Opposition rallies behind Mujuru

Vice President Mujuru

Vice President Mujuru

Herald Reporter
FUNCTIONARIES from opposition parties whose formation the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe traced to the house of Vice President Joice Mujuru have sprung to the VP’s defence with gushing tributes which analysts said were not only unprecedented, but pointed to a hitherto unknown relationship between the VP and the opposition parties.

Addressing the last leg of her “Meet The People Tour’’ at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera last Friday, Amai Mugabe revealed that the opposition MDC and Mavambo/Kusile/ Dawn were formed at VP Mujuru’s house.

While VP Mujuru had not responded to the revelations by the time of going to Press yesterday, the opposition parties and their functionaries were lining up to her defence amid reports that MKD leader Dr Simba Makoni was scheduled to address a Press conference this morning pursuant to defending VP Mujuru.

Sources close to Dr Makoni say he planned to claim Mavambo was formed after the 2008 elections, yet records show that the party was only formalised after the elections but was formed prior to the polls when Dr Makoni was booted out of the Politburo.

The opposition functionaries, most of whom are junior office holders, were also dismissed as lacking the locus standi to speak about the origins of the MDC, a party they only joined midstream as it was conceived in Westminster Abbey when the three main British political parties, the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats came together under the Westminster Foundation for Democracy to conceive an opposition party to spearhead regime change in the wake of the Zanu-PF Government’s decision to embark on the fast-track land reform programme.

Political analysts dismissed MDC-T spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora as “a mere passenger on a train bound for nowhere’’ saying he was not even in party structures when the MDC was launched on September 11, 1999, a date they said was chosen to signify the arrival of the Pioneer Column in Mashonaland on September 12, 1890.

Contrary to Mr Mwonzora’s claims that processes that took place prior to MDC’s formation were done in public, the Westminster Foundation admitted its parentage of the MDC on its website which it later took down after Zanu-PF latched on to the admission to expose the MDC as a neo-colonial project.

MDC leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai also admitted in his memoirs “At the Deep End” that there was strong involvement of the white community in the formation of the party.

A coterie of opposition elements among them Dr Ibbo Mandaza and Retired Major Kudzai Mbudzi, all founding members of Mavambo, MDC-T spokesperson Mwonzora, former MDC99 leader Job Sikhala and Dr Lovemore Madhuku of the NCA have all come to the VP’s defence by launching acerbic attacks on Mai Mugabe.

Prof Madhuku, in an article titled “Grace takeover: Madhuku threatens war” (The Standard October 19, 2014), pledged to go to war to prevent Mai Mugabe’s political ascendancy.

‘‘We will go to war, we do not want the Mugabe family or any related person directly or indirectly to be the President.

“People have to find unlawful means to stop this. You cannot have a country where you say one ran it for 34 years and when he left his wife took over,” Prof Madhuku said.

Mr Sikhala in a Facebook post dated October 19 called on MDC-T supporters to target Amai Mugabe for abuse accusing her of wanting to block VP Mujuru’s ascendance to the presidency of Zimbabwe.

“We must make our plans as the largest political party in the opposition in Zimbabwe with our eyes centered on Grace Mugabe’s rise in Zanu-PF politics,” he said.

“There is no doubt that watching closely Grace’s political rallies she is aiming to disrupt any attempt of the Mujuru rise in internal Zanu-PF politics. So it is in that new developments that our arsenals must be targeting Grace.

“She will be our nemesis in the future of our politics. With me that will be an interesting duel for Grace epitomises a lot of Zimbabwe’s failure today.

Come on MDC cadres. We must ravage Grace Mugabe from today onwards.”

Mr Sikhala’s sentiments, analysts said, were quite surprising given that he should be pitching for his party president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, and not a senior Zanu-PF leader like VP Mujuru.

The Zimbabwe Independent of October 17 quoted Dr Mandaza asserting that Amai Mugabe would lose if she dared to challenge VP Mujuru.

“It seems the Mnangagwa faction is going for broke, but I don’t see them achieve anything because there is no way they can stop Mujuru, she is through the door already. They are trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted,” said Dr Mandaza.’’

Rtd Maj Mbudzi also launched a scathing attack on Amai Mugabe.

“Amai (First Lady) by the look of things is, seems to be too individualistic, immature, is incalculative and opportunistic and rather poor in mental construction of reality,” he said.

“Dr Mai Joice Mujuru is her direct opposite who is cool, calm, reserved, tolerant, objective and intelligently calculative of what is good or bad for Zimbabwe. No wonder political crooks want her out sooner than later. She will not in the too distant future, tolerate their crooked way.”

MDC-T spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwnzora weighed in describing Amai Mugabe’s assertions that MDC-T was formed at VP Mujuru’s house as “wild.”
“It’s absolute rubbish,” said Mr Mwonzora.

“This is a wild accusation. MDC was not formed in a private place. The processes that took place before the formation of MDC were held in public arenas.”

Analysts have, however, said the opposition parties’ coordinated defence of VP Mujuru and her history of omitting ‘’Pasi ne MDC (down with the MDC)’’ whenever she chants the Zanu-PF slogan raised serious questions about her relationship with the opposition parties whose brand of reactionary politics had brought so much suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans.

