Opposition coalition in disarray

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Sydney Kawadza Senior Reporter—
PLANS by opposition forces to coalesce and unseat Zanu-PF in harmonised elections next year are facing serious hurdles after the MDC-Alliance and Coalition for Democrats yesterday held separate meetings in Harare.People’s Democratic Party secretary-general Dr Gorden Moyo confirmed there was no coalition as yet among opposition parties.

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This was despite MDC-T claims yesterday of vibrancy within the MDC Alliance. “PDP is the ancestor of the concept or notion of coalitions in Zimbabwe. We started it so we have this loco parentis to the concept of coalitions,” he said.

“There are various efforts. CODE is one effort. MDC Alliance is yet another effort. Mass Opposition Movement is another effort. So there are various efforts that still need to be glued together failing which we will do a disservice to the people of Zimbabwe.”

The MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube yesterday issued a statement announcing their withdrawal from CODE. MDC spokesperson Mr Kurauone Chihwayi said: “The MDC secretary-general, Miriam Mushayi, delivered the letter of resignation to the current CODE chairperson, Mr Tendai Biti, on the 7th of August 2017,” he said.

Spokesperson for MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai also released a statement yesterday suggesting the MDC Alliance had hit the ground running after convening its first meeting of the Coalition Principal Forum.

“The agreement, under Clause 5.2 provides for the establishment of this forum which must be attended by all the Alliance party presidents and by invitation anyone else the presidents so choose.

“For inter-party communication and implementation of Alliance programmes, the secretaries-general of the Alliance parties attend the meetings by invitation,” he said.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer and political analyst Mr Eldred Masunungure said while the opposition believe the coalition would help them, Zanu-PF would be victorious next year

“We should take the reality on the ground in assessing the potential of that alliance to do what it seeks to achieve, that is, to unseat Zanu-PF.

“I do not think that would be possible under the circumstances. All things being equal, Zanu-PF will come out first best whether there is an alliance or not. “I think, organisationally, in terms of resources, in terms of everything that goes into the preparations, Zanu-PF is way, way ahead,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a storypublished on August 8, 2017 titled “Tsvangirai dispatched thugs to Bulawayo”, it was erroneously indicated that MDC-T deputy national chairman MR Shakespear Mukoyi was part of the youths that disrupted a meeting at the party offices in Bu- lawayo.

It has since emerged that Mr Mukoyi was not among the group of people that attacked MDC-T vice president Ms Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo and organising secretary Mr Abednico Bhebhe on Sun- day.

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  • Luke

    Please don’t misuse the holy book. Zanupf is most evil party in the whole wide world with its brutality. It kills and all know it. It’s by force that it is still in power today. Like it or its a fact.

  • L. Makombe

    The chances of ZANU(PF) losing next year are equal as those of the opposition winning. If there is a party that is in disarray, it is ZANU (PF). There is disccord in ZANU(PF), which is openly supporting those who absed funds like Moyo and others. Mwari is for everyone and who said, God has approved that ZANU(PF) will win next year? If Morgan, I would go it alone this time and not rock the MDC with these useless coalitions and violence.

  • mandevu

    Prof quite frankly no one is really interested any more in the current politics of Zimbabwe – opposition this and opposition that not an issue – what we want is a functioning government. With the current policy settings in this country the rest of the world look at Zimbabwe as a pariah – whether we like it or not, and its not going to change. So no point in bleating about “sanctions” or other things. The choice is we stay with Zanu PF and their policy settings and have a very difficult future or we as the citizens make the decision to change

  • Umfansimbi

    If we substituted “opposition” with “ruling party” the headline would still be relevant and true. The ruling party is equally in disarray what of the “insults” and a clear focus awy from resolving cash shortages and other ills affecting our country. I hate the opposition with a passion but I still cant understand why I should vote for further misery!!

  • Tirikukuvonayi

    Zanu should confess their sins also Prof.

  • Rasta!

    ZANU PF parrots quoting ‘God’ after the atrocities ZAU PF has committed?

  • Citizen

    Yes, Welshman Ncube was a bad apple for that coalition. He did the best thing. MDC T does not need him. Tsvangirai, please approve that resignation very fast. MDC T needs Tendayi Biti and not Welshman Ncube. Tsvangirayi, please read this. I was praying for that, and thanks Lord, you have heard my prayers. and BITI, dont behave funny in that coalition, you are also a suspect. Mean what you say.

  • ivhukuvanhu chete chete

    It is clear that MDC-T as a party is not home grown. In the final analysis; they are stone broke because they are not financially supported locally.
    For instance, you yourself you can not put your $ on the Mdc political project due to the fact that they do not represent our citizens’ interests.

    Your sympathies for the MDCs is premised on the spurious regime change agenda due to some unclear connection with former colonialists, or you were advocating for the much discredited ‘Internal Settlement’ of 1979 engineered by Ian D. Smith and traitors A.Muzorewa, N.Sithole and other weaklings……..

    • zimbotry

      You forget the fact that 37 years of ZanuPF has made us a failing Nation. A few bigwigs line their pockets and ignore basic services while being able to find 1 Billion for a new University while our existing ones are underfunded. The current Government has no idea. A change of direction cannot be worse

    • Gary WekuZviyambe

      The War Veterans are also not a “home-grown” organization? Another article in this newspaper claims that the US is also behind the utterances made by the water vets

  • Just SAyin’

    Smoking mountain cabbage again I see…

    You clearly have no idea what a fool you are by writing such rants… you have a massive yoke of racism and shortsightedness around your shoulders, throw it off and then you can start seeing the light… clearly you are under Lucifer’s shadow yourself right now

  • Common Sense


    Is that a retraction I see in the last two paragraphs?

  • yowe

    Idziwo idzi kkkkk

  • Chatunda

    Are you stupid.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    You know what’s satanic? using taxpayer diamond money to build your school in Mazowe, getting your kids into some posh condo when the rest of us wallow in abject poverty, hijacking our planes and commadeering them to Singapore isu tichifira kuGomo, buying diamond rings for $1.4m when we are drinking feace infested water, making Dzamara disappear, etc. You are one heartless MF iwe Mzvinavhu. I can’t believe you have such a deathwish on our nation like this. Zanu are the creators of our problems and as such can’t be the solution finders. We need a new course. That’s what the rest of us want. Not zvengano dzana tsuro nagudo.