Politburo bans social media abuse

Cde Khaya Moyo

Cde Khaya Moyo

Tendai Mugabe and Felex Share
Zanu-PF has banned its members from using social media to communicate party issues and anyone who defies the directive will be dealt with in line with the party’s rules and procedures.

The revolutionary party also ordered its members to stop using conventional media on party business without authorisation.

This comes in the wake of hyper-tweeting by Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, attacking fellow Cabinet ministers and Politburo members as well as issuing veiled threats on journalists on social media.

This came out of the party’s first Politburo meeting for 2016 held in Harare yesterday.

Speaking to journalists after over 10 hours of intense and frank discussions at the party headquarters, Zanu-PF secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said the party also reiterated that it had one centre of power in President Mugabe who is the only elected leader at congress.

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“Expressing oneself through the Press, including the use of social media must stop with immediate effect,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

“Leadership calls for responsibility and not for rumour-mongering and insults. The party has structures and procedures to be religiously adhered to. The party is not run through the Press, so we are not allowing any member of the party at whatever level to run the party through the Press. We must maintain and safeguard our party principles and we must never lose focus so said the President.

“We must always exercise introspection and check within yourself whether what you are saying is based on any facts. In life, there is always room for compromise should you have any differences.

Moyo tweet 1

Some of the tweets by Prof Moyo

Some of the tweets by Prof Moyo

“There must be some degree of maturity based on the party’s principles and procedures. There must be constructive talk all the time. In other words, do not just engage in discussions without being constructive and therefore, talk must be guarded.

“If they (party leaders) don’t listen to these messages, appropriate action will be taken naturally. Anyway, we have structures to deal with that.”

On factionalism, which dominated media headlines in the recent weeks, Cde Khaya Moyo said: “Factionalism must never be allowed in the party because we only have one centre of power. The party’s motto is unity, peace and development.

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“Contradictions are possible in such a massive party but these must never be antagonistic as been happening recently. Difference of opinion must never be perpetuated at any given time.”

Cde Khaya Moyo said the Politburo received a report on disciplinary hearings but it was deferred it to the next Politburo meeting.

He said this was to allow for hearing of all cases before any decision is taken.

“The National Disciplinary Committee report was not yet complete and the cases before it will be heard by the said committee through some hearings from those affected,” he said.

“In other words, those affected would be written to, for the hearings before the NDC for presentation to the next Politburo meeting. They will be reporting soon after the hearings.

“There must be a hearing, people should not just be suspended. They must be heard also – what is your story?”

Cde Khaya Moyo said the Politburo received several reports from various departments.

He said Cde Patrick Chinamasa, who is the secretary for legal affairs, presented a report on the resolution of the 15th National People’s Conference held in Victoria Falls last December.

“In line with the agenda, the secretary for legal affairs, who is also Minister of Finance and Economic Development (Cde Chinamasa) gave an update on Zim-Asset.’’

It included initiatives to minimise the adverse effects on El-Nino-induced drought on food security, supply of energy, value-addition and beneficiation efforts, infrastructure and utilities, funding and investment promotion,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

Secretary for administration Cde Ignatius Chombo tabled a post-mortem report of the conference which was unanimously accepted by the Politburo.

In his welcoming remarks, the President implored members to examine issues with depth, focus and debate matters with facts.

“He (Cde Chombo) also gave a projection on the state of administration for 2016 which should be finalised in due course,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

“He should also give a report again on Zim-Asset’s implementation so that we are all aware of the progress being made.

“The secretary for youth affairs, Cde Pupurai Togarepi gave a comprehensive report on preparations for the 21st February Movement celebrations to be held in Masvingo on 27 February.

“Secretary for external affairs Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi gave an external affairs report highlighting the standing ovation President Mugabe received from other Heads of State and Government on his address at the recent AU Summit

“He also spoke eloquently on the reform of the United Nations Security Council and reported on the Palestine and Saharawi (Arab) Democratic Republic.

“The President received outstanding ovation for his focus on development of the continent. Members’ contributions were upped up so that by the end of 10 years from now, we are able to pay all our subscriptions without relying on our erstwhile colonisers.”

Cde Khaya Moyo said the national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere gave a report on the functioning of the commissariat department.

He said he reported that the party, so far had won all by-elections, including council elections.

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  • shameZANU

    zanu pf you banned social media last year, saka you are re-banning… muchanzwa nekuita ban…. talk talk talk, kungowawata pasina progress , vanhu vakuru.. shame

    • Department 6

      chasara is a blanket ban

    • theheraldonline

      The issue here is “abuse”, @shameZanu.

      • Zandile

        Your first sentence says ” Zanu PF has banned its members…”. You said it yourselves!

  • Charles

    Praying that the beloved party will from now focus on majors and not minors. People in the villages, farms and towns are waiting for the ruling party to now refocus and deliver according to all promises as per 2013 manifesto.

  • Tengenenge

    No tweet so far from the G40. Lets see how long this will hold or if SK will go the Gumbo way as threatened

  • AM

    Where is my comment? Biased

    • Lex Mapazho

      herald vanobvisa macomment zvinotobhowa

    • theheraldonline

      We have no record of any comment by you that has been deleted. Kindly re-post and we will process it, AM.

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Disciplinary hearings in ZANU, oh my foot….

    SK are you serious? Ask those who were booted without the right to reply and here what they say.