Others lambasted Mr Mwonzora as a junior member in the MDC-T who had no locus standi to comment on the formation of the British sponsored party.
Some argued that Mr Mwonzora was still a member of the Bishop Abel Muzorewa’s United Africa National Congress when MDC was formed.

War veteran and Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Cde Chris Mutsvangwa said the onus was on the VP to prove she had no links with the opposition.
“Kana uchida kuziva Mai vemhuru bata muswe wayo (scratch the calf, draw out the cow) It is high time that she (VP Mujuru) comes in the open and dissociate herself from that oppositional support,” he said.

“It is one thing to be accused by the First Lady and another thing to be eulogised by opposition figures.

“It is incumbent on her as a cadre of the party to say that I do not want your oppositional sympathy and defence I will talk to my President if there are any issues.

“If she remained quiet, it gives credence to what the First Lady has said.

“As a party cadre, how can you be seen supported by Major Mbudzi who betrayed his fellow cadres in the military or Ibbo who never liked Zanu-F or Mwonzora who is a member of the opposition?”

Political analyst Mr Godwine Mureriwa had no kind words for Mr Mwonzora.

He said Mr Mwonzora was not privy to the history of MDC-T.

“Mwonzora is not aware that there was a meeting that was held on January 23 1999 at the Chatham House which is owned by the Royal Institute of International Affairs,” he said.

“This was after the European Union had agreed that President Mugabe should be removed from office either through a military coup or through an opposition founded and funded by the British or through subversion of Zanu-PF.”

Through subversion, Mr Mureriwa said, the British wanted to divert Zanu-PF from the ethos and ideals of the liberation struggle.

He said Mr Mwonzora should not make uninformed pronouncements and avoid unnecessary fights with Zanu-PF but direct his energies towards his political nemesis Mr Nelson Chamisa who had outwitted him ahead of the party’s congress slated for next week.

“Mwonzora needs to fight Chamisa and not Zanu-PF,” he said.

“If he has been outwitted by Chamisa what makes him think that he can outmaneuver Zanu-PF?

“He is a desperate lawyer trying to create some semblance of relevance by attacking Zanu-PF. He is just trying to get a lifeline from a perceived disintegration in Zanu-PF.”

Mr Mureriwa said the First’s Lady’s remarks should not be treated as meaningless because she was privy to classified information on developments in the country.

“Comments of the First Lady are perhaps mistaken as coming from nowhere but she is privy to the operations of the State and other things in the country,” he said.

“She is well informed and has intelligence of what is happening.”

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Dr Charity Manyeruke said Mr Mwonzora was not a realist in politics as he had joined the MDC train in the middle of its journey.

She said: “If you are not a realist you think the ideal situation is what is real but a realist knows what is happening and what the First Lady said is the real situation.

“When you join a train on the middle of a journey you do not know how it started off.”

Dr Manyeruke said most of the architects of opposition parties in Zimbabwe after 1980 were formed in Western capitals.

She said people like Mr Mwonzora needed political education to deliver them from the Utopian world of imaginary politics.

Acting president of the Multiracial Christian Democrats Mr Mathias Guchutu said although Mr Mwonzora was the MDC-T spokesperson, he was not the best person to comment on that issue.

“He may not be the best qualified person to comment and it could have been good if journalists make efforts to seek a comment from someone who was present when the party was formed,” he said.

Mr Guchutu said the MDC-T can only clear its name if a founding member set the record straight with regards to allegations that it was founded and funded by foreigners.

In his book At the Deep End Mr Tsvangirai said: “In due course, as the movement grew, especially among agricultural and agro-industrial workers, led by their union, more whites saw the MDC’s potential. We included some of them in the interim leadership of the party as a demonstration of our policies and values.”

Former British premier Tony Blair told the House of Commons that he worked closely with the MDC to subvert the Government while former US ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell was quoted in leaked diplomatic cables opining that if westerners had better partners than the weak and indecisive Tsvangirai they would have achieved their regime change objectives in Zimbabwe.


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  • Detective

    Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

    • Chiguri Mabarwe

      Its your job officer to go and investigate like 007 on her Majesty service. Please help before Chinua Achebhe’s come true.

    • Makusakatara


      Surprise, surprise; the centre is holding more than any other time before.

  • Dougie

    Who tends to gain the most from these Zanu internal fights? Definitely not Mnangagwa — fan the flames boys, fan the flames. And the Herald leads the charge.

  • Observer

    We cry the loudest foul when the western media becomes analytical & critical of us & we are quick to point to the regime change agenda. What would we call this agenda by herald on one of the most illustrious & decorated self made heroine of the country? Herald can hide behind the “we don’t have an agenda, we just report news” mantra, but I, being a member of a community that boasts the highest literacy & numeracy rate in Africa, will not be fooled. Please be objective & balanced in your analysis & reporting for the sake of your credibilit

  • CDE Nyikandeyedu

    So this is the beginning of the “Grand Coalition” project uniting Mujuru faction and opposition that aimed at unseating President Mugabe. ** chance! It’s day dreaming! Mugabe is like an old champion on his final victory lap, and mujuru is too small and lightweight to dethrone this legendary political genius on his final victory lap.

