Papers twist First Lady’s VP words


The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe greets thousands of zanu-pf supporters on arrival for a rally at Somhlolo Stadium in Lupane, Matabeleland North, yesterday. — (See story on Page 2). — (Picture by Elias Saushoma)

Nduduzo Tshuma Bulawayo Bureau
INFORMATION, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo yesterday lashed out at three newspapers for claiming that the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe “called for the ouster of Vice President Joice Mujuru” at her rally in Gwanda on Monday.

Prof Moyo, speaking to reporters in Lupane yesterday where the First Lady addressed the seventh rally of her “Meet the People Tour”, said reports in the privately-owned NewsDay and Daily News were the “infertile imagination of their creators”.

“It appears, unless if one is conflicted by concrete evidence, that this was the work of people in Harare, in these newspapers, who were not at Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda yesterday because Dr Mugabe never said anything of the sort,” said Prof Moyo.


He said the First Lady was addressing the qualities that a vice president should have, and not an individual.

“This is some infertile imagination of the creators of this story. She was addressing the qualities that a Vice President and second secretary of Zanu-PF should have,” said Prof Moyo.

“And the people writing this story admit that no name was mentioned, and they say just because there’s only one Vice President it means it is referring to her. Zimbabwe has not had only one Vice President. We have had former and late Vice Presidents Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda, John Nkomo, Joseph Msika and we can draw from them the qualities that are necessary now that we are going to be selecting the Vice Presidents (at December congress).” Prof Moyo insisted: “It was more and only about the office, not occupant, past or present, but the office as it relates to aspiring candidates.”

He explained: “She (First Lady) mentioned that for the Vice President and Second  Secretary (of Zanu-PF) drawn from the former Zapu there are now five aspiring candidates. Surely, we need some criteria to guide us.

“Do we choose someone who will just sit there and do nothing and piggyback on the President? Or we choose someone who has the qualities like Dr Nkomo, like Cde Muzenda, like Cde Msika had, which was to assist the President discharge his mandate? This is what she was talking about.”

Prof Moyo said there was a difference “of day and night” between focusing on the office and the requirements of that office, and an individual.

“This is a sign that there’re some among us who would like to kick up some dust, do-up confusion, mischief and so forth,” he said.

“Unfortunately for them, the national broadcaster is rebroadcasting these addresses in full for the people to hear the message without any contamination, and they don’t need any newspaper to tell them what she said.

“They’ll hear for themselves, and for this we must all be grateful for ZBC because apart from just getting the message directly, those who’re trying to distort, misrepresent and so forth are going to be left with egg on their faces because their attempts will be exposed for what they are – mischief and imaginations that at the end of the day are not creative, are not meaningful and will be rejected by the people.”

What the Daily News said:

Grace savages Mujuru again

By Jeffrey Muvundisi in Gwanda
“Some think because if you are vice president you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you, we want people who are capable, we do not want a liability, hatimude (we don’t want her).”

What Southern Eye said

Grace drops bombshell… Mujuru under fire

By Albert Ncube
“Some think because you are Vice President you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you,” she said. “We want a Vice President who helps the President, not just one who relies on Mugabe. We no longer want that. We want people who are not capable (sic). You mustn’t think because you have a post you are there forever. You must work for it.”

What NewsDay said:

Grace Mugabe calls for Vice President Mujuru’s ouster

By Albert Ncube
“Some think because you are Vice-President, you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you,” she said. “We want a Vice-President who helps the President, not just one who piggybacks on Mugabe’s back. We no longer want that. We want people who are capable. You mustn’t think because you have a post you are there forever. You must work for it.”

What the First Lady really said

“Vamwe nokuti ndakataura kuti vanhu vakajaira kuberekwa kumusana kwaPresident, vamwe vanongofunga kuti kungonoita Vice President kunongodzi ndiri Vice President ndakangogara mu office VaMugabe vachingondishandira. Hatichadi izvozvo, we want people who are capable. Hatidi! Hatidi! Hatisikuda munhu anove liability isu. Hatimude! Anongoswera agere bedzi, pfungwa kana. Ndozvandirikuti chingotanga wazviongorora.”

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  • mafirakureva

    If she was not lasing out at VP Mujuru then why did she go on to praise Nkomo and Muzenda who are late and not say anything positive about the current sitting VP. Hatisi mafuza, we know whats going on in ZANU PF. This is truly sad.

    • makwavarara

      Zanu Pf usually appraise the dead because they cannot argue and belong to any faction that’s why the surviving VP was lambasted. Ko aitaura kuti musapisira varume mumbe aibvira ani?

  • Analyst

    I salute our Vice President for remaining silent. Kunyarara kunokunda zvose.

    • chadzunda


  • Gushas

    But comrade Moyo you just confirming that she said it . This is so sad hatidaro vamwe vedu especially gamba , shirikadzi namai vedu Mai Mujuru. Silence is golden and will pray for you Mai Mujuru

  • Fairplay

    kikkikikikikiki seka zvako , Prof Jona mandinakidza

  • Mambo Nyondeni

    I dont usually agree with the prof but to be honest yesterday when reading one of the stories online I felt the journalist was twisting the story to suit what he wanted his readers to believe or read. Honestly the Doctor was describing the expected qualities of VPs. Maybe her phrasing was not right but in all honesty she was not talking about VP Mujuru.

    • ndadii

      You are willfully blind, pachako.

    • uhuhru

      and our dear herald respectfully awards itself a trophy more like a schoolboy writing a love letter to himself!!!

  • koshy

    i always say these high profile people should watch their mouths like prof & the president when talking honai amai mugabe u ev been quoted. & prof on dis one m not supporting u amai vakataura regarding to the current situation she should ev sed D 2ND VP ACHAUYA HATIDI ZVEKUGARA. she should ev a speech written ol d time

  • topi

    Only God’s plan will prevail,seems Amai Mujuru has decided to stay calm and quiet thats true leadership i guess!!!

