintain order, with hundreds of protesters showing up amid reports that police had to fire pepper spray to contain unruly elements during the politically motivated violence.

“When you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord,” Mr Trump’s main rival for the Republican nomination, Mr Ted Cruz, told reporters.

Throngs of protesters, most of them blacks and Latinos angered by Mr Trump’s incendiary anti-immigrant rhetoric, had massed outside and inside the venue in Chicago, mingling with the candidate’s supporters.

A Trump rally scheduled for yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, was also cancelled, with the local spokesman for the campaign telling US media that the Secret Service supporting the campaign could not complete preparation work in time. Zanu-PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Simon Khaya Moyo accused the US of being hypocrical.

“They claim to be the best in the world in terms of democracy. If what happened in Chicago is the best, then God forbid. “They should stop pretending to be the champions of democracy but of violence. Look at all trouble spots in the world, they are there,” said Cde Khaya Moyo, who is also Minister of Policy Co-ordination and Promotion of Socio-Economic Ventures in the President’s Office.

“They should first clean their own house before claiming to be champions of democracy. They should remove the log in their eyes first.” Mr Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the Tendai Biti-led political outfit, People Democratic Party, condemned Mr Trump’s campaign trail saying it constituted hate speech.

“We have been vocal against Donald Trump. His campaign has been characterised by strong language bordering on hate speech against Mexicans and poor people, among others. His message is out of sync with modern democratic leadership. The language sounds like some of our ruling party leaders in Africa,” said Mr Mafume.

Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe director Mr Philip Pasirayi said as civic society they used the same democratic standards to measure political developments globally.

“What happened in the US shows that democracy is under threat even in its turf, in the West. This is the reason why civil society should be more vocal in demanding democracy, good governance and respect for human rights and the rule of law,” said Mr Pasirayi.

MDC-T spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu claimed that the violence in the US was insignificant compared to that which obtains in Zimbabwe. “It is laughable to try to compare political violence in the USA and in Zimbabwe. Political violence in Zimbabwe is mostly State-sponsored and also orchestrated by thugs from the ruling Zanu-PF regime.

“The mere fact that there has been some isolated incidents of politically motivated violence in Chicago, USA, doesn’t mean that Zimbabwe and the US now rank pari passu in matters that pertain to political violence,” said Mr Gutu.

Media reports say there were between 8 500 to 10 000 people in the arena in Chicago when tensions erupted into chaos. Mr Trump said he decided to call off the gathering after consulting with police in the city, where tensions had been rising for hours in the build-up to the event at a sporting arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“I don’t want to see anybody hurt,” Trump told CNN afterwards. US media reports say the chaos ended several hours later, but not before members of the crowd threw bottles and other objects at officers, and several tried to take the stage and speak at the podium.

One poster held by a protester inside the arena read, “We are not rapists”, referring to Mr Trump’s characterisation last year of Mexicans as rapists. Police made a total of five arrests and two officers were taken to area hospitals after sustaining minor injuries, the Chicago Police Department confirmed to AFP. – Additional reporting by AFP.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The opposition stooges of the West must understand that the West misguides them over the the issue of human rights. Mafume , Gutu and other foolish mouth pieces of neo colonial interests views stand corrected in respect of the US record of democracy and human rights. Their parties have always supported the US sanctions on our economy , ostensibly on the basis of human rights. The two half learned lawyers are ignorant even about how the first term elections of BUSH jr were marred by rigging in one of the black voters dominated State. The result was settled by a suspect court decision. The racist US government imposed sanctions of us because of their racially siding with land thieving colonial Boers. The racism that informs US foreign policy should be condemned by all patriotic Zimbabweans. Will EU declare sanctions against the US over the killing of blacks and political violence in the US? This stands Obama, the outgoing stooge of the US satanic system, on his head.

    • Mandla

      Racism seems to be raising its ugly head in USA. This is a real evil that should stop. As for sanctions from EU, that’s another thing.
      USA & EU sanctions aside, we Zimbabweans should live in harmony. State sponsored violence against opposition supporters should just stop. We do not need anyone to tell us that violence is wrong and we do not have to complain about how foreign countries react. Why should people be killed for supporting other parties. It happened to PF ZAPU, ZUM, MDC and we have started to see ugly scenes against zpf. Why are killing one another? Havevall known 2008 violence perpetrators been brought to book? That should be our worry- just imagine if one of the victims of rape was your daughter or if one of your sons were killed or one of the raped was your mother? this is evil, sanctions or no sanctions.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Agree ! We should have violence free political activities in our free Zimbabwe. We must also have home grown politics, unlike some of the foreign brewed expressed by MDC against our land reform during its nascent days. This divided our country and 2008 was the most violent elections time as revolutionaries were angered by the threat on our land reform being reversed , if MDC had formed the next government then. After entrenching our land reform in our new constitution, the 2013 elections were peaceful because the land issue had been settled constitutionally among black Zimbabweans. The West withdrew support to MDC because it had supported land reform entrenchment in the new constitution referendum. My point is that foreigners can incite violence by using our brothers and sisters negatively. The 2008 elections were in a war zone because of the land issue. I don`t agree with you that we should not complain about how foreign countries react to our political and economic issues.Remember the West did not impose sanctions on us during the Gukurahundi issue. Why, when we had black human rights issue?

        • Chrisblackusa

          Believe this…if zimbabwe had a large Arab population the west would’ve imported mercenaries already…but the Blackman worldwide will never invade zimbabwe under the order of the big corporations like it’s happening in Arab lands…the only weapons used will be by weather control or poisoning in various forms from vaccination,food or insects….never trust the ngo or missionaries…

    • Nimr Al Nimr

      It’s simple. Let Zimbabwe impose travel ban on Obama and his family from visiting Zimbabwe. Ban all US state enterprises and government run institutions from conducting business in Zimbabwe. Freeze bank accounts that belong to US legislators and the president.