  • Judas Iscariot

    This headline is very misleading.The first lady lied that MDC and Mavambo were formed at vp Mujuru,s house So the MDC spokesperson is responding to these lies, and you call that rallying behind the first lady? Mwonzora is not qualified to commend about MDC because he was not present when it was formed, but the first lady is?.Mdc was formed in 1999 and the question is why did the president appoint her to be the vp knowing that the opposition party was formed at her house? Does this also mean the general,Solomon Mujuru was involved, since he was still alive when both of these parties were formed at his house? This is a very sad turn of events,seems like the other faction realized the vp,s accendancy was gaining traction,especially when she was appointed vp. They realized the only way they could derail her progress would be to pit her against the first family.So they started going to the first family fabricating all these stupid false stories that even a kindergaten kids can tell they are simply meant to tarnish the vp,s image.It,s sad that the first lady is taking these rumours to be facts.As for the vp,there is no point in responding to lies.

  • Zvidozvevanhu Mutimukuru

    Where is DEMOCRACY when anyone who makes a choice is lambasted from all corners. Zimbabwe is a Democratic country and it is Mujurus right to campaign for power as much as Grace is doing. If the President is liked he will still prevail. Corruption yomoona nhasi uno, pese apa maivepi zvichiitika? Besides it is my wish to See Presidednt Mugabe take a rest from active politics **. Kuzorora kwakaipei bab venyika???
    JOICE for Presidents,


    Zvimbwasungata. Zvanzi hehe takavisa helicopter! Kupi? ** na blaz ‘roasted’ Rex, zvakapinda mubrain ukaona ndege ichidonha…*** Regai Runaida kapingure **eku Salvation Army. Little did she know that Bonyongweee *** tooo, muno** rwendo runo!! Muchinyanya vakomana Zimbabwe ndeyedu tese. Zvino muchati gunners muCivilian chete….Madzvatsvira. Amai Mugabe you deserve SANDO DZENYU. Its not your age or how you came into the Union but your husband’s credentials we uphold who approved you to his lap. Pamberi naPresident. Our Values, Our destiny Our Future!! Pasi ne Opposition nemhunza musha. Pasi nevano*** mumba!!

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    If I was VP Mujuru I would join MDC-T as President, Chamatama VP, they are so desparate and would oblige to the best case senario of having an MDC President of the country. All ZANU PF would vote for me anyway. We are talking of running without any opposition.

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    You sound white I don’t trust you and I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

  • sd

    This is poor reporting at its best….!

  • Mkwati

    Honestly, why this vicious attack on the person of an icon of the liberation struggle. One of two women in ZANLA whose contribution to the armed struggle is beyond reproach (the other the late Sheba Tavarwisa)? The end result: you could be strengthening Mujuru’s power base among the generality of the population.

  • Changamire Dombo

    …… Bwaaaahahaha . Pathetic. But then the Herald has always been pathetic !!. What can we expect. This looks like it was pennend by ** himself. …Bwaahahahahaha!!

  • Nyatsimba Mutota

    You do not have to be in opposition formations to see that Amai lost the plot by incessantly attacking the VP in public without according her the platform to defend herself. Too much victimisation has a natural tendency to attract sympathisers. No wonder the VP is suddenly adored by the erstwhile colleagues in opposition.

  • Tarwiraushe

    On 17 February 1974,she gunned down a Rhodesian helicopter using an ak47 killing all the Rhodesian forces who were on board. This is where Teurai Ropa came from. This lady is a galant fighter, who refuses to go down without a fight,mark my words.The battle of Armageddon is about to begin.Mashonaland Central is amai Mujuru,s stronghold,rambai makamira semusambangwena amai.Chitipaiwo history yaana amai chimusoro vamakudayi kupembedza?

  • bb.Kwekwe

    Just when will you start printing the paper for the readers..? Just as the man thinks, so is he, and just as the man reports, so is he. If you fancy talking to us you politicians, then tell us of the achievements that you have done, period. Tell us of the jobs that you have created, period. Tell us of the industries that have sprung up because of you, period. Nigeria is in the papers today for successfully halting the spread of ebola in their country, safeguarding their citizens from the gruelling disease that has threatened to wipe out man kind. That is what the government of the day does.

  • kutototo

    Now I know the reason why my bosses forbid me from disclosing company secretes, gossips and stories to my wife. Vakadzi havana hana zveshuwa kungomupa microphone ototanga kuwawata tusina maturo. Especially when she makes sweeping accusations that all opposition parties were formed in the VP’s house, thats a bit too wild.

  • Roy Moyo

    All along i was not sure about the extent of foolishness of people who are trying to outwit each other to show who is Grace Mugabe’s biggest supporter. Some have even gone off topic to accuse Mwonzora of attacking ZANU PF. Mwonzora was only responding as party spokesperson to Grace’s assertion that MDC was not formed in Mujuru’s house but meetings to conceive and form the party were held in some offices not a home. This is a party position Mwonzora is articulating and reason tells us that he does not need to have been there at the formation of the party when it was formed. I am surprised even a PhD holder quoted in this story, Dr Manyeruke, does not understand this simple logic. May be she obtained her PhD at UZ. Rugare Gumbo is ZANU PF spokesperson but he was not there when ZANU was formed and he left to join Ndabaningi Sithole at some point and later came back. Does this mean when it comes to issues that concern ZANU PF that happened when he was not there, he cannot articulate ZANU PF’s position on such issues? If Grace has intelligence information about the VP, does she have to call a rally in Gwanda to announce the information? If that happens, is this still intelligence? In some cases, even the government spokesperson Jonathan Moyo told the nation that Grace is not talking about Mujuru but any VP, past and present. So why do we still expect Mujuru to respond? Why are these political analysts not asking Grace to take her intelligence information to Mugabe, who should then call a Politburo meeting and discuss the issues, allowing Mujuru to respond? Or should Mujuru call her own rallies and defend herself and tell the nation what she knows about Grace’s dealings? If she does that, will the same analysts not condemn her?

