Politburo rubbishes GNU talk

Dr Chombo

Cde Chombo

Felex Share Senior Reporter
NO amount of dirty politicking and coalitions by opposition elements will force zanu-PF into another Government of National Unity, the revolutionary party’s Politburo said yesterday.

Addressing journalists after a Politburo meeting in Harare, Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Cde Ignatius Chombo, said President Mugabe directed party members to craft peaceful strategies to counter violent protests being perpetrated by the opposition.

At the fore of the violent protests is Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T, Dr Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First and shadowy groups seeking illegal regime change.

They are being funded by Western countries who have since 2000, plotted to topple the Zanu-PF Government without success.

“In his opening remarks, President Mugabe stated that the Politburo was an important organ of the party and we should drive it in the political contest with the opposition who have combined to attack Zanu-PF through protests over amendments to the Constitution and Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016,” Cde Chombo said.

“His Excellency stated that the opposition had forged a coalition aided by some external forces, which have become glaringly visible. The opposition has taken to violent protests supported by Western powers who are providing financial aid. The President informed the Politburo on the need for the party to evolve its own strategies to counter the violence being perpetrated by the opposition.”

He added: “The opposition is doing this with the hope that they would force Zanu-PF into a Government of National Unity. There cannot be a Government of National Unity when Zanu-PF won the elections and was given a five-year mandate to rule. President Mugabe went on to encourage members of the party to be highly vigilant, well organised and to be firm in defending the party so that Zanu-PF has a resounding victory in 2018.”

The protests have seen shops being looted, cars being burnt, property destroyed and innocent people attacked.

Cde Chombo said discussions also centred on the preparations for the 16th Annual National People’s Conference slated for Masvingo in December.

“The specific conference dates have not yet been determined, but we are in the process,” he said. “The party is now busy deciding on the venue and mobilising resources to ensure this annual event is a resounding success and that the party continues to march forward in unity and defeat all other parties that are on the way.”

He said Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Dr Joseph Made, had presented a detailed report on the forthcoming 2016/17 summer cropping season.

“He informed the Politburo that the coming season will have normal to above normal rainfall,” Cde Chombo said.

“In this light, the Minister made a statement that they have targeted 400 000 hectares under the command agriculture programme. Identified farmers will be given inputs, which they will pay back by giving Government five tonnes per hectare and additional will be for the farmer. At the moment verification for the farmers to be contracted is underway.”

Cde Chombo went on: “The Minister further stated that the Presidential Well-Wishers Input Scheme will this season carter for up to 1,4 million small holder farmers. This scheme is meant to ensure food security at household level. Furthermore Government will support cotton farmers with inputs to cultivate 250 000ha.”

On outstanding disciplinary cases, Cde Chombo said: “The Disciplinary Appeals and Review Committee of the Central Committee presided over 17 cases in which three members had their sentences reduced to two years, one year and eight months which have been served already. The committee upheld the two-year suspensions for 12 members while the remaining two cases were referred to the National Disciplinary Committee.

“The NDC gave a report, four cases from Harare province of members who had been suspended for five years were dealt with. Politburo endorsed the lifting of suspensions on three of those members while the other case is still under investigation.”

Cde Chombo said secretaries for commissariat (Cde Saviour Kasukuwere) and science and technology (Professor Jonathan Moyo) made a presentation on the new electronic party card.

“This is a cutting edge which will enable the party to keep abreast with changes in ICT,” he said.

“The Commissar also gave us a detailed report on the political activities taking place in all the 10 provinces. The Politburo was quite pleased that the party was active and involved in many programmes and activities. He highlighted the campaign strategies for the three by elections due in October.”

The by elections are due in Norton, Chimanimani West and Bikita West.

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  • Tinovaziva

    The GNU would not be for us, it is for you and your kith and kin. This sort of intransigence and hot headedness is typical of Zanu PF and indeed all dictators who seem not to see their own shortcomings and failures.

  • sambiri

    Who would want to board a sinking titanic?

  • Idiot

    illegal regime change is normal under oppression. remember zanu was a terrorist organization to rhodhesians. sponsored by china, russia, yugoslavia et al. if the people are with you where is the fear coming from. remember chairman mao. the power of the fish is in the water.

    • Humphrey

      well said

    • BringBackOurFlag

      The water you are talking about are the people and they voted ZANU PF INTO power until 2018 so mr Idiot shut up

      • Symbol

        I think you were once involved in an accident, ukarowera nemusoro

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    Who said want a coalition with devils …looks like someone had a nightmare. We just want you gone. Anyway Zanu PF is in self-destruction mode

    • Nooshie

      Too slow though! Like watching paint dry.

  • Ijaha LakoMgodoyi

    Why is Mugabe’s government behaving like Ian Smith in response to demos?According to to ZANU-PF Zimbabweans are quite happy the way things are. In other words poverty,money shortages ,unemployment ,corruption are things that Zimbabweans don’t worry about. It is the West that funds demonstrators so they complain about these things what kind of logic is this. Remember Ian Smith ,despite his racist laws always told the world that Rhodesian blacks were the happiest Africans in the world.It was the communists who were funding them to rebel. In short why do we behave like Smith. The “whites who enjoyed Rhodesia” have been replaced by the “Wicknells who enjoy Zimbabwe” but why?

  • Ziziharinanyanga

    Why counter peaceful demonstrations by the opposition? Never try to force boiling water from spilling by holding the lid firm while the fire is still burning. The sequence of events can be disastrous. Only when you put off the cause of the boiling shall the boiling stop. Give the people what they want and no demos will happen. Try to counter by unleashing those youth and your hand shall burn.

  • Fred Moyo

    Life was good during GNU. Our economy grew by not less that 7% per year. No retrenchments were done during that period.

  • zimbotry

    Many of us do not want a GNU either. We just want these people GONE

  • Nikolai Vavilov

    this is a ZANU PF politiburo meeting where they discuss strategies to cling on to power not a govt meeting to discuss developmental policies and so forth
    shaaaa. but im so much worried about state resources (tax-payers’
    money) being used to fund all this shit

    • Taneta

      True that but I also think that their biggest threat to losing power are some of the problems highlighted above and coming up with solutions to some of them would surely strengthen their position as the ruling party.


    is MDC T capable of ruling the country when its leader fails to follow the laid down procedure of the party? There are many things that Tsvangirai has failed to maintain or observe that has made the party divide. Certainly i will not love the so called inclusive government that result in many people entering unnecessary positions which lead to more expenses in the country

    • zimbotry

      Well ZanuPF not shown us they know how to successfully run a country

  • SIR inini

    well, they are right except they will be the ones begging begging for watever this GNU means from Zimbabwe’s citizens…#tajamuka

  • leemoyo

    What a waste of Politiburo time. Clueless bunch of old people. We need solutions not this nonsense – look at the agricultural deal – ” you give back 5 tonnes per hectare” seriously????.5 tonnes in Zim is worth less than 2000$ and you get MAYBE 25000$ worth of inputs. This government is a joke. Tell us the dollar value of what you give farmers and dollar value of what they must give back and strategies to mitigate against the lazy farmers. It’s just another free loan scheme as usual for thugs in control.

  • Sinjonjo

    ZANU is mulling gnu but they can’t just accept it . they want the world believe that they were pressured into it.

    Hakusisina diziro uyai Ku gnu.

    I felt for chinamasa and his budget presentation… Its s case of trying to make a dollar out of nothing …

    You can’t ZANU cannot.

    36 years and disgracefully failed, runner down the country ..