  • Musorobhangu

    Hot air

  • kambwido

    I am a yung girl doing grede 2. My father who is a big sapoter of Zanu pa pa pa fuuu tell me to read the abov artikolu. Afer doing that again and agains I is confusd. I dont see how the plotboro meting beneflit me or athas my age.

    • karombe

      zvako here, inisitedi ofu bhaning korapusheni vobhana vanhu vari kuita nyaya dzavo kana kunyari kutukana

  • Goredema

    The article must have been written in haste…..noticed a couple of grammatical errors

  • Lex Mapazho

    kwanzi chii nenyaya yekuti vanhu vawane pfundutso ,nyaya dzavo dzewhatsapp ndedze2 cents

  • musa

    crunch politiburo indeed! ha!

  • George

    Social media is 21st century communication. It’s where the world is today. It proves to be 1000times more effective than any other. It reaches wider than newspapers, tv and radio combined. Banning it is retrogressive

  • Pamire

    All these fighting is as a result of the scramble for power . People have been waiting for so long for a chance and as they try to discuss it they are told to stop it . A story of fear and shattered dreams .

  • MadzibabaJoshua

    My understanding is that they have only banned their members from discussing party issues on social media,but they have not banned their members from using social media to discuss/debate any other issues.
    The Herald is being used by one faction to denigrate members of the other faction who,after being attacked, are not given a chance to answer or defend themselves.
    With this social media banning,we will see a lot of Nathaniel Manheru type of columns in the media.

    • chakutareal

      True MadzibabaJoshua with the unbalanced type of reporting that we see in the Herald especially on the succession battle, people tend to use other fora to express their thoughts. Imagine one faction is given acres of space attacking another faction and the reporter does not seek the views of the attacked party before publishing the article.

      i urge Herald reporters to do investigative journalism where numerous interviews with on-the-record sources as well as, in some instances, interviews with anonymous sources are conducted to come up with true, informative and balanced stories.

  • Judas Iscariot

    So prof Jonah has 45 000 followers on Twitter? Pretty impressive,now i see why the herald is jealous.

    • Pastor Farie

      how many followers does Herald have? 66k and Jonso an individual 45k….. He pulls the crowds

    • karombe

      kana dai akaita million followers apa azoshandiswa big time. at the end of it all, he is gonna be the loser coz he has bad mouthed almost everybody

  • kutototo

    Clever Herald, talks more about the banning of the social media and ignores the ban on the use of mainstream media, puts screen shots of JNM but fails to take extracts of attacks on JNM in the mainstream media.

  • Ba2

    Can someone define the abuse of social Media…because there is use then abuse. The President spoke against abuse and not use.

    • Munhu

      You are right…there is a thin line between use and abuse. Who determines the difference between the two?

    • Tarwiraushe

      If you’re using social media to address bread and butter issues,things that helps bring development,that is use,once it’s personal,about stealing women’s underwear during the struggle,or accusing somebody of being Sithole’s illegitimate child,that’s abuse.

      • munhu

        One man’s abuse is another man’s use…These are public officials and their personal issues are for public consumption. They know that when they view for public office. They are not entitled to any protection including ridicule. Ask Donald Trump!

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    I clearly remember that when Tsvangirai banned the use of social media by MDC-T members – in just the same way as ZANU PF has done – he was called all sorts of names including “retrogressive, backward, uneducated, tech dinosaur” etc. etc. All sorts of analysts were lined up to lambast him. If I am not mistaken the Herald must have ran an editorial shellacking him big time – I may be wrong – but my impression is that the Herald led the attack on Tsvangison. We are waiting.

    • Simbai

      If I remember correctly, that was during the time Minister Jonathan Moyo still controlled Herald media content?

  • kabija

    I remember last year when morgan banned social media, the herald went berserk, saying that was not democratic. How about this time around?

  • zwangendaba

    Herald,are those tweets by Jonathan Moyo brought in by Simon Khaya Moyo or by Herald? If its you,you continue to be biased because Simon Khaya Moyo talked against the abuse of the Social Media as well as the abuse of the Conventional Media but Herald did not bother to quote where Conventional media was abused, why? According to us readers, you only want us to say only the Social Media is abused. Your comment is most appreciated.

  • machakachaka

    How many times should the ban on social media comments be pronounced? There was a previous ban, which was flouted, and then is this latest ban. It all means those who flouted the previous ban defied the president, but they won’t be asked to explain their actions. Animal farm.

  • Pastor Farie

    Musasare pliz. ZPF please don be left behind. Solve that root cause and let these big wigs do what they want on the social platform. I forsee the growth of another Baba Jukwa. Stop banning things rather discipline your cadres.

  • Kyle James

    The power of social media is phenomenal, it far surpasses the herald. These old school zanubabwe retards are not technically savvy.

  • karombe

    nhai ve herald, g40 inombolidwa nani. paburitsei ipapo tinyatsoita follow your stories as regards this succession issue

  • karombe

    theheraldonline, where are my comments?

  • bodo_kwete

    Jonso is busy twitting izvozvi. aswera achingoti tswi tswi mai mujuru, tswi what what.

  • Eunice

    And the writers of this article must be ashamed today coz the same dude (Jonso) is still hyper-tweeting like nobody’s business #HeraldSuccessionistMouthpiece!