  • punungwe

    You may take it which ever way you like. We Zimbabweans know and have known the name Teurai Ropa Nhongo since before independence.

    She is a liberation war veteran of unquestionable, undoubtable and irrefutable note.

    On the other hand the attacker, is nothing but a bedroom veteran. Tell us what claim does Grace Mugabe have to political legitimacy.

    She is not a liberation war veteran .

    Her husband has fought hard to keep his party united, for decades. She is tearing it asunder, immaturely. She is destroying her husband’s legacy.

  • Command Center

    Two questions
    1. Who was the Acting President over the weekend when Grace and Robert where in Italy?
    2. It looks like most neutrals, and some MDC Sympathizers are in support of Mujuru, so what happens in today’s Cabinet Meeting and tomorrow’s Politburo Meeting. Will the Second Secretary sit next to the First Secretary

  • Cde Pasi E-Dandaro

    What crap! What a desperation by The Herald to rubbish Mai Mujuru. By the way who are these journalists who do not even want their real names to be associated with such crap and choose to write under dubious names like “Herald Reporters”?
    90% of this article says the MDC was funded by western capitals. It never says anywhere that the MDC was formed by whites. Worse still, there is nowhere that show JTR was present, neither was the party formed in her house as claimed by that overdressed ***. Shame! We, the real war vets shall speak when you have fumed, huffed and puffed. We shall settle that matter once for all. No on owns ZANU PF!!!

  • Neolexus

    The more dirt they try to throw at her, the more we rally behind our Honourable VP. She is a luminary.

    Zimbabweans know her true colours all too well to listen to this crap

    • mazorodze

      That *** is a luminary..? really..dude??

  • Tati

    About decent apa ndaramba. The Herald, just like any state paper is controlled by ZANU PF and most report news that sounds like music to the ears of their masters. Yes I agree that the other papers are not biased but unfortunately they have chosen to do, not under pressure.

  • Dr. Jay

    They obviously want some drama to unfold. They seem to be bothered by the VP’s diplomacy and are therefore taking it on themselves to fuel unnecessary fires.

  • Zim1

    It is so sad -This is the End of Mai Mujuru.So near yet so far away.

  • Neolexus

    Well said, senseless strife, inability to work together and intolerance of divergent views is what makes Africa a dark continent.

    And these endless quarrels exemplify exactly that.

    Our degrees are only good for mud slinging, factionalism, nepotism, corruption, violence, tribalism and abuse of power.


    Mr Chair person, Amai place on record that her version is the truth as it stand undisputed or challenged. Case Closed

  • ishumairai

    Inga zvakaoma saka maj mujuru ndivo vaka unza masanctions nhai ko zvamaimboti ndi blair by the way how is jonono did he get his terminal benefits from the ford foundation how were his week leaks (kkkkkkkkkk) briefings to …… was he not part of the opposition think tanks prior to his appointment to the constitutional commission. Just asking why is Grace surrounded by losers without constituency like Mahofa, Madzongwe, Ionono, Chiyangwa, Muchinguri, Chizema hameno veduwe. Nehanda Nyakasikana kusvika rinhi tichinyeberwa

  • chief

    are you tryng to say those who joined the liberation struggle midway do not know how the war has started please cde analyst try to make sense.mwonzora as the spokesperson knows hw mdc started even if he wasnt there by the time

  • punungwe

    Fast track land reform happened after the 2002 constitutional referendum. The MDC was formed in 1999. Just the previous year 1998 Zanu-PF had kicked the people of Svosve off a farm they had invaded.

    Therefore the MDC could not have been formed to counter fast track land reform. IT happened long after the MDC was formed. The formation of the MDC was much more trade unionist opportunism, after Chiluba had won power in Zambia in 1991 at the helm of a trade union movement.

  • chief

    Amai Mujuru is the best candidate after his excellence cde RG Mugabe.Mark my words

  • Takaona Crispen

    But does it mean Mwonzora had to be physically present to know the history on the formation of MDC. Is it that is the reason there are records of events. You just have to know how to read to be informed. Simple!!!

  • ooooooooooz

    amai(Mujuru)ndizvo.Pamberi namai hatitombokwati.Makarwira nyika ino amai musatyisidzirwa.you are showing that you are politically mature by not responding to these attacks,..Grace arikuda kuuraya part nezvaari kuita izvi.

  • Jongwe

    Aah! Ndanyara fani, Herald you have been drawn into the ngwena faction?? Ndaifunga kuti you are not an interested party but now you expose yourself like this?? I see why your reports are all one sided, please Mr. Jona do something about this.

    • chinoz

      Mr Moyo is on the ngwena faction.

  • Garwe

    Hapana kana zveArticle apa; distancing themselves and accepting Alliance zvakafanana here? Inga Herald munomboita semakwana wani? Whoever wrote this article is undermining his/her intelligence and level of education! nxaa.

  • the patriot

    Am with you there. MaiMujuru has done good by showing kuti politics haisi pweterepwetere.

