Police blitz nets 626 farmers

jail-handcuffsPeter Matambanadzo Senior Reporter
AT least 626 farmers have been arrested countrywide for failing to keep proper records of their livestock, non-dipping of livestock and other related offences. The farmers were arrested under an operation code named “Chengetedzai Zvipfuyo Zviri pamutemo” which started last         week.

National Anti-Stock Theft Unit co-ordinator Senior Assistant Commissioner Bernard Dumbura yesterday said the operation was being conducted to ensure that farmers are educated on the need to lawfully keep their livestock and reduce spread of diseases.

“We have so far arrested 137 farmers for failing to produce stock cards, 80 others for non dipping of their livestock while 409 others were arrested for failing to follow the strict requirements that control the identification, tracing and movements of livestock,” Snr Asst Comm Dumbura said.

According to the law, if you own a herd, flock or even a single animal of the most common livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, horses or pigs there are rules that you must follow to stop the spread of diseases.

Snr Asst Comm Dumbura said most farmers arrested failed to keep a proper record of their animals as required by law and were fined.
“The farmers were arrested after the Anti Stock Theft teams visited 73 793 farmers, 803 villages across the country.
“The farmers were fined between US$10 and US$20 each,” he said.

Snr Asst Comm Dumbura said under the operation it was also discovered that 8 016 livestock was not registered and the owners immediately registered them as required by law.

“So far we have a total of 218 201 registered livestock in the 803 villages and 414 districts in the country our anti stock theft teams visited,” he said.

Snr Asst Comm Dumbura said the operation would continue until all provinces are covered.
National Anti-Stock Theft Unit last month conducted an operation code-named, “Nyama yabvepi” to curb cattle                                     rustling.

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  • max

    You lost and found cattle system is equally poor as police you should coordinate village heads in all districts and hold transparent meetings so that those who will have lost their cattle recover them make use of technology i.e radio and cell phones to communicate effectively not the current haphard method taneta nekubirwa mombe dzedu muchitaura zvisingapera pama newspapers

  • I think the police should first educate the people through extension officers what conditions exist for the upkeep of those specified animals not just to quickly rush & arrest farmers as this does not benefit anybody but it only serves as a fund raising process for the ZRP. Have they done that before arressting innocent souls for crimes that they do not understand.Please ZRP spare those farmers because in some rural areas you can hardly find functional dip tanks.