      • Tapfumaneyi

        Kikikikiki, do you honestly think the US would even notice Zimbabwe bans? If the Zanu-PF government were really sincere they should also refuse to use the US$ as Zimbabwe’s main currency, and stop all interaction with any organisation where the US is a major participant, shareholder or provides substantial budgetary support. That includes the UN, USAID and other aid NGOs, AU, Sadc, Comesa, Ecowas, World Bank, IMF, AfDB, American airplanes, cars, healthcare drugs, vaccines, internet, satellite communications,………. the list goes on.

      • Chrisblackusa

        No….the simple way would be to offer African Americans dual citizenship….you would then have our best in all fields that are being neglected…farmers,scientists,engineers..soldiers,,weapon technology etc….don’t forget who really created electricity for them by working in the laboratory with Edison….who created the weapons that changed the civil war for the north…who created the traffic light used around the world…

    • Glory to God

      You are truly a victim and stooge of your own self. You go on and on ranting about the west and its sanctions. You have always remained dead lipped about the $15 billion allegedly stolen by you####who. You were conspicuously quiet about the alleged#####With the $15 million dollars who would have cared about the sanctions. Would we have needed an MP in Mashonaland West to build a clinic in Magunje from his own savings? How many more clinics would have been built across Zimbabwe with the looted billions? Prof. be broad minded. Your spin tactics have remained unchanged for too long to the point where even yourself do not believe what you are saying. Successful spinners change with the times to remain relevant, You really need to attend refresher courses on the methodology of spinning.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        I am by no means a spinner! Don`t accuse me of not giving my views on an issue I am not well informed on, the $15 billion. Was it in $Z or US$ ? We had a Parliamentary Cttee report during the GNU. It missed that issue? I am not given to sensational issues but factual issues. Your attempt to judge me ignorantly and unfairly is not adding value to our national debate. You will remember many stories were said about Chiadzwa and MPs and the then PM , tsvangiruza, visited and toured the area. Kimberly Process sent their official too. If there were porous conditions as insinuated now , why were they not raised before the $15 billion talk now. Would Kimberly have approved with such porous system? As I said , I am not privy to facts on that one. Let those with facts comment please!

        • Bert

          15 million zim dollars? So we are shutting the mines down over a loaf of bread chete?

        • Glorry to God

          You may really need to update yourself with facts Prof . You ask if $15 billion was in Z$ or US$. Prof are you serious? When did we abandon the Z$ and I suppose you do not even know who mentioned the figure of $15 billion? But it does not matter if it is Z$ or US$ as this figure was mentioned as the money not accounted for from our diamond proceeds. This figure of $15 billion was not mentioned by all those opposition stooges you mentioned earlier on. You may surprise yourself if you were to check who actually said it. Please do or ask anyone around you as this is publicly known.
          Is there any political party in Zimbabwe which according to you is not of stooges. You raised the issue of Gukurahundi earlier on. You are right not much noise was made by the West. The reason was mainly that the world was in a cold war situation and the West did not want to drive Zimbabwe to align with the East. Not now anymore as there is only one superpower.

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            So you agree that the satanic West is not principled on the issue of human rights in respect of Gukurahundi. You enjoy their evil double standards. On the diamonds issue, it should be left to our government to sort out . Tell you satanic US not to interfere with our diamonds trade.

      • Chrisblackusa

        You are talking billions where the west is taking trillions….

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Totally agree I for one I hate the USA hands down!
      Call it hate speech of you,I stand by the fact that I #hatetheUSA.

      9/11 happened for a reason and they still haven’t changed.
      US investment in Zimbabwe after Independence has been Zero,yet they still try and call the shot’s and stupidity is the order of the day which is to destroy,divide and rule by ways of inslaving everyone around them.

      We as Africans are so caught up in the western mind and think that everything they say or do is the correct or right think to do.

      It will only take a David to bring that stupid state down.

  • The comical conservative

    Who cares about what is going on the US?? This constant attempt by our government to divert the people’s attention from the real issues that matter, ie the issues back home is tiresome and indicates a government that has no idea…. What does Donald trump have to do with the fact that we lost $15 bilion worth of diamons?? What does sanctions have to do with the fact that we could have settled our entire arrears with financial institutions over a six year period? What does US hypocracy have to do with the fact that our economy is contracting and we are having to import food into the country?? Our government is very good at creating labels and calling people all kinds of names (hypocrits, western stooges, sell-outs, boot-lickers etc) but never once have we head the government say “hey, we have dropped the ball and we are the problem”… We have said that $15 billion dollars was stolen, where are the high level investigations? Where are the leads? Where is the blow by blow? When a group of Ghanain investors tried to bribe someone with $6 million, or when it imerged that Curthbert Dube was paying himself half a million dollars a month, the papers were flooded with investigations and details… But suprisingly on this issue, a real issue of national concern, there is no news… How is this possible? We are too used to playing the blame game in Zimbabwe, and for as long as that continues, we are going to be a country of perenial under achievers….

    • Tjingababili


  • Chrisblackusa

    No but I’ve seen recent state laws passed to eliminate the black vote…I’ve seen roadblocks set up on voting days where if you have a ticket from the past you are arrested to block your vote even if you show the receipt that you clearly paid the ticket…

  • Chrisblackusa

    Not all white Americans…just like all blacks are not for the Black man…there has always been in the fight for stability and growth those happy to betray positivity..