  • Makusakatara


    If you are going to be a “team” supporting Amai Dr MUJURU from outside ZANU-PF then you are wasting your time. If you were in ZANU-PF and had decided to stand by or with Mai Mujuru then it would have an impact. From what is unfolding, one way or the other, Mujuru is gone and gone forever in terms of assuming the post of President in the ruling revolutionary party.

    What the First Lady said is proving to be true EVERYDAY.

    It started with the hosting of games in Bulawayo. Amai Dr Grace MUGABE accused some cabinet members of wanting to block the staging of these games in BYO but the President steadfastly stood by BYO. This has since been confirmed by David Coltart who was Minister of Education, Sports and Culture at the time.

    Amai Dr Grace MUGABE also accused some senior ZANU-PF officials of working DIRECTLY with the opposition. Now, the revelations we are seeing and hearing are such that opposition people are rallying behind a supposed ‘opposition’ leader in ZANU-PF – their arch-enemy – it is unheard of unless there was something very sinister going on behind the scenes. This is the undoing of MUJURU and her political journey, at least in ZANU-PF, ends here unless she confesses to what she knows and denies what she doesn’t know.

    Sentiments emanating from the majority of ZANU-PF supporters around the country are such that they did not know that Amai MUJURU was that evil. They are wondering why she was so heartless as to stab President R.G. MUGABE in the back when he singlehandedly elevated her to the post of Second Secretary in the party when she had lost 7 to 1 to Cde Ngwena; with two province undecided. It is President R.G. MUGABE who used the gender card to win the hearts and minds of ZANU-PF supporters to vote for her.

    Has she forgotten all that because she is being given filthy lucre? I hope she quickly recapitulates, confesses and apologise to the President before it is too late. The support she is getting from the opposition parties is not going to help her. Congress is just around the corner. She has to disassociate herself from the opposition by publicly rebuffing them or she sink with them.

    The decision rests entirely with her and it is hers and hers alone!!

    • Tarubva

      Now you are admitting the First Lady was referring to the VP all long! How hypocritical one can be! You lie under your teeth deliberately, to get it your way? No wonder we are in garbage as a country, what with people like you in our midst!

  • Guest

    Best you keep seeking that truth – you are currently WAY off the mark.


    • Truth seeker

      The Slave Masters are a cunning breed.

      • Guest

        Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you

  • tafamutekwe

    The ** plotter has his own ulterior agenda that does not entirely hinge on Mnangagwa becoming President. He is more of a Boris Yeltsin in Russia who pretended to support Gorbachev during the siege by the Communist aligned Russian army but only to discard the guy later and then assume full power himself. **’s hatred of Mugabe’s crowd is well known and like a political James Bond he is only there to cause havoc in the ruling party by destroying it from within and so far he has been succeeding remarkably well because the Mugabe clan itself is angling to establish a ruling family dynasty.Deep tribal affiliation also seems to be at play with sinister characters trying to form alliances that will work in their favor to gain a political upper hand. Poor Grace, ** blowing a whistle, her handlers are clapping and ululating at her comical politics in a bid to embarrass their powerful foes.

  • maf

    herald should be ashamed

  • cleto

    Zvinonyadzisa zvese zvirikuitika izvi it’s like everybody is moving around in the streets of harare naked.Haisiyo Zanu yatakakura tichiziva mashura chaiwo idi

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    That woman who openly supported corruption, The General, The Black Russian and the so called Ray of Hope are the architects of the Bhora Musango Strategy. Grace Mugabe has shown maturity by saying what we have been saying in private. If by exposing a corrupt person and extortionist is what you call immature and being a bully, then surely all Zimbabweans who are suffering because of corruption will support Grace Mugabe. Corruption is a cancer in society. We need servant leadership in Zimbabwe. We cant vote people into power so that they enrich themselves. Corrupt people love power, being ruled by corrupt people is as good as being ruled by the corrupt mafia. That woman who supports corruption should never be allowed to rule Zimbabwe.

  • jojo

    Grace has no right to attack a sitting vice president and senior leaders in government.being the president’s wife doesn’t mean she is the president and has the presidium powers to act like so.** she must be very careful where she is treading.people don’t forget.*no way.this is where Zanu pf and its foundations are losing the plot.The VP has endured a lot and made sacrifices for this country long before Gire came into the picture and thus must be treated with respect.yes you can go on lamenting about MDC,yes this has always been an cheap shot for this paper and Zanu pf but giving presidential powers to Grace will come to haunt the Dear Party.beware of what you wish for.

    • jojo

      Why the stupid editing from Herald and all these annoying stars?sentences do not make any sense at all after being edited

  • Kharma

    Herald reporter nhai iwee, Mujuru ave nemba ku Westminster Abbey here kwamuri kuti the MDC was conceived? Ingawani Dr Gire vakati yakatangwa munyumba maMujuru…u guys are pathetic in yo efforts to tarnish Teurai Ropa.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    The Herald reported what was said and there is no sane Zimbabwean who supports an extortionist and corrupt person. We support President Mugabe because he is a principled person, he is against corruption.

  • masvukupete

    This is a ploy to divert attention from opposition parties. Since they cannot fix the country Zanu knows the opposition has ammunition against them. They want to create a mirage of splitting then come 2018 they sign a unity accord and there will be only one party contesting. Those with ears tererai, vane meso onai. Or they want the opposition to be gullible enough to take Mujuru as their leader. Come 2018 she will then “expose” the opposition and become “mwana akarasika” then go back to Zanu. I wonder if they think that far, possible with Zanu.

