Pokello causes stir at court



Court Reporter
A shop attendant at the Belvedere shop of former Big Brother housemate Pokello Nare was yesterday sentenced to perform 140 hours of community service for stealing the US$60 paid for a pair of ladies shoes.
However, all eyes were on Nare as people jostled to get a glimpse of her as she attended the trial.
Diana Rukezo (35), who was employed as a shop attendant at the shop in Long Cheng Plaza in Belvedere was convicted of stealing US$60.
Rukezo pleaded not guilty to fraud charges, but magistrate Ms Tilda Mutambanashe convicted her after overwhelming evidence.

Ms Mutambanashe sentenced Rukezo to eight months in prison but suspended three months on condition of good behaviour in the next three years. Another month was suspended on condition she pays back the US$60 and the remaining four months were suspended on condition of 140 hours of community service.

Prosecutor Thomas Mabwe told the court that on December 20 last year a customer bought a pair of shoes in Pokello’s shop and Rukezo receipted the money . But the next afternoon, the customer came back with the shoes she bought in the shop complaining that one shoe was torn.

In the absence of Rukezo, Ms Nare dealt with the customer, who gave her the receipt.
Ms Nare then found that the receipt was out of sequence and was told the customer received it from Rukezo, who was questioned later, but could not satisfy Ms Nare.

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  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    customer ndiyo mbavha apa. uyo shop attended akusawo, then Pokello wacho ngaave nema receipts ari branded.

  • Sekahurema

    It shows Pokello anotengesa cheap zhing zhong shoes dzinobvaruka. Ndiye anofanirwa kusungwa.

  • Ndini Murevesi

    Misleading headline VaCourt Reporter. The story is more inclined to Rukezo and the court than Ponelo, please spare us your Narephobia.

  • makwavararama

    why did the customer by a torm shoe? suspect – dhiri

  • John Rambo

    “Rukezo, who was questioned later, but could not satisfy Ms Nare…” Only Stunner can satisfy Pokello kkkkkkkk

  • dube tracy

    what is sixty dollars yaungasungisire mhuri its quite an insignificant amount


    ungadzingire munhu basa 60 mari dai wakangobata pa salary hudofo ma 1 ku waster time ya magistrate neku tambisa mari kupa lawyer kukara press kwana PONNELLO UKU MA ONE

  • Fatso Gringo

    Problem with cheap imported Chinese crap. Does not last, susceptible to minor force and just flashy.

  • van piet

    ndatofunga kuti ndichanzwa kuti pokelo akonzeresa zveshuwa izvo yo, musadaro vehama

  • Hids

    Saka unoda kuti achengete mbavha pabasa here

  • elijah maramba

    ms pokello hamuite