Playing Rambo won’t help Mutsvangwa

Tendai Moyo Correspondent
In the aftermath of his dismissal from Cabinet as the Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Political Detainees and Restrictees, the belligerent behaviour of Christopher Mutsvangwa reminds us of the proverbial bull in a China shop that refuses to go down alone but chooses to take with it the rest of the porcelain stock in the shop.

Mutsvangwa has definitely vowed never to singularly bow out of his war veterans’ portfolio but intends to take down with him the whole liberation war infrastructure, membership and legacy.

He is continuing with his Hollywood “Rambo” character, projecting himself as the indispensable main actor whose role cannot be undermined without injuring the whole cast.

As the supposed Rambo of the liberation struggle, Mutsvangwa sees himself as the super war vet, the one without which the Second Chimurenga would have never been fought or won by the black majority.

He condescendingly views the rest of the former fighters as hanging on his coat tails and would never abandon him in his apparently subversive drive to strike a wedge between the war veterans and the country’s leadership.

What Mutsvangwa forgets is that the former fighters are not gullible. He easily forgets that these are the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who, out of freewill and patriotism, chose to forego all life luxuries to selflessly join the life-threatening war of liberation.

Their sovereignty as individuals and loyalty to President Mugabe is undoubted and is wholly vouched by a reported incident in Gokwe, in which a Mutsvangwa sidekick, Victor Matemadanda, recently manhandled a former combatant, Cde Stanley Moyo, for refusing to pander to his divisive whims.

Cde Moyo reportedly told the Daily News that: “He (Matemadanda) confronted me when I met him on my way to watch a football match between Liverpool and Manchester United, querying why we were supporting Chimene’s leader- ship.

“He accused me of being used by the First Lady for nothing, and when I insisted that I would not support a leadership that was fired, he came out of his car, grabbed me by the collar and slapped me twice on the cheek. That is when I retaliated, prompting his colleagues to come to his rescue while he threatened to shoot me. I then ran away fearing for my life.”

Matemadanda was obviously bamboozled by Cde Moyo and other war veterans’ steadfast and undying loyalty to President Mugabe.

Relatedly, the same paper revealed that Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda are on a countrywide spree to influence war veterans into removing President Mugabe as the patron of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZLWVA) at its next general meeting.

Reality on the ground indicates that war veterans cannot be stampeded into a selfish, power-driven crusade aimed at dividing them and alienating them from the leadership of President Mugabe.

What Mutsvangwa and company are now doing is bordering on treason.

President Mugabe is the patron of the ZNLWVA by virtue of being the President of the country and no one can take that away as long as he remains in that office.

Yes, in his Hollywood dream, Mutsvangwa, as the self-appointed main actor, can see himself as the driving force and kingmaker behind the former liberation fighters, but in real life he is a dispensable nobody similar to his wartime forbearers like the Vashandi, who vainly attempted many a time to backstab President Mugabe and other leaders of the party.

Like Cde Moyo from Gokwe, war veterans are not pushovers and will never be stampeded to revolt against their war time leadership at the behest of undisciplined liberation war fighters such as Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda.

As true soldiers, they will always be guided by military principles, nzira dzamasoja, and these principles never entail rebelling against their decorated liberation war leaders.

True war veterans are lifetime soldiers who will never be blinded by the whimsical power-seeking and divisive antics of Mutsvangwa.

Genuine war veterans will stand by their leaders and remain guided by the ethos of the rigorous military training and discipline they received during the liberation struggle.

They will remain guided by patriotism and not Mutsvangwa’s sour grapes.

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  • Chief Political Adviser

    Mr Editor , thanks for such a lucid and to the point advice to Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda! Ane zheve ngaa hwisise matama ezvokwadi. Hatidi uyo unoita madanha echembere kurota ichiyamwa zamu ramai. Zve kurota muhope handi zvokuvhaira nanzvo in ZANU PF!

    • mabwe

      So whom do you think is stupid? You are the same person who wrote your opinion and you want to comment on it???

      • Chief Political Adviser

        I am by no means the opinion writer. I just happen to agree with the opinion. Your wish for successful political fortunes for Chris is naive ,to say the least. Chris has never been a leader we remember anywhere, until his election as war vet chair. His abrasive and schizophrenic leadership approach has given rise to the current split in ZNLWVA. His greatest challenge is to unite his war vet constituency and create amicable dialogue with government. He can not wish away our elected government. ZANU PF is far from being pocketed by Mutsvangwa, in my informed view.

  • Nyongolo

    The question is not only about Mutsvanga going but is now complex as all have seen. Had it been that his wrongs or perceived wrongs have been clearly spelt out in accordance with the party constitution and that a verdict favoring ousting him basing on party disciplinary codes has been fairly given after a clear prosecution process there would be no issue at all and Mutsvangwa ouster could have been like the sweeping out of rubbish from the church. Now what makes Mutsvangwa case unique is that there was and is no procedure in alleging and proving one’s wrong and that the party jury is openly practicing double standards by turning a blind eye to clear wrongs by others whilst they cook and accentuate wrongs on those not favored by the jury. It has stopped being a panel of dispensing fair trial on all but has turned into a Kangaroo court that aims to coerce and threaten party members to accept its open biasnes that is not premised on party constitution in any ways but is purely factional and serves only the interests of the powerful faction.
    That Mutsvangwa has sidestepped on many occasions is clear but there are some whose roles seems to be that of sidestepping, eg G40, that makes unfounded allegations and unevenly omit trying its erring members. They also do not prove a prima facie case on their targets but go on to expel them. This is despite the fact they have many slogans alien to the party, threaten other party members even with death, i’e Sarah Mahoka threatened VP Munangagwa with death in broad daylight, they sing tribalism inclined songs and breach the constitution on many occasions but remain immune from its jurisdiction themselves. G40 has become so sacred that their wrongs are no issue to be discussed because merely indicating that they have erred warrants expulsion from the party.
    Those rallying behind Mutsvangwa are doing so because his wrongs a a drop in an ocean if compared to the wrongs of G40 and that party members have seen it as an oportunity to stop G40 from destroying the party completely. The issue now is not merely an issue of Mutsvangwa and his expulsions but how and why he was expelled, why others are not being tried for breaching party protocol, why the constitution of the party is not invoked on all offenders and generally what is being done on the party by G40 that now shows every member who does not buy G40 views as under threat and candidates for expulsion in the same wrong ways after being falsely accused and unjustly tried without any reference to the constitution at all.

  • Fred Muchena

    sounds like opinion

  • my zanupf

    anohwina mhani

  • jacktheswede

    Please dont speak on behalf of the war veterans…They have a voice and we wait to hear it when they meet.

  • Dick Mboko

    This writer is illiterate to say the least. Treason! Do you know zvinoreva treason. War Veterans Association like ZANU PF is a private association. Now this writer now wants us to believe that the ZLWVA is Zimbabwe. God forbid! This is illiteracy at its highest.