  • jojo

    Let her enjoy her 3 seconds fame.it will last very very very soon and we all that.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    We are saw that person live on Television defending corruption, if the allegations are true, why should we defend a corrupt and extortionist person. We should not behave like MDC-T supporters who are in the habit of defending bad practices by their leaders.

    • freedom_fighter

      Cde you are talking to mdc supporters. Mai mujuru has more support im mdc than zanu. Almost all these people are mdc members this lends credence to what Lady Grace said that she b is a founding member of mdc

  • jojo

    You cant fool people all the time.Zimbabweans are not that daft.sunshine is on the horizon.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    The VP has already lost that so called dignity. She must respond or else the people of Zimbabwe should call for her resignation or the President must remove all corrupt people from Zanu PF and the Government.

  • Makusakatara


    NO, they are not. Sikhala clearly let the cat out of the bag in his comment. That is not disassociating themselves from Mai MUJURU.

    Mai Mujuru is not silent. She knows that what she has been saying and doing is now in the public domain. Remember these dealings were involving people who must have gone to the President and tell him.

    It is, therefore, difficult for her to refute the truth because if she attempt to do that, files will just be dusted and the whole world will know her family’s dealings with the enemy from way back in 1980.

    That, if it happens – and if she becomes as stupid as to challenge the truth that was said – will totally destroy her politically.

  • jojo

    There is no point for her to waste punches on a soon to be Once-was.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    Dumiso Dabengwa claimed that Mavambo was created by him and the general to save Zanu PF from loosing the elections to MDC-T. Grace Mugabe knows everything that Robert Mugabe is doing so isn’t it that Joyce Mujuru knew everything that the general was doing? The same people who formed Mavambo are the same people who were saying vote for your Zanu PF MP and Tswangirai.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    Every sane Zimbabwean should never support leaders who abuse their positions by extorting and corruptly enriching themselves. People who saw the bhora Musango strategy being implemented will never empathise with her.

  • Doctrate

    I submit the majority of zimbabweans have faith in dignified mai mujuru. Why must she savagely attack the opposition when she has ambition to unite the nation and promote the common good? Elements in ZANU PF including its president have worked so hard to put a wedge between pples. Thats the greatest tragedy of modern yet backward zimbabwe.

  • cde chimurenga

    Ini hangu I am bit confused because there is a statement iri kuti “as it was conceived in Westminister Abbey when the three British political parties…” so WESTMINISTER FOUNDATION ndiyo yakatanga MDC/Mavambo then why drag VP Mujuru into it?There is a lot of contradictions because kana yakatanga in VP Mujuru house then its a Zim baby not UK baby..Hamheno but thats my conclusion unless VP has a house in UK..

    • chinoz

      kkkkkkkkkk. Good one, I hadn’t noticed that.

  • Makusakatara


    Hearsay encompasses what is called intelligence. While intelligence – information obtained secretly – may not be admissible in a court of law, it is very readily accepted in the political court.

    All that is required in a political court is to show that the MUJURU family has had secret meetings with the opposition. If just one is retrieved from the file and put into the public arena and she admits to it or fails to deny it, then its done.

  • Manyika

    “Mai Mujuru wakanganisa? Aiwa, hawana kunganisa.” – just enjoying Chikopokopo by Cde Chinx.

  • Orgasm Donor

    “Rather poor in her mental construction of reality”

    I like.

  • tichatonga

    am hoping all the MUJURU detractors you are reading all the comments here,nomatter what MAI MUJURU ndiyo CREMORA MANJE ORIGINAL ONE,go kumiamisha and see the support she have even here in town,manje nomatter how you try to soil her tinotovapa support,wake up weevils

  • Munhu

    Where is the brilliance? This article is clumsy and stupid and exposes Grace as a liar. She says MDC was formed in mujuru’s house these guys allege it was formed in Westminster. So where is the brilliance? It sounds dull to me. Let’s not label Jonathan Moyo what he is not. He recently denied Grace was attacking Joyce only for Grace to openly attack Joyce. So where is the brilliance. Verbal diarrhea does not amount to intelligence.

  • punungwe

    kkkkkkkkk. So you died for this country?!!!

  • hondo

    The problem comes when others become more equal than others.Most of you here support a certain faction which then erases your ability to be level headed.When Masimirembwa,Mahachi,Airzimbabwe officials were attcked for corruption maiti zviri rite hanty.When Jonathan Moyo was called a weevil for exposing cashbert etc .What did you say? Now because Teurai Ropa akaenda kuhondo saka anofana kuva corrupt? You say she is seniour pachii chacho?She was a distant seventeen elevated to number to stop Ngwena.This is politics guys .Ndopolitics dzacho.Its a dirty game .Kuenda kuhondo harisi ticket rekuba or kuva inefficient.Whatever opposition parties feel she should do why cant she do it now if its of national interest.Why wait and do it later to the detriment of Bob who elevated her to that post.Politics is also bout loyalty.Besides Grace Never said Joice by name so ndezvenyu kana munhu achiba anoba .She is just riding on Solomon `s name anywhere.Ndiye aidiwa nezimbabwe chero yaivao mbavha.Anywae as the say these dayz leadership is not sexually transmitted lool

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    The whites have nothing to do with one’s corrupt and extortionist practices

  • Wakisai

    VP Mujuru already enjoys vast popular support within Zanu-PF, if Herald claims of widespread opposition support for Mujuru are also true then President Mugabe has already found the ideal candidate to unite this nation across party lines. All the more reason for the * President**.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    As a matter of principle, i will never support an extortionist and corrupt divisive person. During the bhora musango campaign in 2008, the fools were telling us to vote for themselves and Morgan Tsvangirai. Morrison Nyathi played his part during the liberation struggle and now some woman and her group which includes some man who participated in the Nhari rebellion want to do another Morrison Nyathi???