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Whatever the Professor is saying here is not warranted. Why is Zanu-Pf behaving the way it is doing at the moment? What has changed which now makes the party handle its internal matter the way it is doing? It is now apparent that there is a section of the party which receives favourable coverage from The Herald, and the other section is not even allowed to talk to any journalist including those from the private press. The Herald has attacked the likes of Rugare Gumbo, Temba Mliswa, Didymus Mutasa just to name a few as if it were attacking Morgan Tsvangirai. Factionalism is now too apparent and the professor must not pretend as if this is not happening. Zanu-PF is at its worst because this is happening at a time convergence is needed more. We require congruence. The economy is melting yet people are pre-occupied by ambitions to one day lead the party and the country. President Mugabe should deal with this matter once and for all because we did not fight to witness this chaos. However, do not blame News Day or Daily News for what the First Lady may have said…my question is: WHY IS SHE SAYING SUCH THINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE AS IF THE PARTY DOES NOT HAVE ELDERS OR SPOKESPERSONS?

    • koshy

      iwe wapedza pa last statement. amai should ev a spokesperson responding to what other papers said not prof but if he is her spokesperson dats fine maybe he should consider to be imwe pay irere ka iyi.

  • factmore marange

    chimurenga chakarwiwa nanikoo ?. cde JTR gamba redu

  • Makuyana

    Hatichada izvozvo means…. ndizvo zvagara zviripo zve. Uyu Professor is really destroying from within. Ko kuzonyatsonyora the words she said. Hatichada izvozvo

  • Chihelele

    clutching at straws. Dr Grace mis-fired big time. Mujuru has enormous respect across all political parties in zimbabwe and beyond. Dr Grace see 2000 bussed people infront of her and think she is the darling. **, Gandanga mujuru is untouchable, in the true sense of the word. She is heavy of the heavy weights in zanu pf. Oppah should know that better **. I am not zanu pf and have never been ***

  • Gushas

    the problem with my party ZANU. PF is for sure you ignored for long the factional wars, now we are now in a fire fighting mode where we are seeing some name calling of unimaginable proportions more so openly showing to the world how disorganized we have become.
    It is an undeniable fact that Baba is a real patriot, Zimbabwe owes him a lot but the truth be said he has been betrayed big time by cdes whom he believed would continue to uphold the principles and values that brought us the independence if he so would have decided to take a deservedly rest ..Now for sure the parent’s fight has been taken out of the bedroom.

  • Moe_Syslack

    I dare you publish my comment if you are not biased Mr. Editor. Why is Grace using the presidential helicopter (state resources) to run her Zanu campaign? In any civilized nation presidents have been impeached. Outrageous.

  • Softkwiti

    We love u mai Mujuru just remain silent.

  • Softkwiti

    Joyce nyarara Mwari vanoziva avoooooo. We Love you mai Mujuru.

  • Softkwiti

    Joyce nyarara Mwari vanoziva avoooooo. We Love you mai Mujuru.

  • taf

    are you normal? of all the things ZANU is failing to deliver you recon the use of another language is critical. wakakwana?

  • Cunning Linguist

    Go to Tanzania and see how they are being held back because of the language barrier. The Chinese are falling over themselves to learn English so much so that it is a cause for concern now that a large number cant speak Mandarin anymore. I agree that there is a need to preserve our indigenous languages but not at the expense of mastering the global business language which is English. Perhaps at some point in time the global language may be Mandarin but the sad reality is with 14million speakers, it will never be Shona or Ndebele..

  • DK

    Kuvhunduka chati kwatara ndokunge uine chawakaturika padenga.

  • the watcher

    “some” will refer to all past,present and future…and in this instance mainly mai Mujuru.

  • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

    Shiiiiiiiii. Nyarara. Unozovangwadza

  • chinoz

    It is going to be hard to suddenly start real business which we have failed to do in the last 30 years.

  • sangoma

    how many people watch ZTV proff

  • James Bond

    Mrs Mugabe has entered the political arena opening herself to scrutiny and ridicule. I find it rather unfair that she has been allowed to browbeat Mrs Mujuru with impunity. Shouldn’t Mrs Mujuru be given the right of reply? It is only fair, only democratic that way.

  • Marcus

    Cheya Meni with all due respect your previous posts abt Mai Mujuru being number 55 and being catapulted to number 2 clearly expose your biases…notwithstanding the fact that Grace has been catapulted from no number at all to number 2 or 1 whichever suits u…C in-spite of our affiliations we hv to maintain some objectivity..and not parrot Jonah Moyo’s assertions as fact. ..unless u r trying to spin as well. Who doesn’t know tt factionalism is rife in Zanu at the moment…is it not clear to u that relations are at an all time low btwn Mujuru & Grace..did you not do some discourse analysis and make an inference that Grace made reference to an incumbent V.P…Is it not reasonably possible that Grace referred to Mujuru. I feel we are clearly on opposite sides of the fence & personally I cannot handle illogical support which has no semblance of objectivity.

  • idi amin

    Not so Honourable Prof, how is it you see fit to step in and explain, dismiss and extrapolate what the 1st Lady has said? One newspaper out of all the papers in the country gets it correct? I dont think so. A whole Minister a Prof for that matter, coming out to explain what a PhD holder actually meant. Did you write her thesis? I am convinced that YOU Prof are the one who fed these papers the story! Up to your old tricks again. Remember in Nyanga a couple mnths ago you said the economy was improving, now Cargil and numerous smaller companies has closed, dont lie to the people. A genius can tell you that black is actually white and give you the most compelling evidence to support his theory, but alas with time black will be seen as black and white as white, watch!