    • Nyamakate

      Fidelis you will forever be lost in history if you want to say people who participated in Nhari Rebellion etc were sellouts. These people the (Nhari and others) just differed in approach but otherwise they all still wanted to prosecute the armed struggle. Perhaps if you mention Morrison Nyati as a sellout, yes we can understand because Morrison approached the Rhodesian security agencies and caused the death of so many Zimbabweans but the same cannot be said of Mai Majuru. This is a woman who was leading from the front. She endured so many nights in the midst of nowhere and sometimes alone and hungry. You cant therefore say that because she now has a different view from someone then ava mutengesi or is a fool. You should disabuse yourself of that notion of describing everyone else other than Mugabe as a sellout. Tikada kunyatsotarisa hapana asina ma skeletons in the cupboard. History is always written by the victors and its not always correct!!!

      • Fidelis Mhaka

        Nyamakate if you read Rhodesian confessional literature, you quickly realised how deeply involved the Rhodesians, the Amercians, and the British were in those disturbances which looked local like the Nhari. Contacts were made at Mukumbura, deadly contacts which almost defeated the struggle. Read Dzinashe Machingura’s confessional publication to get to know the liaisons which occurred in Maputo between his group of rebels and some some foreign embasies. Read chapters on the Geneva conferences and check out the contacts in his group. Read Chapters on the return of his group to Zimbabwe before independence, and the role played by the British and Rhodesians in minding their activities in the run up to the crucial 1980 elections. When you have done all that, read your history of on the formation of MDc and Mavambo and tell me whether history has shifted the politics of this country by an inch.



  • Common Sense

    Herald, bringing up the old, tired, worn out nonsense about the MDC, and whites in general… and pulling others down, just to make Mugabe’s wife look good…

    Well, Zimbabwe knows better. You only appeal to fools and radicals who believe ZANU-PF has a inalienable right to rule this place forever.

    Please change the management so Zimbabwe can prosper

  • Dombo mutsai

    Grace Mugabe is playing blind politics, does she think E.D will protect her estate once RG is gone. One way or the other the heavy weights in Zanu PF would like to keep the party going strong and i foresee Mujuru and ED working together for the sake of the party. What Grace is doing, she is just building her own prison in which she will soon be an inmate once the table turns. Mirai muwone henyu.

  • Great Chidimu

    As much as I understand the full support ZIMPAPERS is giving to Dr Grace Mugabe some level of professionalism will help. It is not a done deal that Mujuru will be evicted from ZANU-PF , on the contrary someone may actually find themselves at the receiving end of this issue. I advise the Herald and other newspapers to take a neutral view of this isue

  • Magamba Zororai

    This paper has lost all morals. Its a shame. How can The Herald be brazenly abused by *** like that???

  • blar tindo

    Amai Mujuru………………..Joyce Banda wemuZimbabweeeee Pamberi namai Mujuruuuuu mhururu nemiridzo ukooooooooooooooooo

  • Shebeen Herald

    If amai Mujuru is innocent of the charges pressed against her, then she has no reason to worry.


  • Manyika

    This article persists with the myth that the MDC was formed
    to counter the land reform program spearheaded by Zanu PF. The timeline states
    that the MDC was formed on 11-Sep-1999 and the land reform kicked off after the
    February 2000 constitutional referendum when MDC’s “No” campaign, underpinned
    by white farmers, prevailed. The land reform was a spontaneous reaction to
    electoral defeat by Zanu PF.

    I reckon MDC had its genesis in Zanu PF’s poor economic management
    and repression of democratic space. On the other hand, the MDC shot itself on
    the foot when it repudiated the land reform program when it piggy-bagged on
    white commercial farmers.

  • Shebeen Herald

    Dear Herald. Can you please add Facebook share buttons. The Disqus share buttons don’t work properly.

  • Sipanera

    team mai mujuru watawura. Tete Mai Mujuru muroora arikuti nyarara. Ndini muroora we kwa Samanyanga from Dande

  • Brighton Bufflex Manunure

    politics is dirty game once u lose iiish ma1 let us unite and have the way forward as a a party

  • Makusakatara


    Manje on our side kana achidiwa ne opposition she is not desirable because MDC, for example, is a curse in Zimbabwe if we were to AGAIN work with them. If they were to shed off the sellout load on their backs, it is not difficult to work with any Zimbabwean.

  • dlamini

    If Mai Mujuru was a gamatocxie as from Friday, Sat,Sun,Mon October 2014 until the gifted President comes Mrs Mujuru varipanyanga she is the Acting President andiwoni chinonetsa dai vaka yipa avayinge vakasara varipa nyanga. Mai Mujuru do your job as usual. But do not comment.

  • jojo

    The jig-saw is falling into place now.there was fire and now this inane attack from all fronts on this poor woman.she is a warrior and will survive this shameless onslaught.

  • Zvichapera

    The opposition are not the only ones supporting the VP; in fact most senior ZanuPF leaders also support Mai Mujuru as we shall soon find out. ZanuPF is not someone’s personal property and the President is the one who should be worried.

    Remember not so long ago Prof Moyo was savaged by the President but surprisingly they are still working together. If the First Lady has information about the VP’s corrupt dealings, why has she not passed this to the police? ZanuPF has a constitution and this should be respected. If anyone has any charges against the VP they should follow the due process lawfully and not subject individuals to this sort of harrassment. In fact to be very honest noone in ZanuPF can stand up and say they are not corrupt so this current onslaught against Mai Mujuru shows someone is afraid of her

    • Godonga

      Mujuru ndizvo pasi nevanoponda vamwe!

  • moyoza

    Let them fight while we continue making babies as they allege

  • widzo

    I think all this has something to do with the death of Rex

  • Gamatoxicated

    And for 34 or so years all this has been happening right under our noses and has been allowed with shockingly reckless abandon. Now all of a sudden we have an issue on our hands? Amazing!!! Simply amazing ….. Nay buffling! Me thinks I’m too much of a world class simpleton to comprehend all this!!! Somebody please explain all this hullabaloo to me.

    • Chamunoda

      Since l was born l never imagined that Zimbabwe would come to this exciting point……I love every minute of it. Just keep your eyes and ears wide open.Remember this is adult viewing ONLY.


    We anxiously await Amai Mujuru’s response.

  • chinoz

    why is our president quiet when all this is happening in the party? it seems lyk people are trying to oust Mai Mujuru who has been quiet all along. Many political analysts like the likes of ‘Dr’ Manyeruke and Mutsvangwa are very biased.As of the formation of the opposition parties why has it started to hit the headlines when we r about to go to our congress??????????????

  • Chuck Daru

    I think if I were Mai Mujuru, I would just remain quiet and wait for the Congress where ‘the people will speak’, as politicians always want to put it. There is no point defending against accusations from people who are in an opposite faction of f the same party because they are not the ones that will vote for her. She can only respond to concerns from her own supporters. She must learn from her rival Mnangagwa who does not concern himself with what the media is saying and just does his things in the background. Because of that hapana anoti Mnagagwa ati this or that. He leaves it to the gossip mill to deal with its own gossip.

  • chinoz

    Jonono and your ngwena led faction, you might have to do and expose more to get people off behind VP. You are going nowhere.

  • Cinna The Poet

    Animal farm style. To show that Snowball was part of the enemy, Squealer had to convince other animals that during the battle of the cowshed, Snowball fought side by side with the invaders, although other animals could not remember. “Comrades didn’t you see Snowball fight side by side with the enemy………….” Any misfortune that befell the animals was attributed to Snowball. One morning when dirty objects were found in the well, Squealer had this to say, “Snowball urinated in the well under cover of darkness” and the poor animals had no choice but to believe. Snowball had been chased away from the farm and had not been heard of time immemorial. The analysts and Doctors commenting above want me to believe that to know that MDC and Mavambo were formed at the Mujurus residence, Mwonzora should have been present on the official opening. It’s a sad time in our history that educated people who the ordinary man looks to for guidance, decide to use their overflowing knowledge, to lead the masses in the opposite direction. Very sad indeed!

  • freedom_fighter

    Why do you have empathy for leader who extorts 10 percent from companies or who pockets diamond proceeds? Do you have empathy for thempoor people who have to go on one meal a day because of corrupt leaders?

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    Walter Chidhakwa is a very honest person. He will never do that or get involved in corrupt activities. During the tenure of Obert Mpofu, our diamonds were fetching more bacuse of underhand dealings. Walter does it by the book. He is not in factional politics.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    Corruption is a crime, difficult to detect and more difficult to eradicate. If it continues unchecked, it will disadvantage society by depriving it of a good, fairly and orderly administration. Like** she now owns almost all the companies. She has got a diamond mine (Riverranch) in partnership with the saudis but we have never heard how much it is making or remitting to the state. She was never voted by the people of Zimbabwe to become Vice President, she was appointed by President Mugabe.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    Joyce Mujuru is popular in MDC which was formed in her house and not in Zanu PF.

  • Fidelis Mhaka

    You are MDC thats why you don’t have morals

    • chinyichacho

      Yaa thats your reply?Blame Blame Blame, look yourselves in the mirror first nhaika? Corrupt Zanu pf is because of mdc? is that what you think? No wonder the country has gone to the dogs

      • Fidelis Mhaka

        MDC is more corrupt than Zanu PF, children’s playgrounds were turned into residential stands. Laws are disregarded to further the interests of individuals

  • gonzo

    makuhwa! number plate ndedza Grace na Jane . Siyana na Mai Mujuru

  • Dr Terry M

    Hogwash….Grace is not in government neither is she in Zanu PF structures. How can you justify her attacks on government ministers & party officials who were voted by the by the electorate & subsequently appointed by Mugabe……….An attack on gvt ministers is an indirect attack on Mugabe himself.
    Grace has never served in any Zpf structures. Her nomination for the post of women’s chair is a violation of party guidelines.
    Can you please report on that……